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2017-09-19 10:56 pm

stupid hands, stupid weather, stupid knitting :(

My hands are sore, I guess I'm paying for the progress I did over the weekend. I did two rows tonight and it was agony (one knit row, one purl), and they're still hurting despite drugs. My hip is bothering me too. Maybe it's time for aleve instead of ibuprofen.

Gee I can't wait until I'm actually old... -_-
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2017-07-31 11:54 pm

This is an update

I almost went to my mammogram a day early, but it is on the 2nd, which is Wednesday, not tomorrow. whee! Bedtime now (not in my bed still though). This has been an update.
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2017-07-27 12:27 am


Bees. Vicious bees.

And not much in the house for lunches, which has meant buying stuff at loblaws in the morning s the past few days. Yesterday I thought I was doing good by buying a muffin for breakfast instead of a chocolate croissant, but this morning the bakery hadn't restocked yet and I wound up buying day+ old chocolate croissants >.> I ate too many of them. I also bought a mini pot pie and a half pint of raspberries, and the only reason I didn't eat them all was that bees + too much fruit = bad idea.

I am trying to write a blog post for the Day of Archaeology at work, but all I have is short and bland. But there isn't too much going on, so I'm not really sure what to say :p Maybe I'll see if someone else has a chance to look it over.... maybe 'll just give up on it.

Longpig and Wererogue went over to a friends' place this evening, so I managed the smalls. And then I packed, more or less, for LARP. And that's about it?

I actually had some email exchanges with shapers but mostly they left me shaking my head. Did you actually read my background? Did you get my character confused with her daughter? This creepy dream you sent for me to have is really more just sort of bewildering and vaguely unsettling... Anyway, whatever. They have like a million characters to keep track of, I can't really fault them for falling down on the details, I guess? Anyway, it is way past my bedtime, ugh.
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2017-07-18 10:21 pm

Day Two

Today is a day of intense tiredness. I'd almost blame PM's but the timing is all wrong. Ugh, bodies. Ovulation, maybe? Because I need everything to get more intense, that's just peachy.

Work was fine, tomorrow is our Strategic Retreat, which is a little ominously named, especially since it has the potential to determine my future job prospects... And also the last day of filming.

We had a family meeting to talk about how we need to do better at keeping house... I guess we'll see if that has any impact.

Early bed for me I think. I'm wiped despite a mini-nap earlier.
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2017-06-18 10:13 pm

Catte Drugs --> Catte Nap

Took an allegra and a rectine. No hives or faceleaking but I am dumb and sleepy af.

But I got many kitty toes trimmed and had some nice cuddles.

I had 13 today and it was a really good session, I think! I'm so lucky to have so many good engaging games, and such awesome people to RP with in all of them. Also got some knitting done.

Yesterday I brought in the yarn in the cherry bark bath.... and there was nothing, no change at all. I'm super disappointed. It just smells gross now :/ I'm not sure if I should rescour it and go through the whole mordanting process again, or what. Maybe I can try again with some queen anne's lace/wild carrot tops, which are supposed to be green. Maybe bark dyes just don't work with solar dyeing. I dunno, but I am disappointed, boo :(

I need to pick a writing project. I finished all my exchange fics and have freedom to do what I want if I only could decide what that is ;p
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2017-06-08 11:23 pm


Still busy... Mostly packed for LARP...

Of course last night I woke up at 4:30 with a stabbing pain in my back -_- It is betterish but I guess we'll see how things go.

Now reading and sleep...
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2017-05-04 10:56 pm

That didn't go how I had expected

One of the girls in my knitting group wants to run a pathfinder game! So I let my arm be twisted, and am going to play. It will run bi-weekly on Thursdays opposite of knitting, so basically I just have a permanent Thursday commitment now instead of a bi-weekly one.

