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So busy! I have so muuuch to get done in the next few days ahhhhh!

And I spent most of my night hand winding a ball of yarn because ???? Reasons.

Also, Jola went to the vet for a check up, and it was not great. She is borderline for kidney disease, and she has arthritis in her hips and spine. So she needs a low protein diet, and fish oil, and love (always). Oh, and a urine test. Fun. My baby dog isn't allowed to be old :( (she's 9). And with blood testing and xrays (at least she doesn't have kidney stones or any tumors) and all her shots and such it was *expensive* to find this all out, too. Pleh.
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Pet pics! )

In other news, I failed at waking up before 10, probably because I didn't get to sleep for well over an hour after I went to bed. I think journaling before bed is probably not my best plan, all told, as it does not help my brain settle. I have found and ripped back my knitting, trimmed Jola's nails (it's an ongoing battle vs entropy to ever try and get them short), and written about 200 words. Rogue One (again!) tonight!
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I am making this update for the benefit of [personal profile] earis, because she loves and misses Jola. And I have a ridiculous picture of her to share.

Jola! )
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So, the last time I managed to update was before I left the US.

Now I'm in Canada, yaaaaay! )
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Traditional weekend, but of course not everyone's day off. Mine though, woohoo! However I am not leaving the house this weekend, or not planning to, because it is a football game day and there are thousands of extra people in town, and more thousands of locals out on the roads and in the stores. the one exception is that I have to go pick up Jola at some point - there was a major storm yesterday that I didn't want to venture out in - and walking her more generally. I will still take her to get my Sunday morning breakfast burritos, at least. It is busier in there on game weekends, but not too crazy, and I walk rather than driving - it's just down the road, through the park.

I have a bunch of stuff to work on today - mostly house things. I need to cope with the kitchen's mountains of dishes. Most can go into the dishwasher once I've finished emptying it. I need to vacuum. I should apply for some jerbs even though I dunwanna. My supervisor told me yesterday that she will go mad once I am gone and she wished they could find some way to keep me, but, alas, that's not really feasible. It's a nice sentiment though!

I feel like there was more, but that was before I took the recycling outside. Of course there is always more I *could* do...

I want to work on my character for Diablotin this weekend as well, and do some knitting, and I have game on Sunday night. I also need to make food of some variety to at least feed myself this weekend and Monday. This reminds me of another thing, which is that out Thursday GM (Kennesaw) has started making feeding people before game a Thing, which is awesome because he is a good cook and it means I don't have to rush around trying to find something to eat in the like....10 min I have between when I get home and take Jola out and get picked up. But the night of not making food and not having *time* to make food usually leave me scrambling a bit for lunches or to have something ready for Friday, and I need to start planning better around that. This week I just dumped a bunch of stuff in the crock pot on Wednesday night and hoped for the best. It turned out okay. This week was a little worse than usual as I had stuff going on on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well.

Anyway - time to get on with the kitchen, then decide what to tackle next.
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So, Tuesday I start my house sitting gig for the Crismans, which technically makes this the last Saturday i will be at home all day for a while. So probably there is some shit I should do this weekend, hmm?

Here is a short list:
Clean out the fridge

I am also working on my Jukebox fic, which is coming along very nicely. I'm quite happy with it so fa, anyway, and I don't think it is going to balloon ridiculously - it should probably be around 5000 words, which seems about right. I have been trying to be careful about section lengths, and that seems to be working out well. A lot of times I'll start with short sections, and then my middle bits will get all super long and structurally it just winds up a bit messy. I think I have a better handle on that so far here though! I have some scened that I expect will be longer (climax scene!), but that's okay too. After I'm done with it, there is a treat I want to do, maybe, if I can keep it short. And maybe some drabbles again, because that was super fun last year!

Anyway - I should go do *something* rather than just reading random crap on the internet all day. Tomorrow I am going over to the Crismans with Jola and a friend who will hopefully be taking over the house-sitting for me while I'm away in August. I'm very much looking forward to getting away form here for a bit, and to actually visiting my dad when it is nice enough to go outside!
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Zorm day comes but thrice a year - it is the Day After Candy Sale Holiday. It is celebrated after Valentine's Day, Easter, and Hallowe'en.

Zorm is the sound one makes when one wishes to be given candy. repetition of the word is often combined with the action known as "grabby hands". This action is not typically successful, but it is tradition within certain narrow cultural circles nonetheless.

Zorms are, of course, candy. Zorm day is all about candy.

Building up the mythology of Zorm Day has psychological merit, in that it provides justification for the acquisition of large candy and chocolate hordes. It also justifies the efforts one might go to acquire such a horde.

This year, Post-Valentine's Zorm Day fell on a Saturday. I took Jola on a Very Long Walk to get to the Walgreens on Texas Avenue, which is the great Zorm Mecca. They have the best deals on leftover candy - everything goes on 50% straight off (hisses at Target), and they have a pretty good selection (hisses at HEB). Kroger was also pretty good when I lived closer to it, but it is quite a way out of the way for me now. Although that said it is only a few blocks away from the Wallgreens, I suppose. But anyway! I walked about 2.5 miles just to get some candy, ayup. ZORM DAY!

Today, of course, is Post-Easter Zorm day. I worked, but had hopes there would still be some zormable zorms! I also had a bunch of errands I needed to run - pick up Jola's county tag and her frontline, get some groceries and my acid reflux meds which I have been out of for almost a week now, ugh.

