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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:49pm on 06/09/2017
Work was stressful today - we started getting alerts and warning s about problems with out network storage. We've been planning to transition off of it but haven't yet, probably for Reasons. So I had to flail around and try and figure out how to back things up, and where, and what another solution could be. We did have a little private cloud NAS server thing just kicking around (the tech at my work is really ridiculous in some ways), but I haven't figured out how to set it up on the network so that people can actually get to it.

Tonight I made sugar cookie bars that I got a recipe from via yulechat folks (thanks [profile] donusweeper!), and unpinned the shawl I blocked and finished p the baby sweater for my cousin. Which I *need* to mail tomorrow if it has the slightest chance of arriving on time....so we'll see I guess. I need a card and some kind of wrapping or bag, which I can get tomorrow at loblaws I guess. I also need a few other things like tea for work, and some larp things. We're having an in-game crafting competition? I'm not really sure how that is supposed to work, but hey, sure!

I also futzes around with yarn and needles for my next in-game project, which is socks. Worsted weight bootsocks, basically. I'm settling on a pattern, but first I need to figure out how big they need to be.

Uuuuhhh... I feel like I *was* going to write something here hat was actual *thoughts* and not just a catalogue of things I did, but they're gone now. Such is my life.

Thanks to the folk who tumbld at me that I am stardust and they love me! But I'm not sure there are ten people on tumblr who even know who I am and that's just an awkward meme to continue <3
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:05pm on 04/09/2017
Kids go back to school tomorrow!

I finished my dyes this AM, then did some pet things, then played a game with HD (everything Burrito! It's an Adventure Time game that is pretty fun), and then did basically anything I could to not make any notes for the game I was running tonight.

I think it went well! People had fun. I didn't have a super clear ~resolution! but no one died, they had one really rough fight, they got to do some RP things. I tried to give everyone their time at the table, so to speak. Once they willing went with the orcs I feel like their choices were more curtailed, but things worked out. One character almost got put into a melee 'for fun' fight with an orc which would have been amusing, because they had no idea what was happening and the one character who could understand what was not translating very well :V

And all the food we had was delicious - meatloaf and root veggies and guacamole and meatballs and salad and edamame and brownie pie :3

and now I am going to shower and sleep forever.... back to wok tomorrow :/
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:56pm on 03/09/2017
And a busy Monday too, I expect...

Today I:
Collected more plant tops of queen anne's lace while walking the dogs
Also collected some Mystery Nuts
Did a load of laundry (lingering in the dryer)
Made my QAL dye
Put yarn in that dye
Blocked a shawl
Played in a game
Collected ragweed, made dye with it, and put some yarn in it
Scoured a different skein of yarn
Picked out and made NPCs for my game tomorrow
Did a bunch of knitting on my shawl.

So I guess I'd probably best go upstairs, put new sheets on the bed, and go to sleep @_@
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...is how long I think it's been?

Yesterday I finished reorganizing space at work. On Tuesday when I go in, I'm going to finish up (for now) with that collection.

I wound up volunteering to run a one shot on Monday. I have the characters ready and a basic idea in my head.... that's all I really need, right? People seem excited, anyway.

Played Arkham Horror for the first time in aaaages tonight! It was good times.

In other news I have some kind of annoying rash around my neck? I dunno what the deal is.

I'm up too late, again. Time for a shower and sleep forever! The rest of the fam is going on a day trip tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get some dyeing done during game. Wererogue rearranged the living room today too, and I like it but it keeps catching me off guard. It's like it's divided into two spaces now instead of one.
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Probably she'll see this somewhere, anyway.

I made cupcakes, and I got her one of those dodgy Chinese-manufactured ~assymetrical hoodies~ from a facebook ad. It was not as bad as some of the reviews said (reviews I only looked at after I'd ordered, because I'm clever that way), but not all I'd been hoping for. It is a cotton polyester blend, in that it is mostly polyester and probably there is some technical standard minimally being met? The arms are tight but it is wearable and she seems happy enough with it, anyway. I guess I could have gone a size up. Knitting was nice tonight, and I'm glad I cajoled her into coming out. I'm about 2/3 of the way into chart 11 (of 13) of Pulled by the Sunset.

Work was BUSY today! Not only with self-assigned projects, but just lots of people in and around doing various research things. And more of the same tomorrow! I'm hoping to get some things Put Away tomorrow, and I need to contact one of the grad students to do the same.

So much to do, so little time....

Time for bed! Before midnight! I mean, not by much, but I'll take it...
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:56pm on 30/08/2017
I started a project at the end of the day after accomplishing almost nothing for the rest of the day. Wooh? Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than I can chew :p I just want to get some things put away :p

Then I came home, took the dogs out, and went running errands, including a 'grabbing dinner' errand. My eldest nephew had dental surgery today (they couldn't get him numbed with a local anesthetic, so they had to use a general), and since his parents were dealing with that today, dinner didn't get made. So I went out and got a rotisserie chicken when picking up stuff to make cupcakes for Longpig's birthday tomorrow.

