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2017-07-30 10:10 pm


I slept on the couch in the basement last night and probably will again tonight. My bed still smells like pee, but less like pee.... Wererogue ordered a vat of nature's miracle, but if I get impatient I will probably just stop at the pet store and get some tomorrow, because it wont be here until Tuesday, maybe? Sometimes Amazon is faster than advertised. Though I've still never gotten my Raksura book (I read Nary's copy). Not that I really have room for it on my shelf anyway. But now I have emailed them again because this is ridiculous.

Anyway! Game today was great, though my character gained another 'madness'. I now have ...five. I'm not sure what this one will be, but at least I'm not the only one losing it any more - our swashbuckler is startng to pick some up too. If my sanity ever drops below half I'm going to be gibbering in a corner, but apparently my thighs are still dreamy enough that Longpig's character would still maybe marry him ;p It was a really good session, anyway.

I also got some dyeing done. I don't think I have enough yellow left for another row of my larp shawl, so I took the stuff I'd tried to dye with a fairly exhausted walnut bath and put it in a fresh, much more intense walnut bath! I simmered it for a while and am leaving it to soak overnight. I'll take it out tomorrow and see how it looks then.

Now I'm just lazing. I should write on my galra exchange fic but I'm still just so tired :| Early bed for sure.
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2017-06-18 10:13 pm

Catte Drugs --> Catte Nap

Took an allegra and a rectine. No hives or faceleaking but I am dumb and sleepy af.

But I got many kitty toes trimmed and had some nice cuddles.

I had 13 today and it was a really good session, I think! I'm so lucky to have so many good engaging games, and such awesome people to RP with in all of them. Also got some knitting done.

Yesterday I brought in the yarn in the cherry bark bath.... and there was nothing, no change at all. I'm super disappointed. It just smells gross now :/ I'm not sure if I should rescour it and go through the whole mordanting process again, or what. Maybe I can try again with some queen anne's lace/wild carrot tops, which are supposed to be green. Maybe bark dyes just don't work with solar dyeing. I dunno, but I am disappointed, boo :(

I need to pick a writing project. I finished all my exchange fics and have freedom to do what I want if I only could decide what that is ;p
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2017-06-08 12:09 am
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So busy! I have so muuuch to get done in the next few days ahhhhh!

And I spent most of my night hand winding a ball of yarn because ???? Reasons.

Also, Jola went to the vet for a check up, and it was not great. She is borderline for kidney disease, and she has arthritis in her hips and spine. So she needs a low protein diet, and fish oil, and love (always). Oh, and a urine test. Fun. My baby dog isn't allowed to be old :( (she's 9). And with blood testing and xrays (at least she doesn't have kidney stones or any tumors) and all her shots and such it was *expensive* to find this all out, too. Pleh.
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2017-03-02 11:31 pm

Well, that was a thing...

Today I filled in for a class, giving a tour and showing people the database at my old work.

The database, I would like to note, is not finished and doesn't work. Well, you can't use it to add live data. I have no idea what the proff/director thinks he is going to have people do with it. I told them that if the idea was to help SA, then what they could do, practically, was physically put codes on objects. If the purpose was to help them get familiarized with how archaeological data is organized, then putting info into the testing database could be useful. I don't think he actually understands that you can't use live data in the test database, because they use different pools to draw their unique numbers from - so if you have assigned an object, or a box, a code in the live database, it won't b recognized in the test database, and vice versa. And you can't even import other information, necessarily, because if the forms change or get renamed, information gets orphaned and it throws errors at you. And also there are so many bugs in the test database still that it was painful to try and show it off :p I did what I could :p

I wound up eat out for lunch and dinner - a burger at 5 Guys for lunch, and then a salad with grilled chicken and smoked bacon for dinner at the Early Bird. And then a bunch of junk (pop corn and a brownie sundae) at knitting. Knitting was fun - there were a few new people - and I got bunch done on my sock.

Also this morning I woke up to unexpected kitty cuddles, so that was nice :3 Apparently kitty was out roaming, so BiL opened my door to see if he wanted to come in. The downside was the allergy attack that came later, and having to wash my quilt and vacuum in my room. Stupid allergies :/
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2017-01-05 11:01 pm

Knit Night and such

Another not-super productive day, though I did manage to wake up early. Tomorrow at the museum should be good - I at least have things to do, which is always better than me trying to find things to work on. I did some more writing and got my sister to look it over and assure me that it is comprehensible and interesting. Woohoo! I've got a better handle on the plot now too, and things are Moving Forward.