Clearly, fitting in a trip to Zorm Mecca was going to be worth the extra effort, even though it is about 3-4 blocks out of my way, considering that the vet is a block away from the grocery store (and its inferior zorms). I considered and reconsidered my route, and eventually decided to do a short circuit - vet, Wallgreens, HEB. With bus at either end and about a block walk home at the very end. This worked out pretty well - knowing that I was planning a zormspedition, I brought a pair of shorts to wear for the walk rather than the skirt I'd worn to work (because thigh chafe ;_;). I got off a stop later than I really should have for the vet and had to back track a bit, but everything else was fine. I got so many zorms - I'm well stocked for a while. I can also report that both Wallgreens and HEB have a crapton of Cadbury's Cream Eggs. I only got two - one for me and one for [profile] tethys123 - but Walgreens had one box full, and HEB (which had basically nothing else) had like three. I think this was about 1.5 miles, all told, but some of that was carrying shit, so that counts for more right? :V Anyway, it was not even 6 when I got to HEB, which I think is pretty impressive considering the bis didn't leave campus until about 5:07. I got home closer to 7, maybe around 6:45? But that was time shopping but waiting for the bus.

Most of my zorm haul is Russel Stover eggs of various kinds (the beeeest), plus the big cream eggs, two packages of the little cream eggs, some chocolate bunnies, a big bag of filled eggs. My biggest disappointments, in order was that I didn't score any: mini eggs (which were hard to find before easter too!), raspberry RS eggs, coconut RS eggs. Weh! I also finally got myself a new pair of sunglasses. Hopefully I won't lose or break these ones, or accidentally leave them in a other country :V

The zorms should last me quite a while - fear not, they are not for immediate consumption. And if properly requested, they may even be shared!
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I feel like I am *still* catching up from last week, ugh! hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll feel more on top of things!

I have taken care of a few things on my list so far, which is sending one email for a tw staff project (I have more of those to do though!), eaten, showered, put away dishes and loaded the dirties into the dishwasher, and sorted laundry. I figured I would wait until my roomie has showered before actually starting laundry, but yikes I have a lot of it! Probably 4 loads D:

Things I still need to do include:
-call Crismans, apologize for not calling last night, pick up Jola
-Laundry @_@ Alllll the laundry (though I can do some tomorrow)
-TW staff meeting at 3

-finish my danged TD post (it is started at least!
-finish putting in some comments on the Return to Night discussion that [personal profile] naraht is running
-get my Stuff sorted to actually mail >.>
-email other peeps and send a link to the downloadable PDF
-clean the shower curtain, which is disgusting (also after roomie showers)
-??? I'm sure I'm forgetting more things, but I'll sort them out as they come up
ETA: - oh right, really get caught up on alllll the wrangling (hello, Night Vale @_@)

Gonna go get my dog now, as it is supposed to rain later... Also ETA: Or I can just leave her at the Crismans forever.... Or until Monday, at least @_@
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I apparently have good timing, as it started to really rain, rather than just spit and be aggressively misty, just as I was returning from walking Jola and picking up my Sunday morning Rudy's breakfast tacos. Nom.

I have chores to do today - cleaning the cat box, trimming the dogs nails, doing a load or two of laundry. I also want to work more on my LARP characters - if I can get 2 to 2 1/2 more of them done, that will be great!

I also would like to do a short true Detective drabble for Fan_Flashworks, since the prompt is Question. I want to do it form the POV of the cops who are doing the interrogation. Well, one of them. But I don't know which is which and only know their names from imdb /o\ Still, I should be able to manage something.

And I've also started knitting the sweater (ease) I am doing a knit-along with with [personal profile] longpig. It's goooorgeous and it is going pretty fast, really. Much faster than the vest (firelight) I've got going on as well, which is on much smaller needles on smaller yarn and has cables. I've got a lot of new Project Energy for ease, though, and I'm having to discipline myself to get anything else done! I'll probably ration myself out some in between my other chores and work for the day though, as well as knitting during game.

I am now almost finished my tea, and should get on with said chores, but I will leave you with some knitting pics below the cut )
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Bah, v. 2.0

It turns out my brain is not the problem, or at least not the *only problem.

Stupid uterus.

On the other hand, I managed to capture a rare moment today where the cat and dog were somewhat grudgingly sharing space. The cat (Maze) had usurped Jola's regular space on the futon while Jola was hogging the sunny patch of carpet. She later started whine/growling at me to let her up on the couch.

As a side note, my poor puppy is always a little uncertain about whether she is allowed on the furniture, and sometimes needs to be expressly invited. I suspect this is because she is *not* allowed on the furniture at the dogsitters where she spends several days a week and who generally take care of her while I'm away. Just now I had to get up and tell her she could get up in her regular space. Silly Jola :3

Anyway, which morning I got her to go up on the couch, where she sat awkwardly for a few minutes, staring at the very indifferent cat, who was smugly napping. Yes, of course cats can nap smugly:

pic under cut! )

I got Jola to lie down, but she did not look impressed:

pic under cut! )

When I went back to the couch she stared expectantly at me for a little while longer, but when I resolved to get a picture of that as well, she decided to give up, cleaned herself, and curled up to sleep. They napped together for quite a while! I can't remember now what disrupted it... oh no, I can. I got up to get a piece of pie (coconut cream, made partially with coconut milk, baked by my roomate!), and Maze decided he needed to lick the plate.

Okay, I am feeling marginally better, so I am going back to this article for a bit :p Then maybe knitting and getting caught up with Person of Interest once [personal profile] curtana is home from her dinner out :)
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