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Started reading the Ahsoka novel with Nary tonight - they are playing 'crokin'. It's space crokinole. I wonder how many people even know it is a real game? I'm deeply amused!

I also went for a hike in one of the many little nature preserves in town. This one has about 4.5 km of trails, and at this time of year it was flush with wildflowers! So pretty - I haven't seen that many trilliums in ages. One of the women who was along knew a lot about them as well, so I actually learned a bunch more local flowers and plants. My legs are a little sore, mostly from one particularly steep hill on the way out. I'm really glad I got a chance to go! I could try and put up some pictures - I dumped a bunch on facebook, but I could put some faves somewhere else for reposting I guess.

I've done almost nothing else all day though. Wheeee! I did find another pattern for my yarn, but I didn't get around to winding it yet. Maybe tomorrow. And now it's bedtime :3
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Like many a knitter, I have a stash.

I try not to accumulate stash, but of course I'm not successful at this goal. I try to only buy stuff with projects in mind, so that I can know for certain that I have enough yarn for whatever it may be. And then I also try and find good stash busting projects.

I'm failing *really hard* at the latter rn and I'm sad :(

I have a really gorgeous yarn that I bought for socks, only it is 100% merino, and the last pair of 100% merino socks I made didn't even last a season before they had major holes. This is the same brand. The yarn is gorgeous! I don't know what else I would ever wear it as, though. Its waaaaay too bright for me. I have no idea what to do with it :/

When I was in Gloucester last summer I bought two skeins of complimentary colours. They were the same base alpaca but had been dyed by sisters. I figured that would be enough to make a little shawlette of some kind, but apparently I was wrong. I have 430 yards (215 each) and I can't find anything I really like :/

I have 400 meters of my 'drowzee' yarn that I dyed - pale yellow and brown. It isn't really enough to do much with either I have a million shawls already and I hardly ever wear them as it is. I don't think I've worn my Queen Anne's Lace, not really, since I blocked it. It needs the ends trimmed still.

Sometimes I get encouraged when things turn up n the pattern search, but then I realize that the smaller yardage is for the smaller *size* and to try and get it to actually fit *me* I don't have enough. Or I'll find one that I like and realize that I don't have the *proportions* I need - like it takes 400 total, but 300 of one and 100 of the other. Then there's that pattern I was going to start tonight which says it needed 400 yards and then when I looked at it more closely, the actual yardage was 300-400 of one colour and 200-250 of the other. That's a minimum of 500 yards. That's some bullshit. I am not impressed.

Anyway. I'm working in Pulled by the Sunset still and it is coming along nicely but slowly. I just finished a pair of socks (mostly - they need their ends woven in) that I messed up one of them is longer in the leg than the other and I didn't figure this out until WAY too late) for a friend. So I need a secondary, more portable knitting project. That isn't socks.

...*sigh* I'm sure I'll find something I can do from my stash! But not tonight - too sleepy. Night, internet!
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I had a really good morning at work and then a really meh afternoon - I just ran out of steam Plus I'm sorta supposed to be looking into cloud networking and storage and I have no idea what our needs are, really, and also I don't really understand the services offered. All I know is we need to have our stuff stored in Canada, for various reasons.

We have two server stacks but we don't have anyone who can take care of them, and apparently this will be cheaper (I'm not actually convinced - we have fairly specific needs, and a fair amount of data already and the potential to generate a *lot* more). I think the director is thinking only in terms of cost for storage but we need more than that. So, we;ll see. Ennnnnh. This is one of the less fun/neat things about the job :p

However I think I'm go for first aid training next month! I haven't been certified since, like.... highschool. dang.

I went to knitting tonight, and we a goddamned hilarious bitches. It was great. And I finished the socks I was working on (barring end weaving). So now I need a new portable project! But I think I'll work on trying to finish the book I was reading first. It's been a while since I read much of anything other than DW and tumblr and articles linked on facebook.

I am excited for Space Swap to open next week, that will be good :3
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Probably work is going to make me worse at this, but I'll keep trying.

Not a whole lot to report, really.