We got together to work on character creation this week. I had no idea what I wanted to make, but I wound up with a half-oc cleric of the god(dess? I'm not sure) of gluttony, disease, and undeath. Her mystery is Bones and her curse is Wasting! We had to roll stats (old school!), and she is not very good at anything except being terrifying. In fact her level 1 spells are cause fear and one that I forget the name of that makes someone's face turn into a horrifying monstrosity, giving them both a bonus to intimidate and a bite attack. Yay! I still need a name for her, and to pick a feat (ugh feats), but I think it will be fun :) The rest of the party is a halfling cleric of the goddess of luck, and half-elf rogue who ran away from being a circus performer. So I guess we're a lot of halves ;p Longpig is going to be making a character as well.

Work went well - I had some good conversations and some annoying conversations, but overall things look to be going okay. Hopefully the continue along that path! Next week will be a little odd, because everyone is going to be away in Ottawa for the CAAs. So hopefully I won't have any issues crop up that I can't handle. And then the week after that I have my first aid training! I'm still pretty excited about that too.

I'm feeling much better today, which is to say that the cold is no longer in the front of my face, but taking up residence in my sinuses and trying to take a foothold in my lungs. wooh. So I'm going to go to bed now, which is not super early like yesterday, but still at a more reasonable hour than usual.

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2017-05-03 08:30 pm

siiiick :(

I am really sock. I have a super shitty cold. I thought that I was past the leaky face bits yesterday - or the day before even - but no, they returned full force around 4 PM, after I'd booked a 10am meeting for tomorrow. I'd felt so much better this morning, but tonight my sinuses are inflamed (really visibly so - my face is red and hot to the touch), and I'm tired and my asthma is acting up. And I can't find my inhaler, it isn't in any of the places it should be /o\ I really don't want this to get in my lungs. I've been doing sinus rinses (gross but better than the alternative) but they only help so much.

Of course this happens when H&I are out of town for two weeks, so I have a lot more stuff that I need to do. No one else is going to walk the dogs or feed me :(

Ugh. I guess I'll see how I'm feeling in the morning, and if need be I can try and reschdule that meeting, but for now I'm just going to take it realllllly easy and hope for the best.

I was going to do a log of how I've been managing to feed myself, but other than Kraft Dinner yesterday I think I'll probably be okay. I can, in fact, remember how to food. I just can't taste any of it -_-

So this meeting tomorrow is to talk about cloud computing solutions for work.... it's going to be a hassle and a half. I need to talk to the campus IT people, too. I probably should have done first. This is gon' be a nightmare :p

Well, here goes I guess! Anyone know anything about cloud computing? :p

Oh oh oh!

Meanwhile, I got *THREE GIFTS* for Space Swap! And they're all excellent. I highly recommend them all :)

The Fabric of Space (4819 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cthulhu Mythos - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Additional Tags: Blood and Gore, Alien Culture, Alien Biology

A jaded courier discovered that there is more to life than they ever imagined

--An amazing Mythis story that play around really interestingly with the canon tropes.

Beefcake of Marmora Hunks Calendar (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ulaz (Voltron), Thace (Voltron), Kolivan (Voltron), Antok (Voltron)
Additional Tags: blade of marmora, Worldbuilding: Blade of Marmora - Freeform, Art, Photoshop, Calendar, Hunks, buns, man meat, it's what's for dinner, space swap 2017, Treat, Beefcake, Crack, crack art, Butts, butts for days, Galra Empire

Hey, if you're gonna resist a 10, 000 year old empire, you're gonna need to do a little fundraising. Who could say no to these foxy freedom fighters? :D

-Galra hunks calendar! It's amazing. What more can I say :D

To the Champion go the rewards (2054 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Sendak/Shiro
Characters: Shiro (Voltron), Sendak (Voltron), Ulaz (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Background Matt Holt/Shiro - Freeform, Gladiators, Blood and Injury, Anal Sex

Shiro, the Champion of the arena, is summoned to the private chamber of Commander Sendak.

--Voltron Non-con because I'm a bad bad person. But it's great! I love being in Shiro's...head >.>
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2017-05-01 08:52 pm


Am sick :(

It's been building all day and now I'm in bed listening to Nary read me from the Ahsoka book.

