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Still busy... Mostly packed for LARP...

Of course last night I woke up at 4:30 with a stabbing pain in my back -_- It is betterish but I guess we'll see how things go.

Now reading and sleep...
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I finished my Jukebox! I'm pretty happy with it, anyway, so hopefully my recip (who gave me a blank signup) will like it to! I did have some older letter to look at, but you never know what kinds of things may have changed.

Other than that, work was fine. My meeting was fine. I didn't really need to be there but apparently I can take minutes. Wheee. More importantly, it means I know what's going on with things. And stuff I think actually needs more discussion will have to...keeeeep waiting until the director has time (which he legitimately does not atm). I have a training course next week to learn how to do billing, but honestly I think I've mostly figured it out already :p

Now that I have finished Jukebox, I need to get plotting on my Raksura exchange fic! I have some cool prompts to work with, at least.

I also got some edits back on the wiki entry I wrote for my LARP, which shouldn't take too long to deal with, except I need to name things (Ugh!). I also found out that I *can* go to just part of the next event! Which is to say I am able to get a ride home on Saturday night, so I am happy. Yay having cake and eating it too!
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It took me a lot time to get moving today, but I did manage a few things. I added another 100 words or so to the wiki entry I was working on, and I'm waiting for input/approval on it to see if it is done, or at least done enough... Theres a section I am not sure how to approach but tbh it is not super important.

I also made banana bread and went to the mall to buy proper rain boots. Oh and I did some vaccuming. And unloaded the dishwasher.

Other than that? Mostly tumblr, facebook, and email rp.

But now I don't want to look at facebook because of the things it tells me are in the news.

I think I am going to go to bed and mourn for the world.
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I stayed up too late last night for no real reason, and had a hard time waking up this morning as a consequence.

I did do a bunch of cool stuff once I got to the museum though. We recorded a walkthrough of me going through the VR Longhouse - I mostly wanted it to take screencaps from, since we didn't have any from this iteration of the program. But apparently they might use it for some other things, like... virtual virtual tours? or a commercial? There are some students from the local community college who are putting together something, anyway, plus something about some kind of partnership with Microsoft for skype tours? Anyway, then had some interesting discussions about the Database of Doom, and its future and uses.
Came home, did a teensy bit of writing on Space Swap, and helped with dinner. Tonight was knitting, and I got a bunch more done on my second sock for Pretentia. Going to watch the end of season 2 of sw: rebels here in a bit :3

The weather here today has sucked - it was sleety hail and snow this morning, followed by gross cold rain. It started pouring on the walk to the game café where we have the knit night, and I was chilled and cold after that. Probably the chocolate milkshake didn't help, but it *did* have bailey's in it. It wasn't raining on the trip home at least (though we managed to catch a bus), but the wind had turned bitter, and now it is thundering outside. But at least we aren't getting freezing rain and snow like other parts of the region!

I emailed the plot running types to see if I can find out what is going on with my LARP character, who volunteered to be hostaged off to some fey at the end of last game. I'd initially emailed on Monday, and hadn't heard anything back, so I sent a gentle poke. The next session is only a week from Saturday, so I don't think I'm being too pushy to at least have them tell me what to expect! I could NPC if I can't play her, and that's fine, but I would like to know :o
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Another day of accomplishing little. I got cat litter, and I cleaned the cat box.

Apparently the next Underworld day mod (and the last day mod of the season, ergo the last one I'm likely to be able to attend ;_;) is in Two Weeks! It's April 8. I did not realize it was coming up that soon, yikes! Well at least it should be a little warmer than last time.... hopefully. That said - I don't know where my character is or what's going on with her ;_; But that also said, if I can't play her for some reason, I could still NPC the day mod and net some frags (they're like... oog currency you get for volunteering/donations that you can spend on your characters in different ways).

Speaking of the weather, I'm debating taking the plastic off my windows. We're certainly past the worst of any cold weather, and getting into the season where I might want to actually open them. A project for tomorow, no doubt!

Other projects for tomorrow:
Space Swap?????
Jukebox signups
Jukebox playlists?
Put together a dresser
Work on the Dietremen write up? I did a bit of that today. But really, space swap before I have another assignment would be good! Why is everything time sensitive!

There is also a job I should apply for, even though it is in the US, and that is just such a steaming pile of Ugh. Ugh!

