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Today is a day of intense tiredness. I'd almost blame PM's but the timing is all wrong. Ugh, bodies. Ovulation, maybe? Because I need everything to get more intense, that's just peachy.

Work was fine, tomorrow is our Strategic Retreat, which is a little ominously named, especially since it has the potential to determine my future job prospects... And also the last day of filming.

We had a family meeting to talk about how we need to do better at keeping house... I guess we'll see if that has any impact.

Early bed for me I think. I'm wiped despite a mini-nap earlier.
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Well it isn't *midnight* yet so I guess that's not a total backslide :P

Nug party was today. Other than than, Diablotin! Which was a good session even if it was a bit temporally scattered since not everyone (including me) could make the regular time. Party was good - Nugsy had a great time and really that's the most important. The weather was pretty much perfect! And we have So Much Cake left over @_@

I watched all the Star Wars Whatsists of Destiny shorts tonight with Nary, but really it just made me want mooooooar! I'm sad that this will be the last season of Rebels :( But at least new movies will be out soon?

I think that's all I've got. I need to go shower (for really really real this time) and go to bed. At least I eventually remembered to take care of the kitty (food + box cleaning)...
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I am really sock. I have a super shitty cold. I thought that I was past the leaky face bits yesterday - or the day before even - but no, they returned full force around 4 PM, after I'd booked a 10am meeting for tomorrow. I'd felt so much better this morning, but tonight my sinuses are inflamed (really visibly so - my face is red and hot to the touch), and I'm tired and my asthma is acting up. And I can't find my inhaler, it isn't in any of the places it should be /o\ I really don't want this to get in my lungs. I've been doing sinus rinses (gross but better than the alternative) but they only help so much.

Of course this happens when H&I are out of town for two weeks, so I have a lot more stuff that I need to do. No one else is going to walk the dogs or feed me :(

Ugh. I guess I'll see how I'm feeling in the morning, and if need be I can try and reschdule that meeting, but for now I'm just going to take it realllllly easy and hope for the best.

I was going to do a log of how I've been managing to feed myself, but other than Kraft Dinner yesterday I think I'll probably be okay. I can, in fact, remember how to food. I just can't taste any of it -_-

So this meeting tomorrow is to talk about cloud computing solutions for work.... it's going to be a hassle and a half. I need to talk to the campus IT people, too. I probably should have done first. This is gon' be a nightmare :p

Well, here goes I guess! Anyone know anything about cloud computing? :p

Oh oh oh!

Meanwhile, I got *THREE GIFTS* for Space Swap! And they're all excellent. I highly recommend them all :)

The Fabric of Space (4819 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cthulhu Mythos - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Additional Tags: Blood and Gore, Alien Culture, Alien Biology

A jaded courier discovered that there is more to life than they ever imagined

--An amazing Mythis story that play around really interestingly with the canon tropes.

Beefcake of Marmora Hunks Calendar (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ulaz (Voltron), Thace (Voltron), Kolivan (Voltron), Antok (Voltron)
Additional Tags: blade of marmora, Worldbuilding: Blade of Marmora - Freeform, Art, Photoshop, Calendar, Hunks, buns, man meat, it's what's for dinner, space swap 2017, Treat, Beefcake, Crack, crack art, Butts, butts for days, Galra Empire

Hey, if you're gonna resist a 10, 000 year old empire, you're gonna need to do a little fundraising. Who could say no to these foxy freedom fighters? :D

-Galra hunks calendar! It's amazing. What more can I say :D

To the Champion go the rewards (2054 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Sendak/Shiro
Characters: Shiro (Voltron), Sendak (Voltron), Ulaz (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Background Matt Holt/Shiro - Freeform, Gladiators, Blood and Injury, Anal Sex

Shiro, the Champion of the arena, is summoned to the private chamber of Commander Sendak.

--Voltron Non-con because I'm a bad bad person. But it's great! I love being in Shiro's...head >.>
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I...forgot to do entries. Derp.

-The kids had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, so I had the house to myself since both their parents went with. So quiet!
-Board games at the neighbours that night! We played telephone pictionary, Dominion, and Robo Rally. There should be a rule against starting a game of Robo Rally that close to eleven o'clock at night :p
-The kids also had a sleepover, so Sunday morning was So Quiet.
-We didn't have a game on Sunday for Various Reasons. I did some writing, it was really nice.
-More writing, knitting, and Jessica Jones last night.

