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Headed bedwards. We finished reading New Dawn or whatever it is called tonight. Good book! Does not actually have Kanan and Hera getting *together*, alas, but they do team up. Do not get to see her reaction to seeing his lightsaber in action for the first time either literally or metaphorically. However it does reinforce my opinion that she would absolutely put the cause before him (we've seen that on the show, even), and he knows it, whereas he is much more content to compromise his beliefs to stay with her. I think it's partly a survival mechanism - I don't think he could really handle it if she left him. I mean, he would survive but there would be a lot of backsliding. But at least with Kanan that's more like becoming a drunken useless wreck and not turning all dark side. I really just don't think he has it in him. Anyone have recs for good get-together fics, 10k or less?
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Spent my morning faffing around the internet. but I have settled on my space swap premise at least, this time really. I also managed to actually order some storage bins and a storage Thingy (stand with bins?) for my room. The bins have a ridiculous delivery date of 1-2 months, but there's no real rush on them. Would it have been quicker to go to Walmart? Probably. But this is easier. I accidentally bought Amazon Prime; I may as well use it.

I went downtown and bought too much Candy. We were supposed to be getting stuff for Bubby's birthday party on Saturday, which was also achieved. I somehow lost a bag of watermelon slices on the way to the cash, so it could have been worse. Today was ridiculously warm, but it isn't going to stick quite yet. At least it isn't snowing! Yet...

Saturday is both the party and the LARP game I'm going to, which despite knowing both these things for ages now only came together in my mind tonight. so, that's unfortunate - I need to talk to Bubby tomorrow. I *will* be around on his actual birthday though, so I might promise to do stuff with him that night instead and see how that goes over. I'm such a jerk :(

In other sad news, Nary found out her grandmother died today.... She was old (97) and Very Ready, but still. That's also Nary's first grandmother to go - the other one had her 100th birthday last year. She's going down for the funeral, and flying back on Saturday... So she will be saying here on Saturday night! Which yay! But also Boo :( She's the third friend of mine to lose a grandmother in the last month, too.

In response to that, we had a chill evening, and she read to me more of the SW: rebels book (New Dawn?). I am enjoying the story and, of course, I do like the characters. It's pretty fast paced and the bad guy is basically an evil cyborg petty bureaucrat "efficiency expert", so basically everything that is the worst thing about "bad" management (it doesn't matter if people get hurt, this will make things go faster and that will please the Emperor) and also a psycho murderer. But Kanan and Hera! I feel like the author has done a good job back-projecting them. Kanan is the most different, but then Hera has been on a steadier path for a while. Then we watched a few more episodes of the show. And I got a lot of knitting done! I keep thinking I'm about to run out of this ball of yarn and then not.... but soon, surely. I hope the rest of it arrives soon and will work how I want it to!
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My plan was to get up, do my usual morning thing, then start laundry to have clean sheets, and snuggle Maze on the bare mattress and work on my Jukebox noms and writing while I waited for my mattress to arrive.

Surprise! It arrived pretty early and I hadn't even stripped the bed yet! So I hustled to do that and get stuff in the washer, and had kitty snuggles while it ran through. I managed Jukebox noms, though I still need to do my letter....once I settle on actual requests (all the things @_@).

I managed the entire mattress switch out on my own, including hauling the new one in its box up the stairs and hauling the old one all the ay to the basement. More impressively, I managed to do this without knocking *anything* over. Well, until I brought the empty, broken down box downstairs. Then I knocked over one of the baskets on the stairs, but only one step :V I'm sure I will be feeling this tomorrow but the new!!! mattress!!! should help mitigate that ^_^

I left it sitting on the bed until after dinner before putting on the sheets, because it does have that new memory foam smell, and I was hoping to reduce that a bit. It has definitely firmed up since being unboxed - initially it was all squish, but the support layers need more time to decompress (I feel there is a metaphor in there somewhere).

Meanwhile I proceeded to get absolutely nothing else done with my day :p Including putting away the rest of the laundry that was in with the sheets :p But tomorrow is another day!
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The chocolate cheesecake I helped make (technically I mostly directed Nary's son in the baking thereof, but I took some parts on myself) was delicious, even if it did split while baking. I have had, let's say, more than one piece :p
We've also managed to recreate Abruzzi's version of a Sicillian Sour: small glass, 3 ice cubes, 1 oz amaretto, 1 oz limoncello, fill up the rest of the way with san pellegrino limonada and a wedge of lemon (squeezed). Damned delicious! Might also be nice with a splash of gin, I may need to investigate...

Watched the last episodes of Voltron with the family today. Bubby was a bit distressed about what happened to Shiro, but aren't we all? That's a damned good show, all in all, and I can't wait until the next season this September!

If all goes to plan, tonight will be my last night on this mattress. I'm so excited! Tomorrow I need to do laundry to ensure that I have clean sheets for the new one. Other than that, depending on when the mattress comes, I want to go out and buys some big plastic storage bins so I can rearrange some of my stuff in storage and, maybe, some of the stuff in my room.

