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I keep forgetting yesterday was Monday :P

And I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. It's a weird week.

It was a weird day at work! I was chasing information around and attending impromptu meetings and calling people and stuff and *whew*! Busy.

I posted my galra mini exchange fic, not sure what I'm writing next:

Army of One (1063 words) by Measured_Words
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Haggar/Sendak (Voltron)
Characters: Haggar (Voltron), Sendak (Voltron), Zarkon (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Power Dynamics, Loyalty Kink, Medical Procedures, Implied Torture, Offscreen Dismemberment, Implied Eye Trauma, PG-13 is hard >.>

Sendak has failed his emperor, and is prepared to face the consequences. Haggar, however, doesn't want to see such a loyal underling wasted.

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It was Sunday!

There was Diablotin, which was great! And then tonight I was Instigated to write a Terrible Voltron Story. It's kind of crack and also kind of not. Probably no one is going to really read it, it's uh, a little niche ;p

You can read it if you want to though! Why would I deny my beloved internet friends ;p

Sex Pollen Cave (1868 words) by Measured_Words
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alfor/Zarkon (Voltron)
Characters: Alfor (Voltron), Zarkon (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Sex Pollen, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Blow Jobs, Power Bottom Zarkon, Choking, Kissing, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Strength Kink, Everything on Altea is Trying to Kill You, Consensual Sex Pollen, maybe crack maybe not

There is a cave on Altea. There is something in the cave that Alfor needs to make the Black Lion. He asks Zarkon to help him get it... but there's just one little catch.

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Today was not my favourite day, wellnesswise. I had a LARP/Claritin hangover, plus first day bees, and mostly just slept and laid around like a miserable lump :/

That said, I did watch a lot of SW: Rebels, and we're getting close to the end of season 2 (about 4-5 more episodes). I basically know what happens but I want to see it! Hera and Kanan continue to be my favourites. I'm very confused about their relationship though. In some places it seems to be telegraphed pretty hard, but in others not. And tonight I read an old interview with Hera's VA who said as far as she knew they were not a couple - but that it might just not have been something she was told. But, like, clearly they are a couple? At first I thought it was just that they wanted to keep things sanitized for kids, so they never show either of their quarters it means never showing that they share quarters sort of thing, or that they wanted to keep it very in the background? But then there are things where there's *nothing* where there should at least be *something* - Like Hera gets severely injured and they won't show him holding her hand? Like even if they were really close friends and *not* romantically involved.... Really? (Friends, if I'm even injured and in the hospital, even if we are not romantically involved, it is okay for you to hold my hand and offer me comfort. For the record.) Anyway, it's confusing, and aggravating, because I really like how they are there for each other in lots of ways and damnit I want to see more of that!

I also watched a lot of original Voltron on Netflix.... Some of it is really painfully dated (they literally spank Allura when she tried to pilot the blue lion), but it is interesting to see things they drew on for the new show. One of the things I love that they do, and always helped garner some nostalgia feels from me, is the shots with multiple PoVs in the same shot, and the sort of fade-to-line art stuff. That was always something I associated with Voltron, and it makes me smile when I see it in the new show as well.

Anyway, sleepos time!
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I should be in bed. I'm pretending I posted this on Saturday.

I finished my gloves! All the ends are woven, and I made the caps for the fingers. I have also started my shawl, which is my next big non-portable project. It has 14 charts with tiny print and my eyes are already rebelling. I'm using the pinky/orange handspun I got for Christmas 2015, at last for art of it, I want the colours to be sunset/sunrise-y, s I have a purple to join on the end of this if I run out.

This was also a good media day! I finished watching Voltron (pls squee/flail with me in the comments!), and went to see Hidden Figures this afternoon, which was very good.

I also went out for dinner, after some running (well, driving) around trying to find a place that didn't have an almost 30 min wait. This is what happens when you go out on a Saturday without making reservations. Do I think we could have been seated and eating at our first choice if we'd just stuck it out there instead of trying to find somewhere else? Probably, yes. Though the place we wound up at was a very nice little diner. I would go there again, but it was definitely not what we'd initially had in mind. I'm still stuffed.

Now I should really go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a strange day.
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