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Hello Internets!

I have been pretty busy lately, mostly with getting ready for Webercon. I am looking forward to it and I think the game I am running will be good, but I also feel like this is eating waaaaay too much time that I should be spending on other things. Like more active job searching, and getting a more solid plan in place for what to do if I haven't found anything by, say, May, so that I'm not trying to leave the country in a disorganized scramble with no plans beyond couch hop between Longpig and Curtana's houses indefinitely. I need some actual plans like say - what is my timeline for giving upon a museum job and what will I look for if that doesn't work out? Can I get by mooching with some terrible part time job for the short term and keep looking for a bit? How long is a bit? Where do I actually want to live if I'm not chasing a job in a particular elite industry? What, in general, the hell am I going to do?

I'm not quite panicked yet, but I am also not at all encouraged by the response I have gotten from anything I've applied for to date, which has ranged from more or less polite rejection to dead silence. I *did* get a notification that one job I'd applied for was reposted under a different classification. I assume they notified everyone who applied so as not to get any kind of hopes I have up, though it would be a pretty awesome job.

In less life-flailing (or perhaps flailing in a different vein), [personal profile] curtana will be here *tomorrow*! I'm super excited! This is the second year that she's been able to time her visit to coincide with Webercon, but I'm only working Monday next week, so we should still have plenty of time to spend with just us, or visiting more casually with local folks. We don't as yet have plans to go and do anything super exciting, but I may drag her out to see a movie if there is still anything good playing.

I need to do some house prep type things tonight, as I'll be out a big chunk of the day tomorrow, hanging out with [profile] tethys123, eating pie, doing yarny things (I am going to help her card some wool for her to spin, and probably I will use the time to graft the toe of a sock. I want to work on some game stuff if time and toddler permit, as well. And maybe I can start unfucking my Ishbel shawl, which is totally fucked up in a subtle but serious way for about 4-6 rows of lace. *cries* But there will be pie (for pie day!) and tea (always tea) possibly in a fancy tea set, and we might watch Pride and Prejudice, which I am honestly not a huge fan of, but I *am* a fan of wet shirtless Colin Firth, and I like the idea of Pie And Prejudice as a tradition of sorts, and it will be something on in the background that I can mostly happily ignore. Tethys123 is a fan though. We'll see how it goes, again, toddler permitting.

Oh and yes, the sad. I am Sad at Leonard Nimoy's passing and I am sad at Terry Pratchett's passing. I'm glad they were both surrounded by loved ones and, in Pterry's case, a kitty. They were both kind of iconic for me - I used to watch Sunday Star Trek re-runs with my mom and my sister when I was little. And I still remember picking Guards! Guards! out of the the Science Fiction Book Club list out of vague curiousity when I was signing up and trying to choose all my free books (along with City of Bones, the Martha Wells one from....several years ago) and falling in love (with both - I found two of my favourite authors that way <3). I think I am caught up on *ownership* of Discworld books after this Christmas, but not on reading them. Maybe if I wind up living on my sister's couch we can start a (possibly Selective) Star Trek re-watch...
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Hello journal-land! I'm still out here, still trying to stay connected. At least, still shouting into the void (mostly void, partially stars).

I keep having Things I want to Write About - yesterday when I was walking Jola it was about storytelling media and how I feel more engaged by participatory stories, but they are harder to share with non-participants. Shorthand whining, I suppose for "no1 currrrrr about my game-inspired fics". The same old thing. I just wish I could find more effective ways, because I have always felt way more 'fannish' about these kinds of things, but they're so limited in audience. But those are the stories, for the most part, that consume my brain. I was going to rite about this in more detail, but apparently this is all you get. I am dedicating my Trope Bingo line to some gaming characters though - pre-canon (mostly) NPC adventures, so as to limit my audience even further... I suppose I could argue that as they are 'pre-canon' they might be more accessible to outsiders, but I don't know if that is at all true. I've realized that I really am terrible at gauging accessibility in that regard. If I tell you something doesn't require canon knowledge - well, I might be wrong. But try it? It could be good anyway :V be bring so much to the table when we are engaging with fanworks, and we're not always conscious of it all.

What else. I am working on my second story involving those characters, not for trope bingo. I am enjoying treating it as a serious story, thinking about structure and plot and pacing and stuff, and not just 'these are the things that happen and the feels that are felt', but how those things are communicated to my non-existent audience. So that's good practice, I suppose, if nothing else?

I need to be applying for more jobs still. I have two in my sights and I will be screaming into that void tonight. One is in Saint Louis, the other in South Orange, New Jersey. We'll see. I have not heard back about a single other thing I have applied for so yaaay.

I also have some Wrangling Staff work to keep at. I have been doing little chunks in the morning to keep on top of small things, but there are some Big Things that Need Lots of Brain I want to focus on and I've been having trouble with that. balancing with job searching and everything else is a little wearying, honestly. But I'll survive. I need to get back on top of some of my wrangled fandoms too, as far as the freeforms go. Holding on there too, at least!

so, that's me. I'm back home as of Sunday, and Maze has been velcro kitty since then. He is clingy in the colder months already, but this is pretty spectacularly so. I have two knitting projects on the go,. which is not my usual modus operandi - one for home, and one for work. I may have said this already. I already fucked up the lace in my Ishbel >_<

Okay, back to working at the job I have for the moment!
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