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On a Friday night. My life is so thrilling.

Went to the market this morning and bought too many snacks, and also strawberries for making ice cream, at HD's request. They bled through the cloth bag they were in and tried to stain my light beige skirt. Fortunately my boss had a shout stick.

Work today was s-l-o-w, but partly that is my faut for not actually doing anything I *could* be doing. There was a nesting snapping turtle, which was the highlight of my day. And I got to see the improvements in the vive recreation. And also I had to make a bunch of phone calls right at 4:30, pleh. But it was fine.

I had to pick up a prescription after work, and after dinner and dog walks helped the kids put together the custard for the ice cream. I'll either finish it tomorrow, or they can finish it when they get back from BiL's comany picnic (immediate family only, alas). I told them to bring me back some delicious food.

Other than that, I bleached my sister's roots and re-watched an episode of Voltron with Nary (and did a teensy bit of knitting).

I need to do a bio and look over my contract for RTSW. I should do some more wrangling. I should sort out my dyes and decide if that cherry bark worked at all or if I just need to wash the cotton and overdye it with something else.

We'll see what the weekend actually holds, I guess!
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I had been doing well on my posting streak... ahh well!

I even thought about posting yesterday, and then didn't -_- In my defense, I got distracted reading tons and tons of excellent jukebox fics! I always wind up writing more for this than I expected, and this year was no different, though I'll wait for reveals to be more specific. There are a lot of really excellent stories and art though - go read around!

All three (!) of the fics I received were excellent, and I'll try and elaborate on that some tomorrow. Today was mostly reading both Jukebox and also Kai Ashante Wilson's novella The Devil in America on the TOR site, which is excellent, but do heed the warning.

Also Dyeing! I got my second mordanting done on the linen and the cotton. The linned I'm going to dry and set aside for now, but the cotton is going into the cherry. I drained the liquid out of the container it has been sitting in, and simmered the park in fresh water. I'll strain that and the other liquid back into the container tomorrow, and then I'm going to leave the cotton yarn in that bucket for a few days to a week to sit out in the sun and bake :D Annnnnd since it is cotton and I can iron mordant it, I am going to make up some mordant to do that with so I can experiment with that later too :D I'm super excited!

But for now, sleep - night all!
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I finished my Jukebox! I'm pretty happy with it, anyway, so hopefully my recip (who gave me a blank signup) will like it to! I did have some older letter to look at, but you never know what kinds of things may have changed.

Other than that, work was fine. My meeting was fine. I didn't really need to be there but apparently I can take minutes. Wheee. More importantly, it means I know what's going on with things. And stuff I think actually needs more discussion will have to...keeeeep waiting until the director has time (which he legitimately does not atm). I have a training course next week to learn how to do billing, but honestly I think I've mostly figured it out already :p

Now that I have finished Jukebox, I need to get plotting on my Raksura exchange fic! I have some cool prompts to work with, at least.

I also got some edits back on the wiki entry I wrote for my LARP, which shouldn't take too long to deal with, except I need to name things (Ugh!). I also found out that I *can* go to just part of the next event! Which is to say I am able to get a ride home on Saturday night, so I am happy. Yay having cake and eating it too!
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Had the first session of my friend's new Pathfinder game this week! The party gelled really well - we all used to work at or hang out at a circus together, and so we;re all already friends. We got sucked into some kind of game thing and need to find these tokens to get out. I got mine by using the only skill I have: intimidation. I terrified a bugbear into giving me his, upon which he immediately died. Score? I'm a necromantic oracle, basically. It's pretty rad. I have a skeleton kitty. This kitty used to be a jerk kitty who peed on all my things, bu now it is a skeleton and that, and hairballs, are no longer an issue! We have a ranger who is a trick rider, an acrobatic rogue, and a cleric of Desna who mostly used to hang around and gamble a lot/cheat at cards.

There was a baby fawn at work today. Mother deer sometimes leave them in the village, and that's fine - that's how deer do, basically - but this one was right on the edge of the open field and right where people were going to be conducting a field school. But it was fine, we closed up the village early and it left with its mother :3 Seriously, it was teeny tiny, probably born that morning :3

pic! )

I also started reading my book of indigenous sci fi short stories (Mit√™w√Ęcimowina: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling) - there are some really great omes so far. I'm super pleased with it! There are some authors in it I'll probably try and find more works by, for sure. Especially if they have short story collections.

And I got the corrections on my story for RTSW, though I haven't looked at them yet....And now I have, and they look fine. Only 3 places where they have a comment or need clarification, and more minor corrections other than that. I'm so excited, still!