Work today went fine. Things got fixed, other things got set up, it was fine. The internet went out-ish for part of the afternoon. I still had slack and mirc, but everyone was quiet so I went and did some vacuuming in the repository. Wooh!

Tonight, signups for the Raksura exchange, more of Dark Disciple, and more writing. I put in for a pinch it Space Swap, and if I get it, I will basically only have tomorrow to write it, so I'm going to have to start it tonight just in case.
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I had a dream last night, though I don't remember it super clearly and it was not to begin with super linear. I may not even be remembering them in order - I am not super sure whether the UART or the home bits came first. It involved a few different elements:

I was working at A&M for a different museum there. We were having a staff meeting. One of the other women was trying to track down record for an old purchase. They'd bought a bunch of prints for resale, I think, and were trying to find out details, because some information that was now relevant was missing. I suggested talking to Cathy, my old boss, while I was thinking (but not saying) that we really ought to be part of UART. Cathy had been here long enough to remember that time and might know something about it, I suggested. The woman was ambivalent.

I later ran into Cathy in the hall. She was dressed sort of like McGonagal from the movies minus the witch hat. She initially seemed pleased to find out I was working there again, but then we talked about my citizenship. We talked about how expensive it had been to hire me as a Canadian, but I hadn't had to pay for it. Now I was a dual citizen (I'm not). She was mad at me for a: not having to pay and b: not having to choose. It came out that she had been forced to choose.

I was still living with Wererogue and Longpig and the kids, but we were in Moncton, in my maternal grandparents' old neighborhood, and kind of in their old house. It was late winter/early spring, and not too much snow left on the ground. I'd gone with were rogue to pick up the kids from school, which was down the road and around the corner by the park. We looked back and they were gone - we found them Krazy Karpeting down a very small hill. Wererogue told them that he was disappointed they hadn't listened, and that he had been planning to take them sledding on a bigger hill, but now they weren't going to be able to do that. They could go home or keep sledding where they were (it was a really tiny tiny hill, not even snow bank size). They were disappointed. At some point, Longpig managed to set the Karpet on fire from friction because there wasn't enough snow?

When I got home, there was a package. I didn't know what it was, but was told it might be Longpig's possum. Apparently the oven might have been leaking some kind of poison gas, and the way to tell was to keep a small possum in there and monitor it. To do so you should wear full surgical gear made out of maple (??). The possum had died.

Diablotin Jedi:
So I was also Denise, my Diablotin character, and she was a Jedi Padawan. Ander, her mobster-mentor in the game, was her Master. This connected to the earlier fragments in a few ways: when forced to choose earlier, I'd decided that the most important part of my identity was Rat, which is the House that Denise and Ander both belong to. We were dealing with these glass necklaces/fragments that had been part of that purchase where the records were missing. The glass was green with some purple, kind of like fluoride in mineral form. It had words impressed into some of the fragments, but either they weren't actually legible or I just don't remember them at all.

Ander was looking into one of these, and he had found out something, but wouldn't tell me because it was too dangerous. Possibly this related to some cryptic stuff Cathy told me as well? Something about this cause him to die in my arms, and it was very sad. It also somehow related to the possum, if only metaphorically? I don't remember/can't make sense of it now.

I managed to chase down the people who were dealing in this glass to The Docks (What docks? Who even knows, it was very generic). I had a fight with one dude, who had some kind of light saber whip. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars vintage) showed up and helped me fight, also telling me that I shouldn't be there, that I didn't understand, that I would get myself killed, and so on. I was all 'but they killed my master!' of course, because Denise really would be a terrible Jedi. We (I) managed to beat the first guy.

The second guy ether ate or absorbed one of these pieces of ...ghost glass? it gave him glowing green wings. He gloated that we couldn't really defeat him. The first guy, who I had very throughly light-sabered, also started glowing green around his chest (the wound? I'm not sure now), and coming back to life.

Then I woke up and I don't know at all how anything resolved! Very frustrating!

Overall, I slept for crap and my back was killing me all night :/
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Today was a day of preparation and organization.

I Dealt With the basement, taking things out of boxes and putting them in bins, and reorganized some other stuff to make more space.

