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On a Friday night. My life is so thrilling.

Went to the market this morning and bought too many snacks, and also strawberries for making ice cream, at HD's request. They bled through the cloth bag they were in and tried to stain my light beige skirt. Fortunately my boss had a shout stick.

Work today was s-l-o-w, but partly that is my faut for not actually doing anything I *could* be doing. There was a nesting snapping turtle, which was the highlight of my day. And I got to see the improvements in the vive recreation. And also I had to make a bunch of phone calls right at 4:30, pleh. But it was fine.

I had to pick up a prescription after work, and after dinner and dog walks helped the kids put together the custard for the ice cream. I'll either finish it tomorrow, or they can finish it when they get back from BiL's comany picnic (immediate family only, alas). I told them to bring me back some delicious food.

Other than that, I bleached my sister's roots and re-watched an episode of Voltron with Nary (and did a teensy bit of knitting).

I need to do a bio and look over my contract for RTSW. I should do some more wrangling. I should sort out my dyes and decide if that cherry bark worked at all or if I just need to wash the cotton and overdye it with something else.

We'll see what the weekend actually holds, I guess!
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I went through a walk in the village today at work because I thought they were doing an archaeology open house thing.... but maybe I was too late because I didn't see anyone! I did see some cool plants (soooo many jack-in-the-pulpits, and now I've seen a blooming may apple as well), and then I saw a weasel (or actually I think it was a mink) carrying it's dinner (a chipmunk)! So cool!

And then when I took Jola out for a walk right before the drenching thunderstorm hit (one of several short bursts of same tonight), we saw three fat little groundhog babies in the field across the street :3

No pictures of any of them, unfortunatley. But they were all super cute!
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The first part of this entry is cut for animal-related TMI! )

And that was the night of the Rat :p The family should be home in the next few hours, and before that I have some more cleaning/tidying to do:

Bed Laundry - in the washer - last load in the dryer = done enough
Clean my bathroom
dishes (wash hand dishes, deal with dishwasher) - about to start this, then maybe I will take the dogs out for a short walk? No walk, timing too uncertain.
vacuum the couch and chair where there have been illegal dogs.

I've already swept the floors and started consolidating my things, but I have more things to consolidate as yet.

Better get cracking, so off I go!

Now I wait... Until tomorrow. I got my dates wrong -_-
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Things I ought to do today include:
Laundry for work
Bake brownies
Work on this story I started
make a storium post
solo for D3
game (this is when I will most likely knit...)

I feel like there were more things. This is my last day of vacation, too, bleh.

Oh I suppose I should keep applying for jobs - I have sent out two applications this weekend, one for a job in Oromocto (practically home!), and another at Arkansas State University. I'm probably not really qualified for the latter, though.

Tomorrow, I am going to call the local driving school and set up a few lessons with them and arranged to really really take my test, no really, and hopefully pass the damned thing.

We'll see how it all goes.

In other news, in the spirit of the holiday season, Santa Claws visited last night, and brought me a (mostly) dead rat. Just what I always wanted to get out of bed in the middle of the night to deal with!

~On the 11th day of Christmas my kitty brought to me....~

I guess this means he likes me?

How is everyone else doing out there?
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I would have better appreciated the extra day I had to sleep in if I hadn't had to get up at 4:30/5:00 this morning to deal with loaner-dog's thunder terrors. There are few things more pathetic in the world than a quaking geriatric greyhound. I took him out to pee, put on his thundershirt (cleverly in the reverse order there), gave him a melatonin, and went back to bed.

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I am being stalked by kittens. I have mentioned this over on FB already. There are two of them - older kittens, probably around 7-8 months. one I'm pretty ure is a girl - she is white with grey tabby patches, and a line of black and white patches along her spine. The other one is a pale orange tabby, and more shy so I haven't been able to get close enough to tell. The first one is really sweet, and will let me pet her and pick her up a bit and is good with her claws. The second is juuuust getting toi the point where it won't run away if I am standing on the other side of the glass - though it will bolt if I move to open the doors.

