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Work was worky. It is always a period of 'what am I even doing' followed by a period of 'omg how is it two hours later?' There was some stuff that made me displeased, but got resolved okay, and some that didn't to my knowledge get resolved but hopefully won't be a problem? Probably won't, but sill displeasing.

And then I figured out how to solve some of my issues on my own and felt good!

Tonight was another night of rushing around to leave as soon as I got home, but I did manage to cram some food into my system, at least. And then I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2! It was fun, and good, but not *outstanding*. It had some good moments and some stuff that felt less fresh because it was a sequel, and though in theory it had a lot of scope it felt very small. And I got a free comic and to hang out with folks a bit, so that was nice.

And now Nary is here - they are having work done on the house in preparation for putting it on the market, and needed to get Argo out so that he wouldn't bother the workmen, or run off while the front door is being repaired. Yay for me, anyway!

We're going to watch the first episode of American Gods, since I have Amazon Prime, and at least the Amazon original content is still available in Canada....
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I can sleep in the teeniest bit tomorrow, as I only have to go to *campus* for 9, and not all the way up to SA. So that's probably about half an hour of time saved? Well... okay... like 15 minutes maybe, BUT STILL!

Today was pretty busy. A lot of figuring things out. A lot of emails. Tomorrow may involve *shudder* phne calls. But hey, I'd better get used to that.

I need to sort out and think some things through in terms of how to approach them. But I'll probably focus on the easy stuff first, like figuring out Peoplesoft, and worry about how to balance short term versus long term agendas and the people that come with those.

I am almost done the pair of socks I am knitting, but also I have discovered that one of the legs is half a repeat longer than the other. Ugh! Well, that's just going to be how they are - I'm just about to start the toe on sock #2.

Watched another episode of Jessica Jones tonight. Still good. I feel like if this had been made in the...2000s, JJ woudl have been played by Eliza Dushku. Or maybe she just reminds me of Faith.
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Today was a day for knitting and star wars! Also Marvel shows I guess.

I finally got my Queen Anne's Lace shawl blocking \o/ Because I did it at Nary's house, because there is space. It has a 63" diameter, and is circular.

I also busted through another chart of Pulled by the Stars, and am officially into the purple yarn! It is going to be soooo pretty - I'm super excited!

Nary read some more of Dark Disciple, and then we watched the last few episodes of season 3 of Rebels before the season finale. Needs More Kanan and Hera, though I'm sure they'll be prominent in the finale. the show, and the book, had got me thinking about the movies, so I 'forced' oether people to rewatch Revege of the Sith with me. Partly I wanted to see how having seen clone wars changed the experience, but also there were some details I just dind't quite remember. Clone wars adds some depth, but also highlights some of the awkwardness, I found. Also the show wrote in a lot more history between some of the characters, which made it a little odd - for example, the show plays up an ongoing rivalry between Grievous and Obi-Wan which the movie doesn't really support. Hadyn Christensen remains terrible. I missed animated Anakin, for sure.

Later on, we watched the first two episodes of Jessica Jones, which was something of a Tone Shift, but good so far!

Probably some other thinsg happened. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to do some kind of writing, but probably not.
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I'm in Windsor, and on my phone. I predictably failed to pack a bunch of stuff, but nothing crucial afaik. I leave on Sunday.

Uhhh, what else. I finally finished watching Daredevil. Yeah, I'm a bit behind... Jessica Jones next, then Luke Cage. We'll probably finish Rebels while I'm here too, and hopefully get through reading more of Dark Disciple. Woohoo!

Everyone else is in bed like a responsible adult. I should try and sleep and readjust my sleep schedule for starting work next week :3
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Definitely having one of those 'what am I doing with my life' sorts of days. What am I doing, though really?

I stayed p too late last night, party my own fault, partly not being able to get to sleep. As a consequence, I didn't wake up for real until 11 this morning. Today i:

Made a stew
Started writing a wiki entry for Underworld (for the god my old character worshiped)
Did some wrangling
Watched some more Star Wars Rebels. Ezra is *starting* to grow on me a bit, but I am not a fan of the dynamics between Chopper, Ezra, and Jeb/Zeb/whatever his name is. And there is so much that just feels like targeted wish-fulfillment fantasies for young teenage boys :p That is not me. I do not feel like I am the audience at all, but I will keep watching because Star Wars, and because of the characters I do like. I feel like the things I am most interested in are not the things I will get to see much of, but I am ready to be proved wrong! We're about halfway through season one.

Other than my regular dogwalking tasks and basic personal hygiene, I don't think I did much else today at all. Tomorrow I'm going to go the mall with Longpig, and I might get some big tupperwares to do some rearranging of downstairs storage. Potentially I could hear about the SA job in the next week or so. I think Neal is back now, anyway, s they have to do some more interviews, and then we'll see. Meh.

