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I...forgot to do entries. Derp.

-The kids had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, so I had the house to myself since both their parents went with. So quiet!
-Board games at the neighbours that night! We played telephone pictionary, Dominion, and Robo Rally. There should be a rule against starting a game of Robo Rally that close to eleven o'clock at night :p
-The kids also had a sleepover, so Sunday morning was So Quiet.
-We didn't have a game on Sunday for Various Reasons. I did some writing, it was really nice.
-More writing, knitting, and Jessica Jones last night.

Work today went fine. Things got fixed, other things got set up, it was fine. The internet went out-ish for part of the afternoon. I still had slack and mirc, but everyone was quiet so I went and did some vacuuming in the repository. Wooh!

Tonight, signups for the Raksura exchange, more of Dark Disciple, and more writing. I put in for a pinch it Space Swap, and if I get it, I will basically only have tomorrow to write it, so I'm going to have to start it tonight just in case.
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The chocolate cheesecake I helped make (technically I mostly directed Nary's son in the baking thereof, but I took some parts on myself) was delicious, even if it did split while baking. I have had, let's say, more than one piece :p
We've also managed to recreate Abruzzi's version of a Sicillian Sour: small glass, 3 ice cubes, 1 oz amaretto, 1 oz limoncello, fill up the rest of the way with san pellegrino limonada and a wedge of lemon (squeezed). Damned delicious! Might also be nice with a splash of gin, I may need to investigate...

Watched the last episodes of Voltron with the family today. Bubby was a bit distressed about what happened to Shiro, but aren't we all? That's a damned good show, all in all, and I can't wait until the next season this September!

If all goes to plan, tonight will be my last night on this mattress. I'm so excited! Tomorrow I need to do laundry to ensure that I have clean sheets for the new one. Other than that, depending on when the mattress comes, I want to go out and buys some big plastic storage bins so I can rearrange some of my stuff in storage and, maybe, some of the stuff in my room.

I also had Thirteen today, which was the conclusion of a story arc and turned out pretty cool. Now we have some downtime and a chance to recover for a bit, which is nice - I need to think a bit about what my character will be doing with it. I also filled up a journal during game - now I have to decide what i'm going to start using next for game notes, hmmmmm

I feel like I had something else to say but now I forget what. Ahh well, it is unlikely that it was anything important!
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Saw the Cinecast of the Stratford Festival's production of MacBeath. It was great! Also I helped make a a chocolate cheesecake tonight and play Dominion. But right now Nary is reading to me so this is all the post you get :)
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I made macarons! Almond with raspberry cheesecake icing. They turned out okay - I was pretty impatient with them, and my tools were not ideal. So they were too soggy in the middle. But they were damned delicious, and I have a few idea what to do differently if (when) I try them again. I blame #yuletide for getting me thinking about experimental baking. I mean, I followed a recipe for the macarons, I'd just never done them before. But the icing was all by the seat of my pants: ~1/4 C each of butter and cream cheese, a big spoonful of raspberry jam, and icing until it came together at a good consistency. I didn't measure anything super precisely, just tossed it in the kitchenaid :V It tastes amazing: A++ would make again.

I mad them because we were going to a friend's place tonight and she has gluten issues. I was going to make a simpler mint meringue cookie, but then we didn't have the mint stuff and we *did* have almonds, and at that point I figured fuck it, just go for it! They have been devoured, at home and away. We (Longpig and I) went over for tacos and boardgames, and it was a very successful evening. Tacos were delicious, I ate too much candy, and we played several different short games for small groups (4 people), which was a nice change form games for large groups that take a long time. We played Ticket to Ride (my first time), Fluxx, and Carcasonne. I also drank a lot of rum and ginger, and ate waaaay too much candy.

Other than that, I played a lot with the kids today. We played pirates, and raided the granola bars, which was extra great because we weren't supposed to but also it was harmless ;) OTOH there was a lice scare in the littlest's class, and he has some sign so now I'm very much freaking out about that. For those who don't know me/have never seen pics, I have waist length hair... I'll get someone to check for me tomorrow - it really needed a good washing first. Here's hoping...
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This morning's Facebook memory was that my graduation was three years ago today. I still have mixed feelings about my degree and I'm not sure I'll ever get over them. And that about sets up the mood for this post. )

I'm not sure why it is easier to make any kinds of posts when all I have is meh news.... maybe because when I'm feeling better I'm doing other stuff and it is harder to find the time. I dunno, I'll try and balance things out, I feel like when I do make long posts it is always the same thing in just slightly different iterations. I need some new icons but I don't know what they should be.

ETA: Of course, having posted this, I just got a notification from a position I applied for back in March - they want to test my language skills. Not quite an interview, but a step in that direction I guess! And better than crickets.
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