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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 10:18pm on 12/06/2017
I slept for poop last night and my alertness has been coming and going all day. I'm probably going to bed shortly, but I wanted to say a *little* but more about my weekend.

However I don't have a lot of brain, so you are going to get the 'copied from irc' version.

[Me] So one of the cool things at larp this weekend was a test that was laid out for the mage's guild (Arcanist Collective)
[Me] they had to draw a ritual circle for each of the main spheres of magic
[Me] but, like, Underworld has a system for all that stuff
[Me] so, like there are actual systems for drawing the circles and constructing invocations
[Me] and the oder you do things, and the glyphs and symbols you use...
[Me] and it was not something I have actually seen done in game before
[Me] and it was SO COOL
[Me] So cool
[Me] like, both in terms of people trying to figure out the best way to do it while these judged vctorian dames looked down their noses
[Me] and some of the things that happened when they did silly things, or other people did silly things
[Me] like the orc who took a piece of the magic chalk for drawing the conjuring glyphs and drew an angry face and then got stalked by this nasty construct thing that almost killed him
[Me] but it was like okay.. how do we get a circle the right size and keep everything spaced correctly
[Me] so they eventually worked out to take a knotted rope that they could use as a compass and stuff
[Me] and then working out what size the internal circles had to be to get the conjuring right
[Me] and the older in which things went, and all sorts of details
[Me] it was one of my favourite things to watch all weekend

I should also note that this was just to draw the circles - e is much more that goes into actually casting the rituals, like the invocations and so on, and there is an element of chance to it as well that can be counteracted with greater skill
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