Space Swap opened though. It's super rad. I got 3 gifts! But I will rave about them when I have more brain.
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2017-03-27 01:45 am
Entry tags:

Dynothrusters engaged

Today was not my favourite day, wellnesswise. I had a LARP/Claritin hangover, plus first day bees, and mostly just slept and laid around like a miserable lump :/

That said, I did watch a lot of SW: Rebels, and we're getting close to the end of season 2 (about 4-5 more episodes). I basically know what happens but I want to see it! Hera and Kanan continue to be my favourites. I'm very confused about their relationship though. In some places it seems to be telegraphed pretty hard, but in others not. And tonight I read an old interview with Hera's VA who said as far as she knew they were not a couple - but that it might just not have been something she was told. But, like, clearly they are a couple? At first I thought it was just that they wanted to keep things sanitized for kids, so they never show either of their quarters it means never showing that they share quarters sort of thing, or that they wanted to keep it very in the background? But then there are things where there's *nothing* where there should at least be *something* - Like Hera gets severely injured and they won't show him holding her hand? Like even if they were really close friends and *not* romantically involved.... Really? (Friends, if I'm even injured and in the hospital, even if we are not romantically involved, it is okay for you to hold my hand and offer me comfort. For the record.) Anyway, it's confusing, and aggravating, because I really like how they are there for each other in lots of ways and damnit I want to see more of that!

I also watched a lot of original Voltron on Netflix.... Some of it is really painfully dated (they literally spank Allura when she tried to pilot the blue lion), but it is interesting to see things they drew on for the new show. One of the things I love that they do, and always helped garner some nostalgia feels from me, is the shots with multiple PoVs in the same shot, and the sort of fade-to-line art stuff. That was always something I associated with Voltron, and it makes me smile when I see it in the new show as well.

Anyway, sleepos time!
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2017-03-09 12:28 am


I meant to, while I was doing other things, back up a bunch of stuff on this computer onto my external hard drive so that I could take it in to Best Buy tomorrow. That....didn't happen. I might take it anyway and take my chances. I don't have much on the go for writing atm.

Today is International Women's day. I wore a red shirt, and I baked cookies (chocolate with mini reeces pieces). I talked to a friend on gchat and was prompted to look at jobs, and there are a few I will try and apply for - one in Ottawa and one in Nova Scotia (Lunenberg). A project for tomorrow/Friday I guess!

It is windy AF out there. And I am stupid tired. I really hope I am not getting sick, as I was meant to be volunteering this weekend and I feel like that would be irresponsible, if I do have a cold. Which super sucks! But Nugsy is pretty sick right now, and probably I have been giving him too many hugs. I gave him a cuddle while we were trying to convince him to take his antibiotics, and just - you could tell he was not well. Too warm, among other things. And I'm pretty much out of the inhaler I need to keep my lungs from succumbing to terribleness. So I'll cross my fingers, and go to bed.
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2017-03-05 01:46 am

Super Saturday!

I made macarons! Almond with raspberry cheesecake icing. They turned out okay - I was pretty impatient with them, and my tools were not ideal. So they were too soggy in the middle. But they were damned delicious, and I have a few idea what to do differently if (when) I try them again. I blame #yuletide for getting me thinking about experimental baking. I mean, I followed a recipe for the macarons, I'd just never done them before. But the icing was all by the seat of my pants: ~1/4 C each of butter and cream cheese, a big spoonful of raspberry jam, and icing until it came together at a good consistency. I didn't measure anything super precisely, just tossed it in the kitchenaid :V It tastes amazing: A++ would make again.

I mad them because we were going to a friend's place tonight and she has gluten issues. I was going to make a simpler mint meringue cookie, but then we didn't have the mint stuff and we *did* have almonds, and at that point I figured fuck it, just go for it! They have been devoured, at home and away. We (Longpig and I) went over for tacos and boardgames, and it was a very successful evening. Tacos were delicious, I ate too much candy, and we played several different short games for small groups (4 people), which was a nice change form games for large groups that take a long time. We played Ticket to Ride (my first time), Fluxx, and Carcasonne. I also drank a lot of rum and ginger, and ate waaaay too much candy.

