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Naughty naughty, I know...

I'm waiting for my anitvirus to tell me that a program is safe to install, even though I know it is :p

A Big Thing is happening at work after literally years of negotiation! It is exciting!

My hair is green! Well, part of it... (image below cut) )

Tonight is poutine and kitting!

Someone left me kudos on this story form Jukebox a few years ago and it reminded me how much I love it. I think this might be one of the best stories I've come up with, though probably the actual writing could be improved in some areas:

Embers Just Waiting for Breath (7306 words) by Measured_Words
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fire in the Head - Sharon Knight (Song)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Characters
Additional Tags: Bards, Storytelling, Songs, Bechdel Test Pass, Fae & Fairies, Ordeals, Faustian Bargain, Madness, Megaliths, Rituals, Fire, Pilgrimage, Folklore

Efa goes to the Giant's Chair
To make a Feyre pact...

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I had been doing well on my posting streak... ahh well!

I even thought about posting yesterday, and then didn't -_- In my defense, I got distracted reading tons and tons of excellent jukebox fics! I always wind up writing more for this than I expected, and this year was no different, though I'll wait for reveals to be more specific. There are a lot of really excellent stories and art though - go read around!

All three (!) of the fics I received were excellent, and I'll try and elaborate on that some tomorrow. Today was mostly reading both Jukebox and also Kai Ashante Wilson's novella The Devil in America on the TOR site, which is excellent, but do heed the warning.

Also Dyeing! I got my second mordanting done on the linen and the cotton. The linned I'm going to dry and set aside for now, but the cotton is going into the cherry. I drained the liquid out of the container it has been sitting in, and simmered the park in fresh water. I'll strain that and the other liquid back into the container tomorrow, and then I'm going to leave the cotton yarn in that bucket for a few days to a week to sit out in the sun and bake :D Annnnnd since it is cotton and I can iron mordant it, I am going to make up some mordant to do that with so I can experiment with that later too :D I'm super excited!

But for now, sleep - night all!
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I finished my Jukebox! I'm pretty happy with it, anyway, so hopefully my recip (who gave me a blank signup) will like it to! I did have some older letter to look at, but you never know what kinds of things may have changed.

Other than that, work was fine. My meeting was fine. I didn't really need to be there but apparently I can take minutes. Wheee. More importantly, it means I know what's going on with things. And stuff I think actually needs more discussion will have to...keeeeep waiting until the director has time (which he legitimately does not atm). I have a training course next week to learn how to do billing, but honestly I think I've mostly figured it out already :p

Now that I have finished Jukebox, I need to get plotting on my Raksura exchange fic! I have some cool prompts to work with, at least.

I also got some edits back on the wiki entry I wrote for my LARP, which shouldn't take too long to deal with, except I need to name things (Ugh!). I also found out that I *can* go to just part of the next event! Which is to say I am able to get a ride home on Saturday night, so I am happy. Yay having cake and eating it too!
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I have not forgotten that I still owe three February talk meme chats >.> I will got to them! Maybe even tonight! Maybe...

Meanwhile, one of my favourite fan exchanges is closing sign-ups tomorrow.... but if you want to hop in and do a last-minute signup, you totally should! That's Jukebox fest... on LJ| on DW and then the main page on AO3. As the title probably indicates, this is an exchanged (for fic, art, and podfic) inspired by songs, and it produces so much really great stuff each year.

And then a friend of mine is putting out a book with Inkshares: Murder At The Veteran's Club. I promise he is an excellent writer, and here's the synopsis:

It’s November 1924, and Patrick Benson is the newest member of the Veterans’ Club, a gentlemen’s club in London. He seems like a fairly stupid fellow, but Eric Peterkin suspects he might be putting on an act. The day after they meet, Benson is found in the vault of the club, stabbed to death with the club president’s letter opener. Eric soon determines that the police have no intention of pursuing the matter as thoroughly as they ought, and, being of a rather Quixotic bent, takes it on himself to uncover the truth.

Even if it means putting off the work he’s actually being paid to do. No, scratch that: especially if it means putting off the work he’s actually being paid to do.

I admit - the time period is one I'm something of a sucker for, and I love golden-age detective fic (probably not a huge surprise), so I am looking forward to it coming out! Inkshares seems to be a sort of mashup between kickistarter and a more traditional publisher, so he needs to get a certain number of pre-orders, and there are various levels you can support at for different rewards. So hey! Support a cool new author and such, y'all!
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I made a sorta half-assed reveals post over in my Writing Journal(s):

On LJ | On DW

I wonder if at this point there is much point keeping them separate, but it is habit now! I like my stories, but the collection is full of other great stuff that is worth reading too!
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So, Tuesday I start my house sitting gig for the Crismans, which technically makes this the last Saturday i will be at home all day for a while. So probably there is some shit I should do this weekend, hmm?

Here is a short list:
Clean out the fridge

I am also working on my Jukebox fic, which is coming along very nicely. I'm quite happy with it so fa, anyway, and I don't think it is going to balloon ridiculously - it should probably be around 5000 words, which seems about right. I have been trying to be careful about section lengths, and that seems to be working out well. A lot of times I'll start with short sections, and then my middle bits will get all super long and structurally it just winds up a bit messy. I think I have a better handle on that so far here though! I have some scened that I expect will be longer (climax scene!), but that's okay too. After I'm done with it, there is a treat I want to do, maybe, if I can keep it short. And maybe some drabbles again, because that was super fun last year!

Anyway - I should go do *something* rather than just reading random crap on the internet all day. Tomorrow I am going over to the Crismans with Jola and a friend who will hopefully be taking over the house-sitting for me while I'm away in August. I'm very much looking forward to getting away form here for a bit, and to actually visiting my dad when it is nice enough to go outside!


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