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Today has been A Day. On the one hand -I have been offered the museum job!!!!

On the other hand my 'exchange' laptop wound up being way more expensive than I'd planned/expected/hoped.

The new job will certainly help but it is annoying in the short term.

On the upside, it is just annoying and not financially devastating.

More when I'm not on my phone!
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I meant to, while I was doing other things, back up a bunch of stuff on this computer onto my external hard drive so that I could take it in to Best Buy tomorrow. That....didn't happen. I might take it anyway and take my chances. I don't have much on the go for writing atm.

Today is International Women's day. I wore a red shirt, and I baked cookies (chocolate with mini reeces pieces). I talked to a friend on gchat and was prompted to look at jobs, and there are a few I will try and apply for - one in Ottawa and one in Nova Scotia (Lunenberg). A project for tomorrow/Friday I guess!

It is windy AF out there. And I am stupid tired. I really hope I am not getting sick, as I was meant to be volunteering this weekend and I feel like that would be irresponsible, if I do have a cold. Which super sucks! But Nugsy is pretty sick right now, and probably I have been giving him too many hugs. I gave him a cuddle while we were trying to convince him to take his antibiotics, and just - you could tell he was not well. Too warm, among other things. And I'm pretty much out of the inhaler I need to keep my lungs from succumbing to terribleness. So I'll cross my fingers, and go to bed.
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So I did wind up buying a new laptop after the old one gave me two hard-drive related BSODs in one night and then rebooted weirdly... I managed to recover files.... ad then I gave up and bought a new computer. I now have a 17" Lenovo G70 with Windows 10. I'm okay with Win10 - it is a million times better than 8. I am liking it pretty well but I am always slow to customize things. I put on a background (though I'm disappointed that I can't change the colour of the background the picture is on, bah), I ported over music and other important files. I installed mIRC and Chrome. I bought Word (don't judge me, I use t for a lot f things and prefer it still to alternatives I have tried :p)... I realized I need VLC and irfanview and a better music player... Suggestions? I'd had winamp on the old one but it wasn't my favourite. Not iTunes either, as I despise it. I guess I can give media player a shot ... *dubious* I'm also getting used t the new track pad, which behaves a bit differently than my old one , especially for scrolling. It doesn't seem to have an option for edge scrolling, only two-finger, and I keep accidentally zooming the screen in Chrome -_-

And what I came on to ask is - is semagic still the best client for crossposting between LJ nd DW? I figured someone out here might know....

But I'll accept other input on things I might want to install!

In other news, today I embark with [personal profile] curtana and [personal profile] longpig on a road trip down to Texas, whee!

In other other news, I have an IMZY now - I haven't done much with it but if I can figure out a good way to crosspost *there* I probably will.
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Well, after my last post, I got an email asking me to come for bilingualism testing for a job I applied for back in March. This is basically a weeding phase, but I'm confident I can pass it. Then maybe a real interview, eventually. The job is pretty much exactly what I was telling [personal profile] morbane that I wanted, but it is in Ottawa so I'd have to move. I already have tons of friends who live there, though, so that's cool.

The other thing that happened after my last post is that my laptop's issues came to more if a head. It can't find my desktop and some of its other important files... I have backed up all the things not previously backed up, I think, and am running more off a flash drive. None of the installed files are working, whee! I have a new machine coming on Friday. Thanks back to school sales!

And finally today I began my first forays into natural dyeing, and have some plain unbleached cotton sitting in a pot of tanniny water pre-alum mordanting, and I have a bunch of jars of dyestuffs to test out! I'm thinking of making a pillow or something. From my test scraps :)
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when I called the store at 4:30 today...... which I shouldn't have had to do, since they were supposed to get back to me 2-4 days after I dropped it off to, at minimum, tell me what was wrong... I learned that 'the monitor' needs to be replaced. Now granted the girl I talked to is not one of their techs, and I'm sure that in theory when they call me tomorrow (a week after I took it in) they will be able to tell me something a little less retarded. They are supposed to call me with quoted for having it replaced. Now, You know, I'm not a retard, and I can also use google to price things, so, I am gong to consider whatever bill they present me with very carefully :p

I don't know - maybe I am being too harsh, but I took it in last Tuesday, and they said 2-4 days.... Technically I have not heard from *them* yet, and by the time they do, it will have been a week. They could have at least called to let me know that there was a delay, or something. I gave them two phone numbers and an email address, so they really have no excuse.

I really am full of cranky tonight. I came in to school but I am too annoyed to be productive. Or else that's just a new exciting excuse.... who can say :P
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So, I took my computer in today to be looked at. They charge $65/hour for a 'rush' job, which means in the next 2-4 days, as opposed to 7-10.... and he told me they are busy atm so it would probably be closer to 10 :p he could have been full of lies, but even seven is a long time for me!

Anyway, since I already checked the lcd inverter, that should narrow it down a bit, I hope. I think it is a bad connection somewhere, really, and I am hoping that it will be really obvious to them -_-

So anyway, I am really only going to be online from work or school (where I am now) until it gets fixed. so, I may go a little crazy. I am in theory here to do work, but I have mostly been catching up on internet things :p

I am opening files now, though, so that may result in productivity....we can only hope ;p
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So, it's Saturday, and a game day. I haven't gotten much work done this week, and my computer is still broken. I am loathe to let it go, because then I won't have much way of communicating with the outside world. On the other hand.... I would quite like it to be fixed :p I get paid on Monday, so I guess I can do it after that.

