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Well it isn't *midnight* yet so I guess that's not a total backslide :P

Nug party was today. Other than than, Diablotin! Which was a good session even if it was a bit temporally scattered since not everyone (including me) could make the regular time. Party was good - Nugsy had a great time and really that's the most important. The weather was pretty much perfect! And we have So Much Cake left over @_@

I watched all the Star Wars Whatsists of Destiny shorts tonight with Nary, but really it just made me want mooooooar! I'm sad that this will be the last season of Rebels :( But at least new movies will be out soon?

I think that's all I've got. I need to go shower (for really really real this time) and go to bed. At least I eventually remembered to take care of the kitty (food + box cleaning)...
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Started reading the Ahsoka novel with Nary tonight - they are playing 'crokin'. It's space crokinole. I wonder how many people even know it is a real game? I'm deeply amused!

I also went for a hike in one of the many little nature preserves in town. This one has about 4.5 km of trails, and at this time of year it was flush with wildflowers! So pretty - I haven't seen that many trilliums in ages. One of the women who was along knew a lot about them as well, so I actually learned a bunch more local flowers and plants. My legs are a little sore, mostly from one particularly steep hill on the way out. I'm really glad I got a chance to go! I could try and put up some pictures - I dumped a bunch on facebook, but I could put some faves somewhere else for reposting I guess.

I've done almost nothing else all day though. Wheeee! I did find another pattern for my yarn, but I didn't get around to winding it yet. Maybe tomorrow. And now it's bedtime :3
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Tomorrow, I have to help give a skype tour about 3d printing to a group of grade three students. I have no idea how this is going to go!

I am already experiencing pushback for certain things and coinflicting vision things. *sigh* Day 3! Also complete lack of vision things. Well, we'll sort it out, probably.

Less cool is me pointing out that MCTguy is trying to bully me about billing things. Grr. How do deal? He might be right, maybe it isn't worth making a deal out of in this case - I don't know, I barely know the rules at this point. Bah. I tell myself it doesnt mater because we aren't going to be keeping it, but.... what else are we going to to with a million dollar machine that had to be installed via a crane? Well okay I have some ideas on that front, but we'll see. Push it into the creek has often been proposed but never yet implemented. At least it seems to be working now. For now. Ish.

Anyway. I've actually been feeling pretty alert/awake in the evenings so far. And tomorrow is Friday woooh! So I am transitioning okay. I had a meeting on campus this morning though that went well - I hit it off with the woman reviewing my benefits stuff really well, so it was...kind of fun? But I suppose that is literally her job, so - good on her! Also I was in the middle of drinking a giant tea.

Non-work things: I've been bad at Weather this week. Yesterday I wore my rain boots thinking it was supposed to pour, and it hardly rained at all and never while I was out. Today I wore my new sandals (I got Teva Tirras because they had good reviews and were relatively cheap - bets on whether they last me the summer!), and it was rainy *and* cold. I really need to just wash the mud off my boots so I can wear them again :P I didn't get rained on until my way home, at least, but I'd decided to go out to dinner since the fam was going out practically as I'd have been arriving for an event at the kids' school, and it BUCKETED as I was getting off the bus to that end. The sandals are fine in water, but my pant legs got wet and it was cold :( I got home, dried my feet, put on wool socks and my rubber boots, and had to take the dogs out. I really really need insoles for the boots though! Ahh well.

Also I write a star wars drabble: Symbol. It is not what I was meaning to write, but I still like it. It is about why Jedi always cut perfect circles with their light sabers. Wheee!

I still have no cake. If it hadn't been pouring and the dogs hadn't been waiting, I may have gone searching. Another time, I guess!
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Today was a day for knitting and star wars! Also Marvel shows I guess.

I finally got my Queen Anne's Lace shawl blocking \o/ Because I did it at Nary's house, because there is space. It has a 63" diameter, and is circular.

I also busted through another chart of Pulled by the Stars, and am officially into the purple yarn! It is going to be soooo pretty - I'm super excited!

Nary read some more of Dark Disciple, and then we watched the last few episodes of season 3 of Rebels before the season finale. Needs More Kanan and Hera, though I'm sure they'll be prominent in the finale. the show, and the book, had got me thinking about the movies, so I 'forced' oether people to rewatch Revege of the Sith with me. Partly I wanted to see how having seen clone wars changed the experience, but also there were some details I just dind't quite remember. Clone wars adds some depth, but also highlights some of the awkwardness, I found. Also the show wrote in a lot more history between some of the characters, which made it a little odd - for example, the show plays up an ongoing rivalry between Grievous and Obi-Wan which the movie doesn't really support. Hadyn Christensen remains terrible. I missed animated Anakin, for sure.

Later on, we watched the first two episodes of Jessica Jones, which was something of a Tone Shift, but good so far!

Probably some other thinsg happened. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to do some kind of writing, but probably not.
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I'm in Windsor, and on my phone. I predictably failed to pack a bunch of stuff, but nothing crucial afaik. I leave on Sunday.