Then I got together all my LARP things for the event tomorrow. I am still taking all my cold-weather gear, as it is supposed to be rainy and windy and I expect it will feel colder than it is when we are outside in it all day and into the early evening.

This evening, I helped prep the birthday cake for Bubby's birthday - a really awesome Ninja Turtles cake. I mostly just mixed the fondant colours and then hung around for encouragement/moral support and to be cake-nurse and get things for the artist(s -Wererogue made Master Splinter as Longpig was finishing the last turtle) as required. It looks really really awesome! I'm sure there will be pics tomorrow, but I'm glad I got to see it. It is covered all over in dark green fondant with the turtles and Splinter in relief around the side, and a manhole cover and the 'Happy birthday' on the top in yellow. It is two cakes hight but I'm not sure if they are split or if it is just two layers. One layer is chocolate, and the other is vanilla with mini chocolate chips. I also saw a giant Optimus Prime piniata being filled with candy... I hope they have fun!

I'm going to go take a shower and try to go to bed. I have to be up fairly early tomorow - I'm being picked up at 8, but we are doing breakfast first, so I won't have to worry about that, just walking the dogs and getting dressed!
Music:: Naughty Sailor's Alphabet (which I am trying to memorize in case I have a chance to sing it in game)
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Spent my morning faffing around the internet. but I have settled on my space swap premise at least, this time really. I also managed to actually order some storage bins and a storage Thingy (stand with bins?) for my room. The bins have a ridiculous delivery date of 1-2 months, but there's no real rush on them. Would it have been quicker to go to Walmart? Probably. But this is easier. I accidentally bought Amazon Prime; I may as well use it.

I went downtown and bought too much Candy. We were supposed to be getting stuff for Bubby's birthday party on Saturday, which was also achieved. I somehow lost a bag of watermelon slices on the way to the cash, so it could have been worse. Today was ridiculously warm, but it isn't going to stick quite yet. At least it isn't snowing! Yet...

Saturday is both the party and the LARP game I'm going to, which despite knowing both these things for ages now only came together in my mind tonight. so, that's unfortunate - I need to talk to Bubby tomorrow. I *will* be around on his actual birthday though, so I might promise to do stuff with him that night instead and see how that goes over. I'm such a jerk :(

In other sad news, Nary found out her grandmother died today.... She was old (97) and Very Ready, but still. That's also Nary's first grandmother to go - the other one had her 100th birthday last year. She's going down for the funeral, and flying back on Saturday... So she will be saying here on Saturday night! Which yay! But also Boo :( She's the third friend of mine to lose a grandmother in the last month, too.

In response to that, we had a chill evening, and she read to me more of the SW: rebels book (New Dawn?). I am enjoying the story and, of course, I do like the characters. It's pretty fast paced and the bad guy is basically an evil cyborg petty bureaucrat "efficiency expert", so basically everything that is the worst thing about "bad" management (it doesn't matter if people get hurt, this will make things go faster and that will please the Emperor) and also a psycho murderer. But Kanan and Hera! I feel like the author has done a good job back-projecting them. Kanan is the most different, but then Hera has been on a steadier path for a while. Then we watched a few more episodes of the show. And I got a lot of knitting done! I keep thinking I'm about to run out of this ball of yarn and then not.... but soon, surely. I hope the rest of it arrives soon and will work how I want it to!
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So I was organized enough to take my computer in this morning, more or less. It turns out Best Buy doesn't open until 10, though, so I spent about 20 minutes waiting outside. There wasn't really anywhere to go that was good to kill time that wasn't also a food place, and I wasn't hungry. If I had known it wasn't opened, I could have gone to the mall - if anything was open there yet, I could have gotten Bubby's birthday present. I do still have some time for that, at least, and some ideas.

Anyway - it was not a simple fix that they could do instore, which is what I suspected. So I bought a new external hard drive and backed up everything that was important that I could remember and reasonably grab. That was not everything, of course - I missed some fortunately easily re-creatable tax stuff (just calculations for exchange rates), some music, and maybe a cover letter or two? I think I have everything else *somewhere*. But it will be a few weeks. Fool that I am, I forgot to sign out of all the things, so, uh, I hope you're trustworthy, best buy people! This is what happens when I only commit to something at like 12:30 at night and then have to follow through with only an hour to do all the morning things. Of course, if I'd known BB wouldn't be open yet I could have done better :V Now I'm back on my old laptop, which works okay but has some quirks, like the fact that it is missing it's left arrow key and is, mysteriously, slow as hell. Still, it's like an old friend.

