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I guess I'm not crossposting to LJ anymore because I didn't accept the new ToS. Sorry...anyone who may have been left over there, but this was where I'd been headed for a while, really. What will this mean come Yuletide? I guess well see...

I officially accepted the offer for my job today. I am actually making sliiiightly less than I did there before, but otoh I get benefits and vacation, so I guess that probably works out. I am all excited and also wary. I start on April 18, after I get back from visiting Nary

Longpig and I took the dogs for a long walk this afternoonto the petstore, where I bought a harness for JOla. She is getting worse and worse about pulling, and I am afraid she is going to hurt her throat. This is a J Walker harness, which is a Canadian company, and it is already magical! It clips at either side, and has two martingale things, so basically when she pulls, she turns. They also tried to clip her toenails, which went as well as I expected (poorly). I finished them this evening, though, much to her dismay.

Other than that - I'm almost done the wiki entry! Also I watched some more Rebels with Nary and did some work on my shawl. I ought to shower and go to sleep - this pressure system is killin' me.

I feel like I can think of actually intersting things to post about, but never when I'm acually writing an entry, or have any time to do the same.
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It snowed overnight, and I got my Serious Snow Boots out of storage for the first time this winter. It wasn't really necessary, except that the waterproofing on my other boots was failing, and I would have to trek through some ankle deep snow, and did want to deal with wet feet all day. It is cold atm. This weekend is is going to be well up over freezing again, and rainy and warm all next week. I think southern Ontario has forgotten how to Winter. I should probably not complain, but it is a little disappointing. Facebook keeps showing me all these ads for places to snowshoe in Ontario.... but that requires snow. At least the kids got to go sledding today at school!

In other news, I watched a lot of dog videos today as research for this fic I am working on. So many good dogs! There is a whole genre of tribute videos for hunting dogs that I accidentally discovered, which were sweet and kind of sad too, and also fascinating.

Other than that - it was knitting tonight, and I am very close to the end of this chart as well!I probably have one and a bit more charts left of yarn before I'm going to need the purple stuff. Which I am having dyed, so who knows how long it will be? I also want to redo the cowl I made for larp, because it is too loose. In time for the next larp game which is next weekend. I need to secure a ride and log!
We're on Season 5, Episode 10 of Clone Wars. Hondo is my favourite forever!
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So, I missed a post yesterday, and as self-punishment I am making myself write (or at least start) one-on-one my phone on the way up to the museum. Today I am going to continue looking for some stuff at SA, and then scan it if I do. I enjoy having concrete things to do!

I went to an art show yesterday by the Shadowood collective. It was really cool! They had a bunch of original works, and then a wall of mini prints. I bought one of the latter, because it was $35 and not like $1500 like the originals I was oggling! The name/theme of the show was "Do we make you uneasy?" And it was nice creepy surrealism stuff - right up my alley. The print I bought was a black cat with white eyes, so less creepy than most of it.

I've been working on my scarf/shawl, and am almost to the first bead! I am going to have to improvise a tool, though, so we'll see how that goes. There are only four in this chart, but I think more in the next, so I may break down and buy one.

I did manage to convince my gm to let my character have some beneficial effects from a dog animal companion for Thirteen (Fantasy colonial call of Cthulhu). So hopefully I will be less susceptible to madnesses :p I had been planning to take some kind of raptor for him initially, but in the last story there were some dogs that belonged to the antagonist. We used them to track him down, and now that he's been dealt with (shipped back across the ocean to live in a monastery for his own good), someone needs to look after them, right? I like the narrative arc of it, because at first I couldn't make a handle animal roll to save my life, so clearly it took them a while to warm up to my character, and now they're going to follow me everywhere! Dogs! There is some other stuff which makes it work out really well too, as the dogs were there when the creepy blue tentacle lion thing appeared out of nowhere and eviscerated his sister, nearly one-shotting her D: And then I failed my san check... Anyway now I will have dogs! They will be a great comfort, because you can pet them, and also they will freak out when there are invisible aberrations around, and my character can otherwise relax. Dogs are so good :3 Of course now I am writing the story of how the transition to them being Kahon's dogs goes, because that's how I roll.
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I would have better appreciated the extra day I had to sleep in if I hadn't had to get up at 4:30/5:00 this morning to deal with loaner-dog's thunder terrors. There are few things more pathetic in the world than a quaking geriatric greyhound. I took him out to pee, put on his thundershirt (cleverly in the reverse order there), gave him a melatonin, and went back to bed.

