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I've just been away for about 10 days on a road trip down to visit friends from Texas... We used to do our friend-con in March, but the reasons for that timing are no longer pertinent and it took a while to reorganize. But it was great, on the whole. There was some social weirdness going on from some corners, but whatever. I am really glad and grateful that I got to see those folks again! And the games and gaming were really fun!

I'll write up some drabbles for the ones I played in, as is tradition, but I'm only home in the sense of being back in my own country. I have a French test - step one in a potentially lengthy interview process - to go to on Thursday, so I'm staying in Windsor, since it is closer to the testing facility. I might work on some tomorrow between bouts of studying.

I have some scattered thoughts for stories of various lengths, the most recent inspired by the slew of paranormal story podcasts we were listening to for part of the drive. We'll see if anything comes of those.
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So I did wind up buying a new laptop after the old one gave me two hard-drive related BSODs in one night and then rebooted weirdly... I managed to recover files.... ad then I gave up and bought a new computer. I now have a 17" Lenovo G70 with Windows 10. I'm okay with Win10 - it is a million times better than 8. I am liking it pretty well but I am always slow to customize things. I put on a background (though I'm disappointed that I can't change the colour of the background the picture is on, bah), I ported over music and other important files. I installed mIRC and Chrome. I bought Word (don't judge me, I use t for a lot f things and prefer it still to alternatives I have tried :p)... I realized I need VLC and irfanview and a better music player... Suggestions? I'd had winamp on the old one but it wasn't my favourite. Not iTunes either, as I despise it. I guess I can give media player a shot ... *dubious* I'm also getting used t the new track pad, which behaves a bit differently than my old one , especially for scrolling. It doesn't seem to have an option for edge scrolling, only two-finger, and I keep accidentally zooming the screen in Chrome -_-

And what I came on to ask is - is semagic still the best client for crossposting between LJ nd DW? I figured someone out here might know....

But I'll accept other input on things I might want to install!

In other news, today I embark with [personal profile] curtana and [personal profile] longpig on a road trip down to Texas, whee!

In other other news, I have an IMZY now - I haven't done much with it but if I can figure out a good way to crosspost *there* I probably will.
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Well, after my last post, I got an email asking me to come for bilingualism testing for a job I applied for back in March. This is basically a weeding phase, but I'm confident I can pass it. Then maybe a real interview, eventually. The job is pretty much exactly what I was telling [personal profile] morbane that I wanted, but it is in Ottawa so I'd have to move. I already have tons of friends who live there, though, so that's cool.

The other thing that happened after my last post is that my laptop's issues came to more if a head. It can't find my desktop and some of its other important files... I have backed up all the things not previously backed up, I think, and am running more off a flash drive. None of the installed files are working, whee! I have a new machine coming on Friday. Thanks back to school sales!

And finally today I began my first forays into natural dyeing, and have some plain unbleached cotton sitting in a pot of tanniny water pre-alum mordanting, and I have a bunch of jars of dyestuffs to test out! I'm thinking of making a pillow or something. From my test scraps :)
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This morning's Facebook memory was that my graduation was three years ago today. I still have mixed feelings about my degree and I'm not sure I'll ever get over them. And that about sets up the mood for this post. )

I'm not sure why it is easier to make any kinds of posts when all I have is meh news.... maybe because when I'm feeling better I'm doing other stuff and it is harder to find the time. I dunno, I'll try and balance things out, I feel like when I do make long posts it is always the same thing in just slightly different iterations. I need some new icons but I don't know what they should be.

ETA: Of course, having posted this, I just got a notification from a position I applied for back in March - they want to test my language skills. Not quite an interview, but a step in that direction I guess! And better than crickets.
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Well, my current job ends on Friday. I am traveling most of August, which will hopefully be a nice break and not the onset of a lot of money stress. I have a decent savings, at least, and I am in a secure position as long as I stay where I am.

