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Today was a suuuuper busy day in the end.

I went down town around noon to pick up some bras I'd ordered, and didn't make it home until almost 6! then after dinner I went out and picked a bunch of mulberries - tomorrow I'm hoping to get my yarn split and re-mordanted, and then I can mash up the berries for dye! I'll probably need more than I have (hough I have close to 2 pounds) because mostly what I have learned with these things is that it takes a *lot* of dyestuffs. Anyway, after that, Nary got here, yay!

Tomorrow is the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation, but there are some legit reasons not to necessarily just jump right into celebrating, but take a moment to reflect about how we got here, what came before, and what kinds of improvements nd chances we need to work towards. Which I have been trying to at least think about, though downtown today was mostly Canada 150 stuff. I helped with the VR at the work booth for a bit, and watched a raptor (bird) educational display with the kids and took them to get their faces painted. I also bought the stuff to make nanaimo bars, so that has to happen tomorrow too! busy busy....
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So much time on my hands that I almost forgot an entry!

I had a super chill evening. I submitted the wiki entry after talking over more stuff with a co-contributor, and having a related LARP geekout about my favourite underworld deity. I got to cheer-read other people's fic. Life is good!

Tomorrow is going to be kind of hectic at work, because there is a lot of stuff going on, but also kind of not, because almost none of it is actually 'stuff I need to do'.

And then knitting! But maybe dinner with a friend I haven't seen in ages first? We shall see :)
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Billing training tomorrow, finally!

Maybe getting an answer about my farm from the last LARP game is imminent! I think I am nearly done with the wiki article!

Wednesday I am going pokehunting (probably) and Thursday I have knitting!I don't remember if I have anything going on on this weekend, at least. How did I get so busy? Man. Oh I guess I might have Diablotin if we can figure out when a good alternate time would be!

I feel like I had another thing, bu I can't remember what now :p Ahh well, I should be home early tomorrow, anyway, because of the training.
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Work was worky. It is always a period of 'what am I even doing' followed by a period of 'omg how is it two hours later?' There was some stuff that made me displeased, but got resolved okay, and some that didn't to my knowledge get resolved but hopefully won't be a problem? Probably won't, but sill displeasing.

And then I figured out how to solve some of my issues on my own and felt good!

Tonight was another night of rushing around to leave as soon as I got home, but I did manage to cram some food into my system, at least. And then I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2! It was fun, and good, but not *outstanding*. It had some good moments and some stuff that felt less fresh because it was a sequel, and though in theory it had a lot of scope it felt very small. And I got a free comic and to hang out with folks a bit, so that was nice.

And now Nary is here - they are having work done on the house in preparation for putting it on the market, and needed to get Argo out so that he wouldn't bother the workmen, or run off while the front door is being repaired. Yay for me, anyway!

We're going to watch the first episode of American Gods, since I have Amazon Prime, and at least the Amazon original content is still available in Canada....
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One of the girls in my knitting group wants to run a pathfinder game! So I let my arm be twisted, and am going to play. It will run bi-weekly on Thursdays opposite of knitting, so basically I just have a permanent Thursday commitment now instead of a bi-weekly one.

We got together to work on character creation this week. I had no idea what I wanted to make, but I wound up with a half-oc cleric of the god(dess? I'm not sure) of gluttony, disease, and undeath. Her mystery is Bones and her curse is Wasting! We had to roll stats (old school!), and she is not very good at anything except being terrifying. In fact her level 1 spells are cause fear and one that I forget the name of that makes someone's face turn into a horrifying monstrosity, giving them both a bonus to intimidate and a bite attack. Yay! I still need a name for her, and to pick a feat (ugh feats), but I think it will be fun :) The rest of the party is a halfling cleric of the goddess of luck, and half-elf rogue who ran away from being a circus performer. So I guess we're a lot of halves ;p Longpig is going to be making a character as well.

Work went well - I had some good conversations and some annoying conversations, but overall things look to be going okay. Hopefully the continue along that path! Next week will be a little odd, because everyone is going to be away in Ottawa for the CAAs. So hopefully I won't have any issues crop up that I can't handle. And then the week after that I have my first aid training! I'm still pretty excited about that too.

I'm feeling much better today, which is to say that the cold is no longer in the front of my face, but taking up residence in my sinuses and trying to take a foothold in my lungs. wooh. So I'm going to go to bed now, which is not super early like yesterday, but still at a more reasonable hour than usual.

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Can't sleep. Remembered that I hadn't posted for Saturday, so here we go!

Slept for crap yesterday because Nary's dog was having some kind of mysterious anxiety freakout and wouldn't stop panting/whining/pacing all night. She had it worse than me, though :/

I took her and her son to the museum this afternoon, which was cool/fun, but we had to leave early because I locked my sister out of the house. Whoops!

