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Today was a day of preparation and organization.

I Dealt With the basement, taking things out of boxes and putting them in bins, and reorganized some other stuff to make more space.

Then I got together all my LARP things for the event tomorrow. I am still taking all my cold-weather gear, as it is supposed to be rainy and windy and I expect it will feel colder than it is when we are outside in it all day and into the early evening.

This evening, I helped prep the birthday cake for Bubby's birthday - a really awesome Ninja Turtles cake. I mostly just mixed the fondant colours and then hung around for encouragement/moral support and to be cake-nurse and get things for the artist(s -Wererogue made Master Splinter as Longpig was finishing the last turtle) as required. It looks really really awesome! I'm sure there will be pics tomorrow, but I'm glad I got to see it. It is covered all over in dark green fondant with the turtles and Splinter in relief around the side, and a manhole cover and the 'Happy birthday' on the top in yellow. It is two cakes hight but I'm not sure if they are split or if it is just two layers. One layer is chocolate, and the other is vanilla with mini chocolate chips. I also saw a giant Optimus Prime piniata being filled with candy... I hope they have fun!

I'm going to go take a shower and try to go to bed. I have to be up fairly early tomorow - I'm being picked up at 8, but we are doing breakfast first, so I won't have to worry about that, just walking the dogs and getting dressed!
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So, the cabinet/stacked drawer thingy I ordered came today, so after I got back from the museum (where I finished and turned in my summary report of the VR surveys), I put it together, and then started reorganizing my room. I got rid of the small bin of papers and Stuff, and cleared out a bunch of things from my dresser, which now only holds Things I Actually Use, for the most part.

Inspired by this, I stated thinking about other ways to save space... Which really means I want a bookcase. This will let me take the books that were in that box and are now in drawers and put them somewhere better for them that I can also access, and free up those drawers of things like, oh, probably yarn if I'm being honest, as it is overflowing from its assigned space, as yarn is wont to do >.>

I tried going to Walmart for a bookcase, but they didn't have what I wanted, or much at all for book cases. I did buy myself a real garbage can, so that I can repurpose the actually pretty nice wicker basket I'd been using to replace the cardboard box of stuff that is sitting on top of the suitcase full of Stuff that is sitting where this bookcase is gong to go (and the basket can still live on top of it). Whew. I did buy some big 25 gal. rubbermaids while I was there, and cancelled the ones I'd ordered from Amazon. I'm going to do that repackaging tomorrow, at some point. Maybe I should take an allergy med now to stave off the exhaustion that typically follows when I take one.

Meanwhile, I ordered a bookcase from Amazon which should fit perfectly, and should be here probably on Tuesday (but maybe earlier). I guess I can pack away some wintry things (such as I have, anyway) in the suitcase before it finds a new home downstairs?

Anyway - things are getting better in here - things are more accessible, if nothing else, and a few more things are put away. But not everything. I still have waaaay too much stuff. Some of it will just stay in storage until I have a space to put it, but some I think needs to be gone through and purged. If only I could get to it... I'm definitely taking a basket or a bag to put donation items in when I go through stuff tomorrow.

But for now - sleepos!
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Right now I have two journals - this one, and one for writing ([personal profile] measured_words). I mean I guess technically I have an imzy too but I always for get about that, and I don' think anyone really moved to there that I engage with much? I totally engage with people on LJ and DW, Right? ....Right? >.>).

I used to post fic directly to my writing journal, in the pre-AO3 days, and there is a lot of old stuff, and original stuff, there. Then I used to post links to my AO3 in my writing journal, and then I posted fic roundup, but lately all I *really* use it for is exchanges. So I am wondering if it is worth keeping, or if I should just transition to doing all my exchange stuff over here? I think I already confuse people to some extent because my AO3 name is my writing journal name and not this one (or one of the derivatives.... I'm Lan in yulechat, which is short for Lannie which is short for Elanya. That journal has my writing *history*, though. If I start posting exchange letters here.... I guess probably it won't matter; I can just say that if people want to look at older letters and such, they can look there?

I guess I'm not totally sure what function it serves any more, really. People who want to read my fic can do it on AO3 and subscribe there if they're interested, and I can just as easily post roundups here as there if I get back in the habit. While I have been writing some original fic, the last time I posted anything to my writing journal was.... *checks* okay I guess it was March. I thought it was longer ago than that. I also did the AO3 stats meme in that journal early last yeas, so maybe it isn't as neglected as I thought :p Still, most of the people who read this are fannish folks, and I presume that even if they weren't interested in the stories, writing memes, drabble challenges (I need to finish that last one still -_-), etc, they wouldn't be offended to see them here. I usually link them here anyway, and that's how I get half my traffic.

Also, I have been reading stuff about the LJ servers moving, and I'm not totally sure I want original fic living there anymore, and have been considering deleting that journal and just keeping the mirror on DW. I guess maybe it's too late at this point, if it is already there. I would want to make sure I didn't lose a any comments before deleting, and I'm not sure how I'd go about that.

Really, though, any change smacks of effort. I can't even get with it enough to change my icons - I'm not convinced I'm really up to a restructuring of my journals...

