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I slept for crap last night. As much as I say I'm getting better, is seems like I wnd up coughing a lot whenever I actually go to lie down to sleep, so that's fun. But the sinus congestion is definitely improving, so there is that! last night I also wound up getting disrupted a few times a I was going to bed, and it took me longer to actually get there than intended. I've been having sort of stressy dreams the past tow nights as well, but I barely remember any scraps of them. I think last night was employment related. I know I wound up doing a lot things I wasn't expecting, and basically never got to stop/sit down, and that my attitudes o thins in the dream were mixed. The night before last they were more violent, with me trying unsuccessfully to harm people I care about. Thanks for that, brain? I don't remember a lot of details, thankfully, but they felt very vivid and true at the time, so extra ugh.

I had kitty cuddles last night during family Voltron time ( have seen the whole of the show, but no one else here has yet). I took a reactine, knowing I would then have a terrible antihistamine hangover today. I do in fact have one of those - I slept in until 11 and had a hard time making myself get out of bed, and have been exhausted and brain-foggy all day, despite caffeine. It never used to have this kind of effect on my (other antihistamines do it too, and they also never used to), so yay body, thanks for that.

Despite the brain fog, I went out to the mall with my sister to use a coupon on chocolate, then helped her make soup for dinner, baked a cake, and made some valentines for the family (mostly for the kids, but enh). Dinner shortly, I believe, to enjoy that soup, which smells amazing.

The cake is for the 'Family cake walk'. There is a cakewalk at school tomorrow, but the kids wanted to have one at home. So I said I would bake a cake, but that we would draw names, and whoever won gt to decide what kind of cake to make. And I won! So I'm making my classic childhood birthday cake, which is a black forest (but not an authentic one.... chocolate cake, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream). I'll make the cream for it tomorrow and we can have ti for dessert. Nugsy thinks a cake walk should be when you walk and eat cake. I can't disagree that it's a great idea!

And now - dinner time :)
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