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Jola is my 9 year old Mystery Mix from Texas. She is brown, that is what kind of dog she is - the most average looking dog that ever dogged. Average in the mathematical sense - she is extremely cute. A gradschool friend found her under a bush on March Break when she was months old, but couldn't bring her home because she already had two dogs and her BF didn't want an unfamiliar dog in the house because Reasons (mostly potential health reasons, he claimed, but tbh I think he was just a dick). So she brought him into the department. I agreed to hold on to the puppy "while she tried to find an owner". Lol. She is sweet and mostly very good, though she is pretty stubborn at times and her leash manners could be better. People love her wherever she goes. When I moved away from Texas, I had people ask me if they could keep her instead of me taking her with me (no). Here she is chewing Sierra's giant bone, because she loves bones more than anything. Except rawhide. She would probably cut a bitch for rawhide (but not really, she's very good about letting people take things away from her).

Sierra is my sister's 9-ish year old border collie/mystery retriever mix. She is sad because Jola stole her bone. Usually she is the bossy one, but Jola is the bone bitch. She's sweet and cuddly, and my sister calls her the dumbest smart dog ever or the smartest dumb dog ever. She's very good at tricks but sometimes lacks common sense. She wants to be a lap dog and is basically an emotional comfort dog for my sister, and will give cuddles in the face of sadness/illness. She is also a shameless bed thief, and has learned bad food-sealing/table-surfing habits after living with small children. She and Jola have matching bandanas, because apparently that is how we roll around here!

Together they form the firm Dogbuns and Dogbuns, Attourneys at Paw. Nary's beautiful but not very clever Chow is their eye-candy secretary, not unlike Kevin in the new Ghostbusters. Sadly I have no Argo pics :(

Maze is my....7? year old kitty, also a Texas foundling, who showed up at my door and got on with the dog (they have a pacts for mutual ignoring, mostly). He is super sweet, but can also go from cuddles to murders in the blink of the eye. When he is in cuddles mode, he can be very insistent, but will also just chill with me for hours. he follows me around more loyally that Jola, most of the time. Snce I moved back to Canada, though, he's been living in Exile in the laundry room, since Sierra's dogbrain shuts off and goes into chase mode whenever she sees him, and no amount of familiarization has yet broken her of the habit. He can roam, and he sometimes comes out at night, at least in the basement. I like to bring him up to my room for cuddles, but without regular interaction, my cat allergies are actually pretty bad (I get hives even with allergy meds), so I have to take care to prep my room and make sure Sierra is occupied and not just going to whine outside the room the whole time. it's still worth it though. The kitty situation is the only big thing that I am unhappy about in my current living arrangement, but it is survivable, and one way or another it won't be forever.

Here he is begging for more treats, because that was the only way I could get him to stay 'still' long enough to snap a pic.

In other news, I failed at waking up before 10, probably because I didn't get to sleep for well over an hour after I went to bed. I think journaling before bed is probably not my best plan, all told, as it does not help my brain settle. I have found and ripped back my knitting, trimmed Jola's nails (it's an ongoing battle vs entropy to ever try and get them short), and written about 200 words. Rogue One (again!) tonight!
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posted by [personal profile] karanguni at 12:19am on 04/01/2017
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 12:29am on 04/01/2017
He's even prettier in person - the pic's a little green/yellow, at least on my monitor. I think he's got a fair amount of Russian Blue in him, really. His eyes aren't right, but he does have the purple paw pads :3
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posted by [personal profile] karanguni at 05:04am on 04/01/2017
Those paws @___@


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