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Today was not that interesting. I was awake before ten, but got *out* of bed slighty before 11. I blame Sierra, who seemed quite content to sleep on my bed rather than making me get up to walk her.

I walked to the petstore and back to get pet stuff (cat food, dog poop bags, little rawhides as dognail trimming rewards). Mostly because I wanted the extra exercie after taking the dogs out annnnd, if I'm being onest, because one of the two close Pokemon gyms was only at lvl 3 and I wanted to level it up and stick a guy in there so I could claim the extra coins, and hopefully keep it a few days.

Other than that, I... tidied the kitchen a little bit, I did some knitting. I did email Parks Canada, and though they responded quickly they didn't really have anything to tell me. It's in the hands of the board at the moment, so who knows how long it will take to get a decisions. The other job hasn't actually been posted yet, so I thought about the cover letter but didn't start it yet since I'm not 100% sure what to include.

I'm almost done the socks I'm working on - I'll be into the toe tonight. So I wound the yarn for two more projects - a(nother) shawls (really a large wide scarf), and a pair of simple gloves.

In less nice knitting news, the pair of socks I finished knitting in august have already worn through in the heel. Ugh! I need to reconsider knitting socks with 100% wool. I think I'm going to try and do an afterthought heel in these, and maybe reinforce the ball of the foot? I have another pair need to do the same with. Meanwhile, the pain I changed into afterthat sad discovery are ones I've had for at least 5 years, and maybe longer. They're a really sturdy wool/nylon blend. I think the easiest solution for the future is to only use similar belnds for socks :p
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I had my Colonial Cthulhu game today (Thirteen). We've pbeen playing a lot because Nary hasn't been able to run Dialblotin, and they ostensibly alternate. She was up here doing a bookbinding class that runs this weekend and next (It's part of a longer course - this session is on book repair, specifically, but she had to take a lot of other courses to get this far), so we'll finish this storyline wthout her next week. I did a solo (some solo rp? I realize my game jargon may not be intelligible to others, ahh well) with another Diablotin player this evening as well. Our characters are close friends, and we talked about the things that went down in the last session, where my character tripped a giant construct onto a comatose guy in a hospital bed, which made a ghostly fey tree grow out of the guy and a the construct explode. Whoops?

Other than that, I've returned to sock knitting and am now about halfway through the foot of sock 2. I also made Super Dark Chocolate ice cream wth the kids. It was really tooo dark for them, unfortunately, but the cherries are really nice in it. We're going to make milkshakes tomorrow from some of it, and hopefully that will mellow it out some for them!

Not too much else going on at the moment. I'm shiftung my volunteer ours at the museum, and I have a few interesting projects to work on there. I'm going to gently prod Parks Canada tomorrow and see what happens there, and work on my cover letter for the local job that is sort of with the museum. Other than that, I'm not sure. Probably more Clone Wars in the evening (halfway through season 3 now), maybe starting on my Chocolat Box story. I think I need to get cat food? Excitement abounds! Gonna go knit and watch tv with my sister now.
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I'd been doign so well at updating everyday, but Nary got in last night and we wund up chatting/hanging out/watching documentaries about rats/knitting/eating too much chocolate, and I wasn't near my computer and I forgot.

Tonight we are going out for fancy dinner and to see the local theater production of The Lion in Winter. I've never seen it produced as a stage play, so I'm looking forward to that even if it *is* a little late for a Christmas story ;)
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I finished my first book of the year :V

I'm a slow reader. I have to prioritize my time and books don't always make the cut between knitting and other things (games, tv). This was an anthology (I am a short story person, really) of Lovecraftian stuff, Lovecraft's Monsters, put together by Ellen Datlow. I thnk I stopped reading partway through because it was just grossly oppressively male dominated and it was wearing, as the last anthology I'd read was explicitly female-centric, and I have now been spoiled. I read about half the rest of in in the last week or so. Some of them were good, some of them were infuriating, one was really good and one was damn, I wish I could have written that. Of the ones I remember earlier, only one other fit that last category. Is it a coincidence that both features female protagonists? I don't think so. TBF some of the other earlier ones may have as well, but they were not as memorable. I could give more of a review of them if anyone was interested.

