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I forgot yesterday, and then almost forgot today - but toorrow I start my new job ahhhhhhh! I need to go to bed, so flailing is all you get, sorry :3
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I guess I'm not crossposting to LJ anymore because I didn't accept the new ToS. Sorry...anyone who may have been left over there, but this was where I'd been headed for a while, really. What will this mean come Yuletide? I guess well see...

I officially accepted the offer for my job today. I am actually making sliiiightly less than I did there before, but otoh I get benefits and vacation, so I guess that probably works out. I am all excited and also wary. I start on April 18, after I get back from visiting Nary

Longpig and I took the dogs for a long walk this afternoonto the petstore, where I bought a harness for JOla. She is getting worse and worse about pulling, and I am afraid she is going to hurt her throat. This is a J Walker harness, which is a Canadian company, and it is already magical! It clips at either side, and has two martingale things, so basically when she pulls, she turns. They also tried to clip her toenails, which went as well as I expected (poorly). I finished them this evening, though, much to her dismay.

Other than that - I'm almost done the wiki entry! Also I watched some more Rebels with Nary and did some work on my shawl. I ought to shower and go to sleep - this pressure system is killin' me.

I feel like I can think of actually intersting things to post about, but never when I'm acually writing an entry, or have any time to do the same.
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It is late but *not* before I am already actually in bed! I'm not posting from my phone! I *am* posting from my new computer!

I have an official offer letter form the Museum - thanks to everyone who offered congratulations! I'm going in tomorrow, but probably not for the full amount of time that I usually do. At least, that's my plan. I don't want to get sucked/pushed into starting the job before I start the job, and since I just finished up the stuff I was working on last time I was there, I think that will make sense. So I'll go, and talk to Rhonda and give her my signed acceptance letter and maybe do a few little things? We'll see.

I have dyed! I finally used the big bag of onion skins that 'd been saving up, on both some test swatches and on some wool I got specifically to dye some stuff for the shawl my larp character is knitting. I also did a for srs bath of walnut on the rest of the wool. I'm super excited - they look really good in the bath, and I know they are both dyes that stay pretty fast. I'm looking forward to spring and more things I can try out :)

I did a teensy bit of writing today, and I made soup, and that's about all I did, otherwise. I'm into chart 6 of my shawl (of 13). I am still on the first ball of wool. I keep telling myself I shoudl switch at the end of the chart I'm on and then not doing it... but this time I really mean it! If by some miracle I still have anything left when I'm through this one, I'm switching to the purple. Probably. I'm sort fo torn between the idea of wanting to use as much of the orange as possible and thinking that the purple section should be a little bit longer/bigger, but I think it will be fine either way.

I think after I finish the socks I'm working on, I'm going to go back to reading on the bus and see if I can finish the book I borrowed from Nary. I was enjoying it, but apparenly I fell out of the reading habit again. I have a bunch of things I really want to read, though, so I should get on that. Now that I have a bookcase in my room it is reminding of the sad ratio of books owned to books read.

All sorts of fictional things are vying for space in my head rght now, and I'm not focusing well on any of them. So my productivity in that regard has been really really low. I need to turn that around, somehow, especially if I am going to sart a new job soon. Which I am. Ahh!

My sister keeps linking me to tumblr and this is not helping me get on a better sleep schedule of focus on any of the things I need to do (she noted almost an hour after writing the previous paragraph...) HI tumblr! Does anyone actually read this over there? Hmmm, I wonder...

Bed now!
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Today has been A Day. On the one hand -I have been offered the museum job!!!!

On the other hand my 'exchange' laptop wound up being way more expensive than I'd planned/expected/hoped.

The new job will certainly help but it is annoying in the short term.

On the upside, it is just annoying and not financially devastating.

More when I'm not on my phone!
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Another day of accomplishing little. I got cat litter, and I cleaned the cat box.

Apparently the next Underworld day mod (and the last day mod of the season, ergo the last one I'm likely to be able to attend ;_;) is in Two Weeks! It's April 8. I did not realize it was coming up that soon, yikes! Well at least it should be a little warmer than last time.... hopefully. That said - I don't know where my character is or what's going on with her ;_; But that also said, if I can't play her for some reason, I could still NPC the day mod and net some frags (they're like... oog currency you get for volunteering/donations that you can spend on your characters in different ways).

Speaking of the weather, I'm debating taking the plastic off my windows. We're certainly past the worst of any cold weather, and getting into the season where I might want to actually open them. A project for tomorow, no doubt!

