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I started my little shawlette tonight - it is *not* going to be good bus knitting, but it should be a fun little knit for when I don't have the patience for beading. As long as I do have th patience for lace + cables >.>

The chart for it is weird and very non-standard, so I think I'm just going to stick with the written instructions this time. Or maybe I'll have the brain to figure it out later.

Diablotin was today, and it was good! I didn't do much else today... well I crafted some mines and made cupcakes and cleaned the kitchen. It didn't feel like much.

On Tuesday, the rest of the fam is going to the UK for two weeks. I'll be all alone and need to clean up after and feed myself entirely on my own :o I can probably managed it somehow though :P But it will be a really quiet two weeks...

Ahh well. Work tomorrow, though!
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I...forgot to do entries. Derp.

-The kids had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, so I had the house to myself since both their parents went with. So quiet!
-Board games at the neighbours that night! We played telephone pictionary, Dominion, and Robo Rally. There should be a rule against starting a game of Robo Rally that close to eleven o'clock at night :p
-The kids also had a sleepover, so Sunday morning was So Quiet.
-We didn't have a game on Sunday for Various Reasons. I did some writing, it was really nice.
-More writing, knitting, and Jessica Jones last night.

Work today went fine. Things got fixed, other things got set up, it was fine. The internet went out-ish for part of the afternoon. I still had slack and mirc, but everyone was quiet so I went and did some vacuuming in the repository. Wooh!

Tonight, signups for the Raksura exchange, more of Dark Disciple, and more writing. I put in for a pinch it Space Swap, and if I get it, I will basically only have tomorrow to write it, so I'm going to have to start it tonight just in case.
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I forgot yesterday, and then almost forgot today - but toorrow I start my new job ahhhhhhh! I need to go to bed, so flailing is all you get, sorry :3
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I slept in, predictably. I was gogn to try and go to bed earlier but we just had to take the dogs otu because one of them was having tummy issues. HOpefully she's settled down for the evening, but considering she is in my room, I'm not convinced. Sorry, Sierra, when I do go to sleep, youre getting evicted.

I finished reading Namesake earlier this evening - what there is posted, anyway. I really enjoyed it! The general premise is that there are people called Namesakes, and they share the names of people in fairytales and other iconic stories. They go to different worlds and live through the stories there. There are various secret organizations dedicated to helping or hindering these people through various forms of magic. Emma is a secial namesake, and she winds up in Oz, even though she isn't a Dorothy. It has really nice art, good characters, lots of queer characters and characters of colour (including Emma), and a really complex storyline. Also part of it is set in Toronto :D I got into it because Persianpenname starting writing fic for it :3

Other than binging literally all day on webcomics, I have managed to moooostly finish my space swap. I need to finish up this very last scene, which I might poke at a it more efore sleeping, and decide if that's sufficient. I hope the recip enjoys it!
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It took me a lot time to get moving today, but I did manage a few things. I added another 100 words or so to the wiki entry I was working on, and I'm waiting for input/approval on it to see if it is done, or at least done enough... Theres a section I am not sure how to approach but tbh it is not super important.

I also made banana bread and went to the mall to buy proper rain boots. Oh and I did some vaccuming. And unloaded the dishwasher.

Other than that? Mostly tumblr, facebook, and email rp.

But now I don't want to look at facebook because of the things it tells me are in the news.

I think I am going to go to bed and mourn for the world.
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I guess I'm not crossposting to LJ anymore because I didn't accept the new ToS. Sorry...anyone who may have been left over there, but this was where I'd been headed for a while, really. What will this mean come Yuletide? I guess well see...

I officially accepted the offer for my job today. I am actually making sliiiightly less than I did there before, but otoh I get benefits and vacation, so I guess that probably works out. I am all excited and also wary. I start on April 18, after I get back from visiting Nary

Longpig and I took the dogs for a long walk this afternoonto the petstore, where I bought a harness for JOla. She is getting worse and worse about pulling, and I am afraid she is going to hurt her throat. This is a J Walker harness, which is a Canadian company, and it is already magical! It clips at either side, and has two martingale things, so basically when she pulls, she turns. They also tried to clip her toenails, which went as well as I expected (poorly). I finished them this evening, though, much to her dismay.

Other than that - I'm almost done the wiki entry! Also I watched some more Rebels with Nary and did some work on my shawl. I ought to shower and go to sleep - this pressure system is killin' me.

