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I keep forgetting yesterday was Monday :P

And I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. It's a weird week.

It was a weird day at work! I was chasing information around and attending impromptu meetings and calling people and stuff and *whew*! Busy.

I posted my galra mini exchange fic, not sure what I'm writing next:

Army of One (1063 words) by Measured_Words
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Haggar/Sendak (Voltron)
Characters: Haggar (Voltron), Sendak (Voltron), Zarkon (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Power Dynamics, Loyalty Kink, Medical Procedures, Implied Torture, Offscreen Dismemberment, Implied Eye Trauma, PG-13 is hard >.>

Sendak has failed his emperor, and is prepared to face the consequences. Haggar, however, doesn't want to see such a loyal underling wasted.

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I had been doing well on my posting streak... ahh well!

I even thought about posting yesterday, and then didn't -_- In my defense, I got distracted reading tons and tons of excellent jukebox fics! I always wind up writing more for this than I expected, and this year was no different, though I'll wait for reveals to be more specific. There are a lot of really excellent stories and art though - go read around!

All three (!) of the fics I received were excellent, and I'll try and elaborate on that some tomorrow. Today was mostly reading both Jukebox and also Kai Ashante Wilson's novella The Devil in America on the TOR site, which is excellent, but do heed the warning.

Also Dyeing! I got my second mordanting done on the linen and the cotton. The linned I'm going to dry and set aside for now, but the cotton is going into the cherry. I drained the liquid out of the container it has been sitting in, and simmered the park in fresh water. I'll strain that and the other liquid back into the container tomorrow, and then I'm going to leave the cotton yarn in that bucket for a few days to a week to sit out in the sun and bake :D Annnnnd since it is cotton and I can iron mordant it, I am going to make up some mordant to do that with so I can experiment with that later too :D I'm super excited!

But for now, sleep - night all!
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I finished my Jukebox! I'm pretty happy with it, anyway, so hopefully my recip (who gave me a blank signup) will like it to! I did have some older letter to look at, but you never know what kinds of things may have changed.

Other than that, work was fine. My meeting was fine. I didn't really need to be there but apparently I can take minutes. Wheee. More importantly, it means I know what's going on with things. And stuff I think actually needs more discussion will have to...keeeeep waiting until the director has time (which he legitimately does not atm). I have a training course next week to learn how to do billing, but honestly I think I've mostly figured it out already :p

Now that I have finished Jukebox, I need to get plotting on my Raksura exchange fic! I have some cool prompts to work with, at least.

I also got some edits back on the wiki entry I wrote for my LARP, which shouldn't take too long to deal with, except I need to name things (Ugh!). I also found out that I *can* go to just part of the next event! Which is to say I am able to get a ride home on Saturday night, so I am happy. Yay having cake and eating it too!
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Jukebox, and online RP, ate all my free time today.

But I have a letter (and a signup)! It is over here!

Now, let's see if I can get anything off my plate before assignments come out (no).

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My plan was to get up, do my usual morning thing, then start laundry to have clean sheets, and snuggle Maze on the bare mattress and work on my Jukebox noms and writing while I waited for my mattress to arrive.

Surprise! It arrived pretty early and I hadn't even stripped the bed yet! So I hustled to do that and get stuff in the washer, and had kitty snuggles while it ran through. I managed Jukebox noms, though I still need to do my letter....once I settle on actual requests (all the things @_@).

I managed the entire mattress switch out on my own, including hauling the new one in its box up the stairs and hauling the old one all the ay to the basement. More impressively, I managed to do this without knocking *anything* over. Well, until I brought the empty, broken down box downstairs. Then I knocked over one of the baskets on the stairs, but only one step :V I'm sure I will be feeling this tomorrow but the new!!! mattress!!! should help mitigate that ^_^

I left it sitting on the bed until after dinner before putting on the sheets, because it does have that new memory foam smell, and I was hoping to reduce that a bit. It has definitely firmed up since being unboxed - initially it was all squish, but the support layers need more time to decompress (I feel there is a metaphor in there somewhere).