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I am dog sitting for my friend [profile] tethys123. This means there are 3 dogs in my house, plus the cat. Although it is really 2 1/2 dogs, because the 7 lb Pomeranian that is half fluff (Samson) doesn't count as a full real dog. The other one is a long haired mutt names Milo, who is super sweet and cuddly and loves people and attention.

My house is a two story condo. Samson can't really go upstairs by himself because he is tiny and has bad knees (because Pomeranian - its a breed thing). So he mostly stays downstairs, and I bring him upstairs with me at night because he likes to sleep under my bed. Milo sleeps in his kennel. Before last night, he'd never been upstairs.

Last night, I forgot that he sleeps in his kennel juuust long enough to coax him to come up stairs. With great trepidation, he crawled up, lured by the promise of pettings. Of course once he was up there, I remembered that no he can;t sleep in my bedroom, he is supposed to be in his kennel. This was probably at about 11:10?

So I had to coax him downstairs. The poor thing was terrified. He would come down to the landing, which is only one step. There is a back deck at his home that has maybe three nice wide stairs out to the lawn. This is a longer staircase, and about as steep as your average interior house stairs. He was sooo scared! I tried to coax him with pettings, and with treats, and he would just run back away as far as he could get and cower. I had to close all the doors upstairs so that he wouldn't try and hide in there. He would get down the first step and then just couldn't figure it out from there. I tried and tried to coax him..

You can imagine, I expect, how this ended - with me carrying a 50-ish lb dog down a flight of carpeted stairs at 11:36 at night.

*Sigh* Dogs.
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I posted this over at my writing journal on LJ but figured it couldn't hurt to do it here too.

The [community profile] fan_flashworks prompt at the moment is Mythology. I had grand plans to try and come up with a short case-fic thing as a sequel to the American Gods epic I wrote for Yuletide back in 2010. I got the story all outlined, but don't have the time to pull it off. So now I am aiming just to get another drabble out before the deadline (August 20 at 4 PM PST). or maybe a few, if I have time. But I don't have any particular inspiration - so I'm looking for prompots or suggestions. I'm open to all ideas - leave them in the comments and I'll see what all I can come up with :)

I have been working on dissertation stuff, and have been meaning to do another update on that. I'm re-writing and expanding the introduction to chapter five (basically I realized that all the stuff I wanted to say at the beginning of chapter six really needs to go there instead, after that tricksy paragraph I worked out in my last post). It feels like I'm getting bogged down with it though. I may go back to working on tables (I need a book or two from the library anyway) just to feel like I'm getting ahead again.

It is thundering out, so the dogs have been super hyper and are just starting to get worn out. The things I have to put up with! )
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I have decided not to worry about Wenner Gren. I don't think I could make a proposal good enough in the time I have remaining that would be successful.

Instead i will worry about submitting a new INA application - they are due Nov....5? 15? I need to cvhurn out a no-more-than 5 page report on my last year though. This would be pretty easy, as I already have some materials prepared.

That's not what I meant by 'fail.' That refers to the fact that I aggravated my allergies last night with too many facefulls of wood smoke, then was up waaaaay late, and therefore when i got up to take J to the dog park, I was very sniffly despite a claritin.... Merc gave me a sudafed and since I got home all I have done is sleeeeep. I got up because it was three and I have gotten nothing done all day. I am still stupid tired (in all senses of that word combination), and do not see any real productivity n my future today. Fail -_-

I am about to have lunch, maybe that will help. If I feel competent I may at least try some sewing/costuming stuff,. but that's not always the best thing to do ill either -_-

Also... I forgot to take my camera to the dog park. And I'm still sniffly. :/
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I wound up taking the legs off the couch, being as in the AM I remembered that i am a tool using ape. I'm now considering sawing the legs off on my tv table and maybe re-glueing the sreader bar a little higher up... but it might be too tippy with the folding axis so close to the ground, so I'm not sure.
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