Other than that, I played a lot with the kids today. We played pirates, and raided the granola bars, which was extra great because we weren't supposed to but also it was harmless ;) OTOH there was a lice scare in the littlest's class, and he has some sign so now I'm very much freaking out about that. For those who don't know me/have never seen pics, I have waist length hair... I'll get someone to check for me tomorrow - it really needed a good washing first. Here's hoping...
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2017-02-13 05:46 pm

Sleep is for the week...

I slept for crap last night. As much as I say I'm getting better, is seems like I wnd up coughing a lot whenever I actually go to lie down to sleep, so that's fun. But the sinus congestion is definitely improving, so there is that! last night I also wound up getting disrupted a few times a I was going to bed, and it took me longer to actually get there than intended. I've been having sort of stressy dreams the past tow nights as well, but I barely remember any scraps of them. I think last night was employment related. I know I wound up doing a lot things I wasn't expecting, and basically never got to stop/sit down, and that my attitudes o thins in the dream were mixed. The night before last they were more violent, with me trying unsuccessfully to harm people I care about. Thanks for that, brain? I don't remember a lot of details, thankfully, but they felt very vivid and true at the time, so extra ugh.

I had kitty cuddles last night during family Voltron time ( have seen the whole of the show, but no one else here has yet). I took a reactine, knowing I would then have a terrible antihistamine hangover today. I do in fact have one of those - I slept in until 11 and had a hard time making myself get out of bed, and have been exhausted and brain-foggy all day, despite caffeine. It never used to have this kind of effect on my (other antihistamines do it too, and they also never used to), so yay body, thanks for that.

Despite the brain fog, I went out to the mall with my sister to use a coupon on chocolate, then helped her make soup for dinner, baked a cake, and made some valentines for the family (mostly for the kids, but enh). Dinner shortly, I believe, to enjoy that soup, which smells amazing.

The cake is for the 'Family cake walk'. There is a cakewalk at school tomorrow, but the kids wanted to have one at home. So I said I would bake a cake, but that we would draw names, and whoever won gt to decide what kind of cake to make. And I won! So I'm making my classic childhood birthday cake, which is a black forest (but not an authentic one.... chocolate cake, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream). I'll make the cream for it tomorrow and we can have ti for dessert. Nugsy thinks a cake walk should be when you walk and eat cake. I can't disagree that it's a great idea!

And now - dinner time :)
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2017-02-10 02:55 pm

Slow start, busy day

Despite being awake and staring at my computer until almost 3 AM yesterday, I somehow managed not to make an entry. I am really bad at making and keeping habits. I am totally the person who will do something everyday for a year and then just miss it one day with no reason. I wonder about my brain sometimes :p Sometimes I wish you could just get brain scans or whatever without having a specific need, just to have a baseline for comparison. But that would be pointlessly expensive. And there are people in my life who need them for more legit reasons :/ I admit I am sometimes paranoid that there is something wrong and it just hasn't been noticed yet, but I know that is not really rational. If there was a real problem, I would know by now, not just wonder. Everyone's body does weird things from time to time, so I shouldn't get all hypochondriac, especially when I have seen what more serious symptoms look like.


Yesterday was decently interesting. I didn't get to scan anything, but I did compile exit surveys from the VR exhibit. It gave me surprising feels! Partly to see the number of older women (over 40 and over 60) who'd tried it and loved it. They said a range of heartening things, like that ii was immersive, that if gave them a sense of emotional and spiritual connection to the history, that they were pleased to be able to participate in this wave of new technology, and so forth. I am also amused at the mid-twenties dudes complaining that the vive headset was too heavy when women old enough to be their grandmothers were all 'no complaints, it felt fine!' It was nice to be even tangentially involved in the project, anyway. And I did a minor bit of tech supporting for the equipment while I was there as well.

