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Today I got 970g more mulberries, which I am recording here because I can't find my dyeing notebook. I certainly have enough now, anyway! I just need the time to make the dye and do the dyeing :3 I didn't actually have to pick the berries, as I ran into some fellow foragers who'd cleaned the tree using a tarp and a rake - they really do just fall off the tree, so this is a pretty efficient way of harvesting them!

Today I didn't have anything specific to do and no deadlines for anything, which is kind of nice. I did a bunch of house cleaning (mostly vaccuming) and tidied my room a bit, and started a Diablotin ficlet (which I may yet finish!). I also spent a lot of time on tumblr.

Tomorrow is the casual birthday party for my youngest nephew, who turned 5 on the 5th. Pizza and some games at the park! It is supposed t be really nice out, at least. I think it will be a small attendance. Weterogue has been working on a Stampycat cake... Longpig had got all the stuff for a cool minecraft cake and then Nugsy changed his mind at literally the last minute. But what he wanted is actually simpler and we still have all the things we need, so I guess why not :/ This came about because they got a stampycat book (from a charityshop) that has a cake in it, so the minecraft project was probably doomed.... although it was going to be super cool.

Posting before the day is out for once so.... hopefully I will get more things done tonight :)

I forgot to mention the other day but I submitted two stories - a new pirate one, and also Cursed Wreck (a lovecraftian shipwreck story I've been shopping around for a while) to an anthology on pirates and ghosts. So wait and see how that goes I guess :3
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:21pm on 07/07/2017
I am home!

Technically I was home yesterday, I was just too busy/rushed to post.

Camping was great!

Today was super busy at work (and a little annoying), including spending an hour on the bus to run an errand. And then it took me *three hours* to get home, because three buses just....didn't come when they were supposed to. I finally gave up and took a different, longer route, but because I was delayed so long I got caught in a frigging HAIL STORM waiting for the bus and then *still* had to wait another half an hour to catch my transfer (because it was late enough that they'd stopped running more regularly), and then another half an hour to acutally get home, for a total of aboth tree hours between leaving work and actually getting home. So I was tired and my back hurts and I wound up eatng my rage, and you get this post instead of one about how Jola was such a good girl when we were camping (but she was).
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:40pm on 03/07/2017 under , , ,
I'm going camping tomorrow! I haven't been actually *camping* in forever. I have done related activities, like larp, or like renfest camping, but not go to a park and set up a tent and explore around, in many years. Although I think it will not be a ton of hardcore exploring - there are a few trails, and a beach. I'm bringing Jola though, so that should be fun! Anyway, I hope that it all goes smooth, as Nary is not a Camping type person and is basically just indulging me <3

We're leaving around noon tomorrow after we pck up some stuff at the store. Wheee! But also obviously I won't be around to post stuff, so peace out, friends!
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I really hate basically losing a day to antihistamines. I don't know that I ever competely woke up. I did get some stuff done though:

-I got online to talk about game stuff
-I played Cards against Diablotin
-I got my yarn in the mordant bath
-I picked more berries
-I made a mediocre cobbler
-I helped move a kid bed (again)
-I mostly finished this pirate story?

Other things I'm forgetting probably? Now I'm super tired though, and I should already be in bed, bleh. work tomorrow, though I'm planning to leave a bit early.
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 10:49pm on 01/07/2017
My Canada day was mostly making nanaimo bars and spending 5 hours detangling yarn @_@ So I dond't get to the rest of the stuff on my list, clearly ;p But there is always tomorrow, I guess? I went over to a friend's place with Nary to watch some stuff, and it turns out he has three cats, so I took a reactine and my ability to stay coherent is rapidly fading, to the detriment of my desire to do some writing. Also, perhaps predictably after spending 5 hours detangling yarn (500 grams of worsted weight cotton, now in two skeins), my hands are sore. Those were some giant balls :p

I feel like I had more to ay, but now it is gone. I blame the reactine.
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Today was a suuuuper busy day in the end.

I went down town around noon to pick up some bras I'd ordered, and didn't make it home until almost 6! then after dinner I went out and picked a bunch of mulberries - tomorrow I'm hoping to get my yarn split and re-mordanted, and then I can mash up the berries for dye! I'll probably need more than I have (hough I have close to 2 pounds) because mostly what I have learned with these things is that it takes a *lot* of dyestuffs. Anyway, after that, Nary got here, yay!

Tomorrow is the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation, but there are some legit reasons not to necessarily just jump right into celebrating, but take a moment to reflect about how we got here, what came before, and what kinds of improvements nd chances we need to work towards. Which I have been trying to at least think about, though downtown today was mostly Canada 150 stuff. I helped with the VR at the work booth for a bit, and watched a raptor (bird) educational display with the kids and took them to get their faces painted. I also bought the stuff to make nanaimo bars, so that has to happen tomorrow too! busy busy....
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I don't remember if the last time I updated was yesterday or the day before.

