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Game (Thirteen)
Too many snacks
Online boardgames (Cards Against Diablotin, Dominion)
MasterChef Junior
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So, I missed a post yesterday, and as self-punishment I am making myself write (or at least start) one-on-one my phone on the way up to the museum. Today I am going to continue looking for some stuff at SA, and then scan it if I do. I enjoy having concrete things to do!

I went to an art show yesterday by the Shadowood collective. It was really cool! They had a bunch of original works, and then a wall of mini prints. I bought one of the latter, because it was $35 and not like $1500 like the originals I was oggling! The name/theme of the show was "Do we make you uneasy?" And it was nice creepy surrealism stuff - right up my alley. The print I bought was a black cat with white eyes, so less creepy than most of it.

I've been working on my scarf/shawl, and am almost to the first bead! I am going to have to improvise a tool, though, so we'll see how that goes. There are only four in this chart, but I think more in the next, so I may break down and buy one.

I did manage to convince my gm to let my character have some beneficial effects from a dog animal companion for Thirteen (Fantasy colonial call of Cthulhu). So hopefully I will be less susceptible to madnesses :p I had been planning to take some kind of raptor for him initially, but in the last story there were some dogs that belonged to the antagonist. We used them to track him down, and now that he's been dealt with (shipped back across the ocean to live in a monastery for his own good), someone needs to look after them, right? I like the narrative arc of it, because at first I couldn't make a handle animal roll to save my life, so clearly it took them a while to warm up to my character, and now they're going to follow me everywhere! Dogs! There is some other stuff which makes it work out really well too, as the dogs were there when the creepy blue tentacle lion thing appeared out of nowhere and eviscerated his sister, nearly one-shotting her D: And then I failed my san check... Anyway now I will have dogs! They will be a great comfort, because you can pet them, and also they will freak out when there are invisible aberrations around, and my character can otherwise relax. Dogs are so good :3 Of course now I am writing the story of how the transition to them being Kahon's dogs goes, because that's how I roll.
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I heard that today's owl was *surprisingly* superb! Wooh!

Thirteen was excellent. My poor character is hemorrhaging sanity though ;p He has a lower threshold for it than everyone else - serves me right for laying a stat-balanced character in a game like this :p Though tbf, I didn't build him. But I can get him an animal companion now, and I'm hoping I can convince the GM to work out something with that to help compensate.

It was lovely having nary here - and I will hopefully get to see her a bit tomorrow as well, on her way back.

During game I tried a short row heel again. I admit that it was maybe not the best time to try it, as my attention was somewhat divided, but this is my second time giving up and just doing a heel flap. I can't get it to come out without holes where I pick up the wraps, and that's half the point of a short row (especially since I don't mind gussets).

I have posted my chocolate box fic. I want to look it over in more detail nd maybe add some stuff, but for the moment it passes the bus test and that's really all I can ask.

I am not really 'prepared' for my interview tomorrow, since I only heard about it Friday. I had hoped to have a chance to look some stuff over, but I'm not really going to get that. I need to shower now to get up tomorrow. I'm hoping to get there early, at least, but we'll see how it goes. Also hopefully, I'll be okay on buses and make it to my dentist appointment okay! I should be fine, as there are two routes I can potentially take, but we'll see!
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Today was the first session of Diablotin since Cat died. We didn't think it was right to ust end the game, but we talked about how to handle his character. it was ore informal and low pressure than most of out sessions (though a lot of work for our GM, for various reasons). It went okay. I didn't find for myself that it was worse than any of the other holes he's left behind. I still haven't gotten his dice script working, which makes me sad, but we have an interim one, at least. It is not as useful for various reasons, but it should help me get a better idea of what I need to fix in his.

