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I'm tired and angry and the internet isn't working. *Flips table* Fu world, I'm going to bed.
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Today was not my favourite day, wellnesswise. I had a LARP/Claritin hangover, plus first day bees, and mostly just slept and laid around like a miserable lump :/

That said, I did watch a lot of SW: Rebels, and we're getting close to the end of season 2 (about 4-5 more episodes). I basically know what happens but I want to see it! Hera and Kanan continue to be my favourites. I'm very confused about their relationship though. In some places it seems to be telegraphed pretty hard, but in others not. And tonight I read an old interview with Hera's VA who said as far as she knew they were not a couple - but that it might just not have been something she was told. But, like, clearly they are a couple? At first I thought it was just that they wanted to keep things sanitized for kids, so they never show either of their quarters it means never showing that they share quarters sort of thing, or that they wanted to keep it very in the background? But then there are things where there's *nothing* where there should at least be *something* - Like Hera gets severely injured and they won't show him holding her hand? Like even if they were really close friends and *not* romantically involved.... Really? (Friends, if I'm even injured and in the hospital, even if we are not romantically involved, it is okay for you to hold my hand and offer me comfort. For the record.) Anyway, it's confusing, and aggravating, because I really like how they are there for each other in lots of ways and damnit I want to see more of that!

I also watched a lot of original Voltron on Netflix.... Some of it is really painfully dated (they literally spank Allura when she tried to pilot the blue lion), but it is interesting to see things they drew on for the new show. One of the things I love that they do, and always helped garner some nostalgia feels from me, is the shots with multiple PoVs in the same shot, and the sort of fade-to-line art stuff. That was always something I associated with Voltron, and it makes me smile when I see it in the new show as well.

Anyway, sleepos time!
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Bah, v. 2.0

It turns out my brain is not the problem, or at least not the *only problem.

Stupid uterus.

On the other hand, I managed to capture a rare moment today where the cat and dog were somewhat grudgingly sharing space. The cat (Maze) had usurped Jola's regular space on the futon while Jola was hogging the sunny patch of carpet. She later started whine/growling at me to let her up on the couch.

As a side note, my poor puppy is always a little uncertain about whether she is allowed on the furniture, and sometimes needs to be expressly invited. I suspect this is because she is *not* allowed on the furniture at the dogsitters where she spends several days a week and who generally take care of her while I'm away. Just now I had to get up and tell her she could get up in her regular space. Silly Jola :3

Anyway, which morning I got her to go up on the couch, where she sat awkwardly for a few minutes, staring at the very indifferent cat, who was smugly napping. Yes, of course cats can nap smugly:

pic under cut! )

I got Jola to lie down, but she did not look impressed:

pic under cut! )

When I went back to the couch she stared expectantly at me for a little while longer, but when I resolved to get a picture of that as well, she decided to give up, cleaned herself, and curled up to sleep. They napped together for quite a while! I can't remember now what disrupted it... oh no, I can. I got up to get a piece of pie (coconut cream, made partially with coconut milk, baked by my roomate!), and Maze decided he needed to lick the plate.

Okay, I am feeling marginally better, so I am going back to this article for a bit :p Then maybe knitting and getting caught up with Person of Interest once [personal profile] curtana is home from her dinner out :)
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Is your cat plotting to kill you?

In other news, my index finger is still numb from using the polishing tool flex arm thingy earlier today. My typing is even worse as a result. Bees = not helping -_-

Time to make chili!
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Originally from [livejournal.com profile] etir.... boingboig article

From the original article (Bänziger et al 2009, Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) That Drink Human Tears, Kansas Entomological Journal:
When seeking tears, Lisotrigona first circled around one's head, then zig-zagged in front of the eyes, occasionally the ear or the neck, then generally back again to the eyes. After a few seconds it flew toward the eye, landed on the lower eyelashes and, grasping the ciliae, crawled toward the eye where it plunged the extended proboscis into the gutter-like trough between lid and eye ball to suck lachrymal fluid (Figs. 1–3, 5–6). In many cases the landing on ciliae was so close to the eye that the proboscis could reach the trough without crawling. During sucking, all legs either continued to clutch the ciliae (Fig. 6), or the fore legs were placed on the lid or conjunctiva (Fig. 1, 3), while the middle and hind legs continued to grip the ciliae. In rare cases a foreleg was placed onto the eye ball, and in one case the bee even climbed onto it with all legs. Landing at the corner of the eye, on the upper eyelashes (Fig. 5), or on the skin below the lower eyelashes, was infrequent. In this case the bee pushed itself through the gaps between the ciliae, or climbed them to reach the eye. On landing, automatic blinking with the eye often prevented the bee from getting a firm hold, causing it to fall off the eyelashes. If so, the bee persistently tried again and again until it was successful, or finally gave up and flew off.

Erm, you probably cant really click on the figures, so have this one instead )

Bed time!
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me: Mmm, lunch was tasty after I finally got around to having it!

Uterus: Okay, sure. Now I demand chocolate.

me: Well.... I don't have any?

Uterus: Well how o you know you didn't even look >:|

me: I ate all the cookies and you made me have ice cream for breakfast already..... I am pretty sure I've got nothing left!

Uterus; have I mentioned that I am FULL OF ANGRY STINGING BES!

me: eep! *crawls to the back of the candy cupboard* Okay I have a year old reeces whipped that I bought on sale...

Uterus: That will be sufficient... for now.
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Answers just to me, though if no one cares I can reveal :V

[Poll #1362603]
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1 - woke up sick - wheezy, congested, phlegmy
2 - woke up from horrible dreams about extended fighting with mom, Hazel, and Ian, where H&I were also fighting, but less. Also dogs, but not Jola,. At my grandmother's old house. No idea what the fights were about but I couldn't explain myself to either of them. Stress dreams?
3 - bees, still
4 - my toast tastes freezerburnt
5 - my feet hurt when I walk due to walking around yesterday in crappy shoes
6 - still tired.

Dare I go back to bed? Dare I not?

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