Then last night, among other things, I was knitting, and managed to work the tip off one of my Karbonz, because of course I did. I'm pretty sure these are the ones I already had to replace (my US 4's). But maybe I'm using my 5's? Anyway, this is a new issue, but also a resolvable one. I just superglued it back on. Luckily I was near the end of the row. If I didn't love everything else about these needles so much I would probably stop buying them. But honestly I think the problem is me :p Meanwhile, have a pic of my work in progress on this scarf!

Pic! )

This morning I got dinner in the crock pot, then has my "post-board review" with the HR person from PC. It was informative, mostly in the sense that it confirmed a lot of stuff for me that I suspected. i am terrible at having examples, and need to elaborate more on my answers, and take more cues from the questions. In these kinds of interviews, they aren't allowed to prompt for further explanations, so it is all on me and how I answer things. It seems like on some of the most-relevant questions I did quite well, but fell down in a few key areas. Part of having not great examples is a matter of experience, and part of it is not being vicious enough to past employers, and part of it is not being able to explain myself well when I do. As I said, it was helpful, if a little depressing. They interviewed less than ten people, though and since it was an open call I know that to make it that far I had to pass a lot of benchmarks. But in the end, I didn't even make it into the hiring pool, let alone make it to the top. Ugh. He was very encouraging though, and aid I should definitely continue to apply for other collections type positions with the agency. I'll keep an eye out, but they don't come up that often :p Meanwhile, I hope I didn't screw up my SA interview as badly. Ugh. At least they *know* I'm awesome. Right?

There than that I managed to get some laundry started, change the sheets on my bed, and do some general room tidying. I might try to put up the poster I got from the art show on my wall... I have the print tacked up just to get it out of the way, but I'd really like to get it framed. I'll keep an eye out for something nice for it. [personal profile] karanguni asked my for a pic, and I took one - it isn't super great, because the print is in a plastic sleeve and there is some glare, but it gives a pretty good idea!

The Cat by Justin Erickson )

I have a bunch of other things I'd like to do today - mostly writing stuff, at this point. I did my EI report and subsequent phone call, but was only on hold for about 15 min this time, so not too bad. And I should go switch the laundry too... But I want to touch up my chocolate box, and work on the Thirteen story and maybe do some other little chocolate box thing? We'll see how my afternoon/evening goes, I guess.
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2017-01-27 07:00 pm


Bees came today. Should have expected that, but I was not prepared. I *had* been expecting them for the past few days, ever since I identified them as a likely contributor to Wednesday's poisonous mood. I'm still sick and still tired, otherwise, but I'm almost finished my gloves, and I have a good start on my chocolate box fic. I just need to not let it get away from me and I should be golden. I have not started my cover letter. I still have time. I think I'll try and get it done and submitted on Monday. Though I need to figure out how to do references when the last people I worked for are also my prospective employers, but shuffled around.

I heard from a friend about a really cool art show by The Shadowood Collective that is going to be taking place in my home city, and I bought a ticket for that because it looks really amazing! Maybe I will even buy Art I Have Nowhere To Put! Technically I already did, as I got a VIP ticket, which includes a poster. But one of the artists there did some art for Hannibal and True Detective Season 1, and I think there will be prints of some of those pieces available. Good thing I'm poor, I wouldn't want to get carried away...

In other news, I've been plowing through watching Clone Wars (am close to the end of season 3) with Nary. Since I'm here, we've also been watching Daredevil (halfway through season 2), and Voltron (hnnnnngh @_@ No one is surprised that I am a Shiro fan, right? But really I love them all). We're a few episodes into the new season, since we've been watching it with her son, and he had to get through season 1 first. But probably if we're dedicated we can finish that before I leave ;p I have faith in us ;p We will watch some more once they get home and we have dinner (Lebanese foods from the Shwarma Shack mmmmmmm). We're planning to go see Hidden Figures tomorrow at some point as well, but I don't think we've finalized our plans.
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2017-01-26 01:37 pm


I am doing better today, and am mostly just tired, which is probably the result of being sick again. I blame winter + travel + riled allergies. It isn't so bad and hopefully won't get any worse. At least by the time I'll be going back to volunteer at the museum next week, I shouldn't be contagious. Sorry, Windsor peeps, no guarantees for you.