I also had Thirteen today, which was the conclusion of a story arc and turned out pretty cool. Now we have some downtime and a chance to recover for a bit, which is nice - I need to think a bit about what my character will be doing with it. I also filled up a journal during game - now I have to decide what i'm going to start using next for game notes, hmmmmm

I feel like I had something else to say but now I forget what. Ahh well, it is unlikely that it was anything important!
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Saw the Cinecast of the Stratford Festival's production of MacBeath. It was great! Also I helped make a a chocolate cheesecake tonight and play Dominion. But right now Nary is reading to me so this is all the post you get :)
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Today I gave blood (though my blood pressure was almost too low) and had a fancy lunch at Abruzzi. Then I crashed *hard* until dinner, which was late. Then we made doughnuts. The first time for any of us! They turned out really well. I mostly supervised and rolling them in sugar as they came out of the oil.

Now we are watching MST3K on Netflix! Not the new ones yet, but they put a bunch of old ones up to whet our appetites!

I'm still reaaaaaally tired, so I'm probably crashing out here again soon
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It's been a good day - I'm updating early because Nary is getting in tonight and I know I will probably get distracted and forget, otherwise :P

I finally got my 3D print of the scissors I was working on done yesterday, and it didn't break when I consolidated it, and then today I got to wax them and hand them off to the museum director so she can take them to the person they are for. I also *almost* finished the report I'm doing form the VR survey responses. I can finish that next week and send it to the guy who made the VR Longhouse, and then get on with redesigning the survey to work online (hopefully).

I was able to pick some stuff up for my sister when her text arrived just exactly when I was walking by the store. Serendipity! It is also much much nicer today than it was yesterday - there was light fluffy snow this morning, but no wind trying to blow me off my feet, and it was overall warmer. I generously bought my sister some snacks as well because I'm awesome, I guess!

Then I came home to tidy up my room and do some vacuuming. And I discovered that my tax return had come in! \o/ It was Not Small, and I was able to buy the new mattress I've been dreaming of for months. I'm so excited! I got an endy, because the reviews seemed pretty good for my needs and it's a Canadian company. I am also earmarking money to get the next part of my arm sleeve done - but that's going to involve a trip to Toronto, so we'll see how it shakes out!

I also feel less bad about spending like $30 on Star Wars comics yesterday. The Kanan ones were pretty much exactly what i wanted. The Darth Vader one was okay, but not as good as I had been led to believe. Mostly I was sideying some of the support characters. You might think I would appreciate a rogue archaeologist character but she was so.... I dunno - fawningly self-inserty in a way that did not appeal to me, I guess. "You're so cool,I'm such a fan, I know you're going to use me and probably kill me and I'm so okay with that." Meh. And the overall plot was kind of meh? But Vader was well written for the story he was in, I guess. I'm not disappointed I bought it, but I would need reassurances that it gets better from that first volume to drop any more money on it.

Anyway.... I feel lie there was more, but I forget. But all in all a good day. And now the kids are home, and we're going to go walk the dogs so we can go to knitting right after dinner. And then Nary gets in later tonight ^-^
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Not too much to say - it is too late and I meant to be in bed. There were ridiculous shennanigans at ex-work that are not My Problem (yet), so lol. I spent too much money on Star Wars comics today. I ate some feelings when mediawiki updated and broke the Rocksfall wiki and I can't fix it yet. I missed a bus by less than a minute and wasted part of my afternoon buying junk to kill time and being buffeted by crazy winds. Such was my day. I sleep now.
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I managed not to have cake for breakfast - I made myself a fried egg sandwich. I did have cake for lunch.

I helped make carnitas for dinner - they turned out pretty good but not as goos as last time, I think.

I went to the knitting store and I think that's really all I accomplished today. I watched some more Rebels this evening, and then I went to go see Logan. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but then I liked the other two Wolverine movies so maybe my judgement should be taken into account if you are considering my opinion. If you like seeing people get stabbed through the face (I do!), this is a great movie! I was told the ending was surprising, but in fact I thought it was pretty well telegraphed. The child actors were all pretty much excellent. I liked the other characters. I hadn't actually payed to much attention to the trailers, except to know that there was a little girl (She was awesome). Patrick Stewart took me by surprise! And he swears a lot! Overall, it had good tension, though it was fairly predictable, and I enjoyed it.
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Man I almost even forgot what they were. But things!

I finally trimmed Jola's toenails again. She was very good about it, for her.
I called the EI people and got an issue sorted out. They thought I had to pay them back money, but in fact it had already been withheld. Basically the person who did my paperwork wasn't paying attention at all. I saw it coming, and I was right, grr. But I called and got it sorted.
I applied for a job I am probably not really qualified for (but close!),
I did 2/12 loads of laundry. I could get that all the way up to three if i wanted to go get stuff out of the drier and fold it. Yeah. >.>
I cooked dinner - Turkey piccata, which I'd never made or had before. This is because of an in-joke for Thirteen.
I did a Diablotin solo
I baked a cake - white cake with basic chocolate buttercream icing and raspberry jam. It turned out damned delicious.
I think I have a handle on what I want to do for Space Swap, if it doesn't get away from me.
Longpig and I trashed the local pokemon gyms and took them back from Valor goons and their stupid Blisseys, ugh.
I have been thinking a teeny bit about the writeup I need to do for Underworld as well.

The Ride the Star Wind anthology I submitted a story to is going to try and get back to everyone by the end of March, which would be cool. Especially if they buy my story :V They are also running a kickstarter to raise money to get the stories illustrated. It's a very basic short campaign, and I'm debating whether or not to support it. I probably will, even though I have a backlog of mythos anthologies at this point! I've been reading other stuff lately, but maybe when I'm through with the things I'm reading I'll go back to it.

Have some cake. )
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