Other than that, I've started a new shawl, which is coming along. My shoulder and hands are sore though so I may need a knitting break for a few days. Fortunatley I have a lot of other things to work on... But now, bed.
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I had my Colonial Cthulhu game today (Thirteen). We've pbeen playing a lot because Nary hasn't been able to run Dialblotin, and they ostensibly alternate. She was up here doing a bookbinding class that runs this weekend and next (It's part of a longer course - this session is on book repair, specifically, but she had to take a lot of other courses to get this far), so we'll finish this storyline wthout her next week. I did a solo (some solo rp? I realize my game jargon may not be intelligible to others, ahh well) with another Diablotin player this evening as well. Our characters are close friends, and we talked about the things that went down in the last session, where my character tripped a giant construct onto a comatose guy in a hospital bed, which made a ghostly fey tree grow out of the guy and a the construct explode. Whoops?

Other than that, I've returned to sock knitting and am now about halfway through the foot of sock 2. I also made Super Dark Chocolate ice cream wth the kids. It was really tooo dark for them, unfortunately, but the cherries are really nice in it. We're going to make milkshakes tomorrow from some of it, and hopefully that will mellow it out some for them!

Not too much else going on at the moment. I'm shiftung my volunteer ours at the museum, and I have a few interesting projects to work on there. I'm going to gently prod Parks Canada tomorrow and see what happens there, and work on my cover letter for the local job that is sort of with the museum. Other than that, I'm not sure. Probably more Clone Wars in the evening (halfway through season 3 now), maybe starting on my Chocolat Box story. I think I need to get cat food? Excitement abounds! Gonna go knit and watch tv with my sister now.
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It's the new year, and I'm trying (again) to journal more regularly. This happens less because of the New Year thing, I think, and more because Yuletide gets me back in a more regular habit of engaging with the journaling world. There's also been buzz from a few corners about people leaving LJ because of the Russian Relocation, so I think more people are paying a bit more attention, which helps. I'll continue to crosspost, I expect, as I have been doing for the past few years.

I'm also stuck in the Holiday Time Limbo, which is worse because I don't have a real job at the moment. But that is bound to change....soon? I have references being checked. I have been told I am the desired candidate for another job if I apply for it. Basically I continue to be in Limbo, but glad to do so in a place physically and socially as well as financially where I can afford it. It is still not my favourite thing. Thursday I will go back to my regular volunteering gig. I could have gone today (I think), but lacked motivation. Anyway. I've been staying up too late and feeling like I'm accomplishing very little.

I'm working on an original story (original Mythos, anyway) for submission to an open call. I'm thinking about signing up for Chocolate Box (or Chocobo, as my sister insists on calling it). I've been doing lazy mindless and practical knitting rather than fixing the slightly more complicated project I messed up (and actually can't find when I did a half-assed search yesterday).

What else.... I got some really awesome mugs for Christmas. Two cheap-but-rad clear skull mugs from my aunt, and a lovingly hand-crafted vagina dentata mug from a friend who had them hand made for a few of us (me, my sister, and Nary, as far as I know). They're things of beauty, I tell you. Mine is red. I will drink from nothing but skulls and vaginas for the rest of my days (well I can dream, right?).

I've been writing things in my notebooks because I have some really pretty journals and I have fountain pens and it seems like a waste not to. Also I have about three on the go and I can probably finish at least one of the off just taking noted for the AU Colonial Call of Cthulhu skype game I'm in. We're trying to stop a serial killer from summoning an ancient god called the Devourer of Millions. I think we at least have figured out who it is now, and just have to do the actual thwarting, hopefully without going any more crazy (hah!) But it is complicated enough that it requires notes, and since it is skype, there are not logs to refer to, so actual note taking is handy. It helps me remember things better, even if I don't look them over. And I've gone all stream of consciousness here. Probably if I journaled more regularly I would be more organized about it (no.)


Anyway! I did want to do Pay it Forward again this year. I'm lifting it from [personal profile] karanguni who lifted it from someone else. So!

Let's start 2017 off in a positive way with a Pay It Forward meme. The first 6 people to comment (and more if I can manage it) will receive a surprise from me at some point in 2017 - anything from a book, a ticket, something home-grown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! It will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

(If you don't like surprises and would rather have something off a wishlist and/or some warning, let me know in your comment. The goal is to make you happy.)