What's next? Not sure yet. I have a stack. Maybe I'll dip into my non-fiction... Maybe....

Now moar Clone Wars!
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This mornign I helped with the media day for the new VRachaeology exhibit that is openign at the museum where I volunteer. Mostly I was there to help wth technology and to be someone to talk to to kill time between the actually important people. I also took some pictured for the museum's social media accounts.

Tomorrow, the exhibit opens to the public, and also there will be swarms of schoolchildren. I'll be on deck for that first day, since I know the most about it of the people who will ever really be monitoring visitors. I also have to go in early to help put up the vinyl lettering, which was supposed to have come in yesterday and which actually was maaaaybe finished late this afternoon.

Here is a video from the local Free Press, taken from the media day, wooh!

and now, Clone Wars o'clock :)
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Not too much of interest to say. I did manage to get up early. One of the kidlets was sick, so his dad was home again today as well. I went to the mall with my sister and wound up buying more stuff than I'd intended (tights, pj pants, underpants, chocolate). I am Finished my story, and need to send it away, wooh! And I went to see Rogue One again tonight. I also made soup for dinner - it was tasty, despite rushing.

The weather here today was absolute balls. It started snowing over night, and snowed until around noon. And then it started raining. the streets were crap in the morning but fine in the afternoon, but the sidewalks remai a slushy, wet, icy mess. Ugh. It is suppose to freze overnight then be 'warm' again tomorrow, so more of the same. I hope my boots dry out some overnight :/ Wooh, winter in southern Ontario!

And now, bedtime :3
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I meant to go to bed around one yesterday. I wond up going to bed around two, and I didn't get to sleep for at least another hour after that.

I sort of woke up around 7, because children, but fell back asleep for a bit. I then woke up more around 9, still really tired, but managed to pull myself out of bed half an hour-ish later to go take the dogs out.... only to find they'd already been out. So I started to go back to bed, only to remember that I *did* still need to feed the kitty. By the time I actually got back to bed, it was a little after 10:30.

And then I slept until 1:30.

So that was most of my day! Maze was out and about, so I had some snuggle time with him, did some kitchen tidying, and then worked on some story edits. Then I baked some lime squares, then it was dinner. Wooh!

I realized I never said, but this is the anthology I'm working on a submission for: Ride the Star Wind: Cthulhu, Space Opera, and the Cosmic Weird. I need to do some kind of cover letter as well, and I'm not totally sure how to handle that. "This is a story about Lesbian space cultists. It is inspired by Clark Ashton Smith's "The Door to Saturn". I hope you like it enough to buy it, cheers!" I think my story meets the criteria but I'm a terrible judge. Maybe it isn't weird enough. Maybe it isn't cosmic enough. Maybe being in space isn't space opera enough (I mean it is still in our galaxy, is that spacey enough?). Maybe the world lacks scope or interest. I dooooon't know! And these things never give you much feedback, so hey. But I've written a good story, I think, and the worst they can say is 'no thanks'.

I would say it is original work but.... Mythos stuff is also kind of fanfic. There is more of a market for it these days, true. But it's still basically fanfic. I'm a fan. I'm playing in this world and with these concepts that other authors originated. In this case, others have always been welcome to add their own (and especially so since it all became public domain). I am really enjoying the diversification that's been happening in Mythos work lately though, with the explicit inclusion of more women, queer people, and PoC because lbr the original is *terrible* for that stuff. This story has some of that diversity (space lesbians!), but my writing could certainly use more. I just have to find ways to do so that I am comfortable with. It is easier when dealing with fantasy/speculative contexts. In horror I feel like I need to tread a lot more carefully, because the genre has a lot of baggage. Anyway, I started this paragraph talking about fanfoc, how did that get away from me? It's basically fanfic. I could have written this for my YT assignment last year. Ahh well.

Anyway. Now it is midnight and I'm not particularly tired, which could be a Problem as I need to get up early on Thursday. I guess I'll aim to get out of bed by 10 tomorrow and see how that goes. More of problem is that I'm hungry, but I'm already kind of heart-burny, and if I want to go to bed in the next hour or so, food is not the best plan. maybe I'll have a banana. Excite!

