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Took an allegra and a rectine. No hives or faceleaking but I am dumb and sleepy af.

But I got many kitty toes trimmed and had some nice cuddles.

I had 13 today and it was a really good session, I think! I'm so lucky to have so many good engaging games, and such awesome people to RP with in all of them. Also got some knitting done.

Yesterday I brought in the yarn in the cherry bark bath.... and there was nothing, no change at all. I'm super disappointed. It just smells gross now :/ I'm not sure if I should rescour it and go through the whole mordanting process again, or what. Maybe I can try again with some queen anne's lace/wild carrot tops, which are supposed to be green. Maybe bark dyes just don't work with solar dyeing. I dunno, but I am disappointed, boo :(

I need to pick a writing project. I finished all my exchange fics and have freedom to do what I want if I only could decide what that is ;p
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Miscommunication with the mattress people yesterday - it was raining too hard for deliveries yesterday, but I didn't realize that they don't do them until after 5. So I waited all day at home until 3:30.... I couldn't call them because I didn't have a number for them -_-

I did work! And had solos! And all was well.

Then Claire called! And all was even better :V Although we had interruptions because that's when the mattress came, of course >_< But it was good to hear that she has not, in fact, fallen off the face of the planet. Hooray! She left me to take in the Supernatural premiere, then called me 20 min in to let me know that the show had fangirls writing Wincest slash as part of the plot. That fandom is *insane* and someday, someone is goign to get shot by a crazy person. That is my prediction.

Anyway! Bed Drama! I actually have an antique frame, which is 3/4 size. I thought that was the same as a fiull, but apparently not! Or, also possible, memory foam mattrsses do not conform to old bed standards. Point being - the new mattress was too big! Fortunately i am a clever girl and quickly devise a solution. I will finally get around to aking slats for the frame, and the bed can rest on top of this. Genius! It actually stabilizes the frame more too - I have been meaning to do it for like 3 moves :p. So I begged a favour from Brad (as he has a big-ish SUV) to help me get lumber, and then cut down some 2x4's, and lay them across the frame. Success!

My bed is GIANT. the top of it is 3 feet off the floor. This is due in part to the slats, and in part due to the fact that the mattress and box (I don't wanna call it a box spring because I don't think there are any springs :V) are thicker (!). And also because I want to be extra indulgent in my princess-and-the-pea way, so I put the memory foam topper I got last year on top of the memory foam mattress. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

I hope to sleap like a dream tonight - i even found a *good* allergy pill (yay allegra) stashed away. The best would be no allergies, but that isn't in the card, I don't think.

What is in the cards is an early bed, hopefully :) My back is sore from all the sawying ;p
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I am alive, and now into the leg of thetrip that involves many cats. There are two here, and later there will be three, including kittens. Yay kittens! I am sleepy, and soon there will be steak. What more can there be to lifwe? :V

oh also...meme )
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