Tonight was knit night, which is always nice. It can be a bit like introvert club, depending who is around, where we mostly just sit quietly together and work on our own things we meet at the boardgame café in town, and it can be fun to listen to other people. There were some folks playing a game called... um... battlesomething? Superfight? I forget, shoot, because it looks like a ton of fun. The basic gist from what i could tell is that everyone drawn an adjective and a non card, and then you argue for who would win in a fight, with the person whose 'turn' it is arbitrating. There is some way of modifying things as well. It seemed like it would be awesome with a group who was sufficiently creative and ready to go to bat for their weird ideas (50 moose vs internet trolls, google vs the grim reaper, etc).

In terms of actual knitting, I got most of the heelflap re-done on my sock. I can finish that and probably get the heel turn started on the bus tomorrow if I opt to knit (I probably will). I'm sort of sick of knitting them at this point, though.

Maze was about catting around a lot today. I coaxed him out when the kids were playing video games in the morning, and after he sat with me, he decided to follow me around the house, Sierra was closed in Longpig's room, and kittyface was being sufficiently cute that she left Sierra there after she got up, and he hug out causing minor kitty mischief all morning and part of the afternoon. Apparently he can't tell the difference between mint and catnip. I also managed not to have a major allergy attack while petting/playing with him, though my hand is still red and itchy where he scratched me (my fault, I couldn't resist the belly...)
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2017-01-03 04:26 pm


Pet pics! )

In other news, I failed at waking up before 10, probably because I didn't get to sleep for well over an hour after I went to bed. I think journaling before bed is probably not my best plan, all told, as it does not help my brain settle. I have found and ripped back my knitting, trimmed Jola's nails (it's an ongoing battle vs entropy to ever try and get them short), and written about 200 words. Rogue One (again!) tonight!
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2015-06-20 09:17 am

Come on friends, let's hop into the station wagon!

I mentuioned that we've been having some animal adjustments noqw that I've moved in with [personal profile] longpig and [personal profile] wererogue... especially as regards Maze, my kitty.

We have a set up where the laundry room is latched so he can get out, but the door won't close all the way, so it won't close *on* him. The dog and kids can't get out, so it gives him somewhere to be safe that he can retreat to, but can come out and explore when he's feeling safe.

We've also been leaving the downstairs door open at night. Two nights ago, he came up in to my room to snuggle with me at night, and I escorted him back downstairs in the morning. It was lovely to have him sleeping on my feet again!

This morning.... wererogue woke me up because he was out in the back garden @_@ We must have left the patio door cracked open to let in the cool air, and then the kids closed it this morning. I have no idea how long he was gone for - I assume it was after we all went to bed around 1, but before the kids were up at 6:30. The garden isn't closed off by any means, and there are other animals in the neighborhood...

I'm glad he is chipped and has all his outdoor shots, and that he CAME BACK but D: Scary!

We're going to have to be a little more careful.
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2015-06-13 11:09 am

Life Update!

So, the last time I managed to update was before I left the US.

Now I'm in Canada, yaaaaay! )
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2015-04-17 08:10 am


A little update for anyone interested.

This last week it feels like I have accomplished very little. Last weekend I ran the first bit of my the "one shot" I prepped fro Webercon for some people online. Because everything takes at least twice as long online, I got through about half of it. If anyone is curious you can see the lead in and the log here. Only the first log is actually extant, though. I need to schedule the second bit.

Sunday night, a bunch of friends tested a new online version of Cards Against Humanity (Cards Against Originality). The site claims that you need to be in the same room, but what they actually mean is that you need to be in voice contact. We played over Skype and it worked wonderfully, with only a few little connection hiccups.

Monday I did some solo RP scenes for Diablotin, Tuesday I focused on some Wrangling Staff stuff (and tried and failed miserably to get a good connection to [personal profile] curtana so we could watch the last episode of season 1 of Peaky Blinders, bah). Wednesday was usual datenight shenanigans. Last night I played Arkham Horror (and we defeated Yog Sothoth, but barely).

