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posted by [personal profile] elanya at 11:59am on 29/11/2016
Hello world! I'm still out here! Still mostly doing the same, though I have a job test/interview on Thursday that I need to study up for and take some refresher notes on D: I also need to work on my Yuletide story, which is a couple thousand words so far and not anywhere near done. I am feeling better about it, though, so there's that! But I also have a pinch hit so... yeah..... And I've been providing moral support for my sister who has been mainlining a canon review to prep for writing hers for her first yuletide, so busy busy! It doesn't help that my Saturday was eaten by going to a LARP game, which was a ton of fun, and Friday was prep for that... Ugh, how am I so busy @_@

Tonight I am heading to Windsor, because it is closer to the town my interview is in. Parks Canada has a bunch of offices in Ontario, but none here. There will be a (probably online) test, and then a teleconferenced interview with people in Gatineau. Crossing my fingers! As much as I would rather stay in the south east of the province, I don't think I could say no to a unionized federal government job with real benefits, especially when it is still pretty close and I have so many friends in the area, including potentially a place to stay right from the get go :) *Waves at Phnee* But I'm not counting chickens before they hatch. For now, I need to organize my day :)

Things I need to work on:
Write some notes on past job things for interview purposes
Yuletide writing
Watch some [Redacted] with sister
pack, including interview clothes/makeup (woah :V) and such
probably eat and stuff

Things I'd like to work on:
Knitting - Shawl
Knitting - fix cable in socks
game...things...? (always)

Someday I will get around to prepping stuff to make new icons - I want a bunch that are all just pics of my various tattoos - but for mow I guess its just years-old ponies forever. :p
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So, I have been both really busy and really not busy.

I am still unemployed, but have lots of things to fill me time! Part of which is working on getting a job stuff - I'd been practicing stuff for the oral French test I need to take as part of the application weeding process for a government job. The test was supposed to be Wednesday, but it has been reschedule and I don't know to when. They'll let me know. I've also been looking at other jobs - I need to do up a course syllabus/prep a course to teach for one of them, though it hasn't actually been posted yet and I'm not sure when it will be.

I've also been working on some worldbuilding stuff for a campaign my friend Kennesaw is starting up that is super cool. It is a pseudo Colonial America setting (with a heavy fantasy dressing - different religion, general roles are reversed so that women are he ones in power and men without, more European-analogue nations having a presence in the new world, plus fantasy races) plus Lovecraft. I've been working on on fleshing out one of the local elven powers, who are loosely based on the Iroquois confederacy. It's a world that is pretty much right up my alley and I'm looking forward to playing! He's actually run two one shots in it for Webercon, and I'm just keeping the character I played in those (an elven ranger form the group I've been fleshing out) instead of making a new one since I liked him so much. Curtana is doing the same, playing my half elven half-sister.

This weekend was another busy one as well - o Friday I went to a renfaire - The Royal Medieval Faire in Kitchener. It was.... well I'm spoiled y Texas ;) It was quite nice, despite the weather. There was a Viking group (Torvik) there doing fighting demos, which was pretty fun, specially as I was wearing my Viking garb. They had a living history group there as well, but they were, with the exception of one guy, not very engaging and mostly seemed interested in hanging out with each other. I had some friends there who were performing with a pirate troupe, and we watched them and then the birds of prey group who performed after them, and those were cool.

That night, Curtana and her so came down so that they could a: go to the Harvest Festival and Powwow at the museum with me the next day, and then take me back to Windsor with them for the next week! The Powwow was neat - I'd been to one before, agggggges ago, in high school or early university. Or maybe it was a cultural demo thing at school? Anyway - The day before it had been raining, but Sunday was gorgeous! There were lots of vendors selling First Nations crafts and food, and some really cool dancing demos and competitions, with some Inter Tribal songs for everyone to dance to (I did, because <3 all kinds of dancing, and the invitation was explicitly there, and it was cool to participate). There were also some demos and storytelling, and of course the museum and village to look through. There was a reenactor group there doing reenactions of First Nations life at the time of colonial contact, which was conceptually interesting, though I wound up talking to them more about that then the actual stuff they were reenacting! Some of them are local to London though. It might be something to think about getting involved with if there is something for me to do there, because I clearly don't have enough things going on in my life :p

