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So this was a larp weekend, and it was completely rad! I spend an hour yesterday crying alone in a cabin I had locked everyone else out of - good times! NO really though, I eman it. I got caught up with a random magical effect that made me think that another character was my dead husband, and then I was SUPER UPSET with him that he hadn't told me he was alive and had just been hanging out workign for one of my in game friends - so of course I was mad at her too :V And other people thought that I thought that I was married to the other character (who is a very orcish orc). After I explained why it was creepy that he wanted to have sex with me when I thought he was somebody else, he later came and apologized for it, which was surprising and awesome too (also all in character orcs aren't generally super discriminating about who they sleep with when the opportunity arises). It was super great RP all around. And that was only one part of my game weekend! I did a sper fun mod and some other character driven RP and I don't think I touched the 'main plot' all weekend.

Today we gave a tour at work for the Archaeological Conservancy of America, which was busy but I think went really well! They all seemed super pleased, even though they were late and we consequently went overtime. I had some transit shenanigans and I wound up getting a drive home from a neighbour, which was very nice of her. And tonight I got to do a solo scene for Diablotin, which is nice because we missed game today and last week. So all in all a great weekend :) And I'm at he stage of the shawl I've been workign on t larp where it is so close to done I can taste it, so I am going to finish it up tonight or maybe tomorrow. And then I'll need another game project...
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Well it isn't *midnight* yet so I guess that's not a total backslide :P

Nug party was today. Other than than, Diablotin! Which was a good session even if it was a bit temporally scattered since not everyone (including me) could make the regular time. Party was good - Nugsy had a great time and really that's the most important. The weather was pretty much perfect! And we have So Much Cake left over @_@

I watched all the Star Wars Whatsists of Destiny shorts tonight with Nary, but really it just made me want mooooooar! I'm sad that this will be the last season of Rebels :( But at least new movies will be out soon?

I think that's all I've got. I need to go shower (for really really real this time) and go to bed. At least I eventually remembered to take care of the kitty (food + box cleaning)...
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Today has been overall pretty chill. Things that were bugging me yesterday seem at least less pressing, even if they aren't at all resolved. I had Diablotin (yaaaay!), and I did some knitting, both during and after game. If I'd really pressed, I probably could have finished the chart I'm working on. Other than that, I did a few minor house things, chatted with folks, and that was about it? I may regret not doing laundry this weekend, but I don't think I actually have that much at the moment. I thought about doing some dyeing but it takes up a lot of space :| On the other hand I really want to finish mordanting my stuff so I can use that cherry bark! maybe.... Tuesday? The other thing I talked about doing and then did not at all accomplish was cutting Jola's toenails. Also I need to make her an appointment. Wednesday?

Tuesday I have that course, and otherwise I'm not sure what I'm doing at work next week... but I'm sure something will come up!
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I had a dream last night, though I don't remember it super clearly and it was not to begin with super linear. I may not even be remembering them in order - I am not super sure whether the UART or the home bits came first. It involved a few different elements:

I was working at A&M for a different museum there. We were having a staff meeting. One of the other women was trying to track down record for an old purchase. They'd bought a bunch of prints for resale, I think, and were trying to find out details, because some information that was now relevant was missing. I suggested talking to Cathy, my old boss, while I was thinking (but not saying) that we really ought to be part of UART. Cathy had been here long enough to remember that time and might know something about it, I suggested. The woman was ambivalent.

I later ran into Cathy in the hall. She was dressed sort of like McGonagal from the movies minus the witch hat. She initially seemed pleased to find out I was working there again, but then we talked about my citizenship. We talked about how expensive it had been to hire me as a Canadian, but I hadn't had to pay for it. Now I was a dual citizen (I'm not). She was mad at me for a: not having to pay and b: not having to choose. It came out that she had been forced to choose.

I was still living with Wererogue and Longpig and the kids, but we were in Moncton, in my maternal grandparents' old neighborhood, and kind of in their old house. It was late winter/early spring, and not too much snow left on the ground. I'd gone with were rogue to pick up the kids from school, which was down the road and around the corner by the park. We looked back and they were gone - we found them Krazy Karpeting down a very small hill. Wererogue told them that he was disappointed they hadn't listened, and that he had been planning to take them sledding on a bigger hill, but now they weren't going to be able to do that. They could go home or keep sledding where they were (it was a really tiny tiny hill, not even snow bank size). They were disappointed. At some point, Longpig managed to set the Karpet on fire from friction because there wasn't enough snow?

When I got home, there was a package. I didn't know what it was, but was told it might be Longpig's possum. Apparently the oven might have been leaking some kind of poison gas, and the way to tell was to keep a small possum in there and monitor it. To do so you should wear full surgical gear made out of maple (??). The possum had died.

