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Took an allegra and a rectine. No hives or faceleaking but I am dumb and sleepy af.

But I got many kitty toes trimmed and had some nice cuddles.

I had 13 today and it was a really good session, I think! I'm so lucky to have so many good engaging games, and such awesome people to RP with in all of them. Also got some knitting done.

Yesterday I brought in the yarn in the cherry bark bath.... and there was nothing, no change at all. I'm super disappointed. It just smells gross now :/ I'm not sure if I should rescour it and go through the whole mordanting process again, or what. Maybe I can try again with some queen anne's lace/wild carrot tops, which are supposed to be green. Maybe bark dyes just don't work with solar dyeing. I dunno, but I am disappointed, boo :(

I need to pick a writing project. I finished all my exchange fics and have freedom to do what I want if I only could decide what that is ;p
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Today I filled in for a class, giving a tour and showing people the database at my old work.

The database, I would like to note, is not finished and doesn't work. Well, you can't use it to add live data. I have no idea what the proff/director thinks he is going to have people do with it. I told them that if the idea was to help SA, then what they could do, practically, was physically put codes on objects. If the purpose was to help them get familiarized with how archaeological data is organized, then putting info into the testing database could be useful. I don't think he actually understands that you can't use live data in the test database, because they use different pools to draw their unique numbers from - so if you have assigned an object, or a box, a code in the live database, it won't b recognized in the test database, and vice versa. And you can't even import other information, necessarily, because if the forms change or get renamed, information gets orphaned and it throws errors at you. And also there are so many bugs in the test database still that it was painful to try and show it off :p I did what I could :p

I wound up eat out for lunch and dinner - a burger at 5 Guys for lunch, and then a salad with grilled chicken and smoked bacon for dinner at the Early Bird. And then a bunch of junk (pop corn and a brownie sundae) at knitting. Knitting was fun - there were a few new people - and I got bunch done on my sock.

Also this morning I woke up to unexpected kitty cuddles, so that was nice :3 Apparently kitty was out roaming, so BiL opened my door to see if he wanted to come in. The downside was the allergy attack that came later, and having to wash my quilt and vacuum in my room. Stupid allergies :/
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Another not-super productive day, though I did manage to wake up early. Tomorrow at the museum should be good - I at least have things to do, which is always better than me trying to find things to work on. I did some more writing and got my sister to look it over and assure me that it is comprehensible and interesting. Woohoo! I've got a better handle on the plot now too, and things are Moving Forward.

Tonight was knit night, which is always nice. It can be a bit like introvert club, depending who is around, where we mostly just sit quietly together and work on our own things we meet at the boardgame café in town, and it can be fun to listen to other people. There were some folks playing a game called... um... battlesomething? Superfight? I forget, shoot, because it looks like a ton of fun. The basic gist from what i could tell is that everyone drawn an adjective and a non card, and then you argue for who would win in a fight, with the person whose 'turn' it is arbitrating. There is some way of modifying things as well. It seemed like it would be awesome with a group who was sufficiently creative and ready to go to bat for their weird ideas (50 moose vs internet trolls, google vs the grim reaper, etc).

In terms of actual knitting, I got most of the heelflap re-done on my sock. I can finish that and probably get the heel turn started on the bus tomorrow if I opt to knit (I probably will). I'm sort of sick of knitting them at this point, though.

Maze was about catting around a lot today. I coaxed him out when the kids were playing video games in the morning, and after he sat with me, he decided to follow me around the house, Sierra was closed in Longpig's room, and kittyface was being sufficiently cute that she left Sierra there after she got up, and he hug out causing minor kitty mischief all morning and part of the afternoon. Apparently he can't tell the difference between mint and catnip. I also managed not to have a major allergy attack while petting/playing with him, though my hand is still red and itchy where he scratched me (my fault, I couldn't resist the belly...)
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Pet pics! )

In other news, I failed at waking up before 10, probably because I didn't get to sleep for well over an hour after I went to bed. I think journaling before bed is probably not my best plan, all told, as it does not help my brain settle. I have found and ripped back my knitting, trimmed Jola's nails (it's an ongoing battle vs entropy to ever try and get them short), and written about 200 words. Rogue One (again!) tonight!
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I mentuioned that we've been having some animal adjustments noqw that I've moved in with [personal profile] longpig and [personal profile] wererogue... especially as regards Maze, my kitty.

We have a set up where the laundry room is latched so he can get out, but the door won't close all the way, so it won't close *on* him. The dog and kids can't get out, so it gives him somewhere to be safe that he can retreat to, but can come out and explore when he's feeling safe.