Now I'm in Windsor! We brought Jola, but Maze is still in London, because the dog here is even more crazy cat-hating than Sierra. I'm staying for a week and a half or so, probably? Up to Curtana's birthday, at least. I am probably going to a talk on Detroit archaeology stuff on Saturday. Meanwhile, I have a ton of things to occupy myself with - knitting, writing, outlining, tag wrangling, tag modding, job applications, reading, syllabus writing, pokemon, wiki editing.... Plus socializing with my hosts and all that stuff. So I feel like I shouldn't be bored anytime in the near future ;p We'll see if this actually stops me from complaining at all ;p

In other news, I want new icons derived from my tattoos, and am too lazy to make them :p
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I went and put the pics in an Imgur album because that was easiest, and put some notes in there:

Natural Dyeing First Experiments

I think that covers most of the stuff I'd wanted to say about these... But if you have any questions please ask!

I have a notebook where I have been making notes, but I want something nice that will let me be a bit more systematic. Unfortunately all the nice notebooks I have are half written in already, of course... And let's be honest - I've never been good at organizing notes anyway :p
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...are the two plants that have given me the best colours so far in my natural dyeing efforts! I lefts scraps in all f my dye samples over the week I was away, and started taking them out yesterday and today. For the flowers, I'd poured boiling water into the jars and let them sit. For the berries, I simmered them and strained out the juice.

I didn't know about tartrate crystals in grapes though, so that sample was impregnated with crystals.... which themselves gave an interesting effect! I'm now straining the rest of the juice and will try again to see what happens with it.

The barks don't look to have given much colour with just soaking, so I will try simmering one of them maybe tomorrow. I also want to take some pics and set up a light-fastness test for the ones I've done so far.

Other than that, I've been working on knitting a shrug, and that's about it. [personal profile] curtana and I took the long way home from my French test on Thursday, which was really nice, and then we went out to dinner before going to the regular Thursday knit night and then doing some pokémon catching. She was supposed to stay with us all weekend for another bookbinding course, but someone dropped out and it got cancelled, so she left this afternoon instead. It was nice to have her here anyway, and probably it was nice for her to get to sleep in for two days!

I think my tests went okay - the town they were in was really nice to spend a little time in. Though the stand where we got lunch gave me a totally bonkers amount of ice cream.... I bought a regular swirled chocolate and vanilla soft serve and it was bigger than my head @_@
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I've just been away for about 10 days on a road trip down to visit friends from Texas... We used to do our friend-con in March, but the reasons for that timing are no longer pertinent and it took a while to reorganize. But it was great, on the whole. There was some social weirdness going on from some corners, but whatever. I am really glad and grateful that I got to see those folks again! And the games and gaming were really fun!

I'll write up some drabbles for the ones I played in, as is tradition, but I'm only home in the sense of being back in my own country. I have a French test - step one in a potentially lengthy interview process - to go to on Thursday, so I'm staying in Windsor, since it is closer to the testing facility. I might work on some tomorrow between bouts of studying.

I have some scattered thoughts for stories of various lengths, the most recent inspired by the slew of paranormal story podcasts we were listening to for part of the drive. We'll see if anything comes of those.
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So I did wind up buying a new laptop after the old one gave me two hard-drive related BSODs in one night and then rebooted weirdly... I managed to recover files.... ad then I gave up and bought a new computer. I now have a 17" Lenovo G70 with Windows 10. I'm okay with Win10 - it is a million times better than 8. I am liking it pretty well but I am always slow to customize things. I put on a background (though I'm disappointed that I can't change the colour of the background the picture is on, bah), I ported over music and other important files. I installed mIRC and Chrome. I bought Word (don't judge me, I use t for a lot f things and prefer it still to alternatives I have tried :p)... I realized I need VLC and irfanview and a better music player... Suggestions? I'd had winamp on the old one but it wasn't my favourite. Not iTunes either, as I despise it. I guess I can give media player a shot ... *dubious* I'm also getting used t the new track pad, which behaves a bit differently than my old one , especially for scrolling. It doesn't seem to have an option for edge scrolling, only two-finger, and I keep accidentally zooming the screen in Chrome -_-

And what I came on to ask is - is semagic still the best client for crossposting between LJ nd DW? I figured someone out here might know....

