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Yesterday when I realized at almost midnight that I hadn't made a daily Post, my reaction was as above. It still is this morning, if I'm being honest, but is no longer an option. So instead, I'm bundled up in my rain gear on the bus towards work. I don't have any cash, so before I go buy strawberries I need to go to Loblaws and buy something to get some cash back. At least a chocolate croissant, probably a fruit smoothie, and maybe some tea, since I haven't had and today and my work stash is empty of caffeinated kinds. Then market strawberries, the other bus to work. I need to do better there, and be more self driven. I have plans and ideas, I just need to follow through

Definitely caffeine first, though.
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I can sleep in the teeniest bit tomorrow, as I only have to go to *campus* for 9, and not all the way up to SA. So that's probably about half an hour of time saved? Well... okay... like 15 minutes maybe, BUT STILL!

Today was pretty busy. A lot of figuring things out. A lot of emails. Tomorrow may involve *shudder* phne calls. But hey, I'd better get used to that.

I need to sort out and think some things through in terms of how to approach them. But I'll probably focus on the easy stuff first, like figuring out Peoplesoft, and worry about how to balance short term versus long term agendas and the people that come with those.

I am almost done the pair of socks I am knitting, but also I have discovered that one of the legs is half a repeat longer than the other. Ugh! Well, that's just going to be how they are - I'm just about to start the toe on sock #2.

Watched another episode of Jessica Jones tonight. Still good. I feel like if this had been made in the...2000s, JJ woudl have been played by Eliza Dushku. Or maybe she just reminds me of Faith.
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I didn't do too much today.

I had a meeting with Neal, and took those notes and put them in Trello. I need to start sorting out some issues tomorrow - figuring out who to call to get some things fixed. I think there are more things to sign as well?

Anyway, I wound up going to campus to get a new card because I could snag a ride, then I spend the afternoon at home reading the employee handbook. Woooh!

I need to remember to bring in a few more things - notebooks, some kleenex... I do at least have some pens.

So tired though - I need to get used to going to bed early and (ha) sleeping :p
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I shoudl be in bed.

I am not in bed.

I have been reading a lot of Namesake instead of sleeping. I blame Persianpenname.

I am going to bed.
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I wrote a real entry but it didn't post,and now I'm on my phone
.. I should sleep because I have Underworld tomorrow... Let's see how that goes!
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I'm in bed already whoops.

Wererogue's bike got stolen last night, boo. It was a shitty bike but he used it a lot.

I slept poorly and thus late, but I did some writing and some dyeing prep, so I can dye some stuff tomorrow. Read more of the Centres/Quinlan Vos book... It is good but you know they are doomed to failure so it's a bit sad.
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My connection is being really crap, and I'm suer tired, so this will be short.

Thirteen today was cool, but it always is so that's no surprise.
I ate too much chocolate today also.
We started reading the Ventress novel - it;s adorable but they are doomed to failure. You can really ship Quinlan Voss with anyone, but especially with Obi Wan and/or Ventress. There is a scene where he is stealing Obi-Wan's fries and telling him he doesn't know how to flirt. Lol. Where did that meme go about 'you know it's love when you order a large...'
Watched the season 3 opener of Rebels as well - that is a show that I want to have more depth and impact that doesn't quite manage it. Not keen on the full beard for Kanan, though I gran it is probably hard to shave. Not super keen on Ezra's hair either - I feel like it was a visual reference to the disconnect that's been growing between them, even though he'll probably keep it. Ezra is phenomenally stupid. Kanan is probably doomed to failure. There was a giant rock space moose. That's all I got.

Sleep now, probably I'll need to adult more tomorrow, in one form or another....
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Can't sleep. Remembered that I hadn't posted for Saturday, so here we go!

Slept for crap yesterday because Nary's dog was having some kind of mysterious anxiety freakout and wouldn't stop panting/whining/pacing all night. She had it worse than me, though :/

I took her and her son to the museum this afternoon, which was cool/fun, but we had to leave early because I locked my sister out of the house. Whoops!

The three of us went to see Logan tonight, which was great! I'd already seen it, but they hadn't. But it is really​ tight, and I enjoyed it a lot - I noticed a lot more subtle background things the second time through that build on/set up some of the world building they did, too.

We also started reading the Ventris novel, which so far has no Ventris.

I should try to go back to sleep :/
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I stayed up too late last night for no real reason, and had a hard time waking up this morning as a consequence.

I did do a bunch of cool stuff once I got to the museum though. We recorded a walkthrough of me going through the VR Longhouse - I mostly wanted it to take screencaps from, since we didn't have any from this iteration of the program. But apparently they might use it for some other things, like... virtual virtual tours? or a commercial? There are some students from the local community college who are putting together something, anyway, plus something about some kind of partnership with Microsoft for skype tours? Anyway, then had some interesting discussions about the Database of Doom, and its future and uses.
Came home, did a teensy bit of writing on Space Swap, and helped with dinner. Tonight was knitting, and I got a bunch more done on my second sock for Pretentia. Going to watch the end of season 2 of sw: rebels here in a bit :3

The weather here today has sucked - it was sleety hail and snow this morning, followed by gross cold rain. It started pouring on the walk to the game café where we have the knit night, and I was chilled and cold after that. Probably the chocolate milkshake didn't help, but it *did* have bailey's in it. It wasn't raining on the trip home at least (though we managed to catch a bus), but the wind had turned bitter, and now it is thundering outside. But at least we aren't getting freezing rain and snow like other parts of the region!

I emailed the plot running types to see if I can find out what is going on with my LARP character, who volunteered to be hostaged off to some fey at the end of last game. I'd initially emailed on Monday, and hadn't heard anything back, so I sent a gentle poke. The next session is only a week from Saturday, so I don't think I'm being too pushy to at least have them tell me what to expect! I could NPC if I can't play her, and that's fine, but I would like to know :o
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My plan was to get up, do my usual morning thing, then start laundry to have clean sheets, and snuggle Maze on the bare mattress and work on my Jukebox noms and writing while I waited for my mattress to arrive.

Surprise! It arrived pretty early and I hadn't even stripped the bed yet! So I hustled to do that and get stuff in the washer, and had kitty snuggles while it ran through. I managed Jukebox noms, though I still need to do my letter....once I settle on actual requests (all the things @_@).

I managed the entire mattress switch out on my own, including hauling the new one in its box up the stairs and hauling the old one all the ay to the basement. More impressively, I managed to do this without knocking *anything* over. Well, until I brought the empty, broken down box downstairs. Then I knocked over one of the baskets on the stairs, but only one step :V I'm sure I will be feeling this tomorrow but the new!!! mattress!!! should help mitigate that ^_^

I left it sitting on the bed until after dinner before putting on the sheets, because it does have that new memory foam smell, and I was hoping to reduce that a bit. It has definitely firmed up since being unboxed - initially it was all squish, but the support layers need more time to decompress (I feel there is a metaphor in there somewhere).

Meanwhile I proceeded to get absolutely nothing else done with my day :p Including putting away the rest of the laundry that was in with the sheets :p But tomorrow is another day!


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