Work has been odd. But I have tomorrow off (my stat holiday substitute for Canada day being on Saturday). And Nary will be here tomorrow night as she has a course on the weekend. I work on Monday, but then she and I are going camping for three days - with Jola. Adventure! We'll see how it goes I guess :3 Tuesday is also my youngest nephew's birthday!

I'm hoping to go downtown for a bit tomorrow. I also need to finish my pirate story, which I utterly failed to work on tonight. Instead - tumblr and gaming. Hi tumblr!

And now - good night!
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:43pm on 27/06/2017
I had another course today, but I was so tired that I don't think I retained too much. Fortunately we get the notes. I also failed to run an errand, so maybe I can do that on... Monday? Ugh. Not tomorrow, which will be way busy, and not on Friday when the university is closed (everyone else is taking the stat holiday for Canada day on Monday but the university is not, which means I am not either, because we follow their schedule). And next week I'm going camping! Which I hope will be fun :3 Nary and I are going - I need to start making a list of things we will need (like a battery operated air pump :p). We're also taking Jola, which will be an Interesting Adventure!

But I meant to write about dyeing, whoops! I asked for advice on the ravelry natural dyeing community and got some advice and two options for the cotton that didn't take. I re-scoured it (and really should have done the same with the linen, but I'll leave that for another time) by washing it on hot in the washer with just washing soda. Now I have two options: treat it as partly mordanted, and go the three step alum--> tannis --> alum method, or use aluminum acetate instead. I thiiiink I will go with option two, because it is faster (it doesn't take three days, or more be cause I don't actually have any tannin solution on hand), and I now own some :V I found out that one of the local-ish shops ( I buy online but it comes in like a day because they are in a nearby town) carries alllll kinds of dyeing things, including plant dyestuffs if I want to get into the exotics. They *also* had a book on local dye materials that was compiled by a spinning and weaving guild in the 80s, so score! I bought that, clearly. Its pretty thick and I can already see tat there is stuff that will be different from my experience, but it has a lot of useful info on *locally* available dye plants. So yes! super excited! I also bought some iron mordant...

Maybe I'll start some more stuff this weekend? It's a good season for it...

But now, bed!
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For leaving this until the last minute :p

I got 2/3 things on my to do list done - the raspberries weren't quite ripe, but I got my Nigerian food and I did a bit more writing. And there was game, and I got some answers/options for what to do with my cotton yarn.

As far as it being a successful weekend, I can't remember anything that I am supposed to do next week at work, so I think that is a win!

And now - goodnight!
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:44pm on 24/06/2017
The new raid system in Pokemon is up and working, and I got to try it out today! I did two raids, because that's how many passes I had, and solo'd them both. After you beat the raid boss, you have a chance to catch it, and I caught the first (a Magmar, meh) but not the second (a Croconaw), which ate about half my raspberries and then ran away, the little jerk! I am enjoying the new features and the nicer weather, anyway.

And the weather has been nice the past day and a bit, but generally all over the place! Today was just about a perfect temperature and sunny, but then we had a thunderstorm in the afternoon and then it cleared up again and is nice. My windows are open, even! And the actual raspberries in the park are juuuuust about ready to start picking. The mulberries are go as well, so I'm going to try and start collecting some of them for dyeing. And maybe eating? I don't find them especially tasty but they're okay... assuming they're the same here as in Texas, anyway.

There was an international food festival this weekend! I went downtown with Longpig and the Eldest and met another friend there. We wandered and munched (I had some plantains and a really damned good bifana and a churro and a rib and some Nigerian hibiscus drink I forget the name of. Zobo, thank you google! There was a lot of other stuff around but I want to go back to the Nigerian table tomorrow if I can - everything there looked amazing but I was already full by that point :(

I also bought pants! There is apparently a Canadian company called SweetLegs that does really nice leggings, and there was a woman there selling them, and they were black with skulls on, and they fit and were super comfy and soft, so sold! And the people Longpig bought her "harem"-style pants from last year at a different festival were there, so I got a pair in black because I have been envying them for ages. So I am probably set for pants forever now :p

After that I napped for a good chunk of the afternoon, then started a pirate story for that anthology, then cooked some steak on the bbq. It mostly turned out really well, I think, though the coal distribution was a little uneven and cramped, so it cold have been better. The story is, well, started anyway. I have some ideas for it but am still figuring out how to pull them all together. I also need to read some more early 18th century stuff because my voice is off. I mean I don't want to completely write in that style because no one wants that, but I want enough turns of phrase to be suggestive without all the run on sentences and random Capitalization and such.

Tomorrow I have game, but in the evening, so I think my priorities are going to be writing, eating (if I can make it back to the food festiva), and fruit gathering. Om nom nom!

ETA: And then I stayed up until 1:30 making a minecraft ship because reasons???
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