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A day of things that didn't really go as planned...

This morning bubby spilled my scalding hot tea.... fortunately over me and not him or his brother, but it was unpleasant and I needed to change out of the fresh-from-the-laundry pants I'd been planning to wear.

I was supposed to have a training course this afternoon.... but that did not actually happen. Apparently the person running it didn't actually put me on the list, and then there was only one other erson signed up, and it got cancelled. But since I wasn't on the list....

So I bussed to campus and back for nothing, and stiff haven't done the training that will give me access to the billing software that I need to do my job -_-

I did get an ice cap and a donut from Tim's on campus, and I took the forest path back to the building and took some pics, and it didn't actually rain, so that was okay. It isn't like I had anything at all to do at work today anyway :p I saw a LARP person again! Apparently Tim's is the place to go for that. Same person I saw last time that I don't think recognized me, and same thing again >.> I might have been bolder about saying hi if I didn't think I was in danger of being late to my training :p

And then Longpig hadn't soaked the beans to make the dinner she'd planned, and ordered form a bbq place! It was pretty tasty - I especially liked the pulled pork. And I have some for lunch tomorrow, too, so score!

So a day of things not really going as planned, but turning out okay.

Tomorrow, I decided that I *am* going to go to the A Tribe Called R.E.D concert, even if it means going by myself. because I really want to see, them, damnit! And it is not too far from my house, so why not?

Meanwhile, my sister has put squeakers (the kind from dog toys) in her bra, and is taunting my dog ;p
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So, I'm a little behind here. Sorry! I don't imagine anyone is too upset with me, though. My opinions are no so thrilling that they can't be missed.

[personal profile] curtana asked me about musicals I like despite not liking musicals.

So yeah - I am really not a big musical fan. I bounce off them pretty hard and it is a combination of things, I think, but the biggest thing is that I don't like the Broadway-typical vocal style. I think partly I have deeply ingrained negative associations from high school musical production and the people who were in them. It is an almost visceral reaction - I don't like them.

But of course there are exceptions. I imprinted on a couple of Disney films - okay, mostly just Aladdin, and even then I hated 'A Whole New World'. I remember liking Mulan, but mostly for the cross-dressing soldier girl aspects... I honestly don't remember any of the songs, though if people talk about them I can place them.

I really liked Cannibal: the Musical! It is pretty tongue in cheek though, and the vocals are hardly typical.

I liked Doctor Horrible - I think this is partly concept, partly voices, and partly the actors.

I liked Mozart: Opera Rock because, but it is French, and I think the accents and the genre help mask any more grating vocal techniques. And also it is ridiculous.

I occasionally like individual songs from musicals, but usually I encounter them out of context, and/or as covers. I like a lot of versions of Mack the Knife but I bounced petty hard when I tried to listen to the whole Threepenny Opera.

I love other kinds of musical productions where the stories are carried by song.... I love The Hazards of Love and I love Hadestown, but I'd call them both folk operas rather than musicals. That's partly voice, partly musical style - folk in general is My Jam. I enjoy a lot of actual opera as well, though a lot of that is down to the music rather than the voices or the plots.

Probably I'm forgetting some others? But generally, telling me that something is a musical is not likely to make me interested in it, and even telling me that it is different or the music is better or what have you will be met with some pretty heavy skepticism.
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The other awesome thing in life currently is that it is Jukebox time of year!

The nomination period ends in about, uh, 13 hours. But there is still time! There is a list of nominated songs on the community.

In addition to writing for the exchange, this year it is accepting podfic! So if you have fic that is based on songs and would like to let participants know a: if they can use it and b: where to find it, where is also a post collecting that information. You don't need to be signed up to participate to link stuff!

But you should sign up if you can, because Jukebox is awesome.
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Maybe, anyway - if the embeds will work... Since she asked about music and I tried to answer and the comment ate my embeds, I am trying sticking them in a main post to see what happens :p

YouTube embeds in here! Y'all should listen! )
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Ugh, I got behind :( I was doing so well, then I got eaten by Yuletide :( I think I need a break from YT for today though, so I'll catch up on this, write today's drabble, and then flail madly tomorrow.

So - [personal profile] fishmalk asked about music that has really influenced me in some way. I was having a hard time picking, but I think that the clearest answer I can give is folk, specifically my mom's old Steeleye Span records, and later mixed tapes and CDs, that I used to listen to in the car. I think that ballads, especially the darker ones, have really strongly influence my taste in stories, both in terms of what I like to read and what I like to write, and also in developing a strong sense of subtext... I feel like I have written this out before, now. Hmmm.
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I had a complicated dream last night that I only remember bits and pieces of. There was archaeology stuff, including finding some really good historic glass and pottery in the lower levels of a dig in the "cornfield" of an old farmhouse. I put cornfield in quotes because it felt huge when walking through it, but there was a map later on and it was really just a few rows deep :p Because dreams. I remember an almost intact blue transferware plate, and an almost complete wide pitcher that was very thing purple glass - maybe amethyst glass, maybe alexandrite for extra fancypants.

