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I have done some productive things during my house sitting exile-from-society.

I worked on a cover letter (I can't finish it until I have a chance to go to the museum in question)
I finished my Serpent socks
I started a new knitting project (Art deco shawl!)
I finished one story and have been working on another longer piece 'm co-writing with [personal profile] curtana.

But really I've mostly been sitting on my ass on the couch doing crap all. I have several more days here, and I should really do more with them.

There are some other jobs I can work on applications for
I can do more writing, on that story, on trope bingo, and on drabbles
I can do more knitting

I could do some more clickwork too, maybe, if I were inclined... enh.

Anyway. I have been being super lazy and while some of that is fair I am also annoyed at hoe much I'm not doing, so this is a kick in my own butt to do more.
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The first part of this entry is cut for animal-related TMI! )

And that was the night of the Rat :p The family should be home in the next few hours, and before that I have some more cleaning/tidying to do:

Bed Laundry - in the washer - last load in the dryer = done enough
Clean my bathroom
dishes (wash hand dishes, deal with dishwasher) - about to start this, then maybe I will take the dogs out for a short walk? No walk, timing too uncertain.
vacuum the couch and chair where there have been illegal dogs.

I've already swept the floors and started consolidating my things, but I have more things to consolidate as yet.

Better get cracking, so off I go!

Now I wait... Until tomorrow. I got my dates wrong -_-
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 12:42am on 19/12/2014 under
grumpiness: agreeing to housesit for people over the holidays.
Them figuring out the night before that they need toi leave the night before
Telling them to email you in case this is the case as you are headed out for the evening
them emailing the address you have told them several times that you prettty much never use
Realizing when you get home at almost midnight that this is what they did
Having to grab stuff together for the next day and book it to their pace with the dog
It starting to rain when you are *almost* there (not pouring at that point though)
The bed you are supposed to stay in is not actually made
The sheets and quilt smell like baby powder. You are allergic to baby powder scents
The internet is suddenly password protected (but at least I know where they write that stuff down... because of course they do)
The wet cat is demanding your attention
You don't have time or energy to shower, even though you know you will sleep poorly because: smell, new space, too much adrenaline for after midnight

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So, Tuesday I start my house sitting gig for the Crismans, which technically makes this the last Saturday i will be at home all day for a while. So probably there is some shit I should do this weekend, hmm?

Here is a short list:
Clean out the fridge

I am also working on my Jukebox fic, which is coming along very nicely. I'm quite happy with it so fa, anyway, and I don't think it is going to balloon ridiculously - it should probably be around 5000 words, which seems about right. I have been trying to be careful about section lengths, and that seems to be working out well. A lot of times I'll start with short sections, and then my middle bits will get all super long and structurally it just winds up a bit messy. I think I have a better handle on that so far here though! I have some scened that I expect will be longer (climax scene!), but that's okay too. After I'm done with it, there is a treat I want to do, maybe, if I can keep it short. And maybe some drabbles again, because that was super fun last year!

Anyway - I should go do *something* rather than just reading random crap on the internet all day. Tomorrow I am going over to the Crismans with Jola and a friend who will hopefully be taking over the house-sitting for me while I'm away in August. I'm very much looking forward to getting away form here for a bit, and to actually visiting my dad when it is nice enough to go outside!
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So much to do, so little actual drive to do any of it >.>

This is my last week house sitting, and now I'm looking around thinking things like 'maybe I should have taken better care of the lawn - or hey they *do* have a weed whacker, hrm'. Plus I have so much crap here - seriously sooo muuuch crap, between books and clothes and hats and other randomness. So, I guess today will be a cleaning/tidying/arranging day, starting with the plans, which need watering.

Other things to try to achieve:
-laundry - one load left to wash, two to put out to dry... its humid today so the racks are taking longer
-clean bathroom
-pack up extraneous stuff from around the house and at least consolidate it
-weed whacking? Mow the lawn? I have never actually used a weed whacker, or touched a lawnmower in about oh... ten years or more? - yeah this is not happening, I can't figure out how to make them go >.>
-put beds back together (took some mattress covered off when cleaning various cat-related incidents >.>) - done barring laundry

[profile] lukoni is in town this week too (yay! for me anyway, boo for her - she has jury duty), so I want to make sure I get stuff tidied up there as well (mostly I need to clean Maze's litter box and maybe vacuum again), and also start getting *my* room ready to live in again. Which means laundry there, and vacuuming, and also just general putting away of stuff so I can have a decent workspace at my desk.

I guess I will start with the plants and some laundry and sweeping here. If I can get home to Maze's stuff sorted out this morning and maybe a little tidying there that will be good - I can always go back tomorrow and take care of more stuff there as well.

And at some point, more diss writing. I have been doing pretty well with that - I got all my chapter bits moved and now need to write a new transition for chapter 5... and then I can really start chapter 6. Maybe this weekend? Maybe?

*eyes to-do list*

Better get moving :3
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