If you can, post this in your own journal and pay it forward. Let's do more kind and loving things for each other in 2017, without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other.


Also, this reminds me - I've seen people doing Fandom Snowflake, and I've seen people doing various journaling and year end memes. I'm not sure I am that committed, but I am open to suggestions. Is there anything you would like to see me talk about? Want to know more about me? My interests? Pet pictures? drop me a comment for that too, if you like!

...and with that posted, probably I should go to bed!
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So, I have been both really busy and really not busy.

I am still unemployed, but have lots of things to fill me time! Part of which is working on getting a job stuff - I'd been practicing stuff for the oral French test I need to take as part of the application weeding process for a government job. The test was supposed to be Wednesday, but it has been reschedule and I don't know to when. They'll let me know. I've also been looking at other jobs - I need to do up a course syllabus/prep a course to teach for one of them, though it hasn't actually been posted yet and I'm not sure when it will be.

I've also been working on some worldbuilding stuff for a campaign my friend Kennesaw is starting up that is super cool. It is a pseudo Colonial America setting (with a heavy fantasy dressing - different religion, general roles are reversed so that women are he ones in power and men without, more European-analogue nations having a presence in the new world, plus fantasy races) plus Lovecraft. I've been working on on fleshing out one of the local elven powers, who are loosely based on the Iroquois confederacy. It's a world that is pretty much right up my alley and I'm looking forward to playing! He's actually run two one shots in it for Webercon, and I'm just keeping the character I played in those (an elven ranger form the group I've been fleshing out) instead of making a new one since I liked him so much. Curtana is doing the same, playing my half elven half-sister.

This weekend was another busy one as well - o Friday I went to a renfaire - The Royal Medieval Faire in Kitchener. It was.... well I'm spoiled y Texas ;) It was quite nice, despite the weather. There was a Viking group (Torvik) there doing fighting demos, which was pretty fun, specially as I was wearing my Viking garb. They had a living history group there as well, but they were, with the exception of one guy, not very engaging and mostly seemed interested in hanging out with each other. I had some friends there who were performing with a pirate troupe, and we watched them and then the birds of prey group who performed after them, and those were cool.

That night, Curtana and her so came down so that they could a: go to the Harvest Festival and Powwow at the museum with me the next day, and then take me back to Windsor with them for the next week! The Powwow was neat - I'd been to one before, agggggges ago, in high school or early university. Or maybe it was a cultural demo thing at school? Anyway - The day before it had been raining, but Sunday was gorgeous! There were lots of vendors selling First Nations crafts and food, and some really cool dancing demos and competitions, with some Inter Tribal songs for everyone to dance to (I did, because <3 all kinds of dancing, and the invitation was explicitly there, and it was cool to participate). There were also some demos and storytelling, and of course the museum and village to look through. There was a reenactor group there doing reenactions of First Nations life at the time of colonial contact, which was conceptually interesting, though I wound up talking to them more about that then the actual stuff they were reenacting! Some of them are local to London though. It might be something to think about getting involved with if there is something for me to do there, because I clearly don't have enough things going on in my life :p

Now I'm in Windsor! We brought Jola, but Maze is still in London, because the dog here is even more crazy cat-hating than Sierra. I'm staying for a week and a half or so, probably? Up to Curtana's birthday, at least. I am probably going to a talk on Detroit archaeology stuff on Saturday. Meanwhile, I have a ton of things to occupy myself with - knitting, writing, outlining, tag wrangling, tag modding, job applications, reading, syllabus writing, pokemon, wiki editing.... Plus socializing with my hosts and all that stuff. So I feel like I shouldn't be bored anytime in the near future ;p We'll see if this actually stops me from complaining at all ;p

In other news, I want new icons derived from my tattoos, and am too lazy to make them :p
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Uh... For two days ago now (I'm bad at this), [personal profile] curtana asked me to answer what D&D dragon I would be.

