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So, the last time I managed to update was before I left the US.

Now I'm in Canada, yaaaaay!

Everything has gone more or less smoothly. [personal profile] kennesaw and [profile] persianpenname drove me up to Kentucky to meet [personal profile] curtana. It was a looooong day, with both the pets. Jola travels very well - Maze makes his displeasure known vocally but was otherwise fine. He eventually shut up... The second day, driving with Curtana from Kentucky up to Windsor he settled down much sooner. Crossing the border was a total breeze - I was definitely right to get all my paperwork prepped ahead of time. They pre-cleared the rest of my goods, even and gave me paperwork for my health card, wooh!

I spent the most of there next week with Curtana and [personal profile] forthright, mostly just chilling and organizing the next part of the move - picking up my stuff from Detroit and actually bringing it across the border. In the meanwhile, we went to the DIA (Detroit Institute or Art) so I could see the special exhibit on Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo during their time in Detroit. And then I saw the murals, which were stunning! The DIA is lucky to have them! We also went through a lot of the contemporary and modern art sections, back to the cubists, which were fun.

We also watched a ton of Twin Peaks! I had watched bits and pieces with my dad when it first aired, but not since. I am really really enjoying it, though - it is just my kind of weird, plus I find a it of the characters really engaging on a number of levels. Maybe it is a subconscious influence? Anyway, we got to the climactic halfway point of season two. I am looking forward to the rest, but it also feels like a pretty strong point of resolution. I mean as far as you ever get any resolution in the show... I am looking forward to the new episodes though! I really hope they're good!

Anyway - we picked up the Uhaul on Monday around 10, then Curtana and I took it across the border. No troubles there, just long lines. The it was the two of us transferring everything from the pod to the truck. We could only get a 15 foot truck - there didn't have a 10 foot one. They had 9 foot cargo vans, but I was not quite sure it would fit everything, so giant truck it was. Coming back was fine, though the guard grumbled at us for bringing a truck with *personal* goods through the truck lane :p Ahh well. We were in a truck! What did they want? ;p

After that we stopped back at her place to both drop off a few pieces of furniture plus pick up Maze! He was riding with us, and Forthright was bringing Jola the next day when he came to pick up Curtana. We got in right around kid-dinner (I have two nephews, 4 and almost 3), so we sat for a bit, then ordered dinner once [personal profile] wererogue got home. Then we unloaded.

Here is a thing. It sucks 1 million times worse to unload a truck of boxes when there are stairs involved. Most of the boxes were going downstairs. Some of the boxes, and the few remaining pieces of furniture, were going upstairs. Nothing was staying on ground level -_- Plus Curtana and I had already moved everything in the truck once, plus things needed to be tetrised into the storage room. This included adventure in keeping track of the structural integrity of well-used boxes. Then we had to make space to actually sleep in my room! Curtana and Longpig returned the truck - also at some point in there we had food from the South American place across the way. They have very delicious pupusas! Their tacos were pretty good, but I've been pretty spoiled in Texas.

The next day, we finished getting stuff moved, plus Forthright brought Jola and came to take Curtana home. That bit was sad, but I am at least glad to be so much closer!

The dogs integrated fine - no troubles. Once again though, we had kitty/newdog hijinks. Maze gets freaked and will run if he isn't cornered. If he is he'd just freak out differently. Sierra is very Interested in kitties and also has a strong chasing instinct. Right now we have it rigged up so that he is set up in the basement and can retreat to the laundry/storage room and hang there, but he can come out and explore when he wants and retreat as necessary. I'm hopeful in time they will get more accustomed to each other - we have some things to try, but we're also working out dog feeding issues too, which complicates things a little in terms of some of the strategies that we've found or have been suggested. But we're giving him lots of chances to come out when Sierra isn't around - either when she is completely closed out of the basement, or when she is tied up outside. Maze is still totally chill with Jola, and she with him.

Since then I have just been trying to figure out my place and where I can contribute to routine. So far this has meant walking the dogs in the morning and around dinner, and helping wrangle kids in the morning and as needed, and generally being another adult around to help supervise and entertain them. I think it is working out okay? I'm also trying to manage keeping parts of my own routine as well - having time for my various online commitments and other social things, plus just having some time to myself. Oh yes, and job searching.... I am planning to continue looking for museums stuff, but I want to see about temp work here, too. There is also an archaeology museum, soooooo, I can look into that, maybe? they have a volunteer program - it wouldn't necessarily be money, but it would be something relevant on my resume while I'm unemployed. There are other museums too, but that one seems more up my alley :) I'm going to start looking into that I think more seriously next week. I've also joined the gym here, so that I can go with my sister. I think we will do a pretty good job at motivating each other!

Ugh, that is probably enough for now - I am probably leaving out a ton of stuff, but it is all already becoming something of a blur. I know we went to a meet up of local geeky knitting folks here on Thursday, and there were people over yesterday (we were supposed to play Numemera, but Wererogue wasn't prepared, so we did Cards Against Humanity instead, which is good because I wasn't really ready either!). I am super sore from the gym. I need to call them and finish setting up stuff for my membership. I need to get a dog license. So many things! But the big thing I need to do next is to hop on over to my writing journal and make a greatly overdue post about Jukebox!
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