Tomorrow I am going to try and do more writing in the evening! I also need to dig out my goth prom clothes for Saturday. I should probably also figure out if I need to be at work on Monday....
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I am really sock. I have a super shitty cold. I thought that I was past the leaky face bits yesterday - or the day before even - but no, they returned full force around 4 PM, after I'd booked a 10am meeting for tomorrow. I'd felt so much better this morning, but tonight my sinuses are inflamed (really visibly so - my face is red and hot to the touch), and I'm tired and my asthma is acting up. And I can't find my inhaler, it isn't in any of the places it should be /o\ I really don't want this to get in my lungs. I've been doing sinus rinses (gross but better than the alternative) but they only help so much.

Of course this happens when H&I are out of town for two weeks, so I have a lot more stuff that I need to do. No one else is going to walk the dogs or feed me :(

Ugh. I guess I'll see how I'm feeling in the morning, and if need be I can try and reschdule that meeting, but for now I'm just going to take it realllllly easy and hope for the best.

I was going to do a log of how I've been managing to feed myself, but other than Kraft Dinner yesterday I think I'll probably be okay. I can, in fact, remember how to food. I just can't taste any of it -_-

So this meeting tomorrow is to talk about cloud computing solutions for work.... it's going to be a hassle and a half. I need to talk to the campus IT people, too. I probably should have done first. This is gon' be a nightmare :p

Well, here goes I guess! Anyone know anything about cloud computing? :p

Oh oh oh!

Meanwhile, I got *THREE GIFTS* for Space Swap! And they're all excellent. I highly recommend them all :)

The Fabric of Space (4819 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cthulhu Mythos - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Additional Tags: Blood and Gore, Alien Culture, Alien Biology

A jaded courier discovered that there is more to life than they ever imagined

--An amazing Mythis story that play around really interestingly with the canon tropes.

Beefcake of Marmora Hunks Calendar (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ulaz (Voltron), Thace (Voltron), Kolivan (Voltron), Antok (Voltron)
Additional Tags: blade of marmora, Worldbuilding: Blade of Marmora - Freeform, Art, Photoshop, Calendar, Hunks, buns, man meat, it's what's for dinner, space swap 2017, Treat, Beefcake, Crack, crack art, Butts, butts for days, Galra Empire

Hey, if you're gonna resist a 10, 000 year old empire, you're gonna need to do a little fundraising. Who could say no to these foxy freedom fighters? :D

-Galra hunks calendar! It's amazing. What more can I say :D

To the Champion go the rewards (2054 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Sendak/Shiro
Characters: Shiro (Voltron), Sendak (Voltron), Ulaz (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Background Matt Holt/Shiro - Freeform, Gladiators, Blood and Injury, Anal Sex

Shiro, the Champion of the arena, is summoned to the private chamber of Commander Sendak.

--Voltron Non-con because I'm a bad bad person. But it's great! I love being in Shiro's...head >.>
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Probably work is going to make me worse at this, but I'll keep trying.

Not a whole lot to report, really.

I picked up a Space Swap Pinch Hit and wrote that last night, go me! All the stories are in and now it is just waiting until stories go live and I see how it goes :3 I'm really not sure if what I wrote is really going to be what my recips were looking for, but I will see!

I also posted a Thirteen story on.... Monday? Sunday? The days all blur together...

Reconcilliation (2170 words) by Measured_Words
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thirteen (game), Pathfinder (Roleplaying Game), Cthulhu Mythos - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kahonstionekha/Kawisenhawe
Characters: Kahonstoinekha, Kawisenhawe
Additional Tags: Sanity Loss, Family, Mental Instability, Exes, Hope, Intimacy, Weddings, Recovery

Kawisenhawe decides to talk to her ex-husband on the occasion of his sister's wedding.


I'm never sure how much interest these things have for other people, but I enjoyed writing it and it was helpful to think through.

In other news, I officially retired from Wrangling Staff. Now I need to catch up on regular wrangling duties.
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I...forgot to do entries. Derp.

-The kids had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, so I had the house to myself since both their parents went with. So quiet!
-Board games at the neighbours that night! We played telephone pictionary, Dominion, and Robo Rally. There should be a rule against starting a game of Robo Rally that close to eleven o'clock at night :p
-The kids also had a sleepover, so Sunday morning was So Quiet.
-We didn't have a game on Sunday for Various Reasons. I did some writing, it was really nice.
-More writing, knitting, and Jessica Jones last night.