Which is a cool question! But there are so many dragons @_@ I can say I've never felt particularly aligned with any of the usual suspects. There might be a perfect dragon for me out there, but I dunno?

That said, I did a bunch of research into emerald dragons when I was writing one of my yuletide stories this year (There's No Blood in Bone). They are neutral, they are history nerds among dragons, they live in the inner planes or on island chains (depending on which version you're reading...) They live at the edges of human societies. I could totally be down with all of that, really!
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I had a weird, and funny dream last night! Which is good because I otherwise slept for poop :p

I dreamed that for....reasons? We were trying to recreate this scene from a Diablotin game in real life. I don't know *why* we were doing this, whether we were doing a LARP or something. But being a dream, of course it was not something that actually happened. It was the scene where someone was murdered at Kalman's father's house. Not the time that someone was actually assassinated at his house, but a different, fictional, murder.

We, or I, was trying to get the table setting figured out. I don't think we were going to do the whole table, but we needed certain props, or else maybe his father had been dining alone in his study or something. We wanted one representative place setting, anyway!

At first we were just pulling stuff out and setting it all along the wall/railing at the top of the stairs. This was like a combination of my mom's house, House of Heathers, and maybe Xypharan's house? We were bringing stuff up from the basement though.

Eventually I declared this unsafe, and we decided to set it up in this room that basically only had a round painted wooden table - it was like if my craft table was a circle instead of a rectangle. There was also another table (I think it was a white folding table?) along one wall.

We were trying to figure out what dishes would have been used by reading old game logs and such - there was one specific scene which mentioned Kalman having soup, and we had gotten out a soup bowl before we moved to this room, but were not trying to identify it from the other dishes, which I eventually did. All the dishes were glass, and they may have been pomona? Or maybe some other kind of etched glass?

For some reason [personal profile] framlingem was there helping us set things up, but she had gotten out a while bunch of glass (she was sitting on the floor sorting it out) and we were like "wait why do we need all this?" And she was working from a book that was basically like a combination of different books I actually own that had descriptions of glass place settings used in colonial homes (lol no). So we had to explain that we didn't need a full setting, just whatever they would have had out for use for this particular meal, which was more for close friends, which we would be able to figure out from the logs. Also there was something about Kalman's dad having some cutesy nickname for him that wold have been okay to use in this particular company?

I remember trying to walk around pictures or posters that had been set out on the floor as part of the preparations as well, but I'm not sure what for. Also we were expecting deliver of food that was somehow related to all of this as well...

I woke up when my brain realized how silly this whole exercise was!
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I need to do a job app for a temporary job in Waterloo that I probably can't get because I can't drive. Also I am highly dubious that i can get my license here before I leave at this point, and will have to start all over in Canada, possibly more than once, because getting a license in Ontario is a two year process, and who knows if I will actually *be* in Ontario for two years, and if I move provinces again I'd have to start all over again

I thought I had a plan to get up to Canada, but now everything is up in the air again. The people who offered to help me have some pretty serious stuff to deal with and I understand, but I'm still stuck. Maybe they can still take me, but who knows when I will know. I don't have any other good ideas.

I need to do laundry.

I was supposed to run the second half of my oneshot tomorrow, but I don't know if that is going to happen either. At lest that one is mostly on me to decide. I'm leaning towards 'no,' but I really ought to make that call soon. I can't do it next week either as I'd still be down at least one (different) person and possibly more.

I should be packing.

I was planing to finish up stuff for Jukebox this weekend but I am not sure where I put my motivation.

I need to get stuff out of my storage unit and get rid of some of the other stuff in my house.

On the other hand, with nothing going on tomorrow afternoon or evening, I should have time for all the rest of it, right?

Meh. At least I got my new sock yarn in the mail. It is pretty even though it is much more 'mottled grey' and less 'black and white'.

I guess I can make myself get up and take care of some of that, anyway.
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