Things went well at the museum today - I finally managed to get a good 3d print of the scissors I scanned without them falling apart. We have a powder-and-binder printer so that we can print in colour (it's basically an inkjet with glue ;p), so pretty different from the plastic/metal extruding types people are maybe more familiar with. The way the scissors were oriented in the print bed meant that the handles were really really delicate, and they kept breaking before I could even put them in the glue bath. I'd also been having colour issues, but the structural integrity was way more problematic! I got that resolved - there is a bit of a trade off because of how the layers work, in that the surface is more clearly striated, but for the particular purpose I think it will be fine.

When I came home, I basically slept until dinner. Then Nugsy was a total wreck (overtired and still sick) and being a complete jerk about it, screaming and doing anything he could for any kind of attention, good or bad. And, of course, insisting that he was NOT tired (he was tired). His dad did eventually get him settled, demonstrating incredible patience, and I think he fell asleep pretty fast (shock!) I haven't heard him coughing tonight, though, so that's a good sign.

I did a little knitting, but this part of the pattern is pretty complicated and it was slow going. Watched some cooking shows and that's about it. I'll have to re-locate those job ads tomorrow to apply for them, since all my tabs were open on another computer and I don't have my chrome integrated enough to bring them up here.
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I made macarons! Almond with raspberry cheesecake icing. They turned out okay - I was pretty impatient with them, and my tools were not ideal. So they were too soggy in the middle. But they were damned delicious, and I have a few idea what to do differently if (when) I try them again. I blame #yuletide for getting me thinking about experimental baking. I mean, I followed a recipe for the macarons, I'd just never done them before. But the icing was all by the seat of my pants: ~1/4 C each of butter and cream cheese, a big spoonful of raspberry jam, and icing until it came together at a good consistency. I didn't measure anything super precisely, just tossed it in the kitchenaid :V It tastes amazing: A++ would make again.

I mad them because we were going to a friend's place tonight and she has gluten issues. I was going to make a simpler mint meringue cookie, but then we didn't have the mint stuff and we *did* have almonds, and at that point I figured fuck it, just go for it! They have been devoured, at home and away. We (Longpig and I) went over for tacos and boardgames, and it was a very successful evening. Tacos were delicious, I ate too much candy, and we played several different short games for small groups (4 people), which was a nice change form games for large groups that take a long time. We played Ticket to Ride (my first time), Fluxx, and Carcasonne. I also drank a lot of rum and ginger, and ate waaaay too much candy.

Other than that, I played a lot with the kids today. We played pirates, and raided the granola bars, which was extra great because we weren't supposed to but also it was harmless ;) OTOH there was a lice scare in the littlest's class, and he has some sign so now I'm very much freaking out about that. For those who don't know me/have never seen pics, I have waist length hair... I'll get someone to check for me tomorrow - it really needed a good washing first. Here's hoping...
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Did I make an entry yesterday? I honestly forget.

Yesterday was Family Day - an Ontario statutory holiday meant to give families a long weekend to do... family stuff? I wound up going hiking with my BiL and the kids in one of the parks in town (we have a number of parks in town where you can go on two hour hiking trails). It was really nice out, but the ground was frozen enough that not everything was super muddy, at least not to start. We were ostensibly there with the Wild Child group, that does risky outdoor playtime for kids, but we lost track of them and kind of did our own thing. I was super worried that Nugsy would wind up with ice water in his boots, but despite going through the edges of one of the ponds in a few places where I knew it was deeper than his boot, he managed to mostly not! I am grateful to the elastic cuff of his splash pants, I guess!

After that, we picked up our friend Gats who is visiting for the week! So if I am less present and more distracted than usual, that is why! I need to do a chocolate box post in my writing journal - I received some incredible gifts, and reveals were today - I'm just not sure when I'll get to it. Today we didn't do too much - some errands, introducing him to Voltron, abusing the waffle iron. Tomorrow I'm going to the museum as usual, and will probably do more scanning. For now, I should bed,because I'm already up too late. I forgot it wasn't Monday and I was watching Top Chef with my sister -_-


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