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Took an allegra and a rectine. No hives or faceleaking but I am dumb and sleepy af.

But I got many kitty toes trimmed and had some nice cuddles.

I had 13 today and it was a really good session, I think! I'm so lucky to have so many good engaging games, and such awesome people to RP with in all of them. Also got some knitting done.

Yesterday I brought in the yarn in the cherry bark bath.... and there was nothing, no change at all. I'm super disappointed. It just smells gross now :/ I'm not sure if I should rescour it and go through the whole mordanting process again, or what. Maybe I can try again with some queen anne's lace/wild carrot tops, which are supposed to be green. Maybe bark dyes just don't work with solar dyeing. I dunno, but I am disappointed, boo :(

I need to pick a writing project. I finished all my exchange fics and have freedom to do what I want if I only could decide what that is ;p
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Today has been overall pretty chill. Things that were bugging me yesterday seem at least less pressing, even if they aren't at all resolved. I had Diablotin (yaaaay!), and I did some knitting, both during and after game. If I'd really pressed, I probably could have finished the chart I'm working on. Other than that, I did a few minor house things, chatted with folks, and that was about it? I may regret not doing laundry this weekend, but I don't think I actually have that much at the moment. I thought about doing some dyeing but it takes up a lot of space :| On the other hand I really want to finish mordanting my stuff so I can use that cherry bark! maybe.... Tuesday? The other thing I talked about doing and then did not at all accomplish was cutting Jola's toenails. Also I need to make her an appointment. Wednesday?

Tuesday I have that course, and otherwise I'm not sure what I'm doing at work next week... but I'm sure something will come up!
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I started my little shawlette tonight - it is *not* going to be good bus knitting, but it should be a fun little knit for when I don't have the patience for beading. As long as I do have th patience for lace + cables >.>

The chart for it is weird and very non-standard, so I think I'm just going to stick with the written instructions this time. Or maybe I'll have the brain to figure it out later.

Diablotin was today, and it was good! I didn't do much else today... well I crafted some mines and made cupcakes and cleaned the kitchen. It didn't feel like much.

On Tuesday, the rest of the fam is going to the UK for two weeks. I'll be all alone and need to clean up after and feed myself entirely on my own :o I can probably managed it somehow though :P But it will be a really quiet two weeks...

Ahh well. Work tomorrow, though!
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Started reading the Ahsoka novel with Nary tonight - they are playing 'crokin'. It's space crokinole. I wonder how many people even know it is a real game? I'm deeply amused!

I also went for a hike in one of the many little nature preserves in town. This one has about 4.5 km of trails, and at this time of year it was flush with wildflowers! So pretty - I haven't seen that many trilliums in ages. One of the women who was along knew a lot about them as well, so I actually learned a bunch more local flowers and plants. My legs are a little sore, mostly from one particularly steep hill on the way out. I'm really glad I got a chance to go! I could try and put up some pictures - I dumped a bunch on facebook, but I could put some faves somewhere else for reposting I guess.

I've done almost nothing else all day though. Wheeee! I did find another pattern for my yarn, but I didn't get around to winding it yet. Maybe tomorrow. And now it's bedtime :3
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Like many a knitter, I have a stash.

I try not to accumulate stash, but of course I'm not successful at this goal. I try to only buy stuff with projects in mind, so that I can know for certain that I have enough yarn for whatever it may be. And then I also try and find good stash busting projects.

I'm failing *really hard* at the latter rn and I'm sad :(

I have a really gorgeous yarn that I bought for socks, only it is 100% merino, and the last pair of 100% merino socks I made didn't even last a season before they had major holes. This is the same brand. The yarn is gorgeous! I don't know what else I would ever wear it as, though. Its waaaaay too bright for me. I have no idea what to do with it :/

When I was in Gloucester last summer I bought two skeins of complimentary colours. They were the same base alpaca but had been dyed by sisters. I figured that would be enough to make a little shawlette of some kind, but apparently I was wrong. I have 430 yards (215 each) and I can't find anything I really like :/

I have 400 meters of my 'drowzee' yarn that I dyed - pale yellow and brown. It isn't really enough to do much with either I have a million shawls already and I hardly ever wear them as it is. I don't think I've worn my Queen Anne's Lace, not really, since I blocked it. It needs the ends trimmed still.

