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A little update for anyone interested.

This last week it feels like I have accomplished very little. Last weekend I ran the first bit of my the "one shot" I prepped fro Webercon for some people online. Because everything takes at least twice as long online, I got through about half of it. If anyone is curious you can see the lead in and the log here. Only the first log is actually extant, though. I need to schedule the second bit.

Sunday night, a bunch of friends tested a new online version of Cards Against Humanity (Cards Against Originality). The site claims that you need to be in the same room, but what they actually mean is that you need to be in voice contact. We played over Skype and it worked wonderfully, with only a few little connection hiccups.

Monday I did some solo RP scenes for Diablotin, Tuesday I focused on some Wrangling Staff stuff (and tried and failed miserably to get a good connection to [personal profile] curtana so we could watch the last episode of season 1 of Peaky Blinders, bah). Wednesday was usual datenight shenanigans. Last night I played Arkham Horror (and we defeated Yog Sothoth, but barely).

So I did some things, and some of them were even productive in some sense, but I feel like I have been avoiding some other pretty major things that are coming at me fairly soon. I have decided (I think) that I am going to get rid of my furniture when I leave the US, and try and just take Stuff with me, and take a hard look at my Stuff and offload a lot of it locally if I can. I need to start packing things and sorting things. I need to figure out how to ship things, and to where. I need to figure out where I am going, and when, and how I, and my two animals, are going to get there. I need to go through stuff i my storage unit and decide what I want to keep from that stuff, and I need to start craigslisting or otherwise offloading stuff I want to get rid of. I have a lot of files of stuff that at this point I am ready to check that I was previously holding on to, but can now go. But I also have a lot of weird stuff I want to keep for Reasons that might need closer examination. I also have other Stuff I should do, like get some doctor stuff done, see what shots Jola needs, and Maze needs, look into... flying? with them? I don't have a plan, but I should be making one. Meeeeeh :|

Meanwhile, I have a meeting tonight, I have game on Sunday, I have two trope bingo stories I want to get one (one half done, one not started, lol), and I got my Jukebox assignment yesterday too.... I think I can actually knock that out *relatively* easily though, as I have decided what I want to do for it already :) Now if I could only manage to do any of these things without feeling *toooo* guilty... Or swinging the other way and feeling too defiantly indulgent :p

At least I'm ahead of schedule (again) at work? Huzzah. I should probably keep on top of that :p
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