Work today went fine. Things got fixed, other things got set up, it was fine. The internet went out-ish for part of the afternoon. I still had slack and mirc, but everyone was quiet so I went and did some vacuuming in the repository. Wooh!

Tonight, signups for the Raksura exchange, more of Dark Disciple, and more writing. I put in for a pinch it Space Swap, and if I get it, I will basically only have tomorrow to write it, so I'm going to have to start it tonight just in case.
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Tomorrow, I have to help give a skype tour about 3d printing to a group of grade three students. I have no idea how this is going to go!

I am already experiencing pushback for certain things and coinflicting vision things. *sigh* Day 3! Also complete lack of vision things. Well, we'll sort it out, probably.

Less cool is me pointing out that MCTguy is trying to bully me about billing things. Grr. How do deal? He might be right, maybe it isn't worth making a deal out of in this case - I don't know, I barely know the rules at this point. Bah. I tell myself it doesnt mater because we aren't going to be keeping it, but.... what else are we going to to with a million dollar machine that had to be installed via a crane? Well okay I have some ideas on that front, but we'll see. Push it into the creek has often been proposed but never yet implemented. At least it seems to be working now. For now. Ish.

Anyway. I've actually been feeling pretty alert/awake in the evenings so far. And tomorrow is Friday woooh! So I am transitioning okay. I had a meeting on campus this morning though that went well - I hit it off with the woman reviewing my benefits stuff really well, so it was...kind of fun? But I suppose that is literally her job, so - good on her! Also I was in the middle of drinking a giant tea.

Non-work things: I've been bad at Weather this week. Yesterday I wore my rain boots thinking it was supposed to pour, and it hardly rained at all and never while I was out. Today I wore my new sandals (I got Teva Tirras because they had good reviews and were relatively cheap - bets on whether they last me the summer!), and it was rainy *and* cold. I really need to just wash the mud off my boots so I can wear them again :P I didn't get rained on until my way home, at least, but I'd decided to go out to dinner since the fam was going out practically as I'd have been arriving for an event at the kids' school, and it BUCKETED as I was getting off the bus to that end. The sandals are fine in water, but my pant legs got wet and it was cold :( I got home, dried my feet, put on wool socks and my rubber boots, and had to take the dogs out. I really really need insoles for the boots though! Ahh well.

Also I write a star wars drabble: Symbol. It is not what I was meaning to write, but I still like it. It is about why Jedi always cut perfect circles with their light sabers. Wheee!

I still have no cake. If it hadn't been pouring and the dogs hadn't been waiting, I may have gone searching. Another time, I guess!
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I slept in, predictably. I was gogn to try and go to bed earlier but we just had to take the dogs otu because one of them was having tummy issues. HOpefully she's settled down for the evening, but considering she is in my room, I'm not convinced. Sorry, Sierra, when I do go to sleep, youre getting evicted.

I finished reading Namesake earlier this evening - what there is posted, anyway. I really enjoyed it! The general premise is that there are people called Namesakes, and they share the names of people in fairytales and other iconic stories. They go to different worlds and live through the stories there. There are various secret organizations dedicated to helping or hindering these people through various forms of magic. Emma is a secial namesake, and she winds up in Oz, even though she isn't a Dorothy. It has really nice art, good characters, lots of queer characters and characters of colour (including Emma), and a really complex storyline. Also part of it is set in Toronto :D I got into it because Persianpenname starting writing fic for it :3

Other than binging literally all day on webcomics, I have managed to moooostly finish my space swap. I need to finish up this very last scene, which I might poke at a it more efore sleeping, and decide if that's sufficient. I hope the recip enjoys it!
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Today was my Underworld game and I am tired and sunburnt(!) and also tired. Game was good. I lived. I had to chase too many trolls. Now, sleepos.

But you can have the entry form yesterday that I failed to post from my computer:

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

So, I actualy did some writing today on my Space Swap, and I have a better plan on the rest of it, hooray!

And in even better news, the story I submitted for Ride the Star Wind was accepted :3 They are hoping to get edits to people by the end of the month, but I'm not holding my breath. Still, they're only running about a week behind their planned schedule, which is good! They had a lot of submissions to get through, so it is nice to make the cut, unlike the last anthology I submitted to where I never even got a formal rejection, bah. And I'm extra *extra* excited because the Kickstarter they ran to get an illustration for each story was successful, so I will have a story published, get paid for it, and it will have professional art. Ahhhhh! I looked up the artists they have on board, and their work is really stunning. It will be cool to have another fiction credit to my name. I suppose at this point there is nothing formalized but I still think some squee is merited!

I have Underworld tomorrow. Here's hoping I live!
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