When will I hear back from the museum? Who knows! Who even knows.'

As a side note, I'm still on my old computer, which doesn't handle the slack desktop well. So if I am usually on Slack and you've been wondering why I haven't been responsive for the past few weeks, its probably because I can't remember my passwords so I am just waiting to get my new computer fixed first :p
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I spent money on LARP outside of event fees! I bought a dagger. The last two events I've been tow I haven't been armed. I think, actually, that I never got the actual item tags on my first event, I just got them oog approved. But I could be wrong - it is possible I put only those two tags in a completely different spot from everything else. Feasible, but not super likely :p Ahh well. So I'm saving up to buy armour in game, to match the reps I already have I guess the upside is that I don't need to actually wear it? :p But it looks cool ;_;

Anyway, I bought a latex dagger rep, after I looked at a bunch of different options. It is not ridiculous, but I think it will do what I want it to and will pass safety. If not, they have a return policy, so it should be okay. It is this one! I almost went with the 'red' model, because I like the look of the weathering on the blade, but I didn't $20 more like it, and it is pointier, which I think could be less likely to pass.It was pretty expensive, but it is not really distinctive, either, so I wouldn't feel ad recycling it for another character if I retire this one or die. And that's the main thing that really keeps me from spending a lot of money on larp stuff. People invest a lot of money (as well as the usual way gamers invest in characters), and I guess if you have t to spare that's great. But if your character dies after a year then what do you do with all that custom, identifying stuff? Sell it? I dunno. I've never hard to worry about it. the bodice I am using for this character is the most expensive piece of kit I've ever owned, but I didn't actually buy it for larp.

Someday, I will get a picture I like of me wearing my gear. It hasn't happened yet - I am not an easy person to get a picture of, especially in a candid setting - but who nows what the future could bring. Maybe I can get my sister to do another larp shoot for this character. She took some pretty amazing shots of my last one :3 (note: I own a few corsets but would never wear one to game, because they're expensive and I like breathing).
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Doubt comes in
And strips the paint
Doubt comes in
And turns the wine
Doubt comes in and leaves a trace
Of vinegar and turpentine
--Doubt Comes in, Anaïs Mitchell

LARP whinging )
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This is one of those entries i am probably going to have to force myself to post rather than just delete. But I haven't posted anything in 5 days, as I've been away. I did write some paper journal entries on...less than half...of those days. Ugh. I had good intentions, I just didn't have a lot of time to myself, and not a lot of emotional energy.

The service was nice - an informal drop-in sort of thing for people to come see the family and such. I think it was a lot more work for them emotionally, especially Cat's mother and grandfather, than they probably needed. Just a lot of people to talk to and so on. I saw a few people I hadn't seen or talked to in years, and met some more relatives and co-workers. There were pictures up, and some figurines we'd brought from his house, and a slide show of pictures. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to the Diplomat, which is a 24hour Chinese-Canadian restaurant where we used to make many a late night foray. They did some renovations to the place since we used to be there all the time, but it was the same as the last time we went as a group which was about 2011. the food was pretty much the same, though they have really changed their soup portions and now they are huuuuge. This restaurant is responsible for my disappointment that sweet and sour chicken doesn't come as battered chicken balls everywhere. They also have some pretty good cakes and cheesecakes, though they didn't have the one that Pretentia wanted.

It was really really nice to see her, and to be there for her. She and Cat were closer than siblings in a lot of ways, and I know she is totally devastated. She is also closer to the family, and has been helping Cat's mother with a lot of things. I did go up to his place a few times with her, and we checked in on the kitties (so fat.... so so so fat), changed their litter, fed them, petted them. We did some nominal tidying to start (some had already been done), but I ran a load of dishes through the dish washer, and such. I compiled some notes from IRC friends who has messaged him there before he fell offline (;_;) for his mother, and took down some information about some other servers where he may have spent time so I can let people there know as well. I think all the major place have been contacted though. His mother has basically given us (his friends/online friends) leave to deal with his computer/online things as we see fit, but unfortunately it isn't all that simple, as there is money and authority involved, and as the executor of his estate, there will be things she has to handle at least initially. Things like pics accounts set to automatically renew, and his websites and all of that :/ I made sure to upload some of his one page sites into the wayback machine, and will probably let them go. But the wiki we have used for our games for the past ten years is in his name, and that needs to get sorted out. I also tried to copy the dice rolling script that he wrote and that we used for a lot of out online games..... but I can't get it to work :( I really want to have that available still, as something that he made for us.

