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Craft night!

I scoured the yarn for a Christmas scarf for my dad.... gonna dye it and then weave a houndstooth scarf.

Then because I read a thing on tumblr about fibercraft and magic, I decided to break out my drop spindle I'm really bad at it still but I made some progress and am understanding predrafting better, so I may get there yet!

now time for a shower and bed.

Tomorrow I get to find out if something at work is really broken or not. I hope not! But probably yes. I might also get to take apart the 3d printer on my own though!

....I almost signed off on this as though it were an email @_@

Cheers ;p
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My phone was dishing me up some nonsense about its storage space... it was made of lis, and so high ho, high ho, to the factory reset we go :/ Gotta get all my apps again. Wererogue if you see this can I get you to please reinstall the stuff for the kid computers at some point?

I think I have the bare essentials now, and I'll get the rest tomorrow. Sleepos!
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Work was somethin' alright. Again.

Finished the band on sockhat II

Took pic of sockhat I!

I feel like I had something else to say but... who knows!

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-Games have been super great! I would do a write up of last sessions' Diablotin if I had time :p
-Voltron Season 4 was also great!
-Work has been crap!
-I am slowly formulating ideas for my yulefic!
-I am full of brownies and cheese. so so so full.

That is all, I am up too late, but at least you get this Lucky you?
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I booked stuff for the conference in November - taking the train up, staying in a hotel for two nights, work covered registration. I opted against the tour primarily because of the bus scheduling.

I also finished my sockhead hat! It just needs to be washed and have the ends trimmed. Let me tell you - it is extremely satisfying to finish a project in two weeks! And I also finished the second to last chart of Pulled by the Sunset! So all in all a great knit night :3

Voltron season 4 drops overnight tonight. My sister is getting up to watch it as soon as it goes live but I have to work tomorrow like a sucker. Maybe this weekend I can watch it... though I'm not sure when. Saturday is the fiber festival. Maybe tomorrow evening if Nary is amenable :3

Tomorrow I will see if I can cast on one of the kids hats.

for now - sleep!
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TOday I was supposed to have someone come in and do a preventative maintenance on our 3d printed and tell me how to do some of the more advanced maintenance we shold be doing ourselves.

He *broke it* -_-

Also I spent my morning (he was supposed to come at 10, and didn't show up until 1, and then I was late leaving waiting on him to at least put things back together) trying to fix a workflow and readjust a bunch fo stuff because at the last database meeting people were like 'oh let's just solve this problem by doing things in a completely different order!'

And, like. First of all, that is a problem we keep running into that no one wants to take seriously but NEEDS A SOLUTION. Second, things were done in the other order FOR A REASON. Now I have to find wasteful workaround that add extra steps. ugh. I at least was getting thigs done today, but they were all aggravating to some degree.

I mean I do know more about how the 3D printer is put together now. Which is good because he's going to send me the parts for it and I'll have to FIX IT MYSELF >_<


Really interested to see what they are planning to charge me for all of this :p

IN other news, we still haven't heard from the landlord about the broken dishwasher. So after I washed the dishes (after I got home an hour late), I warped my loom and am now working on a scarf, I guess.
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I had to take a reactine yesterday after cleaning out the basement, because I had hives and a million sneezes.

Today as a consequence I was an utter zombie and managed to do almost nothing productive all day. It took me three tries to remember my work phone number and write it down correctly *while I was looking at it*. I really hate the feeling, and wish I could find a good antihistamine that didn't give me the same reaction :/

Also I ate way too many snacks. But on the upside - I can touch my toes! my bed time/bus stop stretches are paying off!

