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Took an allegra and a rectine. No hives or faceleaking but I am dumb and sleepy af.

But I got many kitty toes trimmed and had some nice cuddles.

I had 13 today and it was a really good session, I think! I'm so lucky to have so many good engaging games, and such awesome people to RP with in all of them. Also got some knitting done.

Yesterday I brought in the yarn in the cherry bark bath.... and there was nothing, no change at all. I'm super disappointed. It just smells gross now :/ I'm not sure if I should rescour it and go through the whole mordanting process again, or what. Maybe I can try again with some queen anne's lace/wild carrot tops, which are supposed to be green. Maybe bark dyes just don't work with solar dyeing. I dunno, but I am disappointed, boo :(

I need to pick a writing project. I finished all my exchange fics and have freedom to do what I want if I only could decide what that is ;p
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missed opportunities, thwearted intentions, oompromises, and an array of disasters, mostly minor :p

Please forgive any excessive typos, but (exemplifying both a disaster and a compromise), I am using my TV (okay it is Merc's TV but I am borrowing it longterm) as a monitor and I can only sorta read the screen because the resolution is too shitty. But it is better than trying to read a blacked out screen - apparently it is probably not the monitor backlight itself, but the backlight inverter. Hooray>? Either way, that is $30-50 I really don't have until the end of the month. Unless I get my reimbursements from any of the three agencies that owe me money. hah.

So yes,. I missed international movie vieweing, because I am a butt and didn't get the movie and couldb't get up early enough. But it wouldn't have mattered because oph my previously outlined computer woes.

Instead of doing any of my work, I mopped my floors and took Jola to the Dog park with Shelby though! so that was good. she also brought me tasty cake! Which was very good :)

Ryan came over and helped me set up the Svideo, which was very nice! And i fed him tasty cake. the cycle of baked good, huzzah! Then *I* baked cookies for a party I was going to go to tonight.

Only i am retarded and didn't properly arrange myself a ride, and didn't realize, really, until I was pretty much ready to go. The state of my computer at the moment means that I can really only use my landline (it is hard to get to skype in this set up, and I can't read people's names or numbers anyway :p) And I can only make local calls from the landline....for those people whose numbers aren't just on the computer somewhere. Bleh! So, communication was made tricky.

I was moaping, but Ryan convinced me to scrounge up money to go see RED, and I found $6 in my work bag, so huzzah! of course, after he'd left, and maybe 2 min before he actually got here, I got a call form some other friends offering a ride to the party..... butby then I'd changed and Ryan was on his way :p

i brought cookies to the movie though, nom nom nom. They turned out really well!

So, the movie was hilariuos and I'm glad I got out to do *something * rather than be stuck at home with no real useful internets 9trying to read much of the screen hurts my eyes :/)

But the adventure was not over. Ryan had to pee, apparently, when he dropped me offd, and peeled off pretty fast, as opposed to his susal 'wait and make sure you are going to get in to your house fine' routine. Which was unfortunate, because my keys were/are either in his car, or,. more liekly, in the theater (he's checked since). So i spent a good 5-10 min going through my pockets and running through my options..... Megan and aaron living in walking distance.... but they are off camping this weekend. I don't know which house my apartment manager lives in, and I don't have a cellphone to call maintenance. I could walk to Neil and David's and crash on their couch?

but then I realized that, contrary to my regular habit, I'd forgotten to close and lock the window before I went out, so i popped the screen and climbed in. woot! And did so without maze escaping (though he was fascinated by the process)

Oh, I forgot - a bunch of my school peps went to renfaire today, and i had to miss out on that due to poverty and lack of coordination(I knew people were gong but had no details, really. Of course if I hadn't decided that i was too poor, I could have found out ;p). but another missed opportunity anyway, as I knew a few other people who would have been there!

Anyway, i'm home, I got to go out and so *something* today, I have lots of tasty baked goods and clean floors (in the kitchen, bathroom, and entry, anyway), my computer does not need to be entirely replaced. i saw a good movie with good company.

but sill. ugh! And I drank some tea with dinner because I thought I would need energy to be up late partying, and instead I'm just home with too much energy to sleep :/
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From The Shadow Unmasks (1937):

"There's a man for you, Burke," declared Weston. "Twelve years ago, his plane crashed in the jungles of Guatemala. He was crippled, helpless among a tribe of Xinca Indians; and I understand those savages are the most barbarous in Central America.

"Did Allard yield to those Xincas? No! Instead, he tamed them. He lived with them; ruled them. When he had civilized them to a state where they could govern themselves, he appointed a native as chief. A work of twelve years was ended, so Kent Allard came home."

* * * *

There was one point upon which Allard had dwelt but little; namely, how the Xincas had accepted him as the white god from the sky. Allard seemed to consider that of but little importance.

Viewing the two Xincas, both Weston and Clyde noticed how definitely Allard had modified that detail. It was plain that the servitors worshipped their white chief; that every action they made was hinged upon his command. In private, Kent Allard was quite as amazing a figure as in public.

* * * *


In other failnews, if anyone wants to know why I so disliked Clash of the Titans, I can probably be prompted to write a serious review ;p
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I went to the store and bought two things. And I left oe of them at the store.
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Tomorrow I am supposed to give Kevin a bibliography of the article I am supposed to be wriihg about the social use of space on ships.

What I have done so far is put all the bibliographic info I have from the paper i wrote my first term here in to endnote.

I think I had planned to focus on 18th century vessels. I feel like I'm cheating.

I can add some stuff that I read for my prelims that I think will be useful, but really..... yeah. I feel like a fraud :x

I also feel like I'm not actually done with this yet and ack!

Stupid brain-eating Star Trek.

As an aside, does ST fandom just not like angst? Is that it? Only it can't be, because new! Spock is all full of half-Vulcan angst. But I mean really, I have found only one other person online who has even conceived of Nero/Ayel. Hot Romulan on Romulan man action! Seriously - they are *in prison* for like 25 years! :V

And this is why I can't get any work done, and also why I am a bad person.

Ugh. I sleep now.
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I *was* all happy because I got my package from hazel, with my awesome snazzy cuffs (to be pictured once I can put together a suitable outfit), and Jola's dog sweater (which fits...ish), plus SNAKS.

However when I checked my actual mail box, there was also a rejection letter from OnSpec for Keep off the Grass. At least with OnSpec there is usually some sort of editorial comment to show why something was rejected. This one, they apparently agreed (which suggests more than one person at elst read it?) seemed like more of a fragment of something longer, and didn't work for them.

Of course, it didn't seem that way to me, but I lack perspective. I could have seen if they'd said the ending was ambiguous, or similar...

I don't know. I really don't. the only other story I have out at the moment is Shadow of a Place to Apex, but that is a long shot. An especially long shot, even, as I submitted it for a science-fiction-y special edition. I do have some other stuff on the go, writing wise, but this makes it really hard to try and find the time to work on any of it, over and above my other commitments and general lack of time.

Fail fail fail! It does not help that I am already having a crap day, and am over tired but too strung out to nap. I just feel like I'm fumbling blindly through all parts of my life, and I'm never going to make it anywhere in anything.
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I came in to pick some stuff up and print some stuff out for my trip, only to find that Cemal noticed some errors on the cards I printed out the other day - serves me right, and also, doesn't surprise me :p So now I have to futz around with them *and* print out more and junk the ones I'd already done up. Booo ;_;

I guess what I'll do is go run some other errands (I need to get the batter in my watch replaced, for instance), and come back this afternoon after lunch and some TFA with Buck and maybe Sas if she's around. I can print stuff out later too.

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