Earlier today, I went and found the last (I hope) of Cat's irc friends and let them know. There were a few groups there that overlapped quite a bit, so I'm hopeful that the news will spread to anywhere else it hasn't reached yet. I also set an email that people could contact if they wanted to leave condolences to his family or get in touch with me for any reason. It was not as bad as I had expected, but some people were quite shocked. I feel much better for having made the effort. There is still one channel where I haven't had any response, but I'll keep looking there for life... I suppose I could leave my message for the idlers but I'd rather know that at least one live person will see it.

Hopefully now that I'm finished that I can move back on to some other things. I'm still working on my glove, but I need some advice on making the finger caps that I'm probably not going to be able to get right away, so we'll see how far I get on my own. I need to work on Chocolate Box, and I need to work on a cover letter. I have a little over a week left for those, at least. And a mostly empty afternoon on my own, at that.
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2015-08-16 11:34 pm

Life of late

I have been sick since Friday. I thought I was better today, but I am not. I have been eating and tolerating more food, at least, which feels like improvement, but I am still very low energy

I'd wanted to do a bunch of writing on Friday but lacked the brainpower. Instead, on [personal profile] flamebyrd's suggestion, I created a pseud on my AO3 account for all my drabbles: Precisely_Measured_Words. It was too clever to pass up! Plus about half my works on AO3 are drabbles, so it made sense to separate them out.

If I still don't feel well tomorrow, I'll not be going to the museum - the hour long commute, each way, seems like a terrible idea :p Last week when I was there they had me cataloging, also. Starting a new collection of thousands of things... the curator was very impressed with my ability to write tiny legible numbers. I have been doing this a very long time now... My very first experience of archaeology had me writing tiny legible numbers. I will never escape it. Theoretically I may be learning a lot more about projectile points than I have ever needed to know previously, but we'll see. I am not an expert but a lot of the pieces I was looking at were crap ass "replicas". We did know that going in, at least, and there are a lot of legit pieces in the collection. I would say I have no idea how long it will take to get through it all, except that the answer is "forever". Meh :| There is a job open at that museum but it is a community coordinator job. Meeeeeeh.

I don't wanna be sick any more :( Also I have been sleeping for shit on top of it. I have had some good dreams but haven't had a chance to write them down, alas!

Good thing though - lots of fun chatting + gaming this weekend :) Hooray for the internet!
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2015-07-02 12:26 pm


The Nephews are downstairs atm watching some kind of tv, I think. We're kind of stuck on what we can do with them right now for Reasons

Kid-related medical TMI! )

So, no play place, no going to the gym... we could take them out to the park I guess!

Yesterday we went out for Canada Day - we had lunch at a really good Mediterranean place (um maybe Lebanese, I'm not 100% sure), and then went to Marble Slab with some coupons. The coupons were for two regular and two small ice creams - Longpig and I got the regulars, kids got the smalls, and [personal profile] wererogue used a different coupon for a milkshake. The smalls were.... not small. They both had BRIGHT BLUE cotton candy ice cream with various mix-ins (sprinkles, marshmallows, gummy bears - Nugsy also had reeces pieces), and Bubby's, in particular, leaked allllllll over. It was adorable! But hella messy! Thanks the the random dad who stopped by and gave us some wipes - we wad napkins and water but I'm not convinced they would have helped @_@ Next time I think we're going to see if they have kid cones :p None of us had dinner after that.