I picked up a Space Swap Pinch Hit and wrote that last night, go me! All the stories are in and now it is just waiting until stories go live and I see how it goes :3 I'm really not sure if what I wrote is really going to be what my recips were looking for, but I will see!

I also posted a Thirteen story on.... Monday? Sunday? The days all blur together...

Reconcilliation (2170 words) by Measured_Words
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thirteen (game), Pathfinder (Roleplaying Game), Cthulhu Mythos - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kahonstionekha/Kawisenhawe
Characters: Kahonstoinekha, Kawisenhawe
Additional Tags: Sanity Loss, Family, Mental Instability, Exes, Hope, Intimacy, Weddings, Recovery

Kawisenhawe decides to talk to her ex-husband on the occasion of his sister's wedding.


I'm never sure how much interest these things have for other people, but I enjoyed writing it and it was helpful to think through.

In other news, I officially retired from Wrangling Staff. Now I need to catch up on regular wrangling duties.
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I...forgot to do entries. Derp.

-The kids had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, so I had the house to myself since both their parents went with. So quiet!
-Board games at the neighbours that night! We played telephone pictionary, Dominion, and Robo Rally. There should be a rule against starting a game of Robo Rally that close to eleven o'clock at night :p
-The kids also had a sleepover, so Sunday morning was So Quiet.
-We didn't have a game on Sunday for Various Reasons. I did some writing, it was really nice.
-More writing, knitting, and Jessica Jones last night.

Work today went fine. Things got fixed, other things got set up, it was fine. The internet went out-ish for part of the afternoon. I still had slack and mirc, but everyone was quiet so I went and did some vacuuming in the repository. Wooh!

Tonight, signups for the Raksura exchange, more of Dark Disciple, and more writing. I put in for a pinch it Space Swap, and if I get it, I will basically only have tomorrow to write it, so I'm going to have to start it tonight just in case.
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It turns out today was a pretty good day! I did a bunch of cool things at work. The skype tour actually went quite well, I think - certainly better than R expected it to. I think she was encouraged by the possibility, but at the same time, it is giving away staff time and programming for free to people who will never actually come and visit here, so I can understand her concerns. The museum is poor - we need income to survive.

We also had a meeting with a group (originating in the UK but now with people in Canada as well) who develop digital/virtual technologies for museums. It was interesting and encouraging and we can probably work with them - they will help find and apply for grants and stuff to, so it isn't just a matter of us finding money and paying them to make something. They emphasized something I think R sometimes needs o be reminded of - you need to have a narrative, not just cool tech. You need a purpose of the cool tech, it is not an end in itself. We're lacking in narratives.

I had some cool ideas for ways to use AR stuff in the museum, though, form that museum. Let me grab them from the email I sent her... I have to say I feel like one of the advantages of their model of operations is that they get to hear a lot of ideas - they may not work for a particular client, but maybe a different client could use them, right? I hope they aren't just idea mining, but they do seem to be relatively successful. And they are museums professionals, with PhDs in museology from Leicester, and such. They were really cool. TBH I'd like to quit and go work for them :V

Ah ha ha I managed to send it from the wrong account great @_@ I guess that explains why she didn't answer :p

short form ideas:
-use AR(?) to project site map images onto their corresponding locations on the village, either as an AR image or as a googlemap overlay for people to look at while wandering the site

-create a couple of scavenger hunts where you collect pieces that all come together into some kind of story/image/animation - basically you get stuff along the way and a bonus for completion

-combine AR scavenger hunting for both real and virtual objects in the museum/village with a choose your own adventure game. Seriously how cool would *that* be?

VR excavation! I mean this is the next level of the sandbox full of artifacts that most museums have. You can have different difficulties, form your basic 'dig and find a thing' to offering different kinds of tools to find different things (objects and features!) and interact with them. You could totally have a shovel, a trowel, a screen, a measuring tape....

