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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 12:01am on 14/06/2017
But not tonight!

I got my Raksura exchange fic posted, though it still needs a beta pass. I'm mostly happy with it and I hope it gives the recip what they wanted from the prompt.

I've also been prompted to start working on the re-writes for the underworld wiki. I need to think up some cool rites/rite names. I *did* come up with a cool monster, which are kind of a cross between geiger aliens and hounds of tindalos, only they are attracted to light, and only physically manifest in direct light... I thik that would be a cool mechanic for a larp - you have to shine a light at them to attack them, or throw one on the ground if you're clever, otherwise they can phase your attacks. And they can hit you with body damage and poison death regardless :V

But right now I need to sleep!
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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:24pm on 14/06/2017
Tonight I did bedtime for the kids so that Longpig and Wererogue could go out to dinner. And then I did not much else? I poked at the wiki and admitted defeat, once again running back to a hypercompetent friend for help (I managed to get the *last* step to work for me now, but after she'd already done it for me). And I updated my character for tomorrow's D&D game.

Today was a kind of useless, wasted day all around. I didn't get much done at work either. I'm starting to plan a full equipment inventory... Whee. Oh and I went outside to find things to take pictures of and saw *two* snakes :D
Mood:: 'tired' tired


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