Ahh well, it's a pretty busy week for me in some ways, so that should be good. Bedtime now.
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Thirteen today. We split the party in three. Other people got cool politics or spying. We got an eldrich horror. Of course! But my character has dogs now so I didn't go as crazy (though I did lose sanity). I did post the story about my character getting the dogs :3

We finished watching Clone Wars sometime.... last week, and started watching Rebels. So far, I find it lacks sophistication/complexity (though I'm forgiving because we're only a few episodes in, and comparing it to later CW episodes is probably unfair) and I am So Not Here for Ezra. However I'm all about Hera, and her pseudo Jedi boy-toy whose name I cannot remember for the life of me. Lanyon? He's okay, but really, Hera. Not super grabbed by old but also super immature Surly Purple Cat Grandad, or Manic Pixie Dream Bomber. So we'll see.

I finished another chart on my shawl today after game, and the rest of the yarn shipped this weekend.

I feel like there was more to today but I couldn't tell you what. I guess I could/should try to go to bed early?
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Diablotin was today! I didn't get to do my scene because of some timing things - one of the players has been super sick, and it was his only chance to go to urgent care, so we told him to go go go! We did do a big group scene, which was good, which, after we got though all the plot relevant stuff, ended with one of the guy characters asking her if the reason she was getting married because she was pregnant (no - and she has some issues about people asking/assuming that she is, basically because it is a very classist assumption, though she doesn't really have the context to see it/explain it that way), and everyone else telling him he was being a rude dick. :V

We had duck soup for lunch, which was delicious, and then ordered from a local Hungarian place, which we'd never had before. We have Gats visiting for the week (he goes back to Montreal tomorrow, and he's part Hungarian, and he found the place and really wanted to try the chicken paprikash. It was delicious! We got two platters that had a bunch of stuff on them - cabbage rolls and sausage and stroganof and that pasta/dumpling things? And some other things I'm forgetting I'm sure. Oh right - wiener schnitzel. Super tasty! I am now curious as to how exactly Hungary became so paprika obsessed though!

Other than that - watched some of Dirk Gently and now some Top Chef Masters. Probably I should go to bed :V
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I got up this morning and changed into clean comfy pj pants.

Then, other than walk the dogs, all I did today was knit, write, and watch Clone Wars. We got into the first arc of season 6, which means we got to end end of Season 5 and man, there were some ~feeeels~ even though I spoiled myself semi-accidentally. Feeeeels! But considering the movies it is probably for the best? Probably? ~cryptic commentary~

I meant to go to bed an hour or more ago. I am terrible at going to bed.

Oh also wererogue made maple bacon cookies that turned out pretty good!
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This is a common theme.

I did a lot of knitting. I watched a lot of competitive cooking shows. There's a new one, Bakers vs Fakers, which is like Cooks Vs. Cons only with baking. Also watched the end of Top Chef Allstars.

Other things of interest in my life: the new Pokemon update! I've caught about 15 of the new ones so far.... I have no idea what the 'good' ones are though. There are some interesting and very cute ones though, for sure! Also the new evolution items thing is neat but I'm not really sure how you get them. 've heard pokestops, but I haven't done any research. There are some new evolutions for the older pokemon as well (zubat gets a third evolution, and if you have an item you can get a slow king out of a slowpoke, and of course Onix has its evolution now as well), and they all have sexes now, which is seen to be a step towards breeding. There are swinubs all over the place, and hootoots and sentrets. I think the coolest ones I have are a Sneasel and a Misdreavus - that things is freaky! I have enough candies to evolve the new evees, as well, but I'm waiting to do an egg session. I have a bunch of other things I can evolve for the first time as well, so I wanna build up a new stock of pidgeys, etc, to make it worth it.

I need to buy a new laptop bag, and I need to put in a few more job applications. Wooh!
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It snowed overnight, and I got my Serious Snow Boots out of storage for the first time this winter. It wasn't really necessary, except that the waterproofing on my other boots was failing, and I would have to trek through some ankle deep snow, and did want to deal with wet feet all day. It is cold atm. This weekend is is going to be well up over freezing again, and rainy and warm all next week. I think southern Ontario has forgotten how to Winter. I should probably not complain, but it is a little disappointing. Facebook keeps showing me all these ads for places to snowshoe in Ontario.... but that requires snow. At least the kids got to go sledding today at school!

In other news, I watched a lot of dog videos today as research for this fic I am working on. So many good dogs! There is a whole genre of tribute videos for hunting dogs that I accidentally discovered, which were sweet and kind of sad too, and also fascinating.

Other than that - it was knitting tonight, and I am very close to the end of this chart as well!I probably have one and a bit more charts left of yarn before I'm going to need the purple stuff. Which I am having dyed, so who knows how long it will be? I also want to redo the cowl I made for larp, because it is too loose. In time for the next larp game which is next weekend. I need to secure a ride and log!
We're on Season 5, Episode 10 of Clone Wars. Hondo is my favourite forever!


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