Other projects for tomorrow:
Space Swap?????
Jukebox signups
Jukebox playlists?
Put together a dresser
Work on the Dietremen write up? I did a bit of that today. But really, space swap before I have another assignment would be good! Why is everything time sensitive!

There is also a job I should apply for, even though it is in the US, and that is just such a steaming pile of Ugh. Ugh!

When will I hear back from the museum? Who knows! Who even knows.'

As a side note, I'm still on my old computer, which doesn't handle the slack desktop well. So if I am usually on Slack and you've been wondering why I haven't been responsive for the past few weeks, its probably because I can't remember my passwords so I am just waiting to get my new computer fixed first :p
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Despite being awake and staring at my computer until almost 3 AM yesterday, I somehow managed not to make an entry. I am really bad at making and keeping habits. I am totally the person who will do something everyday for a year and then just miss it one day with no reason. I wonder about my brain sometimes :p Sometimes I wish you could just get brain scans or whatever without having a specific need, just to have a baseline for comparison. But that would be pointlessly expensive. And there are people in my life who need them for more legit reasons :/ I admit I am sometimes paranoid that there is something wrong and it just hasn't been noticed yet, but I know that is not really rational. If there was a real problem, I would know by now, not just wonder. Everyone's body does weird things from time to time, so I shouldn't get all hypochondriac, especially when I have seen what more serious symptoms look like.


Yesterday was decently interesting. I didn't get to scan anything, but I did compile exit surveys from the VR exhibit. It gave me surprising feels! Partly to see the number of older women (over 40 and over 60) who'd tried it and loved it. They said a range of heartening things, like that ii was immersive, that if gave them a sense of emotional and spiritual connection to the history, that they were pleased to be able to participate in this wave of new technology, and so forth. I am also amused at the mid-twenties dudes complaining that the vive headset was too heavy when women old enough to be their grandmothers were all 'no complaints, it felt fine!' It was nice to be even tangentially involved in the project, anyway. And I did a minor bit of tech supporting for the equipment while I was there as well.

Then last night, among other things, I was knitting, and managed to work the tip off one of my Karbonz, because of course I did. I'm pretty sure these are the ones I already had to replace (my US 4's). But maybe I'm using my 5's? Anyway, this is a new issue, but also a resolvable one. I just superglued it back on. Luckily I was near the end of the row. If I didn't love everything else about these needles so much I would probably stop buying them. But honestly I think the problem is me :p Meanwhile, have a pic of my work in progress on this scarf!

Pic! )

This morning I got dinner in the crock pot, then has my "post-board review" with the HR person from PC. It was informative, mostly in the sense that it confirmed a lot of stuff for me that I suspected. i am terrible at having examples, and need to elaborate more on my answers, and take more cues from the questions. In these kinds of interviews, they aren't allowed to prompt for further explanations, so it is all on me and how I answer things. It seems like on some of the most-relevant questions I did quite well, but fell down in a few key areas. Part of having not great examples is a matter of experience, and part of it is not being vicious enough to past employers, and part of it is not being able to explain myself well when I do. As I said, it was helpful, if a little depressing. They interviewed less than ten people, though and since it was an open call I know that to make it that far I had to pass a lot of benchmarks. But in the end, I didn't even make it into the hiring pool, let alone make it to the top. Ugh. He was very encouraging though, and aid I should definitely continue to apply for other collections type positions with the agency. I'll keep an eye out, but they don't come up that often :p Meanwhile, I hope I didn't screw up my SA interview as badly. Ugh. At least they *know* I'm awesome. Right?

There than that I managed to get some laundry started, change the sheets on my bed, and do some general room tidying. I might try to put up the poster I got from the art show on my wall... I have the print tacked up just to get it out of the way, but I'd really like to get it framed. I'll keep an eye out for something nice for it. [personal profile] karanguni asked my for a pic, and I took one - it isn't super great, because the print is in a plastic sleeve and there is some glare, but it gives a pretty good idea!

The Cat by Justin Erickson )

I have a bunch of other things I'd like to do today - mostly writing stuff, at this point. I did my EI report and subsequent phone call, but was only on hold for about 15 min this time, so not too bad. And I should go switch the laundry too... But I want to touch up my chocolate box, and work on the Thirteen story and maybe do some other little chocolate box thing? We'll see how my afternoon/evening goes, I guess.
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Still not much to say though. I got up extra early so that I could go in and look over some stuff before the interview, then stressed myself out worrying that it wouldn't happen after all. But it did! I think I did fine, but I won't know for a while. I'm not entirely sure why they scrambled to get my interview done when they can't do any others until March, but I guess it is one less thing to worry about.