Uhhh, what else. I finally finished watching Daredevil. Yeah, I'm a bit behind... Jessica Jones next, then Luke Cage. We'll probably finish Rebels while I'm here too, and hopefully get through reading more of Dark Disciple. Woohoo!

Everyone else is in bed like a responsible adult. I should try and sleep and readjust my sleep schedule for starting work next week :3
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I'm in bed already whoops.

Wererogue's bike got stolen last night, boo. It was a shitty bike but he used it a lot.

I slept poorly and thus late, but I did some writing and some dyeing prep, so I can dye some stuff tomorrow. Read more of the Centres/Quinlan Vos book... It is good but you know they are doomed to failure so it's a bit sad.
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My connection is being really crap, and I'm suer tired, so this will be short.

Thirteen today was cool, but it always is so that's no surprise.
I ate too much chocolate today also.
We started reading the Ventress novel - it;s adorable but they are doomed to failure. You can really ship Quinlan Voss with anyone, but especially with Obi Wan and/or Ventress. There is a scene where he is stealing Obi-Wan's fries and telling him he doesn't know how to flirt. Lol. Where did that meme go about 'you know it's love when you order a large...'
Watched the season 3 opener of Rebels as well - that is a show that I want to have more depth and impact that doesn't quite manage it. Not keen on the full beard for Kanan, though I gran it is probably hard to shave. Not super keen on Ezra's hair either - I feel like it was a visual reference to the disconnect that's been growing between them, even though he'll probably keep it. Ezra is phenomenally stupid. Kanan is probably doomed to failure. There was a giant rock space moose. That's all I got.

Sleep now, probably I'll need to adult more tomorrow, in one form or another....
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Can't sleep. Remembered that I hadn't posted for Saturday, so here we go!

Slept for crap yesterday because Nary's dog was having some kind of mysterious anxiety freakout and wouldn't stop panting/whining/pacing all night. She had it worse than me, though :/

I took her and her son to the museum this afternoon, which was cool/fun, but we had to leave early because I locked my sister out of the house. Whoops!

The three of us went to see Logan tonight, which was great! I'd already seen it, but they hadn't. But it is really‚Äč tight, and I enjoyed it a lot - I noticed a lot more subtle background things the second time through that build on/set up some of the world building they did, too.

We also started reading the Ventris novel, which so far has no Ventris.

I should try to go back to sleep :/
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It's been a good day - I'm updating early because Nary is getting in tonight and I know I will probably get distracted and forget, otherwise :P

I finally got my 3D print of the scissors I was working on done yesterday, and it didn't break when I consolidated it, and then today I got to wax them and hand them off to the museum director so she can take them to the person they are for. I also *almost* finished the report I'm doing form the VR survey responses. I can finish that next week and send it to the guy who made the VR Longhouse, and then get on with redesigning the survey to work online (hopefully).

I was able to pick some stuff up for my sister when her text arrived just exactly when I was walking by the store. Serendipity! It is also much much nicer today than it was yesterday - there was light fluffy snow this morning, but no wind trying to blow me off my feet, and it was overall warmer. I generously bought my sister some snacks as well because I'm awesome, I guess!

Then I came home to tidy up my room and do some vacuuming. And I discovered that my tax return had come in! \o/ It was Not Small, and I was able to buy the new mattress I've been dreaming of for months. I'm so excited! I got an endy, because the reviews seemed pretty good for my needs and it's a Canadian company. I am also earmarking money to get the next part of my arm sleeve done - but that's going to involve a trip to Toronto, so we'll see how it shakes out!

I also feel less bad about spending like $30 on Star Wars comics yesterday. The Kanan ones were pretty much exactly what i wanted. The Darth Vader one was okay, but not as good as I had been led to believe. Mostly I was sideying some of the support characters. You might think I would appreciate a rogue archaeologist character but she was so.... I dunno - fawningly self-inserty in a way that did not appeal to me, I guess. "You're so cool,I'm such a fan, I know you're going to use me and probably kill me and I'm so okay with that." Meh. And the overall plot was kind of meh? But Vader was well written for the story he was in, I guess. I'm not disappointed I bought it, but I would need reassurances that it gets better from that first volume to drop any more money on it.

Anyway.... I feel lie there was more, but I forget. But all in all a good day. And now the kids are home, and we're going to go walk the dogs so we can go to knitting right after dinner. And then Nary gets in later tonight ^-^
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Not too much to say - it is too late and I meant to be in bed. There were ridiculous shennanigans at ex-work that are not My Problem (yet), so lol. I spent too much money on Star Wars comics today. I ate some feelings when mediawiki updated and broke the Rocksfall wiki and I can't fix it yet. I missed a bus by less than a minute and wasted part of my afternoon buying junk to kill time and being buffeted by crazy winds. Such was my day. I sleep now.


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