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Had the first session of my friend's new Pathfinder game this week! The party gelled really well - we all used to work at or hang out at a circus together, and so we;re all already friends. We got sucked into some kind of game thing and need to find these tokens to get out. I got mine by using the only skill I have: intimidation. I terrified a bugbear into giving me his, upon which he immediately died. Score? I'm a necromantic oracle, basically. It's pretty rad. I have a skeleton kitty. This kitty used to be a jerk kitty who peed on all my things, bu now it is a skeleton and that, and hairballs, are no longer an issue! We have a ranger who is a trick rider, an acrobatic rogue, and a cleric of Desna who mostly used to hang around and gamble a lot/cheat at cards.

There was a baby fawn at work today. Mother deer sometimes leave them in the village, and that's fine - that's how deer do, basically - but this one was right on the edge of the open field and right where people were going to be conducting a field school. But it was fine, we closed up the village early and it left with its mother :3 Seriously, it was teeny tiny, probably born that morning :3

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I also started reading my book of indigenous sci fi short stories (Mitêwâcimowina: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling) - there are some really great omes so far. I'm super pleased with it! There are some authors in it I'll probably try and find more works by, for sure. Especially if they have short story collections.

And I got the corrections on my story for RTSW, though I haven't looked at them yet....And now I have, and they look fine. Only 3 places where they have a comment or need clarification, and more minor corrections other than that. I'm so excited, still!

Tomorrow I am going to try and do more writing in the evening! I also need to dig out my goth prom clothes for Saturday. I should probably also figure out if I need to be at work on Monday....
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Man I almost even forgot what they were. But things!

I finally trimmed Jola's toenails again. She was very good about it, for her.
I called the EI people and got an issue sorted out. They thought I had to pay them back money, but in fact it had already been withheld. Basically the person who did my paperwork wasn't paying attention at all. I saw it coming, and I was right, grr. But I called and got it sorted.
I applied for a job I am probably not really qualified for (but close!),
I did 2/12 loads of laundry. I could get that all the way up to three if i wanted to go get stuff out of the drier and fold it. Yeah. >.>
I cooked dinner - Turkey piccata, which I'd never made or had before. This is because of an in-joke for Thirteen.
I did a Diablotin solo
I baked a cake - white cake with basic chocolate buttercream icing and raspberry jam. It turned out damned delicious.
I think I have a handle on what I want to do for Space Swap, if it doesn't get away from me.
Longpig and I trashed the local pokemon gyms and took them back from Valor goons and their stupid Blisseys, ugh.
I have been thinking a teeny bit about the writeup I need to do for Underworld as well.

The Ride the Star Wind anthology I submitted a story to is going to try and get back to everyone by the end of March, which would be cool. Especially if they buy my story :V They are also running a kickstarter to raise money to get the stories illustrated. It's a very basic short campaign, and I'm debating whether or not to support it. I probably will, even though I have a backlog of mythos anthologies at this point! I've been reading other stuff lately, but maybe when I'm through with the things I'm reading I'll go back to it.

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I finished my first book of the year :V

I'm a slow reader. I have to prioritize my time and books don't always make the cut between knitting and other things (games, tv). This was an anthology (I am a short story person, really) of Lovecraftian stuff, Lovecraft's Monsters, put together by Ellen Datlow. I thnk I stopped reading partway through because it was just grossly oppressively male dominated and it was wearing, as the last anthology I'd read was explicitly female-centric, and I have now been spoiled. I read about half the rest of in in the last week or so. Some of them were good, some of them were infuriating, one was really good and one was damn, I wish I could have written that. Of the ones I remember earlier, only one other fit that last category. Is it a coincidence that both features female protagonists? I don't think so. TBF some of the other earlier ones may have as well, but they were not as memorable. I could give more of a review of them if anyone was interested.

What's next? Not sure yet. I have a stack. Maybe I'll dip into my non-fiction... Maybe....

Now moar Clone Wars!
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I remember to bring my nice scissors to work to cut twill tape to sew labels into object cases. I did not remember to bring needles.

Bring needles to work tomorrow!

I did remember to bring my copy of Emilie and the Sky World though, and to bring my eldersign pattern so I can finish that washcloth for my facebook 'make stuff for people' meme, so that's good.

I did not send my RSVP for my friends' wedding reception yet, though I did draw a Pusheen on the back of it. I also did not send my book review contract yet, though I did sign it. I managed to misplace the envelope that came with it, d'oh! I am going to email the review editor *right now* and ask where I should send it (done!). I also opened a file for said book review, and put in all the header information. So that's waiting for me tonight, I suppose!

In hunting around for the review editor's address, I got an update on the pirate book I submitted an article for (based on my Sheffield research, actually, heh). It is out to reviewers now, and hopefully can move along nicely from there. :D

Now if I would only hear back from Shroud >.> I could poke them maybe? Last I heard they were hoping to have news for me in 'a week or so', but that was back in May >.>

In other writing news, the All-Female Author Mythos book that I backed on IndieGoGo has announced its open submission period will be from November-December. They limit is 4000 words. I *really* *really* wanted to send them Cursed Wreck, but it is just over 7000 in its current form. I need to cut it down if I want to do that, but I'm not sure I have the perspective to do so. I'll try looking at it again, but I might need to see if I can find someone else to help me with serious edits. Or I could write something entirely new, I suppose... I'll think about that. But damnit I want to sell Cursed Wreck ;_; It's a good story at heart. Possibly needs some chopping anyway :p

I wandered away from where I started in this post, but that's okay, because I was clever and thought to call upstairs to my old boss/the collections manager for the other gallery and *she* has needles, so I should be set :D
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One of my favourite authors is going through some house-related financial issues, so I thought I would take a chance and do a little story pimping! She has a lot of her older works self-published as e-books, and they're all a: good books! and b: cheap!

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Thoughts on the book - spoilers )

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Completely unrelated news:

The way I am sitting reveals the lingering traces of the most disgusting stretch marks on my hips/thighs. That shit is not attractive.

Also, the woman at the check in desk remembered me from last year! Or at least I look familiar to her from somewhere, but I do have one of those faces. I get that a lot :p

(I’m actually writing this Sunday night, and were I to post it, my mood would currently be ‘cynical’, but I doubt it will go up until Monday morning at the earliest. Music is Decemberists – 17 Military Wives.)

I forgot that the rooms here don’t have clocks. Good thing my meeting isn’t until noon! I’m going to wind up getting a new travel alarm clock every time I come to this country, I swear :p

I also need some water.
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Finished HP a little while ago, then went back and read comments on f-list. Enjoyable, arr! I don't have too much to say about it that hasn't already been said though - esp not at quarter to 5!

I sleep now! As long as my neighbors don't start goin' at it.... They *are* awake :x
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