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I went through a walk in the village today at work because I thought they were doing an archaeology open house thing.... but maybe I was too late because I didn't see anyone! I did see some cool plants (soooo many jack-in-the-pulpits, and now I've seen a blooming may apple as well), and then I saw a weasel (or actually I think it was a mink) carrying it's dinner (a chipmunk)! So cool!

And then when I took Jola out for a walk right before the drenching thunderstorm hit (one of several short bursts of same tonight), we saw three fat little groundhog babies in the field across the street :3

No pictures of any of them, unfortunatley. But they were all super cute!
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Started reading the Ahsoka novel with Nary tonight - they are playing 'crokin'. It's space crokinole. I wonder how many people even know it is a real game? I'm deeply amused!

I also went for a hike in one of the many little nature preserves in town. This one has about 4.5 km of trails, and at this time of year it was flush with wildflowers! So pretty - I haven't seen that many trilliums in ages. One of the women who was along knew a lot about them as well, so I actually learned a bunch more local flowers and plants. My legs are a little sore, mostly from one particularly steep hill on the way out. I'm really glad I got a chance to go! I could try and put up some pictures - I dumped a bunch on facebook, but I could put some faves somewhere else for reposting I guess.

I've done almost nothing else all day though. Wheeee! I did find another pattern for my yarn, but I didn't get around to winding it yet. Maybe tomorrow. And now it's bedtime :3
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Did I make an entry yesterday? I honestly forget.

Yesterday was Family Day - an Ontario statutory holiday meant to give families a long weekend to do... family stuff? I wound up going hiking with my BiL and the kids in one of the parks in town (we have a number of parks in town where you can go on two hour hiking trails). It was really nice out, but the ground was frozen enough that not everything was super muddy, at least not to start. We were ostensibly there with the Wild Child group, that does risky outdoor playtime for kids, but we lost track of them and kind of did our own thing. I was super worried that Nugsy would wind up with ice water in his boots, but despite going through the edges of one of the ponds in a few places where I knew it was deeper than his boot, he managed to mostly not! I am grateful to the elastic cuff of his splash pants, I guess!

After that, we picked up our friend Gats who is visiting for the week! So if I am less present and more distracted than usual, that is why! I need to do a chocolate box post in my writing journal - I received some incredible gifts, and reveals were today - I'm just not sure when I'll get to it. Today we didn't do too much - some errands, introducing him to Voltron, abusing the waffle iron. Tomorrow I'm going to the museum as usual, and will probably do more scanning. For now, I should bed,because I'm already up too late. I forgot it wasn't Monday and I was watching Top Chef with my sister -_-


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