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Today was a suuuuper busy day in the end.

I went down town around noon to pick up some bras I'd ordered, and didn't make it home until almost 6! then after dinner I went out and picked a bunch of mulberries - tomorrow I'm hoping to get my yarn split and re-mordanted, and then I can mash up the berries for dye! I'll probably need more than I have (hough I have close to 2 pounds) because mostly what I have learned with these things is that it takes a *lot* of dyestuffs. Anyway, after that, Nary got here, yay!

Tomorrow is the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation, but there are some legit reasons not to necessarily just jump right into celebrating, but take a moment to reflect about how we got here, what came before, and what kinds of improvements nd chances we need to work towards. Which I have been trying to at least think about, though downtown today was mostly Canada 150 stuff. I helped with the VR at the work booth for a bit, and watched a raptor (bird) educational display with the kids and took them to get their faces painted. I also bought the stuff to make nanaimo bars, so that has to happen tomorrow too! busy busy....
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Not too much of interest to say. I did manage to get up early. One of the kidlets was sick, so his dad was home again today as well. I went to the mall with my sister and wound up buying more stuff than I'd intended (tights, pj pants, underpants, chocolate). I am Finished my story, and need to send it away, wooh! And I went to see Rogue One again tonight. I also made soup for dinner - it was tasty, despite rushing.

The weather here today was absolute balls. It started snowing over night, and snowed until around noon. And then it started raining. the streets were crap in the morning but fine in the afternoon, but the sidewalks remai a slushy, wet, icy mess. Ugh. It is suppose to freze overnight then be 'warm' again tomorrow, so more of the same. I hope my boots dry out some overnight :/ Wooh, winter in southern Ontario!

And now, bedtime :3
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Today, [personal profile] sorceror asked me to talk about Canada! \o/

I am pretty fond of my country, despite the many problems that we have. I am grateful to be back in a place with socialized health care, even if it isn't perfect. I am happy to be back living in a society that is, in many ways (but not every way, we have a lot to work on) more open and accepting.

Right now, my part of Canada is pretty snowy! But Canada is really big, as the song goes. Parts further west are having a pretty nice time, as far as I understand. Almost 10 degrees! Though it is supposed to warm up a fair amount later this week.

Oh here is a thing I can say.... So, Texas, as a state is pretty proud of its size. The fact that it it Big is a Big Deal. But compared to most Canadian provinces, it isn't, not really. Texas is less than half the size of Quebec, say. And yes, Quebec *is* really big (and really fairly empty), but this isn't really someone makes anything of? It isn't a big deal, pun intended, to have that much mass. So it seems like a weird thing to be proud of (though I think there is more to it than the size - the size of Texas relative to the other states is a reflection of its particular history, blah blah blah).

So I guess for tonight that is what you get. Sorry it isn't more interesting /o\

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[personal profile] morbane asked me to talk a little bit about where I am living these days.

I'm in London, Ontario, and there are things I like quite a lot about the town and the immediately local area. It is definitely a chance for the better for me form College Station. The transit system is a million times better... Everyone here complains and I've had some problems, but hey - it exists! Busts run more than every... what, half an hour at best? Just as I was leaving CS was starting to integrate the city transit (pretty laughable) with the university buses some... London is a million times better.

I live very close to the downtown areas, so I am lucky in that regard - the buses might be worse in a more outlying area. There are also some nice little parks around for walking the dogs and taking the kids to when it is nice out. They have walking/biking trails that run though the city along the river and creeks. There is a pretty decent Italian bakery/grocery a few blocks up the street and on weekends I like to take them up and tie them outside, then stop in and get some morning /breakfast snacks. There is a cool looking shut-down pub up that way as well that apparently someone has been trying to reopen since last October. No success yet I guess? I read something that said it used to have a pretty rough reputation, so maybe that's why.

My walk to work it pretty nice, though it is at the opposite end of town. I have to go partly through a conservation area, and there are some old apple orchards right there. I meant to pick some of those apples this fall but I never had enough time/good clothes for it, alas! I'm looking forward to the apple trees being in bloom this summer though. I've seen lots of deer tracks in the snow, but no deer!

What else can I say about London.... it is sort of tin the middle of the little peninsula of Southern Ontario that dips down between the Great Lakes, so I'm in the southernmost bit of Canada, and the climate shows it. In theory being where we are means we get a ton of snow in the winter compared to other cities around us, but that has not been in evidence this winter. I think we have had more relative to our neighbours, but it hasn't been very snowy at all (at least not so far).