I have started applying for jobs more seriously....which really means 'at all' as I basically haven't been. That doesn't mean I haven't been looking - there were some jobs that looked really great that I only found as they were closing and didn't have a chance to put anything together for them. I've been looking at jobs-that-are-close where I wouldn't have to move, and jobs with a wider range that area more closely aligned with my field. My qualifications are stupid. I'm overeducated and not in the right things.


I have been making a lot of ice cream lately! And by a lot I mean I have made four kinds, though i think they were all pretty great successes:
Coconut lime with hibiscus swirl
Cherry with cinnamon candied pecans
Peanut butter with peanut butter cup chunks
Rhubarb crumble

All but one of those were just me throwing stuff I thought would be tasty in a vanilla base. We have (Longpig and wererogue have) a Cuisinart ice cream maker, which makes this all pretty simple. Also the Ontario fruit season has been really good this year! The cherry and rhubarb were both local.

I'm also still knitting - I have a sock and a shawl on the go currently.

But I haven't been doing much knitting, because mostly I have been playing Pokemon Go on my commute, because I can grab a lot of pokeballs along my bus route, plus fodder Pokemon to beef up my better guys (top ones are a hatched Magmar and a hatched Scyther). My better guys are not all that great though, really, so hey (I'm lvl 18, my Magmar is only ~1160 CP and the Scyther is 1010). But I can do all the parts of the game okay, and I am learning more skills and more game knowledge. Very exciting. Go team Mystic!

So.... that's my life. I am open to suggestions on more ice creams to make!
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Note: I wrote this up on Friday as an email to myself, and I was feeling a little despondent. Now I'm lazing in my room with Maze so while the situation is not really any better I'm more blazé about it.

So, Let me talk for a little bit about jobs, and working )
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I have such great intentions of regular posting but I can't seem to keep it up ;p I't a shame - I don't know if anyone reads this regularly, but personally I always feel more connected to people when I can read regularly about their lives. I'd like to.... I dunno if it is that i want to offer you that same opportunity, or the more egoistical version where I want people to feel more connected to me as a sense of validation. Anyway :p Hi?

Work goes on. It is a big mess and I have so many mixed feelings.

I managed to write two things for Jukebox, and am quite pleased with both of them! I also received both a gift and a treat, and they were both so so great! I'm super pleased! I wish I'd been able to write more, but I am having a hard time with time, and motivation, and organization, and life balance things.

I went to a LARP game a few weeks ago and it was super great fun! I know I don't have the time and energy or money to get really sucked back in, but man can I feel the pull of it!

I got more tattoo work done! I got a few more spirals on my underarm (ouch!), plus I got some way-overdue touchups and fixes done to the last bits I had done when I was in Texas. I really really like the artist I've found here, much more than I liked the person in Texas. She's looking in to branding for me, because it isn't really a common thing. But I might know some other people I can look through. I want to get at least one more brand as part of this over all piece. Possibly I'm crazy. But I really want it. pics here!

Uh... what else...I have been and am going to be doing a bunch of traveling! in two weeks I'm going with Nary to Massachusetts for her Grandmother's 100th birthday party, wooh! It will be a pretty hit-and-run affair. Then in August I'll be in New Brunswick to see my dad and folks for two weeks, and then at the end of the month I'm taking a road trip down to Texas for Webercon and to see some other Texas friends. I don't think we have officially told [profile] tethys123 that we are planning to descend upon her, but we are (hi! :V)

I am about 3/4 through knitting a cool bolero (ember bolero), and I've started some socks. But also I bough some gorgeous gradient yarn (midnight paintbox by Fiber Optic yarns) to knit another shawl. A bigger shawl! The pattern is Cynara, and I'm still debating how I want to do the gradients for it.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but honestly nothing much has changed with me lately. I really should be job hunting but ugh. Just ugh. Also, ugh.
I'm going out bin a bit to Kareoke at the pub up the street, which is a newish thing in my life (see above re: life balance though, ugh). But I have a cold, so we'll see how things go...

