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Doubt comes in
And strips the paint
Doubt comes in
And turns the wine
Doubt comes in and leaves a trace
Of vinegar and turpentine
--Doubt Comes in, Anaïs Mitchell

LARP whinging )
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Diablotin was today! I didn't get to do my scene because of some timing things - one of the players has been super sick, and it was his only chance to go to urgent care, so we told him to go go go! We did do a big group scene, which was good, which, after we got though all the plot relevant stuff, ended with one of the guy characters asking her if the reason she was getting married because she was pregnant (no - and she has some issues about people asking/assuming that she is, basically because it is a very classist assumption, though she doesn't really have the context to see it/explain it that way), and everyone else telling him he was being a rude dick. :V

We had duck soup for lunch, which was delicious, and then ordered from a local Hungarian place, which we'd never had before. We have Gats visiting for the week (he goes back to Montreal tomorrow, and he's part Hungarian, and he found the place and really wanted to try the chicken paprikash. It was delicious! We got two platters that had a bunch of stuff on them - cabbage rolls and sausage and stroganof and that pasta/dumpling things? And some other things I'm forgetting I'm sure. Oh right - wiener schnitzel. Super tasty! I am now curious as to how exactly Hungary became so paprika obsessed though!

Other than that - watched some of Dirk Gently and now some Top Chef Masters. Probably I should go to bed :V
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Apparently LJ is blocking crossposts - sorry if you don't see this LJ people! I am waaaaay too lazy to crosspost the old fashioned way.

Anyway, last night I dreamed about tattoos... )

At least I can see why this would be in my mind - there were people with some really impressive tattoos and piercings at game yesterday, plus both my sister and Nary are going to be getting wrk done next week.
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It was fun! I mostly didn't feel like socially awkward penguin out of game! It was frickin' cold! It snowed a bunch - just flurries, but pretty intense ones at times. Now I am totally wrecked and will sleep forever @_@
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I just had a stress dream about some non-local friends. They had bet and been befriended by this person who was just completely taking advantage of their kindness and generosity in ways that seemed subtle but were really glaring from the outside, and I just didn't know what to do. I have no idea were this dream came from!

Dream! )

Despite saying I have no idea where this dream came from, I can probably piece together a few things. My friends have been dealing with family health stuff and not around much, so I am concerned about them being isolated. I'm worried about my own ability to fit in to new communities and make friends. And of course I've just been reading a lot about, basically, radicalization of young white dudes into the alt-right. Apparently these things are not a good mix for my imagination.
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I've barely been online enough to answer comments from yesterday, and I'm writing this on my phone. Whoops!

More of the same as yesterday, though. Tomorrow I'm home, but I need to start getting stuff together for LARP on Saturday. And people are coming over for boardgames in the evening. No rest for the wicked, or suckers addicted to cooking shows, I guess!

Bedtime - I sleep now.
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So, keeping a journal up to date that is basically a record of the monotony of my life - is that interesting? Is it useful? Is it just my mood tonight? I feel like it is the easiest way to have something to say every day, and that if I don't make an attempt at a habit I'll fall back to hardly posting ever. But it is also making me wonder if I couldn't have something more interesting to talk about. But since I'm not really sure what that would be, I guess I'll stick with this. It just feels like the easy way out - like maybe if I did have something more to say, I would make an effort? I dunno! Since it is still before midnight, I think I'll do a chocolate box reveals post. So - watch this space?

...It's here! Chocolate Box Reveals!
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Did I make an entry yesterday? I honestly forget.

Yesterday was Family Day - an Ontario statutory holiday meant to give families a long weekend to do... family stuff? I wound up going hiking with my BiL and the kids in one of the parks in town (we have a number of parks in town where you can go on two hour hiking trails). It was really nice out, but the ground was frozen enough that not everything was super muddy, at least not to start. We were ostensibly there with the Wild Child group, that does risky outdoor playtime for kids, but we lost track of them and kind of did our own thing. I was super worried that Nugsy would wind up with ice water in his boots, but despite going through the edges of one of the ponds in a few places where I knew it was deeper than his boot, he managed to mostly not! I am grateful to the elastic cuff of his splash pants, I guess!

After that, we picked up our friend Gats who is visiting for the week! So if I am less present and more distracted than usual, that is why! I need to do a chocolate box post in my writing journal - I received some incredible gifts, and reveals were today - I'm just not sure when I'll get to it. Today we didn't do too much - some errands, introducing him to Voltron, abusing the waffle iron. Tomorrow I'm going to the museum as usual, and will probably do more scanning. For now, I should bed,because I'm already up too late. I forgot it wasn't Monday and I was watching Top Chef with my sister -_-
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Game (Thirteen)
Too many snacks
Online boardgames (Cards Against Diablotin, Dominion)
MasterChef Junior
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I got up this morning and changed into clean comfy pj pants.

Then, other than walk the dogs, all I did today was knit, write, and watch Clone Wars. We got into the first arc of season 6, which means we got to end end of Season 5 and man, there were some ~feeeels~ even though I spoiled myself semi-accidentally. Feeeeels! But considering the movies it is probably for the best? Probably? ~cryptic commentary~

I meant to go to bed an hour or more ago. I am terrible at going to bed.

Oh also wererogue made maple bacon cookies that turned out pretty good!


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