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The first part of this entry is cut for animal-related TMI! )

And that was the night of the Rat :p The family should be home in the next few hours, and before that I have some more cleaning/tidying to do:

Bed Laundry - in the washer - last load in the dryer = done enough
Clean my bathroom
dishes (wash hand dishes, deal with dishwasher) - about to start this, then maybe I will take the dogs out for a short walk? No walk, timing too uncertain.
vacuum the couch and chair where there have been illegal dogs.

I've already swept the floors and started consolidating my things, but I have more things to consolidate as yet.

Better get cracking, so off I go!

Now I wait... Until tomorrow. I got my dates wrong -_-
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How fucking hard is it not to close a fucking door? how fucking hard is it not to close a fucking door what that is the ONLY THING I ask you to take fucking care to do? And when you know that the cat's litter box is in there? Andf when you know we are both going to be gone for three days?


I really want to take a shower but the bathmat upstairs is covered in cat shit and cat piss, and if we're lucky it hasn't seeped through the crack in the grout and the smell might ever come out ever.
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Look at this face:


She needs a home! She is very sweet and will follow me around, even with Jola (who she is a little unsure of, probably since JJ treed her the other day - she just wanted to say hi!), and will let me pick her up. I really can't afford the start-up fees for a new cat atm though - the best I can do is continue to feed her while she comes around, and try and get her spayed eventually at a cheap clinic :/

Moooooar kity pics!
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I don't know what it is about my house. Maze was not the first cat who decided that they wanted to live with me - really he's just the first I accepted. Now there is another - a fluffy little grey, white and peach calico. She is superduper sweet. She let me pet her and give her scritches. She tried to come in to the house, but I don't think that would be a great plan, as I don't know how healthy she is. So, instead I fed her. She was camped out on my stairwell when I left for work.

I think I have seen her around before, with a littermate (a fluffy orange tabby), but he was nowhere around today. The pair of them were stalking Jola a few weeks ago when I took her out at night. She let me pet her then, although the orange was more skittish.

She isn't anyone's cat at the moment, though she may have been before... She's not people shy, at least. her fur is a little matted in places, and she is dirty, but otherwise she seems in good shape.

So - anyone for a kitten?
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Since his weekend, there has been an orange fluffy kitty hanging around my complex, meowing loudly. Yesterday he accosted me loudly as I was leaving the house. he was very friendly, but has clearly been outside for some time. I took pity and set out some food and watr for hi as I went off to school. he was back this morning, and followed me and Jola up the steps as I brought her out, and hung around for a while, meowing again. I went back out and petted him - he is smelly and gross, as tends to happen with longhair kitties who are outside for much time. He also has a balding (mange?) patch on his head. I left him some milk, and came back in.,

Apparently I didn't close the door properly because a few minutes later he was poking his head in my study o_O Stealth kitty - J didn't even notice until I'd picked him up (to be fair, she was sleeping on the bed in another room). Picked him up, tried to put him out, he ran back in! Well, kitty, you are very sweet and all, but this is not a good day for me to deal with you! I did give him a better look over, and considered trying to bath him, but decided against as I was wearing short sleeves :p

Oh, what to do, what to do.... I have no doubts he'll be back :p he s very loud and meowy, as I've said, but Mittens has soured me a bit on having a kitty for the moment :p He's definitely a 'he', and is probably an adolescent kitty. He isn't terribly thin, either, so I doubt he is too malnourished. Who knows re: worms and such though :/ I'm not comfortable bringing him in the house (well, on purpose) if he might have mange though...

In other news, today is my first day of actual teaching. Wish me luck!
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Pepe peed on my bed this morning. he did not hve a very good reason. Fuck you too, cat, way to derail my entire morning as I try to salvage y brand new mattress. >:|
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I am alive, and now into the leg of thetrip that involves many cats. There are two here, and later there will be three, including kittens. Yay kittens! I am sleepy, and soon there will be steak. What more can there be to lifwe? :V

oh also...meme )
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