Like I said this is a quicky so if you want links to anything poke me and I'll add them later :3
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I have not forgotten that I still owe three February talk meme chats >.> I will got to them! Maybe even tonight! Maybe...

Meanwhile, one of my favourite fan exchanges is closing sign-ups tomorrow.... but if you want to hop in and do a last-minute signup, you totally should! That's Jukebox fest... on LJ| on DW and then the main page on AO3. As the title probably indicates, this is an exchanged (for fic, art, and podfic) inspired by songs, and it produces so much really great stuff each year.

And then a friend of mine is putting out a book with Inkshares: Murder At The Veteran's Club. I promise he is an excellent writer, and here's the synopsis:

It’s November 1924, and Patrick Benson is the newest member of the Veterans’ Club, a gentlemen’s club in London. He seems like a fairly stupid fellow, but Eric Peterkin suspects he might be putting on an act. The day after they meet, Benson is found in the vault of the club, stabbed to death with the club president’s letter opener. Eric soon determines that the police have no intention of pursuing the matter as thoroughly as they ought, and, being of a rather Quixotic bent, takes it on himself to uncover the truth.

Even if it means putting off the work he’s actually being paid to do. No, scratch that: especially if it means putting off the work he’s actually being paid to do.

I admit - the time period is one I'm something of a sucker for, and I love golden-age detective fic (probably not a huge surprise), so I am looking forward to it coming out! Inkshares seems to be a sort of mashup between kickistarter and a more traditional publisher, so he needs to get a certain number of pre-orders, and there are various levels you can support at for different rewards. So hey! Support a cool new author and such, y'all!
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So, I'm a little behind here. Sorry! I don't imagine anyone is too upset with me, though. My opinions are no so thrilling that they can't be missed.

[personal profile] curtana asked me about musicals I like despite not liking musicals.

So yeah - I am really not a big musical fan. I bounce off them pretty hard and it is a combination of things, I think, but the biggest thing is that I don't like the Broadway-typical vocal style. I think partly I have deeply ingrained negative associations from high school musical production and the people who were in them. It is an almost visceral reaction - I don't like them.

But of course there are exceptions. I imprinted on a couple of Disney films - okay, mostly just Aladdin, and even then I hated 'A Whole New World'. I remember liking Mulan, but mostly for the cross-dressing soldier girl aspects... I honestly don't remember any of the songs, though if people talk about them I can place them.

I really liked Cannibal: the Musical! It is pretty tongue in cheek though, and the vocals are hardly typical.

I liked Doctor Horrible - I think this is partly concept, partly voices, and partly the actors.

I liked Mozart: Opera Rock because, but it is French, and I think the accents and the genre help mask any more grating vocal techniques. And also it is ridiculous.

I occasionally like individual songs from musicals, but usually I encounter them out of context, and/or as covers. I like a lot of versions of Mack the Knife but I bounced petty hard when I tried to listen to the whole Threepenny Opera.

I love other kinds of musical productions where the stories are carried by song.... I love The Hazards of Love and I love Hadestown, but I'd call them both folk operas rather than musicals. That's partly voice, partly musical style - folk in general is My Jam. I enjoy a lot of actual opera as well, though a lot of that is down to the music rather than the voices or the plots.

Probably I'm forgetting some others? But generally, telling me that something is a musical is not likely to make me interested in it, and even telling me that it is different or the music is better or what have you will be met with some pretty heavy skepticism.
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I am still planning to post the last four or five posted from my February talk meme, I just haven't had time or brain for much of anything. I could have been doing useful things last night, but really I spent most of it naming cats and hollowing out a mountain in minecraft. That was about my level of brain. Cats were name with a Gundam Wing style system, ie all numerical, and I counted 13 twice (Treize and Lucky). So yeah.


16 17 18
21 22
30 31