Anyway, that was not what I was going to say! I was going to complain about how I have not had any more interviews and don't generally know what to do with my life :p Because of the Reasons above, I don't want to leave Longpig alone with the kids to deal with stuff on her own, so I'm not going to go out to the temping agency like I had planned until that is all resolved. Likewise, I want to go sort out driving license type things, once I figure out where to do that, but not until this is resolved :/

I wish I had a good way that I could make a little money doing something online, or from home, but I don't have any good ideas. I could try and write, I suppose, but I don't know what I would write, I don't have any good ideas for original fic lately. I'm kind of stalled waiting for character input and comments on the bigger fic I was writing, so I have been doing drabbles, but I wish I had something more in-depth to occupy my brain. I suppose I could start something anyway, but I feel kind of guilty not writing original stuff that I could see because, again, money >.> The only things that have been poking my brain lately though are too long - I wold kind of like to resurrect the story-world I did for the three-day novel I wrote aaaages ago, because that was basically an introduction to what could in theory be a real novel. Except I'm not convinced I'm organized enough to write a real novel, or that I could actually draw something out, or that I could finish it a: ever or b: in any kind of useful time frame.

Well, [personal profile] curtana did just link me a story contest for a short Lovecraft story thing, though it pays in B&N giftcards, not actual moneys. It could be a good distraction, at least!

I feel like I had more to say, but instead I think I am going to go investigate lunch possibilities and think about a plot >.>
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2014-12-28 06:25 pm

December 27: What are some things that you think are worth suffering for?

Another odd day, and so the question comes from [personal profile] fishmalk, who asked: What are some things that you think are worth suffering for?

I had a hard time answering this, partly because it is so open ended. (I am using that as my excuse for why I am a day late, nd it is *mostly* correct!) Like - how much suffering are we talking here? Is it like - it is worth walking around the British Museum in bad shoes for a day, knowing your feet will be killing you later? Or are we talking - leave behind everyone you love knowing you'll never see them again? Losing a limb?

In any given situation, I'd rather find ways to mitigate any potential suffering, for the most part. That said, I had my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago and am still having jaw pain, and decided to have dinner without waiting for my ibuprofen to kick in, so apparently 'dinner' is worth some minor amount of suffering? in this case, some extra old cheddar, hummus and naan (couldn't find the pita at the store), and some cold rotisserie chicken. Ow? maybe 'pride' is a better answer, but even that is slightly mitigated. I *did* take painkillers, just too late :p

I think that self improvement can be worth suffering, to some extent - that's a thing that requires constant assessment, whether you are talking about physical suffering from physical training or emotional/mental suffering from isolation, stress, etc... You need to let yourself decide whether the threshold is of where the costs outweigh the benefits. Quitting is okay, and if you think otherwise, you risk failing even when you succeed.

Enough pith I think!
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2014-05-04 01:56 pm

Well, crap

I did a big entry yesterday and apparently forgot to post it, and semagic didn't save it. Balls!

Well, the tl;dr version: I am destined to be a decrepit old lady and the cat woke me up freaking out over nothing :|

Seriously though - my shoes are wearing out, and I hadn't realized how badly. On Friday I had some pretty bad foot pain, and further investigation has confirmed this is because of how the sole has worn through on my sandal on that side - basically the actual sole is gone in the middle, so the center of the ball of my foot just has squishy foot bed foam between it an the ground, but the bones around it have more sole support, and it puts pressure on my foot bones in terribly interesting ways. So I'm going to ditch them in favour of still worn but more wearable shoes until I can replace them.

Also, to recap what I didn't post yesterday, I probably have hip bursitis that flares up any time I try to run even a bit and affects other forms of exercise, plus knee problems, hand joint issues (that interfere with pushups if I try to do too many), etc - decrepit old lady. I'm not even old yet ;_;

Anyway, it is Star Wars Day! Woohoo! Here's hoping the new movies don't suck and have moar ladiez!

I feel like I had more to say about today, but apparently not? I finished a story I am happy with and am now waiting to be able to post it :3 I am also still waiting to hear back about some stories I submitted for publication back in, um, January >.> But I emailed the editor and they haven't been outright rejected yet anyway so I can be patient :V I should also get some feedback o them even if they aren't accepted, so score! I suspect, in fact, that this is probably the main reason for the hold up. I would be incredibly surprised (but pleased) if they were *both* being seriously considered for publication.

Time to go Write More Things! Or maybe fold some laundry >.>

ETA: I bought these! \o/