The three of us went to see Logan tonight, which was great! I'd already seen it, but they hadn't. But it is really‚Äč tight, and I enjoyed it a lot - I noticed a lot more subtle background things the second time through that build on/set up some of the world building they did, too.

We also started reading the Ventris novel, which so far has no Ventris.

I should try to go back to sleep :/
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Today I gave blood (though my blood pressure was almost too low) and had a fancy lunch at Abruzzi. Then I crashed *hard* until dinner, which was late. Then we made doughnuts. The first time for any of us! They turned out really well. I mostly supervised and rolling them in sugar as they came out of the oil.

Now we are watching MST3K on Netflix! Not the new ones yet, but they put a bunch of old ones up to whet our appetites!

I'm still reaaaaaally tired, so I'm probably crashing out here again soon
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It's been a good day - I'm updating early because Nary is getting in tonight and I know I will probably get distracted and forget, otherwise :P

I finally got my 3D print of the scissors I was working on done yesterday, and it didn't break when I consolidated it, and then today I got to wax them and hand them off to the museum director so she can take them to the person they are for. I also *almost* finished the report I'm doing form the VR survey responses. I can finish that next week and send it to the guy who made the VR Longhouse, and then get on with redesigning the survey to work online (hopefully).

I was able to pick some stuff up for my sister when her text arrived just exactly when I was walking by the store. Serendipity! It is also much much nicer today than it was yesterday - there was light fluffy snow this morning, but no wind trying to blow me off my feet, and it was overall warmer. I generously bought my sister some snacks as well because I'm awesome, I guess!

Then I came home to tidy up my room and do some vacuuming. And I discovered that my tax return had come in! \o/ It was Not Small, and I was able to buy the new mattress I've been dreaming of for months. I'm so excited! I got an endy, because the reviews seemed pretty good for my needs and it's a Canadian company. I am also earmarking money to get the next part of my arm sleeve done - but that's going to involve a trip to Toronto, so we'll see how it shakes out!

I also feel less bad about spending like $30 on Star Wars comics yesterday. The Kanan ones were pretty much exactly what i wanted. The Darth Vader one was okay, but not as good as I had been led to believe. Mostly I was sideying some of the support characters. You might think I would appreciate a rogue archaeologist character but she was so.... I dunno - fawningly self-inserty in a way that did not appeal to me, I guess. "You're so cool,I'm such a fan, I know you're going to use me and probably kill me and I'm so okay with that." Meh. And the overall plot was kind of meh? But Vader was well written for the story he was in, I guess. I'm not disappointed I bought it, but I would need reassurances that it gets better from that first volume to drop any more money on it.

Anyway.... I feel lie there was more, but I forget. But all in all a good day. And now the kids are home, and we're going to go walk the dogs so we can go to knitting right after dinner. And then Nary gets in later tonight ^-^
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...I am approaching my 4th decade on this planet and apparently still get confused by daylight savings time. I was really convinced it was fall - this should tell you how tired and out of it I was by last night. So basically I went to bed at my usual time and tonight I'm up way late :p I slept well, but slept almost until noon, which was awkward, timingwise.

I was tired and out of it all day, and didn't even knit during game. I went out for dinner and hangouts for a friend's birthday, but came home around 9:30 because I am a pumpkin. Cleaned the kitty box and watched more SW rebels (into season 2! Rex!). I honestly couldn't say how the last hour passed - chatting and face book I guess?

I should go to bed now. Good night!
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I was supposed to do a few things today! I did.... some of them!

Instead of applying for jobs, though, I convinced my sister to go out for lunch at a fancy Italian restaurant downtown after I picked up my prescription. The duck confit was incredible - the skin was perfectly crisp and all the fat was rendered, and it was otherwise just amazingly delicious. We each had a couple of cockatils (the Sicilian Sour was particularly delicious), and we split the carrot cake. Apparently the pastry chef at Abruzzi is all up into molecular gastronomy stuff. The cake was like a cloud of cake, extremely light and fluffy and I have no idea how it was made. There were candied and glazed carrots around it, and also a sour cream vanilla gelato. And it was dusted with browned butter snow, which was powdered deliciousness. Also a few drops of caramel? It was super fancypants, let me tell you! The waiter warned us that it was not a traditional carrot cake, but Longpig was all "It's okay, we watch top chef." He laughed. I'm pretty sure the tiramusu involves espresso caviar. Other than the food, it was nice to get out of the house with her and do something a little different.

Continued watching SW: Rebels tonight, and got through the end of Season 1 and into Season 2. Now there are more people I care about :V But Ezra and Sabine, at least, are growing on me. I also appreciated Tarkin's incredible bitchyness in his scenes.

And now, bed, because I have to get up pretty early tomorrow to get up to the museum. It should be a good day, at least! I need to walk up to the stop where I'm catching the bus, and I might try and stop at a bank machine, as there will be vendors and such. They're feeding me lunch though, which will be good.


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