There was also a cache of historical clothes - possibly two caches of them, one from some kind of provenanced location that had to go to a museum or belonged to some kind of collection that had gorgeous really good condition things that I desperately wanted to have and to wear. I remember a pair of knickers - I guess knickerbockers is the proper term, so as not to confuse the Brits - that were a dark brown corduroy with some bright orange accents on the cuffs (they were so so so awesome, you have no idea. I would kill for pants like that >.>). They might have come out of the farmhouse? Someone else had some similar clothes but they weren't a historian, and had no qualms about actually wearing them, and I was suuuper jealous ;_;

The for some reason I was in a recorder ensemble with some friends of mine, including Kennesaw who apparenlty played the bass recorder, [personal profile] winnifreddirective possibly on ...tenor? And one random faceless person. I was on alto, which I do play in real life. We were waiting to perform at Memorial Hall, the theatre from my undergrad.* We were hanging out on the stairs up to the balcony, sort of lounging, and possibly we were dressed up quasi-medieval in the costumes we had for the recorder consort I was actually in in high school. The person who got to wear the historical clothes (which actually may have been MiB?) went wandering by in them, and I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn't wear mine. And them someone, possibly [personal profile] curtana told me that I should be grateful that we live in a society that cares about these things, where "these things" meant preserving our history and related material culture. And then I woke up :)

* I have performed there a lot, but really probably spent more time outside of the theatre or on the stage, not in the audience, so the link pic above is a weird perspective for me
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Not much to say. I started my True Detective write up, and if I dig it up I'll try and keep working on it and post it soon!

Meanwhile, my brain has been consumed by the Webercon Star Wars game characters, and despite drabbling for them, and starting on a longer piece last night, I am actually hoping to do a long actin adventure character bonding piece. At least I know the people in the game will read it. And hey, it will be Star Wars-y, so maybe I'll get some other curious onlookers? Come on, who doesn't like Sith Heretics? ^-^ I do vaguely worry that my knowledge of extended universe stuff is severely lacking, but this is based on a game, so it is basically all canon divergent anyway.

I am getting lose to being done with ease (the sweater I've been working on). I am at the cuff of the first sleeve, after starting it on Sunday, and therefor I figure I can probably finish it by next Sunday, assuming game and sufficient TV watching. We'll see~!

I have been terrible at being an adult. I haven't sent the stuff, but will on Monday, I promise! I have it mostly packaged up, at least, I just need a letter to include with it, and to double check that I stuck the CDs in correctly. I'll get that all sorted this weekend and mail stuff on Monday. And I will email folks as well - I got hung up last weekend trying to find an email address.

I've also been busy with tag wrangling ans some staff stuff that I need to devote some more serious tie to this weekend. And I have that Raksura fic to write, etc. I'm almost done reading Return to Night though, and I can re-read Cloud Roads more concertedly.

Work is going okay, though we keep expanding the expectations for me, which is to say it keeps expanding to meet my time. I have a review soon, and am supposed to have completed 130 boxes by the end of the month. I'm pretty sure I already have, but I should double check! if not I'm close.

Speaking of work, I just opened a box yesterday before I left, and I should go catalogue all the things! It included some pieces of Mt. Washington Glass Co. Royal Flemish glass, which is really quite pretty. We have a vase quite like this one: image under cut )

And Because I can share, here is my youtube work playlist, which is a work in progress itself! I'm open to suggestions to things I should add - it is what I use when Last.fm is being a butt or when I want more things I'm guaranteed to love:

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I finally handed in my prospectus today!

And then I have been sitting around doing nothing on the internet all afternoon. Better get at that data entry...

How are all of you? :D

Have some soothing pirate tunes while you think about your answers.

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Merc is coming in to town and should be here today around 5... so in 3.5 hours, eeep! I need to do laundry, have something else to eat, tidy the kitchen, and do some diss writing. Let's see if some or all of that can happen, or if I am just going to sit on the couch reading porn battle and doing forum rp >.>

I did at least get the vacuuming finished, and some odds and ends put away. I think lunch then dishes then writing until it is time to go walk JJ.

She leaves sometime on Tuesday, but that is also the day that Shelby is moving in... which means I will have more animals in the house, and we need to figure out how to introduce the dogs, and figure out and settle into new housemate and new animal routines. Still need to email my committee too, but I will aim to do that sometime tomorrow.


In other news, I am cutting myself off from starting any stories other than drabbles until I'm done the diss. That said, I actually have ideas for some drabble series, so we'll see how that works out for me ;p

In other other news, I am mini-obsessed with this song currently, and am hoping I can learn it by repeated listening. We'll see :V
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I was looking for these lyrics online and couldn't find them, So I figured fuck it, I'll just copy them out and maybe someone else will find that useful. *waves at Google* No guarantees that they are correct :3

Peggy Sue - Shadows

The grey makes you sick
Colour of things gone
Stretched out like a shadow
Stretched out like a shadow
The bed holds your shape
Tempts you back too
Stretched out like your shadow
Stretched out like your shadow

Come away from the window
I’m afraid of what you’ll see
Leave what the future holds
To be happy holding me

Come away from the window
I’m afraid of what you’ll see
Leave what the future holds
To be happy holding me

The night holds his scent
It tempts you back too
Stretched out like his shadow
Stretched out like his shadow
Not afraid of the dark
And of things I do not see
Stretched out in his shadow
Stretched out in his shadow

Come away from the window
I’m afraid of what you’ll see
Leave what the future holds
To be happy holding me

Come away from the window
I’m afraid of what you’ll see
Leave what the future holds
To be happy holding me


When I grow old I’ll go back to the sea
Ten thousand watery hands (out? ask?) to greet me
The water carries my weight in windswept arms
Oh constant friend, carry on
Carry on
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