Sleep now though :3
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Things I have done today:

Walked the dog
had a nice breakfast
spent several hours cleaning out and reorganizing the basement because of the dishwasher leak, which wound up soaking several boxes of stuff down there
cleaned the bathroom downstairs
vacuumed the stairs
vacuumed the hall upstairs again because OMG shedding season
rescued a chipmunk who had gotten its head stuck in some mesh
emptied all the trash cans

Now I am sitting for a bit. And maybe knitting. I really wanted to work on Pulled by the Sunset this weekend and I haven't gotten to yet :3 Maybe a few rows and then go see what else needs doing downstairs for dinner prep.

Seriously though I got to help and pet a chipmunk :3 Made my entire day :3
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Monday (technically today >.>) is Canadian Thanksgiving! We're making a turkey, and we tag-teamed making the pies today. Wererogue made the crust, Longpig pretty much took care of the pumpkin on her own - while she was putting it together I started rolling the crust for the apple, then she and I peeled/chopped/did the other prep together. It was eerily well timed! Like as I finished one thing it was exactly timed to start the next and so on. They both look beautiful. Tomorrow is for Turkey! We're having some friends over, since they didn't already have plans and we have a 12lb turkey!

I went out this afternoon while the rest of the fam were going to see the new My Little Pony movie, and got apples for the pie and ran some other errands. We did already have apples, but I brought home cortlands, which are the superior pie apple. I should have gotten a nice sharp cheddar to go with it though, damn. Ahh well, I think we have some kind of cheese, anyway.

I also spent some time updating my ravelry stash, though I'm nowhere near fnished. Maybe tomorrow? And of course I posted my Yuletide letter!

And that was most of my day. I did some laundry and slept in and vacuumed and tidied my room, too I guess. It's nice not to feel super rushed, because of the long weekend and for staggering the holiday cooking. I'm grateful to have family to spend it with. Even if I have more cleaning to do tomorrow, including a bathroom and stair vacuuming, which are things I hate the most (other than dusting).
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Today I went to Toronto to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), to see the Guillermo del Toro exhibit At Home With Monsters- it was pretty cool! There were props and drawings from all (I think - certainly most) of his movies, and other interesting collectibles of his, or that he'd chosen from the museum's collection to compliment the show. We'd gone to the bistro for lunch, and I had possibly the fanciest cocktail I have ever had in my life (inspired by the exhibit). It was Dr. Casares' Willow Water: Ron Zacapa 23 yr. rum, El Dorado 12 yr. rum, cherry wood smoke, black cherry simple syrup, orange oleo-saccharum, housemade clove tincture, clove-spiked orange zest (from the menu). It came to the table covered so the smoke wouldn't all dissipate!

We also went to Curiosa, which is a new curiosity shop that also sells Harry Potter tat. They are the kind of store that should sell BPAL. I told them this, and they took notes. They haven't even been open for two months, but they seem to be doing quite well! There were two young girls in Gryffindor robes there, one of whom showed me the trick to one of the puzzle boxes that was fore sale. Longpig picked up some neat things for the kids for Christmas.

After the AGO we went to check out Yarns Untangled, but since we are going to the Woodstock Fleece Festival next week, I was able to hold off on buying anyting. I want to weave a few Christmas present, I think And then we went to a Vietnamese place for dinner(a Bahn Mi shop). I had pho and springrolls, which were delicious, but something did not combine well with whatever else was in my system at the time (plu I think my body overreacted to the tiny amount of sriraccha I added.... my face turned all red and hot, though the pho didn't taste that spicy) , and I'm glad we wen home after that. The walk back to the car was unpleasant, but things seemed to settle out after that.

The trip itself was cool, it was a fun bunch to travel with!

I also finished my first loom project today, because weaving is stupid fast. My edges are a little wobbly, which is fine, they definitely show improvement and I know what to look for, but the bigger issue is that I wasn't consistent in my weft beating, so the fabric on one end is way denser than the other. That's the difference of today and yesterday's weaving - practice, I guess! I have more cotton to play with though, so probably more of these little.... towelettet things are in my future while I get it sorted out ;)

ETA: Apparently I am out of tags on DW and need to pay for an account or edit mine down @_@


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