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So much time on my hands that I almost forgot an entry!

I had a super chill evening. I submitted the wiki entry after talking over more stuff with a co-contributor, and having a related LARP geekout about my favourite underworld deity. I got to cheer-read other people's fic. Life is good!

Tomorrow is going to be kind of hectic at work, because there is a lot of stuff going on, but also kind of not, because almost none of it is actually 'stuff I need to do'.

And then knitting! But maybe dinner with a friend I haven't seen in ages first? We shall see :)
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Still busy... Mostly packed for LARP...

Of course last night I woke up at 4:30 with a stabbing pain in my back -_- It is betterish but I guess we'll see how things go.

Now reading and sleep...
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I finished my Jukebox! I'm pretty happy with it, anyway, so hopefully my recip (who gave me a blank signup) will like it to! I did have some older letter to look at, but you never know what kinds of things may have changed.

Other than that, work was fine. My meeting was fine. I didn't really need to be there but apparently I can take minutes. Wheee. More importantly, it means I know what's going on with things. And stuff I think actually needs more discussion will have to...keeeeep waiting until the director has time (which he legitimately does not atm). I have a training course next week to learn how to do billing, but honestly I think I've mostly figured it out already :p

Now that I have finished Jukebox, I need to get plotting on my Raksura exchange fic! I have some cool prompts to work with, at least.

I also got some edits back on the wiki entry I wrote for my LARP, which shouldn't take too long to deal with, except I need to name things (Ugh!). I also found out that I *can* go to just part of the next event! Which is to say I am able to get a ride home on Saturday night, so I am happy. Yay having cake and eating it too!
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Today was my Underworld game and I am tired and sunburnt(!) and also tired. Game was good. I lived. I had to chase too many trolls. Now, sleepos.

But you can have the entry form yesterday that I failed to post from my computer:

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

So, I actualy did some writing today on my Space Swap, and I have a better plan on the rest of it, hooray!

And in even better news, the story I submitted for Ride the Star Wind was accepted :3 They are hoping to get edits to people by the end of the month, but I'm not holding my breath. Still, they're only running about a week behind their planned schedule, which is good! They had a lot of submissions to get through, so it is nice to make the cut, unlike the last anthology I submitted to where I never even got a formal rejection, bah. And I'm extra *extra* excited because the Kickstarter they ran to get an illustration for each story was successful, so I will have a story published, get paid for it, and it will have professional art. Ahhhhh! I looked up the artists they have on board, and their work is really stunning. It will be cool to have another fiction credit to my name. I suppose at this point there is nothing formalized but I still think some squee is merited!

I have Underworld tomorrow. Here's hoping I live!
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It took me a lot time to get moving today, but I did manage a few things. I added another 100 words or so to the wiki entry I was working on, and I'm waiting for input/approval on it to see if it is done, or at least done enough... Theres a section I am not sure how to approach but tbh it is not super important.

I also made banana bread and went to the mall to buy proper rain boots. Oh and I did some vaccuming. And unloaded the dishwasher.

Other than that? Mostly tumblr, facebook, and email rp.

But now I don't want to look at facebook because of the things it tells me are in the news.

I think I am going to go to bed and mourn for the world.
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I guess I'm not crossposting to LJ anymore because I didn't accept the new ToS. Sorry...anyone who may have been left over there, but this was where I'd been headed for a while, really. What will this mean come Yuletide? I guess well see...

I officially accepted the offer for my job today. I am actually making sliiiightly less than I did there before, but otoh I get benefits and vacation, so I guess that probably works out. I am all excited and also wary. I start on April 18, after I get back from visiting Nary

Longpig and I took the dogs for a long walk this afternoonto the petstore, where I bought a harness for JOla. She is getting worse and worse about pulling, and I am afraid she is going to hurt her throat. This is a J Walker harness, which is a Canadian company, and it is already magical! It clips at either side, and has two martingale things, so basically when she pulls, she turns. They also tried to clip her toenails, which went as well as I expected (poorly). I finished them this evening, though, much to her dismay.

Other than that - I'm almost done the wiki entry! Also I watched some more Rebels with Nary and did some work on my shawl. I ought to shower and go to sleep - this pressure system is killin' me.

I feel like I can think of actually intersting things to post about, but never when I'm acually writing an entry, or have any time to do the same.
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I stayed up too late last night for no real reason, and had a hard time waking up this morning as a consequence.

I did do a bunch of cool stuff once I got to the museum though. We recorded a walkthrough of me going through the VR Longhouse - I mostly wanted it to take screencaps from, since we didn't have any from this iteration of the program. But apparently they might use it for some other things, like... virtual virtual tours? or a commercial? There are some students from the local community college who are putting together something, anyway, plus something about some kind of partnership with Microsoft for skype tours? Anyway, then had some interesting discussions about the Database of Doom, and its future and uses.
Came home, did a teensy bit of writing on Space Swap, and helped with dinner. Tonight was knitting, and I got a bunch more done on my second sock for Pretentia. Going to watch the end of season 2 of sw: rebels here in a bit :3

The weather here today has sucked - it was sleety hail and snow this morning, followed by gross cold rain. It started pouring on the walk to the game café where we have the knit night, and I was chilled and cold after that. Probably the chocolate milkshake didn't help, but it *did* have bailey's in it. It wasn't raining on the trip home at least (though we managed to catch a bus), but the wind had turned bitter, and now it is thundering outside. But at least we aren't getting freezing rain and snow like other parts of the region!