So I did some things, and some of them were even productive in some sense, but I feel like I have been avoiding some other pretty major things that are coming at me fairly soon. I have decided (I think) that I am going to get rid of my furniture when I leave the US, and try and just take Stuff with me, and take a hard look at my Stuff and offload a lot of it locally if I can. I need to start packing things and sorting things. I need to figure out how to ship things, and to where. I need to figure out where I am going, and when, and how I, and my two animals, are going to get there. I need to go through stuff i my storage unit and decide what I want to keep from that stuff, and I need to start craigslisting or otherwise offloading stuff I want to get rid of. I have a lot of files of stuff that at this point I am ready to check that I was previously holding on to, but can now go. But I also have a lot of weird stuff I want to keep for Reasons that might need closer examination. I also have other Stuff I should do, like get some doctor stuff done, see what shots Jola needs, and Maze needs, look into... flying? with them? I don't have a plan, but I should be making one. Meeeeeh :|

Meanwhile, I have a meeting tonight, I have game on Sunday, I have two trope bingo stories I want to get one (one half done, one not started, lol), and I got my Jukebox assignment yesterday too.... I think I can actually knock that out *relatively* easily though, as I have decided what I want to do for it already :) Now if I could only manage to do any of these things without feeling *toooo* guilty... Or swinging the other way and feeling too defiantly indulgent :p

At least I'm ahead of schedule (again) at work? Huzzah. I should probably keep on top of that :p
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2015-01-13 12:02 pm

All the Things!

Hello journal-land! I'm still out here, still trying to stay connected. At least, still shouting into the void (mostly void, partially stars).

I keep having Things I want to Write About - yesterday when I was walking Jola it was about storytelling media and how I feel more engaged by participatory stories, but they are harder to share with non-participants. Shorthand whining, I suppose for "no1 currrrrr about my game-inspired fics". The same old thing. I just wish I could find more effective ways, because I have always felt way more 'fannish' about these kinds of things, but they're so limited in audience. But those are the stories, for the most part, that consume my brain. I was going to rite about this in more detail, but apparently this is all you get. I am dedicating my Trope Bingo line to some gaming characters though - pre-canon (mostly) NPC adventures, so as to limit my audience even further... I suppose I could argue that as they are 'pre-canon' they might be more accessible to outsiders, but I don't know if that is at all true. I've realized that I really am terrible at gauging accessibility in that regard. If I tell you something doesn't require canon knowledge - well, I might be wrong. But try it? It could be good anyway :V be bring so much to the table when we are engaging with fanworks, and we're not always conscious of it all.

What else. I am working on my second story involving those characters, not for trope bingo. I am enjoying treating it as a serious story, thinking about structure and plot and pacing and stuff, and not just 'these are the things that happen and the feels that are felt', but how those things are communicated to my non-existent audience. So that's good practice, I suppose, if nothing else?

I need to be applying for more jobs still. I have two in my sights and I will be screaming into that void tonight. One is in Saint Louis, the other in South Orange, New Jersey. We'll see. I have not heard back about a single other thing I have applied for so yaaay.

I also have some Wrangling Staff work to keep at. I have been doing little chunks in the morning to keep on top of small things, but there are some Big Things that Need Lots of Brain I want to focus on and I've been having trouble with that. balancing with job searching and everything else is a little wearying, honestly. But I'll survive. I need to get back on top of some of my wrangled fandoms too, as far as the freeforms go. Holding on there too, at least!

so, that's me. I'm back home as of Sunday, and Maze has been velcro kitty since then. He is clingy in the colder months already, but this is pretty spectacularly so. I have two knitting projects on the go,. which is not my usual modus operandi - one for home, and one for work. I may have said this already. I already fucked up the lace in my Ishbel >_<

Okay, back to working at the job I have for the moment!
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2015-01-10 10:10 am


The first part of this entry is cut for animal-related TMI! )

And that was the night of the Rat :p The family should be home in the next few hours, and before that I have some more cleaning/tidying to do:

Bed Laundry - in the washer - last load in the dryer = done enough
Clean my bathroom
dishes (wash hand dishes, deal with dishwasher) - about to start this, then maybe I will take the dogs out for a short walk? No walk, timing too uncertain.
vacuum the couch and chair where there have been illegal dogs.

I've already swept the floors and started consolidating my things, but I have more things to consolidate as yet.

Better get cracking, so off I go!

Now I wait... Until tomorrow. I got my dates wrong -_-
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2015-01-05 07:50 pm
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things and ....other things

Today was my first day back to work after the break and boy, was I ever unproductive. I had no drive whatsoever, and was intent on engaging in every delaying and distracting technique under the sun. I think I am quite honestly ready for a change. I have been cataloguing this collection - and doing practically nothing else at work - for over a year. I would dearly love to have a job that is a little more dynamic. But that is going to be in my future one way or another, so - hey!