Sometimes I get encouraged when things turn up n the pattern search, but then I realize that the smaller yardage is for the smaller *size* and to try and get it to actually fit *me* I don't have enough. Or I'll find one that I like and realize that I don't have the *proportions* I need - like it takes 400 total, but 300 of one and 100 of the other. Then there's that pattern I was going to start tonight which says it needed 400 yards and then when I looked at it more closely, the actual yardage was 300-400 of one colour and 200-250 of the other. That's a minimum of 500 yards. That's some bullshit. I am not impressed.

Anyway. I'm working in Pulled by the Sunset still and it is coming along nicely but slowly. I just finished a pair of socks (mostly - they need their ends woven in) that I messed up one of them is longer in the leg than the other and I didn't figure this out until WAY too late) for a friend. So I need a secondary, more portable knitting project. That isn't socks.

...*sigh* I'm sure I'll find something I can do from my stash! But not tonight - too sleepy. Night, internet!
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I had a really good morning at work and then a really meh afternoon - I just ran out of steam Plus I'm sorta supposed to be looking into cloud networking and storage and I have no idea what our needs are, really, and also I don't really understand the services offered. All I know is we need to have our stuff stored in Canada, for various reasons.

We have two server stacks but we don't have anyone who can take care of them, and apparently this will be cheaper (I'm not actually convinced - we have fairly specific needs, and a fair amount of data already and the potential to generate a *lot* more). I think the director is thinking only in terms of cost for storage but we need more than that. So, we;ll see. Ennnnnh. This is one of the less fun/neat things about the job :p

However I think I'm go for first aid training next month! I haven't been certified since, like.... highschool. dang.

I went to knitting tonight, and we a goddamned hilarious bitches. It was great. And I finished the socks I was working on (barring end weaving). So now I need a new portable project! But I think I'll work on trying to finish the book I was reading first. It's been a while since I read much of anything other than DW and tumblr and articles linked on facebook.

I am excited for Space Swap to open next week, that will be good :3
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I can sleep in the teeniest bit tomorrow, as I only have to go to *campus* for 9, and not all the way up to SA. So that's probably about half an hour of time saved? Well... okay... like 15 minutes maybe, BUT STILL!

Today was pretty busy. A lot of figuring things out. A lot of emails. Tomorrow may involve *shudder* phne calls. But hey, I'd better get used to that.

I need to sort out and think some things through in terms of how to approach them. But I'll probably focus on the easy stuff first, like figuring out Peoplesoft, and worry about how to balance short term versus long term agendas and the people that come with those.

I am almost done the pair of socks I am knitting, but also I have discovered that one of the legs is half a repeat longer than the other. Ugh! Well, that's just going to be how they are - I'm just about to start the toe on sock #2.

Watched another episode of Jessica Jones tonight. Still good. I feel like if this had been made in the...2000s, JJ woudl have been played by Eliza Dushku. Or maybe she just reminds me of Faith.
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Today was a day for knitting and star wars! Also Marvel shows I guess.

I finally got my Queen Anne's Lace shawl blocking \o/ Because I did it at Nary's house, because there is space. It has a 63" diameter, and is circular.

I also busted through another chart of Pulled by the Stars, and am officially into the purple yarn! It is going to be soooo pretty - I'm super excited!

Nary read some more of Dark Disciple, and then we watched the last few episodes of season 3 of Rebels before the season finale. Needs More Kanan and Hera, though I'm sure they'll be prominent in the finale. the show, and the book, had got me thinking about the movies, so I 'forced' oether people to rewatch Revege of the Sith with me. Partly I wanted to see how having seen clone wars changed the experience, but also there were some details I just dind't quite remember. Clone wars adds some depth, but also highlights some of the awkwardness, I found. Also the show wrote in a lot more history between some of the characters, which made it a little odd - for example, the show plays up an ongoing rivalry between Grievous and Obi-Wan which the movie doesn't really support. Hadyn Christensen remains terrible. I missed animated Anakin, for sure.

Later on, we watched the first two episodes of Jessica Jones, which was something of a Tone Shift, but good so far!

Probably some other thinsg happened. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to do some kind of writing, but probably not.
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It is late but *not* before I am already actually in bed! I'm not posting from my phone! I *am* posting from my new computer!