What I am also curious about doing, while I am funding and finding time for all these cool imaginary projects, is to rebuild an excavation from the notes taken during excavation. It would be.... a lot of work. You could generalize stuff a lot (randomizing objects retrieved from a particular layer or unit), but still... I mean, you couldn't necessarily 'replace' every unique single artifact, unless it was a tiny site and you could scan the entire collection some how. But I'm not sure that would be the point. hmmhmmmhmmm

Anyway you heard it here first :p

Oh, also, on my way home from work, I bought a frickin' cake. It was a cannoli cake, and it was pretty good :D
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Tomorrow, I have to help give a skype tour about 3d printing to a group of grade three students. I have no idea how this is going to go!

I am already experiencing pushback for certain things and coinflicting vision things. *sigh* Day 3! Also complete lack of vision things. Well, we'll sort it out, probably.

Less cool is me pointing out that MCTguy is trying to bully me about billing things. Grr. How do deal? He might be right, maybe it isn't worth making a deal out of in this case - I don't know, I barely know the rules at this point. Bah. I tell myself it doesnt mater because we aren't going to be keeping it, but.... what else are we going to to with a million dollar machine that had to be installed via a crane? Well okay I have some ideas on that front, but we'll see. Push it into the creek has often been proposed but never yet implemented. At least it seems to be working now. For now. Ish.

Anyway. I've actually been feeling pretty alert/awake in the evenings so far. And tomorrow is Friday woooh! So I am transitioning okay. I had a meeting on campus this morning though that went well - I hit it off with the woman reviewing my benefits stuff really well, so it was...kind of fun? But I suppose that is literally her job, so - good on her! Also I was in the middle of drinking a giant tea.

Non-work things: I've been bad at Weather this week. Yesterday I wore my rain boots thinking it was supposed to pour, and it hardly rained at all and never while I was out. Today I wore my new sandals (I got Teva Tirras because they had good reviews and were relatively cheap - bets on whether they last me the summer!), and it was rainy *and* cold. I really need to just wash the mud off my boots so I can wear them again :P I didn't get rained on until my way home, at least, but I'd decided to go out to dinner since the fam was going out practically as I'd have been arriving for an event at the kids' school, and it BUCKETED as I was getting off the bus to that end. The sandals are fine in water, but my pant legs got wet and it was cold :( I got home, dried my feet, put on wool socks and my rubber boots, and had to take the dogs out. I really really need insoles for the boots though! Ahh well.

Also I write a star wars drabble: Symbol. It is not what I was meaning to write, but I still like it. It is about why Jedi always cut perfect circles with their light sabers. Wheee!

I still have no cake. If it hadn't been pouring and the dogs hadn't been waiting, I may have gone searching. Another time, I guess!
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I can sleep in the teeniest bit tomorrow, as I only have to go to *campus* for 9, and not all the way up to SA. So that's probably about half an hour of time saved? Well... okay... like 15 minutes maybe, BUT STILL!

Today was pretty busy. A lot of figuring things out. A lot of emails. Tomorrow may involve *shudder* phne calls. But hey, I'd better get used to that.

I need to sort out and think some things through in terms of how to approach them. But I'll probably focus on the easy stuff first, like figuring out Peoplesoft, and worry about how to balance short term versus long term agendas and the people that come with those.

I am almost done the pair of socks I am knitting, but also I have discovered that one of the legs is half a repeat longer than the other. Ugh! Well, that's just going to be how they are - I'm just about to start the toe on sock #2.

Watched another episode of Jessica Jones tonight. Still good. I feel like if this had been made in the...2000s, JJ woudl have been played by Eliza Dushku. Or maybe she just reminds me of Faith.
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I didn't do too much today.

I had a meeting with Neal, and took those notes and put them in Trello. I need to start sorting out some issues tomorrow - figuring out who to call to get some things fixed. I think there are more things to sign as well?

Anyway, I wound up going to campus to get a new card because I could snag a ride, then I spend the afternoon at home reading the employee handbook. Woooh!

I need to remember to bring in a few more things - notebooks, some kleenex... I do at least have some pens.

So tired though - I need to get used to going to bed early and (ha) sleeping :p
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I forgot yesterday, and then almost forgot today - but toorrow I start my new job ahhhhhhh! I need to go to bed, so flailing is all you get, sorry :3


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