Other things I didn't miss about working - I left the house at 7:20 and got home 11 hours later. I don't even have a long commute, really, just that the buses run kind of stupid. I catch the bus at about 7:30 and get to work (in my proper workspace) by about 7:50, give or take.

Today, I had to stop at the grocery store, and then stop home to take care of my kitty (change his litter box), which added about another hour-ish? Maybe more? To the total? I don't actually have a car, so this entails leaving early form work, catching the bus to the store, catching the bus from the store to the stop close to my own place, walking there, taking care of kitty, walking up to the Dog House where I am currently house sitting. While I was home, for all of 20 min to clean the cat box, said cat chewed his way into the tortillas I'd bought to make turkey enchiladas :p

So then I got home, fed the animals, put away groceries, sat down for a bit, made a terrible dinner, and here I am. I haven't taken the dogs out yet but I should...

As long as I am chronicling minor complaints - my jaw is still sore >_< Not the way it was before Christmas - I'm not having that kind of pain for the most part, but chewing hard things likem say, dove chocolates, or tortilla chips, still makes it sore. Probably this is wht I get for eating all of Ginny's chocolates! I meant to get more at the store today too, dangit.

The dogs have settled and I think ehy will be okay without a walk. I think. What I should do now, then, is get up and put together those enchiladas, so that I can have them for lunches/dinners in place of/as well as the turkey soup I have.... I also need to deal with the rest of the stock in the fridge. Going to do turkey with black beans and yogurt (terrible me is considering the neufchatel in the fridge though, but noooo, be strong!) in a green chili sauce. I'll see how that goes, I guess!

Hopefull, when that is all done, I will have some energy still for writing! I signed up for trope bingo today (see above re:distractions: and have pretty much plotted out what I am going to write. Mostly - things no one else will care about save for like... two other peoplel, maybe. *sigh*. Ahh well! I want the sories and this is how they will get told.

In other creatively news, I now have *two* knitting projects started! I am making a little scarf/shawlette thing, and started a pair of socks at lunch today as well as a knit along with [profile] tethys123 and [personal profile] longpig. It is a chart, but it looks like a pretty simple one at least...

Off to the kitchen with me, then!
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2014-05-31 12:55 pm

Last Saturday at Home

So, Tuesday I start my house sitting gig for the Crismans, which technically makes this the last Saturday i will be at home all day for a while. So probably there is some shit I should do this weekend, hmm?

Here is a short list:
Clean out the fridge

I am also working on my Jukebox fic, which is coming along very nicely. I'm quite happy with it so fa, anyway, and I don't think it is going to balloon ridiculously - it should probably be around 5000 words, which seems about right. I have been trying to be careful about section lengths, and that seems to be working out well. A lot of times I'll start with short sections, and then my middle bits will get all super long and structurally it just winds up a bit messy. I think I have a better handle on that so far here though! I have some scened that I expect will be longer (climax scene!), but that's okay too. After I'm done with it, there is a treat I want to do, maybe, if I can keep it short. And maybe some drabbles again, because that was super fun last year!

Anyway - I should go do *something* rather than just reading random crap on the internet all day. Tomorrow I am going over to the Crismans with Jola and a friend who will hopefully be taking over the house-sitting for me while I'm away in August. I'm very much looking forward to getting away form here for a bit, and to actually visiting my dad when it is nice enough to go outside!
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2014-05-26 01:06 pm

Rainy day off

It's Memorial Day, wooh!

This is kind of an off holiday for me, since it kind of does the same thing as veterans Day, only for a country I don't actually belong to, just live in.

Anyway - I have the day off, which is nice, as it meant I had more weekend to do stuff in, including get caught up on sleep. Sorta. this would have worked out better if I'd slept better last night, but this was apparently not meant to be.

I have done a lot of things this weekend though!