I'm not in a position to take in another cat, but I live in a high traffic neighborhood, and I saw the orange one run out into the street and almost get hit yesterday :/ I am going to look in to getting them picked up by the animal shelter maybe, or a kitty rescue or something, but I would rather see them go to good homes than risk being put down if they aren't adopted.

I know I have some locals on my list here, so.... anyone looking for a kitty, or know anyone one who is, or know what my best options are for shelters locally? I know the Brazos Feral Cat Allies are full up on fosters, unfortunately, and I'd rather see them moved out of danger than just fixed and released. Though if worst comes to worst I'd be happy to have that done for them and keep feeding them some in the back yard :/

I'll try to get some better pictures to post of the orange one, but this is the girl:

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Well today I was supposed to be doing ALL THE SCHOOLWORK, but that seems not to be so much happening, and I figured I would do a journal update instead, as most of what else I've been doing is just reading back through George Takei's FB picture album for amusing shots :p

So, my day started out concerningly, as I noticed that my dog was limping! I don't know if she was doing this yesterday when I brought her home, as I was kind of in a music daze, but I sort of think it is possible. She let me hold her foot and didn't balk at the idea of walking much so I don't think anything is terribly wrong, but it was still disturbing. More concerning was her desire not only to eat ALLLL of the grass, but when I got home, to eat everything she could eat off the floor, and her gagging/hiccuping like she had something stuck in the back of her throat. These two things combined led me to call the vet, where I dropped her off around eleven. Poor thing - she hates it so much I had to physically carry her in, and she was shaking :/

[profile] tethys123 was kind and generous enough to drive us, and since we were in the neighborhood, she suggested going to goodwill afterwards. And holy score! I got two really nice dresses, a top and some comfy yoga-ish pants, as well as a pair of Jambu sandals that looked like they'd never been worn - no wear on the tread, anyway. They're suuuuper comfy, and were $6! I'd never heard of the brand before so I looked them up out of curiousity, and they're about $90 new @_@ I realllly needed some sandals anyway, so score! Because I don't have enough kitchen gadgets, I also got a George Foreman grill with a bun toaster (hee) for a whopping $4.

After that we went to Blue Baker, where I had too much delicious food, as seens to be the trend of the week.

Tomorrow, Jola dependant, I am supposed to go to Webercon - basically an extended-fremily mini con with gaming of various flavours + hanging out with folks who can't all get vtogether regularly. We did it last year as well, when I created and ran a Diablotin LARP one-shot.... this year I'm less ambitiously running a changeling tabletop... which I still need to polish up. So yes, that's my life. Thinking good thoughts for the puppy (who I am guessing has eaten something she hasn't and has distressed insides) and looking forward to the weekend :3

Oh yes, I am also being stalked by kittens again - there is a white with grey-tabby patches kitty living on my back porch, driving Maze nuts. I caved and put some food out for her this morning. She let me pet her and meowed all friendly like, and was generally very sweet. Anyone looking for a kitten locally?

And now, since we didn't go to the gym this am after all, I am going to do my burpees and pushups and take a much needed shower @_@ And then... schoolwork, or packing (err laundry, crap!), or changelinginging..... :3
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Look at this face:


She needs a home! She is very sweet and will follow me around, even with Jola (who she is a little unsure of, probably since JJ treed her the other day - she just wanted to say hi!), and will let me pick her up. I really can't afford the start-up fees for a new cat atm though - the best I can do is continue to feed her while she comes around, and try and get her spayed eventually at a cheap clinic :/

Moooooar kity pics!
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I don't know what it is about my house. Maze was not the first cat who decided that they wanted to live with me - really he's just the first I accepted. Now there is another - a fluffy little grey, white and peach calico. She is superduper sweet. She let me pet her and give her scritches. She tried to come in to the house, but I don't think that would be a great plan, as I don't know how healthy she is. So, instead I fed her. She was camped out on my stairwell when I left for work.

I think I have seen her around before, with a littermate (a fluffy orange tabby), but he was nowhere around today. The pair of them were stalking Jola a few weeks ago when I took her out at night. She let me pet her then, although the orange was more skittish.

She isn't anyone's cat at the moment, though she may have been before... She's not people shy, at least. her fur is a little matted in places, and she is dirty, but otherwise she seems in good shape.

So - anyone for a kitten?
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