Diablotin Jedi:
So I was also Denise, my Diablotin character, and she was a Jedi Padawan. Ander, her mobster-mentor in the game, was her Master. This connected to the earlier fragments in a few ways: when forced to choose earlier, I'd decided that the most important part of my identity was Rat, which is the House that Denise and Ander both belong to. We were dealing with these glass necklaces/fragments that had been part of that purchase where the records were missing. The glass was green with some purple, kind of like fluoride in mineral form. It had words impressed into some of the fragments, but either they weren't actually legible or I just don't remember them at all.

Ander was looking into one of these, and he had found out something, but wouldn't tell me because it was too dangerous. Possibly this related to some cryptic stuff Cathy told me as well? Something about this cause him to die in my arms, and it was very sad. It also somehow related to the possum, if only metaphorically? I don't remember/can't make sense of it now.

I managed to chase down the people who were dealing in this glass to The Docks (What docks? Who even knows, it was very generic). I had a fight with one dude, who had some kind of light saber whip. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars vintage) showed up and helped me fight, also telling me that I shouldn't be there, that I didn't understand, that I would get myself killed, and so on. I was all 'but they killed my master!' of course, because Denise really would be a terrible Jedi. We (I) managed to beat the first guy.

The second guy ether ate or absorbed one of these pieces of ...ghost glass? it gave him glowing green wings. He gloated that we couldn't really defeat him. The first guy, who I had very throughly light-sabered, also started glowing green around his chest (the wound? I'm not sure now), and coming back to life.

Then I woke up and I don't know at all how anything resolved! Very frustrating!

Overall, I slept for crap and my back was killing me all night :/
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Today was the first session of Diablotin since Cat died. We didn't think it was right to ust end the game, but we talked about how to handle his character. it was ore informal and low pressure than most of out sessions (though a lot of work for our GM, for various reasons). It went okay. I didn't find for myself that it was worse than any of the other holes he's left behind. I still haven't gotten his dice script working, which makes me sad, but we have an interim one, at least. It is not as useful for various reasons, but it should help me get a better idea of what I need to fix in his.

Other than that, I've started a new shawl, which is coming along. My shoulder and hands are sore though so I may need a knitting break for a few days. Fortunatley I have a lot of other things to work on... But now, bed.
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I had a weird, and funny dream last night! Which is good because I otherwise slept for poop :p

I dreamed that for....reasons? We were trying to recreate this scene from a Diablotin game in real life. I don't know *why* we were doing this, whether we were doing a LARP or something. But being a dream, of course it was not something that actually happened. It was the scene where someone was murdered at Kalman's father's house. Not the time that someone was actually assassinated at his house, but a different, fictional, murder.

We, or I, was trying to get the table setting figured out. I don't think we were going to do the whole table, but we needed certain props, or else maybe his father had been dining alone in his study or something. We wanted one representative place setting, anyway!

At first we were just pulling stuff out and setting it all along the wall/railing at the top of the stairs. This was like a combination of my mom's house, House of Heathers, and maybe Xypharan's house? We were bringing stuff up from the basement though.

Eventually I declared this unsafe, and we decided to set it up in this room that basically only had a round painted wooden table - it was like if my craft table was a circle instead of a rectangle. There was also another table (I think it was a white folding table?) along one wall.

We were trying to figure out what dishes would have been used by reading old game logs and such - there was one specific scene which mentioned Kalman having soup, and we had gotten out a soup bowl before we moved to this room, but were not trying to identify it from the other dishes, which I eventually did. All the dishes were glass, and they may have been pomona? Or maybe some other kind of etched glass?

For some reason [personal profile] framlingem was there helping us set things up, but she had gotten out a while bunch of glass (she was sitting on the floor sorting it out) and we were like "wait why do we need all this?" And she was working from a book that was basically like a combination of different books I actually own that had descriptions of glass place settings used in colonial homes (lol no). So we had to explain that we didn't need a full setting, just whatever they would have had out for use for this particular meal, which was more for close friends, which we would be able to figure out from the logs. Also there was something about Kalman's dad having some cutesy nickname for him that wold have been okay to use in this particular company?

I remember trying to walk around pictures or posters that had been set out on the floor as part of the preparations as well, but I'm not sure what for. Also we were expecting deliver of food that was somehow related to all of this as well...

I woke up when my brain realized how silly this whole exercise was!
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[personal profile] curtana has declared this to be Ralf and Ander day. I am okay with this! My contribution to this worth celebration is a drabble, of course!

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Another (even) day, another drabble from [personal profile] curtana :)

Meanwhile... *flails about Yuletide* Gotta start my second pinch hit tonight!

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Another drabble from [personal profile] curtana today, since no one gave me a topic! The end of the month is pretty open, so feel free to leave me a prompt of some variety: On DW|On LJ.

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Today, [personal profile] sorceror asked me about games I have run! Well technically he asked me first if I had run any, but I certainly have! I'll try to remember what happened to them all...

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Well - that got long! But here is your regularly scheduled reminder that I still have open slots! On DW|On LJ


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