I made a cake! It is a midnight cake (dense dark chocolate cake) with raspberry jam and boiled icing. it is pretty danged delicious!Cake images under cut )

I also made soup, but there are no pictures of that, and did a bunch of writing. Yesterday I had my friends [profile] malkontent and his wife (who doesn't have a convenient handle or I'd use it - I'm trying to not define/identify people *only* according to their relationships) come over to do craft stuff - but really to meet the greyhound I am dogsitting this weekend for some friends of friends. I'm actually the third-tier dogsitter. Some friends of mine are looking after the dog - they had to go away and left him with a mutual friend, who also had to go away, and so he is staying with me until the first friends get back tomorrow. I might have met one of the owners before at some point, but only in passing. But their dog is a total sweetie. His name is Red and he is 13 and he is made of skin and bones and love and laziness. He is also apparently afraid of thunder, which will be interesting as we have a big front coming through today. I gave him some melatonin, and I'll put the TV on later if he is still too scaredy. he also has a thundershirt, which he is half wearing now, since he wouldn't get up so I could put it on right. I hear some distant thunder, but so far he seems fine. The bigger front is still to come though. Doge pic under cut! )

The craft day also let me get more done on my Firelight vest - we'll see how that all works out for me in the end. I'm a little concerned, to be honest, that I have been a little too accidentally liberal with the pattern :| I'm so ready to be done with it, but I don't want to start anything else until I've finished it at this point.

Anyway, I have stuff I still want to do today, and some things I have already done so.... list time!

-Walk dogs
-Preview Episode of Edward Teaches History
-Do a journal update
-Put in some laundry

-Do some writing
-Read the Ficthropology article and take notes
-Record the new Ficthropology episode tonight
-Eat something other than cake.
ETA - I remembered - make pizza!
ETAII - And then I remembered I was out of flour -_-

Not an overwhelming list, really, but I am probably forgetting something...
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2014-04-21 07:58 pm
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Zorm day comes but thrice a year - it is the Day After Candy Sale Holiday. It is celebrated after Valentine's Day, Easter, and Hallowe'en.

Zorm is the sound one makes when one wishes to be given candy. repetition of the word is often combined with the action known as "grabby hands". This action is not typically successful, but it is tradition within certain narrow cultural circles nonetheless.

Zorms are, of course, candy. Zorm day is all about candy.

Building up the mythology of Zorm Day has psychological merit, in that it provides justification for the acquisition of large candy and chocolate hordes. It also justifies the efforts one might go to acquire such a horde.

This year, Post-Valentine's Zorm Day fell on a Saturday. I took Jola on a Very Long Walk to get to the Walgreens on Texas Avenue, which is the great Zorm Mecca. They have the best deals on leftover candy - everything goes on 50% straight off (hisses at Target), and they have a pretty good selection (hisses at HEB). Kroger was also pretty good when I lived closer to it, but it is quite a way out of the way for me now. Although that said it is only a few blocks away from the Wallgreens, I suppose. But anyway! I walked about 2.5 miles just to get some candy, ayup. ZORM DAY!

Today, of course, is Post-Easter Zorm day. I worked, but had hopes there would still be some zormable zorms! I also had a bunch of errands I needed to run - pick up Jola's county tag and her frontline, get some groceries and my acid reflux meds which I have been out of for almost a week now, ugh.

Clearly, fitting in a trip to Zorm Mecca was going to be worth the extra effort, even though it is about 3-4 blocks out of my way, considering that the vet is a block away from the grocery store (and its inferior zorms). I considered and reconsidered my route, and eventually decided to do a short circuit - vet, Wallgreens, HEB. With bus at either end and about a block walk home at the very end. This worked out pretty well - knowing that I was planning a zormspedition, I brought a pair of shorts to wear for the walk rather than the skirt I'd worn to work (because thigh chafe ;_;). I got off a stop later than I really should have for the vet and had to back track a bit, but everything else was fine. I got so many zorms - I'm well stocked for a while. I can also report that both Wallgreens and HEB have a crapton of Cadbury's Cream Eggs. I only got two - one for me and one for [profile] tethys123 - but Walgreens had one box full, and HEB (which had basically nothing else) had like three. I think this was about 1.5 miles, all told, but some of that was carrying shit, so that counts for more right? :V Anyway, it was not even 6 when I got to HEB, which I think is pretty impressive considering the bis didn't leave campus until about 5:07. I got home closer to 7, maybe around 6:45? But that was time shopping but waiting for the bus.

Most of my zorm haul is Russel Stover eggs of various kinds (the beeeest), plus the big cream eggs, two packages of the little cream eggs, some chocolate bunnies, a big bag of filled eggs. My biggest disappointments, in order was that I didn't score any: mini eggs (which were hard to find before easter too!), raspberry RS eggs, coconut RS eggs. Weh! I also finally got myself a new pair of sunglasses. Hopefully I won't lose or break these ones, or accidentally leave them in a other country :V

The zorms should last me quite a while - fear not, they are not for immediate consumption. And if properly requested, they may even be shared!
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2014-02-22 06:13 pm
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(no subject)

Bah, v. 2.0

It turns out my brain is not the problem, or at least not the *only problem.

