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My connection is being really crap, and I'm suer tired, so this will be short.

Thirteen today was cool, but it always is so that's no surprise.
I ate too much chocolate today also.
We started reading the Ventress novel - it;s adorable but they are doomed to failure. You can really ship Quinlan Voss with anyone, but especially with Obi Wan and/or Ventress. There is a scene where he is stealing Obi-Wan's fries and telling him he doesn't know how to flirt. Lol. Where did that meme go about 'you know it's love when you order a large...'
Watched the season 3 opener of Rebels as well - that is a show that I want to have more depth and impact that doesn't quite manage it. Not keen on the full beard for Kanan, though I gran it is probably hard to shave. Not super keen on Ezra's hair either - I feel like it was a visual reference to the disconnect that's been growing between them, even though he'll probably keep it. Ezra is phenomenally stupid. Kanan is probably doomed to failure. There was a giant rock space moose. That's all I got.

Sleep now, probably I'll need to adult more tomorrow, in one form or another....
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So, I managed to get up slightly before ten. And then my bookcase came! So I spent the morning - and the better part of the afternoon - putting it together, filling it, and generally reorganizing my room. I even put up more art! It's so much better now! And it was even easy to find a place to store my suitcase in the basement. And I managed to rehome all the random junk that was in the basket on top of it. and I can find the top of my dresser and there's a bunch of clear space! It really does make me so much happier :3

Other than that, I did bunch of writing - on the underworld wiki thing, and also on my Space Swap, which I have now started. And I made some NPCs for thirteen (we were each supposed to make an NPC for each other character... I am not holding my breath that everyone will do it, but I put some down, and it was fun).

Tomorrow is a museum day. I'm going to work on a short article for a museum web publication on the VR stuff... And then on the survey stuff. Probably.

All we have left of S2 Rebels is the season finale eps. *Braces self* I mean I know how things turn out but still...
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Today was not my favourite day, wellnesswise. I had a LARP/Claritin hangover, plus first day bees, and mostly just slept and laid around like a miserable lump :/

That said, I did watch a lot of SW: Rebels, and we're getting close to the end of season 2 (about 4-5 more episodes). I basically know what happens but I want to see it! Hera and Kanan continue to be my favourites. I'm very confused about their relationship though. In some places it seems to be telegraphed pretty hard, but in others not. And tonight I read an old interview with Hera's VA who said as far as she knew they were not a couple - but that it might just not have been something she was told. But, like, clearly they are a couple? At first I thought it was just that they wanted to keep things sanitized for kids, so they never show either of their quarters it means never showing that they share quarters sort of thing, or that they wanted to keep it very in the background? But then there are things where there's *nothing* where there should at least be *something* - Like Hera gets severely injured and they won't show him holding her hand? Like even if they were really close friends and *not* romantically involved.... Really? (Friends, if I'm even injured and in the hospital, even if we are not romantically involved, it is okay for you to hold my hand and offer me comfort. For the record.) Anyway, it's confusing, and aggravating, because I really like how they are there for each other in lots of ways and damnit I want to see more of that!

I also watched a lot of original Voltron on Netflix.... Some of it is really painfully dated (they literally spank Allura when she tried to pilot the blue lion), but it is interesting to see things they drew on for the new show. One of the things I love that they do, and always helped garner some nostalgia feels from me, is the shots with multiple PoVs in the same shot, and the sort of fade-to-line art stuff. That was always something I associated with Voltron, and it makes me smile when I see it in the new show as well.

Anyway, sleepos time!
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Headed bedwards. We finished reading New Dawn or whatever it is called tonight. Good book! Does not actually have Kanan and Hera getting *together*, alas, but they do team up. Do not get to see her reaction to seeing his lightsaber in action for the first time either literally or metaphorically. However it does reinforce my opinion that she would absolutely put the cause before him (we've seen that on the show, even), and he knows it, whereas he is much more content to compromise his beliefs to stay with her. I think it's partly a survival mechanism - I don't think he could really handle it if she left him. I mean, he would survive but there would be a lot of backsliding. But at least with Kanan that's more like becoming a drunken useless wreck and not turning all dark side. I really just don't think he has it in him. Anyone have recs for good get-together fics, 10k or less?
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Spent my morning faffing around the internet. but I have settled on my space swap premise at least, this time really. I also managed to actually order some storage bins and a storage Thingy (stand with bins?) for my room. The bins have a ridiculous delivery date of 1-2 months, but there's no real rush on them. Would it have been quicker to go to Walmart? Probably. But this is easier. I accidentally bought Amazon Prime; I may as well use it.

I went downtown and bought too much Candy. We were supposed to be getting stuff for Bubby's birthday party on Saturday, which was also achieved. I somehow lost a bag of watermelon slices on the way to the cash, so it could have been worse. Today was ridiculously warm, but it isn't going to stick quite yet. At least it isn't snowing! Yet...