I don't know a whole lot of the local history - I think the development of the city is linked to it being a center of military organization in WWI. there were big training bases here I think? I'm trying to remember some stuff from the exhibit I saw last year ;p The town/city was already here, but I do think it got a boost then. This is also a brewery town - big breweries, that is, though I'm sure there are also microbreweries. The Labatts/Budweiser brewery is very close to my house. I can sometimes smell the fermenting grain, which is sweet and cloying and super gross. I already dislike beer and it sure isn't helping!

I feel like I had more I wanted to say but now I can't remember, boo!
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So, the last time I managed to update was before I left the US.

Now I'm in Canada, yaaaaay! )
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Miramichi is only home because that's where nmy dad is, but that will do! )

But for all y'all, have my photogenic Canadian eagle ^-^

And in other Adulting news, this week I applied for a job in Edmonton and also submitted a book review to Historical Archaeology
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Have a good one folks!

I am having a few ppl over tonight because I apparently haven't been busy enough lately. Also, on top of it being Canada Day, my friend Mara is moving away to Vermont and it was a good chance to gather folks together. I managed to get some things together yesterday and I have some more I'm hoping to get together tonight - I need to whip the rest of the cream, cook the strawberries, and maybe roast my brussel sprouts. If nothing else, those can be my lunch tomorrow!

I have vanilla cupcakes, pistachio pudding squares, fudge, pita chips and hummus, possibly some baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, some veggie chips. I am also going to make a pitcher of iced tea when I get home and, if I have time, see if I can figure out how to reload the soda syphons.

We'll see how much of that gets done - I also want to go grab the maple sugar candies that are at home, so I'll be getting home a little later than usual anyway. At least the berries, cream, and tea need doing! That should all be manageable though.

Wooh! Back to work for now though!
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So I up in Canada visiting with [personal profile] curtana and [personal profile] forthright while I get my passport renewed.

Yesterday was a relaxed day, for the most part, that consisted of sleeping in, watching lots of Person of Interest, making pizza and garlic fingers with donair sauce (OMG that recipe is *perfect*), and playing Adventure World. oh and knitting a bunch on my Firelight, though I am possibly yarn-over incompetent and pearling through the back loop is confusing and I may have to rip back to fix :/

Anyway. This has all been lovely.

This morning I went to take my passport application. And Man. These sorts oif things are never awesome, but it was really pretty stress free all told!.

First of all, when you go in, you go see the courtesy desk. The people are actually courteous and friendly! They help make sure everything you need is in order before they give you a number to wait, so that if you are missing something or are like me and your passport photos are not up to snuff, they can tell you before you sit around waiting for however long. My passport photos had some shadows around the edges of my face. Fortunately there is a place in the building downstairs that does them really fast and cheap, so I just got new ones done there and it was pretty painless.

I went back upstairs and realized that they had actually tossed some of my supplementary info (a list of employers), but they totally just went through the recycling stuff and found it for me and apologized, and it was all fine - whew!

The wait was not overly long either, even though there were a fair amount of people. They have a dual number system - one for applications and one for just questions - but people are just served in the order they arrived regardless. It all seemed to go pretty fast. I think we were in and out in 45 min tops, and that was including having to get new pictures.

When I got up to the desk, I told her I needed to leave on Wednesday afternoon, and we worked out a pick-up time of Wednesday morning at 10 AM. Because I was okay with this (my flight is only at 3), and because it was less than 24 hours, they only charged me for the lesser of the rushed services (express rather than urgent?), and it saved me $60. Score! But yes - the woman was super nice and helpful and actively helped to make things easier and cheaper. We stopped at Tim Hortons on the way back, and by the time we got home, they had already called [personal profile] curtana, who is listed as one of my references. She called them back and all is well :D

I know not all offices in Canada are that well organized, but it was overall super pleasant and way superior to any of my experiences dealing with government services in the US. And when I go back on Wednesday, we are going to stop in at the Elias diner right next door, for the breakfast and the lols.

And now, back to my Person of Interest and knitting binge :D
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I woke up in the night last night due to a pretty powerfully awful dream which I am going to cut for trigger warnings... )

I have more thoughts, but I'm at work, so this'll have to do you for now. Anyway, I'm glad my boss had tea at work, because on top of staying up too late and waking up in the night with horrible dreams, I forgot mine at home >_
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I'm planning to go pick up a chicken or similar, and cook that + pie and some other bits if anyone would like to come over for dinner! I don't know what time yet, but I suppose I canl see if anyone is interested before formalizing plans in that regard.

And happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, even though it is technically tomorrow :)
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