Stupid uterus.

On the other hand, I managed to capture a rare moment today where the cat and dog were somewhat grudgingly sharing space. The cat (Maze) had usurped Jola's regular space on the futon while Jola was hogging the sunny patch of carpet. She later started whine/growling at me to let her up on the couch.

As a side note, my poor puppy is always a little uncertain about whether she is allowed on the furniture, and sometimes needs to be expressly invited. I suspect this is because she is *not* allowed on the furniture at the dogsitters where she spends several days a week and who generally take care of her while I'm away. Just now I had to get up and tell her she could get up in her regular space. Silly Jola :3

Anyway, which morning I got her to go up on the couch, where she sat awkwardly for a few minutes, staring at the very indifferent cat, who was smugly napping. Yes, of course cats can nap smugly:

pic under cut! )

I got Jola to lie down, but she did not look impressed:

pic under cut! )

When I went back to the couch she stared expectantly at me for a little while longer, but when I resolved to get a picture of that as well, she decided to give up, cleaned herself, and curled up to sleep. They napped together for quite a while! I can't remember now what disrupted it... oh no, I can. I got up to get a piece of pie (coconut cream, made partially with coconut milk, baked by my roomate!), and Maze decided he needed to lick the plate.

Okay, I am feeling marginally better, so I am going back to this article for a bit :p Then maybe knitting and getting caught up with Person of Interest once [personal profile] curtana is home from her dinner out :)
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2014-02-08 11:17 am

Bah, Saturday, bah

I woke up early with all these *plans* and then I sat down at the computer and now it is going on three hours later. Bah!

I had some ideas for pirate-meta that I want to write up. In addition to talking about Black Sails, I may be going to do some conversational narration stuff for an Assassins Creed IV Let's Play with my bro-in-law. I have some things I'd like to talk about for the show though specifically - anyone have any preferences as to whether I talk first about Ships, or Wrecking?

I also had some ideas for what to do with my dissertation, article wise, which is that i want to write something that is looking more just at "here is what i can tell you about Harbour Island from the archaeology I did" and leave the big question theory for something else. I did some outlining while it was still in my brain, but it is hard for me not to hop into the theory >.>

I also had an anxiety dream last night that I was totally unprepared to run the LARP I want to do for Webercon. I don't think that it was really *about* the larp, per sey, though I do need to start working on it more seriously, but more about how I am a social fraud, and of course my RL friends mostly only tolerate me, some of them actively dislike me, etc. although the people who didn't like me in the dream were not relatable to actual real people, though there were actual real people that I know appearing in the dream, so that's something :p Either I don't know who doesn't really like me or they don't exist, I'm not sure. Even in the dream I was more concerned about the people I did know being disappointed, I think? Anyway, I am really a fairly confident person, but I'm also terrible at socializing with people. I don't participate in conversations the same way, or something? I don't know. I played pool with some t=friends on Thursday and despite it being people I know I was mostly quiet while other folks were chatty, and it left me feeling a little marginal and I think this has affected my subconscious. Which I almost wrote as 'self conscious'. Oh, brain, you ain't subtle :p I do think that I am *differently* socially awkward than most of my friends, and that does make it hard for us to connect sometimes.

Anyway, I *should* start working on something. I have other things I'd like to do today, or at least this weekend, as well, like laundry, baking, maybe even *shock* tidying my room.... I can find the floor, sure, but everything else is covered in things (mostly clothes and paper) that need to be put away :p

Oh and in other fun news, we definitely have a pipe issue of some kind in the bathtub. we thought it was water getting on the floor (for a variable configuration of 'we'), but it happened (or, at least, I noticed) again today and that was definitely not the case. I emailed [profile] lukoni but I'm really not sure what the best solution is going to be :/ No showers, anyway, I suspect, until we have a better idea what's going on. Yay?

In other mild annoyances, I ordered yarn for my sweater the other day, but the company emailed to let me know that they didn't have enough skeins in the same dyelot (I had asked for them all to be the same). They were really super nice about it and offered to backorder, but that was going to take eight weeks+! (Not their fault, that's just malabrigo for you >.>). I cancelled the yarn, but am still getting needles from them, and am now yarnhunting elsewhere. Even though they didn't have what I wanted I was really pleased with their customer service and will definitely be looking at getting other things through them again.