(I do know what I want my new icons to *be* at least, but I need someone to take the photos for me :p)
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 02:08am on 03/01/2017 under , ,
Out of bed by 10
Trim dog nails
Pet pics!
Find rogue knitting and rip back
Write 500 words
Rogue One
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Me:I'm so tired my eye us twitching and I might die. I need to go to bed early. *goes to bed* *can't sleep* *eye still twitching*


Tomorrow I need to:
Do laundry
Put things on the grocery list

I should:
Go to the bank if it is open
Go to the writing writes in thingy
Go to the gym if I'm up in time (and drag my sister)

We'll see how that all shakes out. I'd also like to do a post about new job! For the moment I will just share my earlier amusement that we have millions of dollars of high tech equipment, but we do not have any rulers.
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 12:47am on 08/08/2015 under ,
Staff emails
look over rattes notes
sleep forever

I feel like there is something else I'm forgetting too...alas!

In other news, I am as terrible as ever at Mario Kart. However apparently I am pretty good at drawful.
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:24pm on 06/08/2015 under
Things for tomorrow

-look over cover letter and send application
-wrangling diary
-be terrible at mario kart
-follow up on GUARd on the list
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I have done some productive things during my house sitting exile-from-society.

I worked on a cover letter (I can't finish it until I have a chance to go to the museum in question)
I finished my Serpent socks
I started a new knitting project (Art deco shawl!)
I finished one story and have been working on another longer piece 'm co-writing with [personal profile] curtana.

But really I've mostly been sitting on my ass on the couch doing crap all. I have several more days here, and I should really do more with them.

There are some other jobs I can work on applications for
I can do more writing, on that story, on trope bingo, and on drabbles
I can do more knitting

I could do some more clickwork too, maybe, if I were inclined... enh.

Anyway. I have been being super lazy and while some of that is fair I am also annoyed at hoe much I'm not doing, so this is a kick in my own butt to do more.
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There is an interesting meme going around which asks for Ten things that you think are common in your fic, Ten things you think are uncommon in your fic although commonly found in fic in general, and Ten things you wish were more true of your fic. I posted my answers over on my writing journal, if anyone is curious!

On LJ | On DW

I am chilling out atm, while nephews watch/play Nick Junior loudly. [personal profile] longpig had to go get bloodwork done this morning, so I was Sole Adult for a while, bt all is well. I am adjusting to Life With Small Children, and have had various Standard Bathroom Experiences so far, including being busted in on while in the bathroom and while in the shower, and assisting with various bodily excretion issues (butt wiping, cleaning up accidents, eating leftover drooly cupcake bits (because cupcakes).

Longpig has also gotten me to sign up to go to the gym with her, and we've gone twice so far. The first time was awful, because I hadn't been in years. Lats night was not as terrible, but was a good workout. I remembered why I hate the shoes I have though - they make my toes fall asleep if I am on the elliptical, and I don't want to do the treadmill or the track because my knees are not ready. Maybe after I'm back into the squat groove I can give it a shot, but they sound pretty bad when I'm going up the stairs here. I mentioned that this is a three-level house, right? >.> Anyway, I am glad for the activity!

I need to get some other stuff organized too - I need to apply for my health card (not that I can get it for three months :p), and get a dog license for Jola. I think that is probably important even if I'm not sure how long I am going to be here. Plus I still need to look into museum volunteering and temp work.... and oh yes, continue applying for jobs, wheeee! I do feel like I am settling in here, I just need to make sure I am settling into a *useful* routine. I haven't done' any knitting or writing beyond a drabble or two though, yet - The kids do make it hard to concentrate, and I feel bad ignoring them or leaving Longpig to deal with them alone when I am here and can help out. I'll sort it out, but I'm not quite there yet!
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Woohoo! Long weekend! Gonna do all the things, productive and entertaining, right, yeah!

....except the internet is out at my house as of yesterday afternoon. Thrill! It turns out our modem is archaic and was not compatible with the new IP technology standard. Our ISP updated their network and suddenly it could not communicate. They had apparently sent notices with the bills, but they were being paid without being see so.... yeah. We have a modem that *is* compatible (where 'we' = my roommate), but we can't get it to work because ??? reasons? I don't know. We might get a tech out on Wednesday?

So that's utter balls, because this is my last major weekend to do much of anything at all, and if I want to have any contact with the outside world, I can't be home. It's really frustrating! what I'd like to do is pack a little, play a little - and if I play for longer, do so with privacy and comfort and in charge of my own distractions. That is not so much an option :p I am currently at a café that is a little ways down the street from my place, and there is a bunch of (I think) Chinese grad students hanging out right behind me, chatting loudly and having fun. It looks like they are setting up a board game, actually! Which is good for them but is not an atmosphere very conducive to concentration on much of anything.

Anyway. I am actually doing pretty well for packing. All the books are packed, all the non-essential clothes. There are random odds and ends still. The pod is being delivered on Tuesday, and then I'm (hopefully) going to grab the last few things out of my storage unit, and that will be that! There are a couple of things I still need to dispose of - an old futon, some things to take to half-price books.... and my filing cabinets -_- I have a 5 drawer steelcase filing cabinet! I can't get rid of the darned thing! Honestly I'd prefer to keep it and hoard it forever and ever but that's not really a practical response -_-

I think when I go home tonight, I'll take the art off my walls and pack it and the few things of filing I am actually planning to keep... Then maybe I can offload one of the filing cabinets (the crappier 2 drawer one) tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow early afternoon I'll probably be back here, nursing drinks I don't really need to be buying...
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