I mean, I cam glad it isn't a more major problem, but it means that it is nigh on impossible to do any work on this machine, which means that I can only work from school, which means having to go in.... and I don't always have the energy, especially after work, when I might not get home, really (counting walking Jola) until after 6. And then I need to eat, etc.... if I have to actually make dinner, it is usually almost 8 by the time I am ready to leave the house, and that seems like rather a lot of hassle for little reward. So anyway, hopefully i can get it sorted soon - the Starbucks outings were turning out to be incredibly productive

I have a bunch if things I wanted to do today, and I should probably finish getting dressed and get on with it. These include: getting some candy to hand out tomorrow, carving a pumpkin, and baking something. I'd also like to do some dissertation work, but we'll see. At some point in the next couple of weeks, I need to dissect my Scion character and backtrack my experience spending. And write a thing for that game - its as hard to do creative on-work as it is to do real work, unfortunately. An LJ post is about as much as I can manage, and even this has to be done in stages or I drive myself batty :p

Okay, it is almost noon. I'm gonna finish getting dressed and get out the bike, I guess, and head out on errands/to school.

Hmm, or yes, i also want to finish my dress, or at least get to to a state where the next stage is hemming.
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missed opportunities, thwearted intentions, oompromises, and an array of disasters, mostly minor :p

Please forgive any excessive typos, but (exemplifying both a disaster and a compromise), I am using my TV (okay it is Merc's TV but I am borrowing it longterm) as a monitor and I can only sorta read the screen because the resolution is too shitty. But it is better than trying to read a blacked out screen - apparently it is probably not the monitor backlight itself, but the backlight inverter. Hooray>? Either way, that is $30-50 I really don't have until the end of the month. Unless I get my reimbursements from any of the three agencies that owe me money. hah.

So yes,. I missed international movie vieweing, because I am a butt and didn't get the movie and couldb't get up early enough. But it wouldn't have mattered because oph my previously outlined computer woes.

Instead of doing any of my work, I mopped my floors and took Jola to the Dog park with Shelby though! so that was good. she also brought me tasty cake! Which was very good :)

Ryan came over and helped me set up the Svideo, which was very nice! And i fed him tasty cake. the cycle of baked good, huzzah! Then *I* baked cookies for a party I was going to go to tonight.

Only i am retarded and didn't properly arrange myself a ride, and didn't realize, really, until I was pretty much ready to go. The state of my computer at the moment means that I can really only use my landline (it is hard to get to skype in this set up, and I can't read people's names or numbers anyway :p) And I can only make local calls from the landline....for those people whose numbers aren't just on the computer somewhere. Bleh! So, communication was made tricky.

I was moaping, but Ryan convinced me to scrounge up money to go see RED, and I found $6 in my work bag, so huzzah! of course, after he'd left, and maybe 2 min before he actually got here, I got a call form some other friends offering a ride to the party..... butby then I'd changed and Ryan was on his way :p

i brought cookies to the movie though, nom nom nom. They turned out really well!

So, the movie was hilariuos and I'm glad I got out to do *something * rather than be stuck at home with no real useful internets 9trying to read much of the screen hurts my eyes :/)

But the adventure was not over. Ryan had to pee, apparently, when he dropped me offd, and peeled off pretty fast, as opposed to his susal 'wait and make sure you are going to get in to your house fine' routine. Which was unfortunate, because my keys were/are either in his car, or,. more liekly, in the theater (he's checked since). So i spent a good 5-10 min going through my pockets and running through my options..... Megan and aaron living in walking distance.... but they are off camping this weekend. I don't know which house my apartment manager lives in, and I don't have a cellphone to call maintenance. I could walk to Neil and David's and crash on their couch?

but then I realized that, contrary to my regular habit, I'd forgotten to close and lock the window before I went out, so i popped the screen and climbed in. woot! And did so without maze escaping (though he was fascinated by the process)

Oh, I forgot - a bunch of my school peps went to renfaire today, and i had to miss out on that due to poverty and lack of coordination(I knew people were gong but had no details, really. Of course if I hadn't decided that i was too poor, I could have found out ;p). but another missed opportunity anyway, as I knew a few other people who would have been there!

Anyway, i'm home, I got to go out and so *something* today, I have lots of tasty baked goods and clean floors (in the kitchen, bathroom, and entry, anyway), my computer does not need to be entirely replaced. i saw a good movie with good company.

but sill. ugh! And I drank some tea with dinner because I thought I would need energy to be up late partying, and instead I'm just home with too much energy to sleep :/
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Can anyone recommend a goof free cd/dvd burning software?
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The last two days in a row, Avast has claimed to have found a Trojan Horse malware on my computer - once when I was opening a picture with IRFANview, and the second time while loading skype. IN the first case, it quarantines IRFANview, and in the second, killed the ability of skype to receive instant text messages.

I am unsure whether these programs have been affected or not, but the fact that it has happened two days in a row suggests to be that there is some larger overarching problem in any case.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what I can/should do to get rid of it? Would it be easiest to just shell out the $30 it will take to have the computer help center people on campus look at my lappy?

I ran adaware this am - or started to, but I think I forgot it was running and shut down before it was finished, brilliant me :p

Any advice appreciated - though I'm not at home at the moment and will have to wait until later to do much about it.
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