To end on a high note, though, I did at least get my prompts all finished for the Invisible Ficathon, and I am very happy with all of them! Now I just need to finalize my offers... Aftwer I go out and get some kitty litter!
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2014-01-31 08:14 am

So... posting!

Well, I technically *did* post yesterday - the new episode of ficthropology is up! For those of you who don't know that this is, it is a podcast whereing [profile] lukoni, [personal profile] curtana, [personal profile] earis, and I discuss various academic articles and such that have been written about fandom. This episode looks at two articles talking about different aspects of the economics of fandom. And we all give recs at the end, because <3 fandom.

In other news, this has been a very strange week so far, though I'm hoping for a more subdued Friday.

Tuesday I was babysitting in the evening for [profile] tethys123, which was cool - I got fed homemade stew and breads, got to see the baby a bit (such a cutie :3 ) and then basically hung out at her place doing all the things I would usually do on a Tuesday. By which I mean hanging out on the internet. I actually did some random things, like setting up my OTW wiki user page, wooh! I also fixed my knitting.

Wednesday was my [personal profile] curtana night, which is usually tuesday, but see above. it is also the day I came home and found that my roomate was just about to take a pumpkin pie out of the oven. So after I walked Jola, I made dinner, so that we could have pie "guilt free". I was not concerned about the guilt, but it was his pie.... Anyway, diner was eggs with stuff in, and delicious. Stuff = mushroom, green pepper, green onion, chicken, bacon, and smoked gruyere.

Still chugging along with Person of Interest - we're now into season three. I love all of the characters, but it is going to take a lot of work for anyone to unseat Finch as my favourite. He checks many of my boxes, in terms of hings I find interesting. I have come to better appreciate Root as well, after the end of Season Two.

Last night I also went to go play pool for a few hours with some local friends, which was a nice break - but still a break in the routine of what was already a strange week. Because of the babysitting my Jola-playdate schedule was all thrown off, so I had to leave early to pick her up (though I'm a terrible pet owner and almost forgot this was one of the reasons I did have to cut out early :p)

And all of these little deviations are not counting the weirdness of work - which I should be getting on with - which I will see about elaborating on later :) I have started on the Tiffany Favrile glass though! Woohoo! Also to maybe talk about later - weird dreams @_@
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2014-01-11 11:46 pm

post before bed

I had a very full sounding day that still included a lot of sitting around on the couch doing very little.

I got my roomie to help me take my cat to the vet in the morning to get some shots (though I realize I forgot to pick up Jola's flea and heartworm stuff - d'oh!), then treated myself to Subway for lunch ($5 footlongs :V). In the afternoon I had an interview for Tag Wrangling Staff, which I think went really well, and officially the longest interview I have ever had for anything. But computer stuff goes slower by its nature. I think it went really well though, and now I wait for them to finish other interviews and hear back from Volcom :3

After that it was minor hose things, like cleaning the cat box and doing dishes. Excite! I am working on weaving in the ends on my Night Vale socks, but there are a lot of them and I am not very good at it yet, especially where there is a lot of pattern to deal with. And there are 6-8 ends per sock :( I have four done in total. I think the ones on the toes were the worst though, and I did both of those. They were knit in black yarn on size 0 needles and I have a very tight gauge, so they are tiny and impossible to see. the advantage is that the fabric is so tight that I don't think it would be noticeable at all if I fucked it up (which I surely did >.>) If I remember tomorrow I'll bring my ruler downstairs and tell you the stitches per inch so you can shake your heads at me ;p But for reference, I was comparing gauge with [profile] tethys123 and to get the gauge she has on 0's, I would have to go up probably at least two needle sizes. The purple ends I have done were definitely easier. Never knitting in black on 0's again @_@

Tonight, other than end weaving, I watched another episode of Person of Interest with [personal profile] curtana - now up to s1e5 :D I'm really enjoying it so far and I hear it keeps getting better, so score!

Gonna try and finish weaving in ends tomorrow, and if I do i will cast on my firelight vest. I also meant to clip Jola's toenails and somehow she escaped that fate for now! The other thing I would like to do if I have time/don't spend all day knitting and gaming, is to start working on background stuff for my changeling LARP that I am going to run at this year's Webercon. Because I am a masochist, or something @_@