Saturday is both the party and the LARP game I'm going to, which despite knowing both these things for ages now only came together in my mind tonight. so, that's unfortunate - I need to talk to Bubby tomorrow. I *will* be around on his actual birthday though, so I might promise to do stuff with him that night instead and see how that goes over. I'm such a jerk :(

In other sad news, Nary found out her grandmother died today.... She was old (97) and Very Ready, but still. That's also Nary's first grandmother to go - the other one had her 100th birthday last year. She's going down for the funeral, and flying back on Saturday... So she will be saying here on Saturday night! Which yay! But also Boo :( She's the third friend of mine to lose a grandmother in the last month, too.

In response to that, we had a chill evening, and she read to me more of the SW: rebels book (New Dawn?). I am enjoying the story and, of course, I do like the characters. It's pretty fast paced and the bad guy is basically an evil cyborg petty bureaucrat "efficiency expert", so basically everything that is the worst thing about "bad" management (it doesn't matter if people get hurt, this will make things go faster and that will please the Emperor) and also a psycho murderer. But Kanan and Hera! I feel like the author has done a good job back-projecting them. Kanan is the most different, but then Hera has been on a steadier path for a while. Then we watched a few more episodes of the show. And I got a lot of knitting done! I keep thinking I'm about to run out of this ball of yarn and then not.... but soon, surely. I hope the rest of it arrives soon and will work how I want it to!
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I was supposed to do a few things today! I did.... some of them!

Instead of applying for jobs, though, I convinced my sister to go out for lunch at a fancy Italian restaurant downtown after I picked up my prescription. The duck confit was incredible - the skin was perfectly crisp and all the fat was rendered, and it was otherwise just amazingly delicious. We each had a couple of cockatils (the Sicilian Sour was particularly delicious), and we split the carrot cake. Apparently the pastry chef at Abruzzi is all up into molecular gastronomy stuff. The cake was like a cloud of cake, extremely light and fluffy and I have no idea how it was made. There were candied and glazed carrots around it, and also a sour cream vanilla gelato. And it was dusted with browned butter snow, which was powdered deliciousness. Also a few drops of caramel? It was super fancypants, let me tell you! The waiter warned us that it was not a traditional carrot cake, but Longpig was all "It's okay, we watch top chef." He laughed. I'm pretty sure the tiramusu involves espresso caviar. Other than the food, it was nice to get out of the house with her and do something a little different.

Continued watching SW: Rebels tonight, and got through the end of Season 1 and into Season 2. Now there are more people I care about :V But Ezra and Sabine, at least, are growing on me. I also appreciated Tarkin's incredible bitchyness in his scenes.

And now, bed, because I have to get up pretty early tomorrow to get up to the museum. It should be a good day, at least! I need to walk up to the stop where I'm catching the bus, and I might try and stop at a bank machine, as there will be vendors and such. They're feeding me lunch though, which will be good.
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Definitely having one of those 'what am I doing with my life' sorts of days. What am I doing, though really?

I stayed p too late last night, party my own fault, partly not being able to get to sleep. As a consequence, I didn't wake up for real until 11 this morning. Today i:

Made a stew
Started writing a wiki entry for Underworld (for the god my old character worshiped)
Did some wrangling
Watched some more Star Wars Rebels. Ezra is *starting* to grow on me a bit, but I am not a fan of the dynamics between Chopper, Ezra, and Jeb/Zeb/whatever his name is. And there is so much that just feels like targeted wish-fulfillment fantasies for young teenage boys :p That is not me. I do not feel like I am the audience at all, but I will keep watching because Star Wars, and because of the characters I do like. I feel like the things I am most interested in are not the things I will get to see much of, but I am ready to be proved wrong! We're about halfway through season one.

Other than my regular dogwalking tasks and basic personal hygiene, I don't think I did much else today at all. Tomorrow I'm going to go the mall with Longpig, and I might get some big tupperwares to do some rearranging of downstairs storage. Potentially I could hear about the SA job in the next week or so. I think Neal is back now, anyway, s they have to do some more interviews, and then we'll see. Meh.

Ahh well, it's a pretty busy week for me in some ways, so that should be good. Bedtime now.
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Thirteen today. We split the party in three. Other people got cool politics or spying. We got an eldrich horror. Of course! But my character has dogs now so I didn't go as crazy (though I did lose sanity). I did post the story about my character getting the dogs :3

We finished watching Clone Wars sometime.... last week, and started watching Rebels. So far, I find it lacks sophistication/complexity (though I'm forgiving because we're only a few episodes in, and comparing it to later CW episodes is probably unfair) and I am So Not Here for Ezra. However I'm all about Hera, and her pseudo Jedi boy-toy whose name I cannot remember for the life of me. Lanyon? He's okay, but really, Hera. Not super grabbed by old but also super immature Surly Purple Cat Grandad, or Manic Pixie Dream Bomber. So we'll see.

I finished another chart on my shawl today after game, and the rest of the yarn shipped this weekend.

I feel like there was more to today but I couldn't tell you what. I guess I could/should try to go to bed early?


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