I emailed the plot running types to see if I can find out what is going on with my LARP character, who volunteered to be hostaged off to some fey at the end of last game. I'd initially emailed on Monday, and hadn't heard anything back, so I sent a gentle poke. The next session is only a week from Saturday, so I don't think I'm being too pushy to at least have them tell me what to expect! I could NPC if I can't play her, and that's fine, but I would like to know :o
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Another day of accomplishing little. I got cat litter, and I cleaned the cat box.

Apparently the next Underworld day mod (and the last day mod of the season, ergo the last one I'm likely to be able to attend ;_;) is in Two Weeks! It's April 8. I did not realize it was coming up that soon, yikes! Well at least it should be a little warmer than last time.... hopefully. That said - I don't know where my character is or what's going on with her ;_; But that also said, if I can't play her for some reason, I could still NPC the day mod and net some frags (they're like... oog currency you get for volunteering/donations that you can spend on your characters in different ways).

Speaking of the weather, I'm debating taking the plastic off my windows. We're certainly past the worst of any cold weather, and getting into the season where I might want to actually open them. A project for tomorow, no doubt!

Other projects for tomorrow:
Space Swap?????
Jukebox signups
Jukebox playlists?
Put together a dresser
Work on the Dietremen write up? I did a bit of that today. But really, space swap before I have another assignment would be good! Why is everything time sensitive!

There is also a job I should apply for, even though it is in the US, and that is just such a steaming pile of Ugh. Ugh!

When will I hear back from the museum? Who knows! Who even knows.'

As a side note, I'm still on my old computer, which doesn't handle the slack desktop well. So if I am usually on Slack and you've been wondering why I haven't been responsive for the past few weeks, its probably because I can't remember my passwords so I am just waiting to get my new computer fixed first :p
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Today was a day of preparation and organization.

I Dealt With the basement, taking things out of boxes and putting them in bins, and reorganized some other stuff to make more space.

Then I got together all my LARP things for the event tomorrow. I am still taking all my cold-weather gear, as it is supposed to be rainy and windy and I expect it will feel colder than it is when we are outside in it all day and into the early evening.

This evening, I helped prep the birthday cake for Bubby's birthday - a really awesome Ninja Turtles cake. I mostly just mixed the fondant colours and then hung around for encouragement/moral support and to be cake-nurse and get things for the artist(s -Wererogue made Master Splinter as Longpig was finishing the last turtle) as required. It looks really really awesome! I'm sure there will be pics tomorrow, but I'm glad I got to see it. It is covered all over in dark green fondant with the turtles and Splinter in relief around the side, and a manhole cover and the 'Happy birthday' on the top in yellow. It is two cakes hight but I'm not sure if they are split or if it is just two layers. One layer is chocolate, and the other is vanilla with mini chocolate chips. I also saw a giant Optimus Prime piniata being filled with candy... I hope they have fun!

I'm going to go take a shower and try to go to bed. I have to be up fairly early tomorow - I'm being picked up at 8, but we are doing breakfast first, so I won't have to worry about that, just walking the dogs and getting dressed!
Music:: Naughty Sailor's Alphabet (which I am trying to memorize in case I have a chance to sing it in game)
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Spent my morning faffing around the internet. but I have settled on my space swap premise at least, this time really. I also managed to actually order some storage bins and a storage Thingy (stand with bins?) for my room. The bins have a ridiculous delivery date of 1-2 months, but there's no real rush on them. Would it have been quicker to go to Walmart? Probably. But this is easier. I accidentally bought Amazon Prime; I may as well use it.

I went downtown and bought too much Candy. We were supposed to be getting stuff for Bubby's birthday party on Saturday, which was also achieved. I somehow lost a bag of watermelon slices on the way to the cash, so it could have been worse. Today was ridiculously warm, but it isn't going to stick quite yet. At least it isn't snowing! Yet...

Saturday is both the party and the LARP game I'm going to, which despite knowing both these things for ages now only came together in my mind tonight. so, that's unfortunate - I need to talk to Bubby tomorrow. I *will* be around on his actual birthday though, so I might promise to do stuff with him that night instead and see how that goes over. I'm such a jerk :(

In other sad news, Nary found out her grandmother died today.... She was old (97) and Very Ready, but still. That's also Nary's first grandmother to go - the other one had her 100th birthday last year. She's going down for the funeral, and flying back on Saturday... So she will be saying here on Saturday night! Which yay! But also Boo :( She's the third friend of mine to lose a grandmother in the last month, too.

In response to that, we had a chill evening, and she read to me more of the SW: rebels book (New Dawn?). I am enjoying the story and, of course, I do like the characters. It's pretty fast paced and the bad guy is basically an evil cyborg petty bureaucrat "efficiency expert", so basically everything that is the worst thing about "bad" management (it doesn't matter if people get hurt, this will make things go faster and that will please the Emperor) and also a psycho murderer. But Kanan and Hera! I feel like the author has done a good job back-projecting them. Kanan is the most different, but then Hera has been on a steadier path for a while. Then we watched a few more episodes of the show. And I got a lot of knitting done! I keep thinking I'm about to run out of this ball of yarn and then not.... but soon, surely. I hope the rest of it arrives soon and will work how I want it to!


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