Then I went and got my teeth cleaned, adn I'm following that up with eating a bunch of candy, because I make good, healthy decisions.

I got the beads in the mail for my scarf/shawl, but I forgot to ask Nary to bring me tiny crochet hooks. She is stopping by this afternoon for a bit (probably soon!), and I will try nd figure out when I will see her next. Otherwise I might order a fleagle? We'll see I guess! I hope the holes are big enough to bead this way rather than stringing them, because that is a whole world of hell no.

And there is nary, later all!
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I heard that today's owl was *surprisingly* superb! Wooh!

Thirteen was excellent. My poor character is hemorrhaging sanity though ;p He has a lower threshold for it than everyone else - serves me right for laying a stat-balanced character in a game like this :p Though tbf, I didn't build him. But I can get him an animal companion now, and I'm hoping I can convince the GM to work out something with that to help compensate.

It was lovely having nary here - and I will hopefully get to see her a bit tomorrow as well, on her way back.

During game I tried a short row heel again. I admit that it was maybe not the best time to try it, as my attention was somewhat divided, but this is my second time giving up and just doing a heel flap. I can't get it to come out without holes where I pick up the wraps, and that's half the point of a short row (especially since I don't mind gussets).

I have posted my chocolate box fic. I want to look it over in more detail nd maybe add some stuff, but for the moment it passes the bus test and that's really all I can ask.

I am not really 'prepared' for my interview tomorrow, since I only heard about it Friday. I had hoped to have a chance to look some stuff over, but I'm not really going to get that. I need to shower now to get up tomorrow. I'm hoping to get there early, at least, but we'll see how it goes. Also hopefully, I'll be okay on buses and make it to my dentist appointment okay! I should be fine, as there are two routes I can potentially take, but we'll see!
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We had people over tonight for board games, which was precipitated by for fairly intensive house cleaning (well... I did the floors in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom quite thoroughly, everything else was in pretty good shape already) and baking. It was fun! We mostly played telephone pictionary... only the official version the name of which I forget. We wound up bastardizing the rules, though. We didn't use the cards, because they were often too easy and uninteresting, but we reigned ourselves in by sticking to categories. It was still fun, but less banana than regular telephone pictionary, and it went a lot faster. After that we played Citadel, which was maybe not the best choice for that time of night, as people were getting tired.

In non-social news, after having submitted my application last night, I got called this morning to go to a job interview on Monday. Basically because Rhonda is going on vacation next week, nd this is the last chance. So I have that at 10, and then have to go downtown for a dentist appointment at 12, and then Julie may be stopping back in on her way back from Toronto, s that looks like it is going to be a very busy day. But yay, interview! This is better, because initially Rhonda had replied to say that they didn't think interviews would be happening until March (see above re: Vacation). Hopefully I won't majorly screw things up and can get a job again, hooray! I would like to have reliable income I can spend on things like a new mattress, and... man I know I made a list in an older entry, I should go look that up. But despite promises made, I know I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch.

Anyway. I did a tiny bit of writing today... Only a tiny bit because I woke up at 11, and then there was cleaning, baking, and boardgames. Tomorrow I really need to double down and finish my chocolate box if I can! It is coming along pretty well, at least.
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Today I got the official word that I didn't get the job with Parks Canada I'd applied for. that took.... almost a year. 10 months. A really long time. I emailed to ask why I wasn't selected, and apparently the hiring manager will send me something, so I might at least learn something from the experience.

I did get together everything I need to apply to the local job, at least, including securing references. I am going to get one from the curator at the museum, as she knows me and has a general sense, at least, of what all I was doing at SA. I also learned today that people are using my workflows and are pleased to do so, so I'm super happy about that. I kind of worried that once I left no one would pay any attention to them :3

Today was also the day that we got a box in the mail of Things that used to belong to Balthcat. Not a lot of things - but he used to collect cat figurines, and the friend who was helping his mother asked if she could send some to his close friends. In a few cases, they were ones we had given him... I got back a miniature venetian mast shaped like a kitty face that I'd bought him when I was in Venice in....2002? I also asked if I could have his fountain pens if no one in the family wanted them, which apparently was the case. One of them leaked in transit, and now I am covered in black ink. I also made, when I first moved away from my hometown friends, little 'tokens' to give them, and I gave one to cat. Since they found it, I asked if I could have it back rather than it getting tossed away. It is the sort of thing that wouldn't have any value to anyone else. Also, now it is spattered with black ink. I'm okay with that; it was his ink after all.


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