Anyway. I flew back to Ontario on Monday night, into Hamilton, then drove an hour and a half to London, and then left again for Windsor, where I am now. I'd told Nary I would come spend a few days with her when I got back, since she couldn't come to the memorial, so here I am. I wish I had brought my dog though. I miss her fuzzy face - someone else's dog s not *quite* the same, even if they are a very nice giant fluffball, as Argo is. I also feel guilty because I had originally told my sister that I would go with her when she went to get her tattoo today (and then leave early to get the kids after school), but there was some miscommunication about the fact that I was going *and* I had completely forgotten that it was this week (despite remembering last week? I don't know, my brain has been a mess). And I don't know, I'm just feelign very stressed out.

I had a lot of stressy dreams last night, mostly Larp-contexted. I think probably because I realized that I am missing an event this weekend that I had hoped to get to, as it seemed like a nice casual opportunity to rp, and the single day events are generally easier for me to get to, so meh. But it was a lot of things like.... my tent was covered in giant angry bees/hornets that were also dying, so I couldn't get into it and then I had to be careful, I'd forgotten all my gear, or had gear for the wrong character, or I tried to borrow stuff from my sister without asking and she was cranky with me (deservedly). I don't remember them super clearly, because I kept waking up in the middle of the night (or partly waking), and then trying to go back to sleep, so it is more like a string of snippets I only half remember than anything coherent. The tent was exactly my tent from my last summer at the buttermilk excavation, when I borrowed Brad's tent, set in the same copse of trees and covered with a tarp sunshade in the same way. The bees/hornets were the length of my palm. I could probably describe some of the larp clothes I had and didn't have. One of the characters I had was entirely a dream fabrication, and they wore this cool leather dress/bodysuit sort of thing that was so unique I couldn't wear it for my real character (Zia). I don't remember anything else about them.

I have things I should be doing, and things I could be doing, and I'm not doing anything. On the one hand it is nice to have some alone time, on the other hand, I am missing having my own space today. It is grey and blah out and I basically feel the same way. I feel like I'm living in other people's lives without actually living my own, and I feel frustrated and tired and stuck. But I also want to be left alone, and not have to talk to anyone unless I want to. Meh. I'm going to do some knitting and see if I feel any better after that.
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I need my ink injection!

I'm leaving in an hour or so to go to Austin with [profile] malkontent. We're gonna crash at his parents' place overnight, and tomorrow at noon I have an appointment to get a new tattoo. I told my dad today (He and J skyped via ipad from bed in the middle of a tropical storm that had knocked out their power for 9 hours - gotta love modern technology!). Dad: "No! :(" Me "Yes. :D"

I can't remember if I posted anything much about it here - I am starting work on a sleeve of black and red spirals, and I may get another bran in there as well. Under the cut is the image I sent the artist )

In other news, I had another friend over yesterday to watch True Detective, and we got through the first five episodes. And then after he left, I want and watched most of the extras on the DVD set (which I bought when it was on sale for $25 on Amazon because GIMME). So now my head is all full of it again, and full of other things as well after listening to the writer and director comments on the episodes (not full commentaries - there are two and I haven't gotten to them yet). So what does this mean? It basically means that I probably will eventually finish the meta I started writing after the final episode. I'd been trying to sort out my impressions, and I think part of the reason I was finding it hard to write was just that it gave me *so much* closure that I was a little bit at a loss. I really loved that show, and I really hope that the next season is as good.

Ramblings about Underworld (the game) )
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I will preface this by saying that I am currently sick and am taking various medications at the moment

I dreamed about Underworld last night... )

So best I can figure this is some kind of general 'you don't have stuff/can't find stuff/aren't ready' unpreparedness type dream, only dressed up in Underworld context, because even my anxiety likes to play pretend :p Possibly related to the fact that I have been thinking about UW a lot lately but haven't had any time for it and also feeling sort of ambivalent about investing what time I do have, for various reasons. bleh.

*cough cough cough* Time to finish my Glasscock application :P
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