We've also been leaving the downstairs door open at night. Two nights ago, he came up in to my room to snuggle with me at night, and I escorted him back downstairs in the morning. It was lovely to have him sleeping on my feet again!

This morning.... wererogue woke me up because he was out in the back garden @_@ We must have left the patio door cracked open to let in the cool air, and then the kids closed it this morning. I have no idea how long he was gone for - I assume it was after we all went to bed around 1, but before the kids were up at 6:30. The garden isn't closed off by any means, and there are other animals in the neighborhood...

I'm glad he is chipped and has all his outdoor shots, and that he CAME BACK but D: Scary!

We're going to have to be a little more careful.
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So, the last time I managed to update was before I left the US.

Now I'm in Canada, yaaaaay! )
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Bah, v. 2.0

It turns out my brain is not the problem, or at least not the *only problem.

Stupid uterus.

On the other hand, I managed to capture a rare moment today where the cat and dog were somewhat grudgingly sharing space. The cat (Maze) had usurped Jola's regular space on the futon while Jola was hogging the sunny patch of carpet. She later started whine/growling at me to let her up on the couch.

As a side note, my poor puppy is always a little uncertain about whether she is allowed on the furniture, and sometimes needs to be expressly invited. I suspect this is because she is *not* allowed on the furniture at the dogsitters where she spends several days a week and who generally take care of her while I'm away. Just now I had to get up and tell her she could get up in her regular space. Silly Jola :3

Anyway, which morning I got her to go up on the couch, where she sat awkwardly for a few minutes, staring at the very indifferent cat, who was smugly napping. Yes, of course cats can nap smugly:

pic under cut! )

I got Jola to lie down, but she did not look impressed:

pic under cut! )

When I went back to the couch she stared expectantly at me for a little while longer, but when I resolved to get a picture of that as well, she decided to give up, cleaned herself, and curled up to sleep. They napped together for quite a while! I can't remember now what disrupted it... oh no, I can. I got up to get a piece of pie (coconut cream, made partially with coconut milk, baked by my roomate!), and Maze decided he needed to lick the plate.

Okay, I am feeling marginally better, so I am going back to this article for a bit :p Then maybe knitting and getting caught up with Person of Interest once [personal profile] curtana is home from her dinner out :)
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I had a very full sounding day that still included a lot of sitting around on the couch doing very little.

I got my roomie to help me take my cat to the vet in the morning to get some shots (though I realize I forgot to pick up Jola's flea and heartworm stuff - d'oh!), then treated myself to Subway for lunch ($5 footlongs :V). In the afternoon I had an interview for Tag Wrangling Staff, which I think went really well, and officially the longest interview I have ever had for anything. But computer stuff goes slower by its nature. I think it went really well though, and now I wait for them to finish other interviews and hear back from Volcom :3

After that it was minor hose things, like cleaning the cat box and doing dishes. Excite! I am working on weaving in the ends on my Night Vale socks, but there are a lot of them and I am not very good at it yet, especially where there is a lot of pattern to deal with. And there are 6-8 ends per sock :( I have four done in total. I think the ones on the toes were the worst though, and I did both of those. They were knit in black yarn on size 0 needles and I have a very tight gauge, so they are tiny and impossible to see. the advantage is that the fabric is so tight that I don't think it would be noticeable at all if I fucked it up (which I surely did >.>) If I remember tomorrow I'll bring my ruler downstairs and tell you the stitches per inch so you can shake your heads at me ;p But for reference, I was comparing gauge with [profile] tethys123 and to get the gauge she has on 0's, I would have to go up probably at least two needle sizes. The purple ends I have done were definitely easier. Never knitting in black on 0's again @_@

Tonight, other than end weaving, I watched another episode of Person of Interest with [personal profile] curtana - now up to s1e5 :D I'm really enjoying it so far and I hear it keeps getting better, so score!

Gonna try and finish weaving in ends tomorrow, and if I do i will cast on my firelight vest. I also meant to clip Jola's toenails and somehow she escaped that fate for now! The other thing I would like to do if I have time/don't spend all day knitting and gaming, is to start working on background stuff for my changeling LARP that I am going to run at this year's Webercon. Because I am a masochist, or something @_@
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No monster truck rallies, alas ;p

I have two (maybe three >.>) sections to finish for this last chapter. The one I started yesterday should go pretty fast once I get in to it, and if I can keep focuses I may even get most of it done today! If I do, I will then look more seriously at adding a fifth comparative site (I want something more northern, and more urban, which shouldn't be too hard, I hope... The trick is that people working in, say, Boston, were more critical of South's work, and I need something pre-categorized).