Also - ugh, I remember why I wasn't using Semagic - I managed to do something that hides the tag input and I can't figure out for the life of me how to get it back :p I guess I'll try reinstalling -_- ETA: reinstall fixed, let's not do that again!
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I wrote this one down n an actual book before I forgot it, because that was way easier than doing it from the phone, or trying to get set up on the laptop before I forgot everything. So this is transcribed, more or less, from that.

Dream )
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I slept in way late and had weird dreams. I'll grab the recap form facebook, since that was easiest to post to this AM:

I had a dream I was hanging out with my friend Mara. We were playing internet games and scratching lotto tickets. She and my sister had been playing a lot of the same online games produced by this one girl, where you could nominate characters. Someone (Mara or Nary?) had nominated a bunch of characters from tabletop games, and Mara had gotten a poster that had art of a bunch of Adventure World peeps, and we were trying to find where, and also find something with the 'invisible girlfriend' character.

Then we (? not sure who) were at this big outdoor craft/yard sale place - it was like a cross between downtown Bryan and the venue for the Woodstock Fiber Festival. I kept buying bacon cheeseburgers from the same kid for every meal. The third time we went, we parked close to where the cheeseburger table was. There wasn't really parking, but people moved an empty table for us so we could park.

Out of courtesy we looked at stuff on the tables around the car, and on one there was a pile of jumbled clothes that included a Fredericton Quilter's Guild vest (in the 80s, members had to make one). We have my mom's, so I was going to buy it to put in the kids' dress up box (where mom's is) so the could each have one. Then I broke down crying while talking to the woman who was selling it, who didn't know that mom had died, and I had to tell her.


In other news, this is one of those days where I'm having to remind myself that I have, in fact, done things today. I walked the dogs (twice!), I vacuumed upstairs in the hall and in my room, as well as the stairs. I did some writing, I helped with dinner prep (more in making sure we had the required dishes and a clean table), I played some with the kids, and just now I made brownies and did some kitchen tidying/cleaning. I still feel like I have been sitting around all day doing nothing, pleh.
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Right now I have two journals - this one, and one for writing ([personal profile] measured_words). I mean I guess technically I have an imzy too but I always for get about that, and I don' think anyone really moved to there that I engage with much? I totally engage with people on LJ and DW, Right? ....Right? >.>).

I used to post fic directly to my writing journal, in the pre-AO3 days, and there is a lot of old stuff, and original stuff, there. Then I used to post links to my AO3 in my writing journal, and then I posted fic roundup, but lately all I *really* use it for is exchanges. So I am wondering if it is worth keeping, or if I should just transition to doing all my exchange stuff over here? I think I already confuse people to some extent because my AO3 name is my writing journal name and not this one (or one of the derivatives.... I'm Lan in yulechat, which is short for Lannie which is short for Elanya. That journal has my writing *history*, though. If I start posting exchange letters here.... I guess probably it won't matter; I can just say that if people want to look at older letters and such, they can look there?

I guess I'm not totally sure what function it serves any more, really. People who want to read my fic can do it on AO3 and subscribe there if they're interested, and I can just as easily post roundups here as there if I get back in the habit. While I have been writing some original fic, the last time I posted anything to my writing journal was.... *checks* okay I guess it was March. I thought it was longer ago than that. I also did the AO3 stats meme in that journal early last yeas, so maybe it isn't as neglected as I thought :p Still, most of the people who read this are fannish folks, and I presume that even if they weren't interested in the stories, writing memes, drabble challenges (I need to finish that last one still -_-), etc, they wouldn't be offended to see them here. I usually link them here anyway, and that's how I get half my traffic.

Also, I have been reading stuff about the LJ servers moving, and I'm not totally sure I want original fic living there anymore, and have been considering deleting that journal and just keeping the mirror on DW. I guess maybe it's too late at this point, if it is already there. I would want to make sure I didn't lose a any comments before deleting, and I'm not sure how I'd go about that.

Really, though, any change smacks of effort. I can't even get with it enough to change my icons - I'm not convinced I'm really up to a restructuring of my journals...

(I do know what I want my new icons to *be* at least, but I need someone to take the photos for me :p)
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