So I made cupcakes, which turned out *really* well - dark chocolate filled with cherry pie filling, and 'iced' with stabilized whipped cream.

I also called my dad for his birthday, which was today.

(for everyone playing along at home, everyone in my immediate family has/had their birthdays all in a row in August. Mom = 29, dad = 30, sister = 31. I'm off on my own in October :p)

I also finished The Stone Sky! Which I enjoyed. I wasn't sure what the resolution would be but I did figure out why the narration was set up as it was before it was *too* heavily telegraphed. I really enjoyed the whole series, but it is late and I should shower and go to bed, not try to write out my spoliery meta thoughts. And this is why you never get any real content ;p
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I dunno, I'm just reaching for titles at this point ;p

Work was good! Everyone wants to do flotation this week though @_@ busy busy! N is back for a few days, but he is going to Quebec City at the end of the week, so who knows when I will her back on any of the stuff I did while he was away. Or the people he asked me to contact, etc. Whatever. I finished a draft of the 'this is how the database is meant to be used/work' thing that I put together, because I think that is more useful than just a step by step guide for doing specifi things. It's so variable. We do need to work on some 'translation' guides for data entry, but I might ask my counterpart at the other facility to assist with that.

I also had some good conversations with J about his post-doc project, which is putting together a project portal for various kinds of heritage research, to put researchers in touch with communities - the communities suggest the projects and the researchers - students and faculty - can pick from various ideas and know that a: they will have support for the research and b: that since it is community driven it is muuuuch more likely to be competitive for grant-based funding. We've been tossing around with ideas for SA (some of which are Really Cool), and also brainstorming other sorts of things, and he keeps saying things like "we should write a paper." hah :V Who has time for original research ;p

In non-work news, it is Longpig and Wererogue's anniversary today (also my mom's birthday), and they went out to dinner, and I got to take care of the kids. Which included making a quick dinner when I got home - cheese and tomato omelets with cucumber slices and snap peas. wooh! They both ate everything, pretty much, so I'll call it a win. And they were pretty good at bedtime. Other than that, I finished weaving in the ends o the baby sweater, which is now "blocking" before final assembly. It's cute but heavy! ahh well. I am going to have back out of the actual shower though - a Toronto day trip is pricey, and the place where the shower is being held is not convenient from public transit.

I should go to bed. I've been really bad about getting in to be before midnight lately. I was on track for it tonight but something something the internet happened.

Night all!
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Today felt like a wasted day at work, but I don't think it really was. I mean,not my best, maybe, but things happened!

I got the baby sweater done, now I just have a zillion ends to weave in...
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:43pm on 27/08/2017
Today was a game day, and although the session was super great and engaging, I still managed to get a bunch of other things done! I think I just had a lot of nervous energy about things nd needed to putter.

I got two pots of dye done and two skeins dyed.... though they didn't come out very dark. I need to figure out what the issue is. Maybe I need to mordant harder? Mordant twice! Be more patient about stuff sitting in the dye?

IN one of the cases today I didn't want to because I accidentally used one of my iron-mordant tubs and I didn't want to screw up the wool if there was too much residue :(

I also read up some afterwards and I think I needed to be rougher on my black-eyed susans. The dye was not nearly as green as I was hoping for, and it didn't take up well despite the bath being super dark :/ anyway. I have two pale yellow/green skeins, at least, and one more skein to try out :)

I also baked banana bread!

And I am allllmost done the sleeves on the baby sweater for my cousin :3 then allll the end weaving an blocking, then final assembly.

Tomorrow I need to get cat litter and change out the kitty box, too. I hate not being able to do it on Sunday, but I also don't mind not doing it >.>

I've been keeping friends and folks in Texas in my thought - Harvey is a mess that only looks to get messier. Take care of yourselves!
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 12:14am on 27/08/2017
This morning I woke up and lazed around and then rolled out of bed in a hurry because there was a counter-protest for an anti-Islam group in town and screw that noise. One of my neighbours is a city councilor and I heard about it through her. So I spend about 3-4 hours standing in the sun singing and yelling at fascists and playing a handmade drum that someone gave me.

Then later this afternoon was taco fest! Which was PACKED but delicious, and I saw a variety of folks! I was going to hook up with some other friends for a going away shindig, but then I got called home because one of my nephews (the older one) had fallen off his chair at dinner and possibly broken his finger (It isn't broken but it is really badly bruised on the joint), and Longpig needed backup because the kids were having a sleepover and she was having a not great health day.

Anyway! It was a mostly good day, all told, but now I am overdue for a shower, some stretching, and sleep - sorry for not elaborating further!
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