Other than that, I need to clean the cat box at some point today, and eventually I need to go to the pet store and pick up more litter and some canned food to start Maze's and my canned kitty food adventures! The vet has recommended wet food for managing his weight, and I have been doing some reading in to that, and it is time to give it a shot.

I'm also having exciting shower adventures! Merc got us a new shower head while she was here (yay!) and I'm working on getting that installed. The trickier part is the new (taller!!!) shower arm, which is proving difficult to dettach. I'm trying some WD-40 on it now though, so hopefully that will do the trick!

Anyway, time for writing now, to get as much done on that as possible before I have game late this afternoon.

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So, the past few days have been a write-off so far in terms of getting schoolwork done, for various reasons. Sunday I wasn't expecting to get anything done. Saturday wasn't *so* bad, all things considered. Friday was decent. I'm re-calibrating my brain as regards to what I'm doing with some things and its hard to keep it all straight in my head long enough to get it on the page. Of course if helps to actually have a chance to do so.

I have been busy doing a ton of other crap instead!

Yesterday, I got home at 11 PM, and made butter - as you do. I got some raw milk on Friday through a friend from a local-ish farm, let it sit until Sunday morning them poured of the cream, added some yogurt to let it culture and left it sitting on the cupboard all day @_@ Lacking both patience and a large enough jar, I used my hand mixer to make it. Basically it is like making whipped cream, only you keep going :3 And Going. And Going @_@ Either it took a lot longer than I was expecting or I was just terrible at realizing when it was done. but! I made butter! I experimented with my friend's super cute butter mold but .... I didn't have nearly enough to fill it, and also I had no idea what I was doing so mostly I made a mess :V

I also tried to make yogurt. I have done it in the oven at my old place, but it had a dial as opposed to a digital... thing what sets the temperature. So the old one I could set so that it was just baaaarely on and it would be the right temp to culture yogurt. I had actually tried to start it with a heating pad and my crock pot crock, but the pot was too big I think. I should add that this was my solution with with to do with the rest of my milk. You can make yogurt from skim milk.... It'll be runny unless you strain it, but I usually do that anyway. And then you can make ricotta from the whey :)

Anyway, but the time I was done, it was after midnight, and I have to get up by 6:30 to get to work on time and take care of the dog, so... yeah @_@ i woke up in the morning to find no yogurt, just slightly cooked milk. No way in hell was I wasting it though, after what I paid for it, so I shoved it in the fridge to consider my options.

I got off work at 1 today, picked up a prescription, and got groceries in preparation for intense cooking! I got home around 2, and wasn't done in the kitchen until around 6:30 @_@ On the other hand, I succeeded in making the following things!

-Banana bread! With red bananas I had in the freezer, and a splash of rum for extra deliciousness
-Chicken corn chowder. With leeks, and carrots and mushrooms and probably other things I'm forgetting. And, oh yes, fucking Milk. Victory! it is sort of a waste to cook raw milk.... Okay it is a huge waste, but this was a better option after I fucked up the yogurt than chucking it. I am going to have to work out my yogurt making system with cheaper milk before I try this again.
-Shepherds pie! The way we used to make it at the lunch counter where I worked like... ten years ago @_@ I still have other recipes memorized from then too.
-Bread! Well breadmaker bread. It just finished and I need to see if it rose properly, considering it was on top of the dishwasher, which was running :p Oatmeal brown bread, anyway.

I also cleaned the kitchen twice - once before I started (to clean up from the butter making stuff), and once after. Actually possibly there was an intermediary stage in there also.

Speaking of the dishwasher though, I use the little cascade gel pack thingies, but I have been having issues with the, where the gelatin or whatever wrapper around them doesn't actually dissolve and release the soap :p Did I just get a shitty batch? Should I get a different brand? Just use regular dishwasher soap? Bah....

I am in the middle of transferring files, then I need to go pick up my dog. Despite my intentions, I don't think I am going to get any kind of writing done today. Also maze has been puking a bunch today... just hairballs I think/hope, but of course he decided to do this right when I *finally* had a chance to sit down and eat some of the mass quantities of food I prepared. And the spray I used on the carpet tried to kill my already weakened lungs ;_;

Annnnnnd... that is probably way more than any of you really wanted to know about my day :V
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