I feel like I can think of actually intersting things to post about, but never when I'm acually writing an entry, or have any time to do the same.
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Today has been A Day. On the one hand -I have been offered the museum job!!!!

On the other hand my 'exchange' laptop wound up being way more expensive than I'd planned/expected/hoped.

The new job will certainly help but it is annoying in the short term.

On the upside, it is just annoying and not financially devastating.

More when I'm not on my phone!
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I stayed up too late last night for no real reason, and had a hard time waking up this morning as a consequence.

I did do a bunch of cool stuff once I got to the museum though. We recorded a walkthrough of me going through the VR Longhouse - I mostly wanted it to take screencaps from, since we didn't have any from this iteration of the program. But apparently they might use it for some other things, like... virtual virtual tours? or a commercial? There are some students from the local community college who are putting together something, anyway, plus something about some kind of partnership with Microsoft for skype tours? Anyway, then had some interesting discussions about the Database of Doom, and its future and uses.
Came home, did a teensy bit of writing on Space Swap, and helped with dinner. Tonight was knitting, and I got a bunch more done on my second sock for Pretentia. Going to watch the end of season 2 of sw: rebels here in a bit :3

The weather here today has sucked - it was sleety hail and snow this morning, followed by gross cold rain. It started pouring on the walk to the game café where we have the knit night, and I was chilled and cold after that. Probably the chocolate milkshake didn't help, but it *did* have bailey's in it. It wasn't raining on the trip home at least (though we managed to catch a bus), but the wind had turned bitter, and now it is thundering outside. But at least we aren't getting freezing rain and snow like other parts of the region!

I emailed the plot running types to see if I can find out what is going on with my LARP character, who volunteered to be hostaged off to some fey at the end of last game. I'd initially emailed on Monday, and hadn't heard anything back, so I sent a gentle poke. The next session is only a week from Saturday, so I don't think I'm being too pushy to at least have them tell me what to expect! I could NPC if I can't play her, and that's fine, but I would like to know :o
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So, I managed to get up slightly before ten. And then my bookcase came! So I spent the morning - and the better part of the afternoon - putting it together, filling it, and generally reorganizing my room. I even put up more art! It's so much better now! And it was even easy to find a place to store my suitcase in the basement. And I managed to rehome all the random junk that was in the basket on top of it. and I can find the top of my dresser and there's a bunch of clear space! It really does make me so much happier :3

Other than that, I did bunch of writing - on the underworld wiki thing, and also on my Space Swap, which I have now started. And I made some NPCs for thirteen (we were each supposed to make an NPC for each other character... I am not holding my breath that everyone will do it, but I put some down, and it was fun).

Tomorrow is a museum day. I'm going to work on a short article for a museum web publication on the VR stuff... And then on the survey stuff. Probably.

All we have left of S2 Rebels is the season finale eps. *Braces self* I mean I know how things turn out but still...
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Another day of accomplishing little. I got cat litter, and I cleaned the cat box.

Apparently the next Underworld day mod (and the last day mod of the season, ergo the last one I'm likely to be able to attend ;_;) is in Two Weeks! It's April 8. I did not realize it was coming up that soon, yikes! Well at least it should be a little warmer than last time.... hopefully. That said - I don't know where my character is or what's going on with her ;_; But that also said, if I can't play her for some reason, I could still NPC the day mod and net some frags (they're like... oog currency you get for volunteering/donations that you can spend on your characters in different ways).

Speaking of the weather, I'm debating taking the plastic off my windows. We're certainly past the worst of any cold weather, and getting into the season where I might want to actually open them. A project for tomorow, no doubt!

Other projects for tomorrow:
Space Swap?????
Jukebox signups
Jukebox playlists?
Put together a dresser
Work on the Dietremen write up? I did a bit of that today. But really, space swap before I have another assignment would be good! Why is everything time sensitive!

There is also a job I should apply for, even though it is in the US, and that is just such a steaming pile of Ugh. Ugh!

When will I hear back from the museum? Who knows! Who even knows.'

As a side note, I'm still on my old computer, which doesn't handle the slack desktop well. So if I am usually on Slack and you've been wondering why I haven't been responsive for the past few weeks, its probably because I can't remember my passwords so I am just waiting to get my new computer fixed first :p


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