I have an official offer letter form the Museum - thanks to everyone who offered congratulations! I'm going in tomorrow, but probably not for the full amount of time that I usually do. At least, that's my plan. I don't want to get sucked/pushed into starting the job before I start the job, and since I just finished up the stuff I was working on last time I was there, I think that will make sense. So I'll go, and talk to Rhonda and give her my signed acceptance letter and maybe do a few little things? We'll see.

I have dyed! I finally used the big bag of onion skins that 'd been saving up, on both some test swatches and on some wool I got specifically to dye some stuff for the shawl my larp character is knitting. I also did a for srs bath of walnut on the rest of the wool. I'm super excited - they look really good in the bath, and I know they are both dyes that stay pretty fast. I'm looking forward to spring and more things I can try out :)

I did a teensy bit of writing today, and I made soup, and that's about all I did, otherwise. I'm into chart 6 of my shawl (of 13). I am still on the first ball of wool. I keep telling myself I shoudl switch at the end of the chart I'm on and then not doing it... but this time I really mean it! If by some miracle I still have anything left when I'm through this one, I'm switching to the purple. Probably. I'm sort fo torn between the idea of wanting to use as much of the orange as possible and thinking that the purple section should be a little bit longer/bigger, but I think it will be fine either way.

I think after I finish the socks I'm working on, I'm going to go back to reading on the bus and see if I can finish the book I borrowed from Nary. I was enjoying it, but apparenly I fell out of the reading habit again. I have a bunch of things I really want to read, though, so I should get on that. Now that I have a bookcase in my room it is reminding of the sad ratio of books owned to books read.

All sorts of fictional things are vying for space in my head rght now, and I'm not focusing well on any of them. So my productivity in that regard has been really really low. I need to turn that around, somehow, especially if I am going to sart a new job soon. Which I am. Ahh!

My sister keeps linking me to tumblr and this is not helping me get on a better sleep schedule of focus on any of the things I need to do (she noted almost an hour after writing the previous paragraph...) HI tumblr! Does anyone actually read this over there? Hmmm, I wonder...

Bed now!
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Spent my morning faffing around the internet. but I have settled on my space swap premise at least, this time really. I also managed to actually order some storage bins and a storage Thingy (stand with bins?) for my room. The bins have a ridiculous delivery date of 1-2 months, but there's no real rush on them. Would it have been quicker to go to Walmart? Probably. But this is easier. I accidentally bought Amazon Prime; I may as well use it.

I went downtown and bought too much Candy. We were supposed to be getting stuff for Bubby's birthday party on Saturday, which was also achieved. I somehow lost a bag of watermelon slices on the way to the cash, so it could have been worse. Today was ridiculously warm, but it isn't going to stick quite yet. At least it isn't snowing! Yet...

Saturday is both the party and the LARP game I'm going to, which despite knowing both these things for ages now only came together in my mind tonight. so, that's unfortunate - I need to talk to Bubby tomorrow. I *will* be around on his actual birthday though, so I might promise to do stuff with him that night instead and see how that goes over. I'm such a jerk :(

In other sad news, Nary found out her grandmother died today.... She was old (97) and Very Ready, but still. That's also Nary's first grandmother to go - the other one had her 100th birthday last year. She's going down for the funeral, and flying back on Saturday... So she will be saying here on Saturday night! Which yay! But also Boo :( She's the third friend of mine to lose a grandmother in the last month, too.

In response to that, we had a chill evening, and she read to me more of the SW: rebels book (New Dawn?). I am enjoying the story and, of course, I do like the characters. It's pretty fast paced and the bad guy is basically an evil cyborg petty bureaucrat "efficiency expert", so basically everything that is the worst thing about "bad" management (it doesn't matter if people get hurt, this will make things go faster and that will please the Emperor) and also a psycho murderer. But Kanan and Hera! I feel like the author has done a good job back-projecting them. Kanan is the most different, but then Hera has been on a steadier path for a while. Then we watched a few more episodes of the show. And I got a lot of knitting done! I keep thinking I'm about to run out of this ball of yarn and then not.... but soon, surely. I hope the rest of it arrives soon and will work how I want it to!


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