But I'll accept other input on things I might want to install!

In other news, today I embark with [personal profile] curtana and [personal profile] longpig on a road trip down to Texas, whee!

In other other news, I have an IMZY now - I haven't done much with it but if I can figure out a good way to crosspost *there* I probably will.
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Well, after my last post, I got an email asking me to come for bilingualism testing for a job I applied for back in March. This is basically a weeding phase, but I'm confident I can pass it. Then maybe a real interview, eventually. The job is pretty much exactly what I was telling [personal profile] morbane that I wanted, but it is in Ottawa so I'd have to move. I already have tons of friends who live there, though, so that's cool.

The other thing that happened after my last post is that my laptop's issues came to more if a head. It can't find my desktop and some of its other important files... I have backed up all the things not previously backed up, I think, and am running more off a flash drive. None of the installed files are working, whee! I have a new machine coming on Friday. Thanks back to school sales!

And finally today I began my first forays into natural dyeing, and have some plain unbleached cotton sitting in a pot of tanniny water pre-alum mordanting, and I have a bunch of jars of dyestuffs to test out! I'm thinking of making a pillow or something. From my test scraps :)
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This morning's Facebook memory was that my graduation was three years ago today. I still have mixed feelings about my degree and I'm not sure I'll ever get over them. And that about sets up the mood for this post. )

I'm not sure why it is easier to make any kinds of posts when all I have is meh news.... maybe because when I'm feeling better I'm doing other stuff and it is harder to find the time. I dunno, I'll try and balance things out, I feel like when I do make long posts it is always the same thing in just slightly different iterations. I need some new icons but I don't know what they should be.

ETA: Of course, having posted this, I just got a notification from a position I applied for back in March - they want to test my language skills. Not quite an interview, but a step in that direction I guess! And better than crickets.
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Well, my current job ends on Friday. I am traveling most of August, which will hopefully be a nice break and not the onset of a lot of money stress. I have a decent savings, at least, and I am in a secure position as long as I stay where I am.

I have started applying for jobs more seriously....which really means 'at all' as I basically haven't been. That doesn't mean I haven't been looking - there were some jobs that looked really great that I only found as they were closing and didn't have a chance to put anything together for them. I've been looking at jobs-that-are-close where I wouldn't have to move, and jobs with a wider range that area more closely aligned with my field. My qualifications are stupid. I'm overeducated and not in the right things.


I have been making a lot of ice cream lately! And by a lot I mean I have made four kinds, though i think they were all pretty great successes:
Coconut lime with hibiscus swirl
Cherry with cinnamon candied pecans
Peanut butter with peanut butter cup chunks
Rhubarb crumble

All but one of those were just me throwing stuff I thought would be tasty in a vanilla base. We have (Longpig and wererogue have) a Cuisinart ice cream maker, which makes this all pretty simple. Also the Ontario fruit season has been really good this year! The cherry and rhubarb were both local.

I'm also still knitting - I have a sock and a shawl on the go currently.

But I haven't been doing much knitting, because mostly I have been playing Pokemon Go on my commute, because I can grab a lot of pokeballs along my bus route, plus fodder Pokemon to beef up my better guys (top ones are a hatched Magmar and a hatched Scyther). My better guys are not all that great though, really, so hey (I'm lvl 18, my Magmar is only ~1160 CP and the Scyther is 1010). But I can do all the parts of the game okay, and I am learning more skills and more game knowledge. Very exciting. Go team Mystic!

So.... that's my life. I am open to suggestions on more ice creams to make!


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