Meanwhile I proceeded to get absolutely nothing else done with my day :p Including putting away the rest of the laundry that was in with the sheets :p But tomorrow is another day!
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I was going to say that I forgot to post today, but actually I posted my Space Swap letter, and surely that counts! It's stormy tonight, but I'm hoping it will be all rained out by tomorrow when I have to bus/walk around. Sleep now - later all!
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So, keeping a journal up to date that is basically a record of the monotony of my life - is that interesting? Is it useful? Is it just my mood tonight? I feel like it is the easiest way to have something to say every day, and that if I don't make an attempt at a habit I'll fall back to hardly posting ever. But it is also making me wonder if I couldn't have something more interesting to talk about. But since I'm not really sure what that would be, I guess I'll stick with this. It just feels like the easy way out - like maybe if I did have something more to say, I would make an effort? I dunno! Since it is still before midnight, I think I'll do a chocolate box reveals post. So - watch this space?

...It's here! Chocolate Box Reveals!
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The other awesome thing in life currently is that it is Jukebox time of year!

The nomination period ends in about, uh, 13 hours. But there is still time! There is a list of nominated songs on the community.

In addition to writing for the exchange, this year it is accepting podfic! So if you have fic that is based on songs and would like to let participants know a: if they can use it and b: where to find it, where is also a post collecting that information. You don't need to be signed up to participate to link stuff!

But you should sign up if you can, because Jukebox is awesome.
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 08:12am on 06/06/2014 under , ,

A Kids' and YA Book Fic Exchange

Nominations are open for this Year's Exchange at Fic Corner! accepted nominations are visible on the tagset (linked above), and you can read the eligibility guidelines here. Noms close tomorrow (June 7) around 10 EDT, and then signups start on June 15. You can look at the full timeline on the collection's Profile page!

If YA and kids books are Your Bag, baby, this is a great exchange :D
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I've fallen back out of the habit, just like that. Well, other than writing about True Detective stuff. I am looking forward to the last episode, but it also makes me super sad to think ti will be all over so soon ;_; I hope that the next installment is as good. I would love to pick Nic Pizzolatto's brains. And possibly find out if he has been stalking me ;p

But! That's now what I meant to write about!

Tomorrow, [personal profile] curtana will be here! Excite!Considering I saw her technically twice last month, I am feeling rather spoiled, I tell you! We are goig to shill out a lot and watch tv and also stress about the games we are running next weekend for Webercon. I have mine a little bit more in hand now, I think, but I still have some things I need to write out and so forth. I have a vague plot outline in my head that I need to solidify, but mostly it is going to be just letting the players run with what I give them. I have, at least, given them characters at this point. Victory! The next thing to do is finish the bits that say what they all know about each other. Oh and probably I should give them stats and shit too. I need to refine my system a bit and post that as well. I'll get back to all that in a bit.

The other thing on my plate ATM is Invisible ficathon, which I think I have under control at least. I've got a few days to get it beta'd and posted, and I may try to do some other things as well, depending on where I am with gamestuff.

Other than that, what's up in my life is mostly work, which is worky. I finished the tiffany and today I finished the Mother of Pearl/Pearl Satinglass/ Pearl Satin Ware/Air-Trap/everyone has a goddamned different name for it, grr glass. Some of it was really pretty! Some of it was hideous. Sop very very hideous. I've been getting to play detective a bit though, learning about some of the less well known glass companies making this stuff. Like Phoenix Glass (Out of Ohio). And John Walsh Walsh (winner of more repetitive name. 19th century edition!). However today I realized that there are like 60 fewer boxes that I have to do than I realized. I've done almost 130, there are maybe 350? And a lot of the ones left also have fewer objects than the ones I have done, or they are not actually part of the collection that I was technically hired to do, maybe? I'm not sure. Anyway. We'll see how I get on with things, but I admit I am a little concerned about what will happen if I run out of things to catalogue :p However, I *am* signed up to take a two day training course on Crystal Reports later this month, which will be good to have under my belt even if I don't actually ever use it for this job. It is weird to feel like in terms of responsibility this job is actually a step *down* from my GA position, where I had more autonomy to take on projects and so on. I do think that it is in part a matter of having a different supervisor as well. It is a little strange to think about how long I have been working at the galleries, for that matter. I think I started at Stark in 2010?

Anyway, I don't have a lot else to say - just debating between trying to do a bit more game work or going to bed. Maybe I'll do some wind-down knitting. I had to rip back 7 rows earlier tonight because I can't count, and I still have 4 to catch up to where I was. *sigh*. Meanwhile, [profile] lonpig is down to the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, meaning she only has that and the sleeves to go. It's okay though, she assures me it is not a race. First prize is a sweater. Second prize is also a sweater! Woohoo!


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